The naivety of Biden (or is just the US Mil)

Yahoo news.
The US has launched airstrikes on eastern Syria – the first military action undertaken since Joe Biden became president.

The Pentagon’s chief spokesperson John Kirby said: “This proportionate military response was conducted together with diplomatic measures, including consultation with coalition partners. “At the same time, we have acted in a deliberate manner that aims to deescalate the overall situation in eastern Syria and Iraq.”

You’re kidding right?
Thinking your actions will deescalate the overall situation.

Sometimes stupidity shines through and in this case ‘The US STILL don’t know what they do’.

Once again you’ve bombed a foreign country, in the Middle East.
And again, to a vast swathe of the Middle East, you are the aggressor.

Only do you think this will stop the attacks?
No way in hell will your actions do that and the attacks will probably intensify from mobile units rather than from a base.

Thus you will escalate. You always do.
And you will lose, again.

It’s like you never learn.
The East’s ethos, belief’s, traditions, or whatever, don’t work the same way as the West. To that end you had to butt out of Syria while Russia, Iran, the Kurd’s, plus friends, came in to sort the mess out you generated in your obsession to depose Bashar al-Assad.

Have you also forgotten the US betrayal of those Kurd’s?
I’m betting they haven’t.

So now I’m hoping you’re done throwing munitions around.
Because in the Middle East world of tit for tat,
You haven’t learned a thing from your previous mistakes.

Californian variant of coronavirus

The Californian variant of coronavirus [officially labelled B.1.427/B.1.429], dubbed ‘the devil’ by scientists, is more dangerous than others, studies show. Researchers have said the strain, which most likely emerged in May, is 40% more able to infect cells, creates a higher risk of death and lowers the antibody count, provided by vaccines or previous infections, by two times. (Metro)

Home grown apparently, this little sod was possibly the variant that spiked cases and deaths over Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays in California.

The worry on the scientists minds is what if someone with the UK variant gets infected with the Californian variant at the same time and turns out a superbug that can’t be stopped!

A Doomsday virus.

So, the question foremost on my mind is:
Why exactly is the UK still running international flights.
In, out, and through the UK again?

Shit! That’s one stupid question to ask
when thinking about our UKGov!

Perhaps the whole of the West needs to listen to the little guy.

IRAN has warned President Joe Biden that the US and West must “accept reality” over China’s rise as the world’s leading economic superpower.

Now before someone slams into me about how bad a people the Iranians, Chinese, North Korean’s, and Russians are. The Western World needs to take a good long look at itself.

While the West has been basking in own greatness, it has failed to get a good stable result in every conflict it has generated in modern times.

Meanwhile, militarily the “other side” are getting better.
Politically they are way tighter, or at least aligned in mutually acceptable pacts. Economically, between themselves, the enemy have banded together and supporting each other and that has multiplied their individual voices. A common voice that now has power!

Meanwhile the old unions, the old greats, are fragmenting.
Consider the European Union. What a mess.

NATO looks more like a ragtag collection of regime changing, asset procuring, big business minders, rather than a peacemaking force.

Within NATO, loyalty and honor as a principle also doesn’t seem to run in the NATO family now. For example. Letting one member attack NATO allies for political reasons ended up with the West abandoning those allies. That single act of betrayal showed the world just how weak NATO’s political leadership is today.

Economically everyone in the West is struggling and it’s not right to put the whole blame on COVID as trade restrictions, sanctions, and petty political power plays are the norm.

For example. Take the European Union.
That is about to implode.
France (because of Macron), Germany (because of Merkel),
Poland, The Visgarde Four, Sweden, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Italy are all in the economic mire, politically split, fed up with the European Union, and are embolden now the UK is ‘moving on’.

That split will be epic and conflict will be the result as the old reestablishes itself above the whims of a weak political Union.

In Conclusion.

No empire stands for ever, mainly because it never evolves from that one moment when it was supreme. Only once you have reached the top, the only way is down.

That’s something the modern West will NEVER understand as it’s mindset is locked in political mode.

The West is today like an old lion struggling to live by attacking what it thinks is weak. That is until the weak unite to kill it.

And that moment is coming.
I guess it will start as an economic and possibly a trade war.
Only the fear is the West and how they will react as there is nothing more dangerous than a wounded or tired, ancient ‘lion’.

It is my fervent hope the US won’t start throwing nukes around BUT right now, I wouldn’t trust NATO or the West’s politicians not to do so at anyone, anywhere,  for any reason.

The quiet is deafening.

Trump has left for a heck of an uncertain future and the new administration went straight into undoing what had been done.

