Vaccination against Covid will solve everything?

Like Hell it will.

Among the current vaccines against COVID, none of them are 100% effective.

At best, the more sensible of the medical world around the world are hoping the vaccines will reduce the effects of illness to a state that hospital care won’t be needed by most.

Only think on this.
NO ONE has EVER found the cure for the common cold and that is also a coronavirus. That and flu vaccinations have to be reformulated every year to cope with new variants within your country.

This I can see being the new norm.
A flu vaccination AND a Covid vaccination reformulated for every year.

So, beware of the snake oil salesmen aka politicians and their promises. No matter what the politicians say, the world is going to be fighting this virus for many years to come.

With that in mind, I’m thinking about those with compromised immune systems and the elderly. (That includes me and SWMBO).

Much as it is good for your morale and peace of mind, you might like to consider retaining your PPE, security, and wariness of others.

It may be better to refrain from close physical, or be in confined contact with others, whether they have been vaccinated or not of all ages.

Don’t forget those politicians, following flawed science since the beginning, have concentrated on adults and elders.

They KNOWINGLY refuse to vaccinate younger children and juveniles, and are hell bent on them going back to school into a virus rich environment.

Anyone who works, or has worked, within the education system will confirm the ‘virus rich environment’ statement.
Schools not only educate but are custom built and operated in such a way as to create super spreaders.

Some workplaces will inevitably cause cross infections with their limited workspace and close personal contact.
Mass public transport systems will continue to spread variants around the country and international travel around the world.

To that end, the reasoning behind the vaccine passport scheme is also flawed. Just because you are vaccinated DOESN’T mean you can’t catch and carry the virus. This virus is elegant and is also mutating fast as it mixes with different genetic pools and races.

With that in mind, I’m wondering how soon will it mutate into something that the current detectors won’t recognize.

The final problem is the COVID deniers, anti-vaccination, various religions, and other weird cults.
Together with that stupid mix of dumb civil rights activists.
They all seeing everything as some sort of government or New World Order plan.

Are we all doomed?
In my humble non medical opinion I would say no.
This I am saying as mankind has survived and eradicated some really horrible diseases in the past.

I believe that time may reduce the virus’s effect to the same level of harm as the common cold BUT over what time period remains to be discovered.

And finally.
These are my walking sticks.

They guarantee a hit if someone invades my personal space after a warning.

Will that end up with me standing before ‘the man’?
Possibly, BUT it will be wearing a mask, and muttering.

“Fk. the system that prosecutes those who would defend their right to live over the actions of fools”.