Personally I think it’s right as you were going nowhere.

Meanwhile, “We’re going to flatten everything, wreck havoc, and stop the inauguration” was reduced to:-

(About 120 people took to the streets of the Japanese capital on Trump’s last day as president, waving US and Japanese flags along with banners declaring him the “true winner”. NYP)

One word, WOW!

Meanwhile, Antifa inauguration day riots broke out in multiple American cities including Portland, Seattle, and Denver. (Yawn).

Like it or not, Biden was right when he talked about ‘healing the nation’, and a unification. Only that isn’t going to happen till both sides start talking and, right now, I reckon the masses will have been abandoned by both sides of the political agenda as they struggle to secure their worthless political lives by distancing themselves from Trump and sucking up to Biden.

Now what?
It seems that all the various factions have gone REALLY QUIET.
Apart from Antifa and the BLM.
So, is everyone else waiting to see what their political leadership is going to do before the idiotic “Civil War” they were drooling about begins.

If it is you’ll be called out again, and again if necessary, until the whole exercise turns TOXIC. Only remember, every time you fk’up, that’s more ammo for the new administration, and their new adoring fans, aka your ‘representatives’, to do what you don’t want them to do.

One thing is blatantly obvious, media opinion isn’t on the Right’s side anymore and neither is big business. Your message has been tarnished by the actions of a mob and it’s no good you claiming it was a fix because you’ve been judged by media and world opinion and they have found you guilty.

So if you are serious about safeguarding the constitution, I reckon you need to unite as one voice, no mavericks, no motor mouths, non dumb fk’s, just one combined calm voice representing all and presenting reasoned argument to the courts.

Can you do that?
Or can no one control the two legged junkyard dogs anymore.
If that is the case, I’d be prepping to become Little Ireland.
Where only the criminals and terrorists have unfettered access to firearms.

Or it could get really bad and you end up like England.
And you sure as hell don’t want that!

Hot Air and BS.

I’m still pretty annoyed with all the hot air and BS being uttered by a few fools almost demanding civil war.
The hang them high, skin them alive, comment from a few feral mouths.
The thousands of words, rewriting history (complete with grammatical errors) and using edited, re-ordered, sophisticated video editing of scrappy news material which changed the whole emphasis of the message.

Yet here we are on inauguration day.

Short of a nuclear explosion, I would think nothing’s going to stop it.

And the worry is now ‘the afterwards’.

Aw, well, all “the mighty” fall eventually.
Rome did (and some would argue that was probably for the best).
Great Britain did. (Did and will never recover)
Russia did (although they are in a better state now than before).
China? Best I leave them alone. It’s never a good idea to poke the Dragon.

As for the Untied (Not a Typo) States. Previously known as America.
The predicted slide into obscurity would seem possible from today.
Not inevitable, just possible.

Ho Hum.
Even when the rewriting of history is complete, it will NOT BE remembered that all the giants of Western ‘values’ were all brought down by their politics, laws, and over burdensome government.

Still, America, TRUE America could always leave and set up elsewhere.
Assuming someone will take you.

Not once, but twice.

President Trump impeached for historic second time, heightened security in Washington ahead of inauguration, and police search for far-right extremists within ranks.

Heightened security? Nice polite way of saying the city is rammed full of national guard and a whole host of TLA agencies and LEO’s.

So everyone is safe now?   You’re kidding right!?!

Only a fool attacks a well armed citadel.
Even though there’s a few of them around.
It’s not them you need to be watchful for.

I’ve got it in my mind that when security is heavy in one place, it makes it light in others. That’s guerilla tactics 101. You attack what you know you can take.

The impact will be the same and, in this case, central government will be kicking itself for not thinking outside the box.

So who or what being targeted would be a spectacular of sufficient magnitude to make the whole world sit up and go “WOW.

The two obvious ones are Trump and Biden.
Impossible targets? Nothing is impossible.
All it takes is MONEY to employ the right person or fund the right group!

Then there are the key members of the administration.
I could, for instance, talk about the speaker.
And right down the political food chain.

The principal of destabilization by the ‘abrupt removal’ of key leadership is not unknown. After that it’s more a case of who flinches first as who would want a job that makes you a target? Especially if you saw that your predecessor, and the one before that, ‘retired’ before their time.

I’m also minded of an infamous quote by the UK’s nemesis, the IRA.
Following the failed Brighton Bombing that targeted Margaret Thatcher.
“Today we were unlucky, but remember we only have to be lucky once”.

I’m not quite sure what the mindset of the US people are, but I’ve got a nasty feeling that this won’t end just because a ceremony goes off without hitch. The angst will remain active for a considerable time. Besides that, “To the victor goes the spoils”, and it is the most stupid of the victor that then exacts punishment on the vanquished.

Last time I checked, I found that politics was also rammed full of stupid.

Diddums lost their toys? How sad.

The US ‘whatever’ movements erroneously ended up reliant on US technology to get it’s “social” message” out. Now it hasn’t got that as big business technology has shut down all sorts of Internet platform use and social media.

Whose bleating about it? Only the US.
So what are you going to do about it?

Hard talking, heavy shooting, world beaters and leaders, but can’t work around a little government or big business high tech interference?

Methinks the US needs to take some lessons from censored countries like Russia, China and others how to get their voice heard.

In days gone past we had to use message boards and them old squealing thingies called modems for peer to peer messages over the telephone lines. Worried about being intercepted on the phones? We used radio. Damn difficult to jam is HF radio because the radio spectrum is so vast. You can even use a keyboard for those who seem to have lost the power of speech.

The other thing is y’all talking abut this becoming the new norm.
Just think about that for a moment. Big business isn’t suicidal, and they are only doing this to appear ‘compliant’ with the ideals of what is coming next from the new government.

Normal service will return, in time.
Big business will assure that and government won’t stop them as to do so will cripple them.

Take a breath America’s hotheads.
It’s time to evaluate the problem a lot cooler than you are now.

Biden will take power.

Hurrah For POTUS Biden!
(If he survives for long enough to take the oath).
But will he play as fairly as he has spoken when in power?
For example, Joe Biden has said :-

  • “This is a time for America to heal”
  • “Not to divide but to unify”.
  • “But now, let’s give each other a chance.
  • It’s time to put away the harsh rhetoric.
  • To lower the temperature.
  • To see each other again.”

Except the true colours of America have been exposed for what they are over the last four years. Division, hatred, conflict, and easy to transition into wanton violence and destruction.

So I have a problem for you to solve and the preamble comes direct from your history books.

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams (2nd president).

Hands up anyone who thinks Biden’s government, their supporters, let alone the population as a whole, is made up of a moral and religious people.

A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have”. Gerald R. Ford. (38th president)

Confident that won’t happen? Especially after the latest crop of fools riled it before they even took power!

Lastly, I’ve lived with one thought burnt into my mind by someone from my past  life. Never forget, freedom is just another word for a new oppressor.

Too Much Gun, or a prelude to war?

Pentagon deploys nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to the Middle East… to deter ‘potential attack by Iran-backed militias’? (Various)This is nothing about militias.
It’s all about moving heavy stuff into place prior to another “We’re saving the world against someone we don’t particularly like”, failure.

Only this time they will be taking on more than they can handle as some will probably see this as a focused attack on Muslims and Islam. Especially if Israel joins in with the US.

As a result, every swinging dick with a beef against America (and Israel) will be queuing up to support ‘victimized Iran’. Potentially that’s over a Billion Muslims and includes their close friends Syria, Russia (by default), and the UAE once they realize that after Iran, the US will turn their attention on them.

Plus there is always the danger of Turkey joining in.
That’ll up the ante a bit, them being a member of NATO.

Historically the talk has always been the Middle East would see the start point of WW3. There again does that matter to the politically inept and the West in general?

Whoa! Take a deep breath, and calm down America.

To all my friends in the US.

The evidence is overwhelming that the US media is feeding on, and adding to, the panic and hate rhetoric from the two political sides of this election and forecasting the end of the world as you know it.

The problem I see is them with less than average IQ’s on both political sides will run with the anger and hate of this hype and could present a danger to their ‘opponents’ AND anyone who just happens to be there REGARDLESS of whether they have any interest or opinion about what is going on.

In particular, I am pointing at those who have had no training on how to cope, with civil disorder. Thus, the likelihood is they may be running scared at this time.

Which brings me to the endless stories about Mr. & Mrs. Average Citizen rushing out to buy weapons to defend themselves against the Armageddon the media (and others) are forecasting.

As a result, you may have FIVE PROBLEMS to watch out for.
Two of them are made up of the politically (thus mentally) unstable.
The third is the professional agitators, domestic terrorists, or criminals
The fourth is the emergency and security services, and lastly
The scared shitless thinking that any caller could be an enemy.

It’s been my experience that larger townships and cities are generally a melting pot. They are often segregated, and some of those areas are more volatile than others.  i.e. The rich, the poor, educated or not, blue or white collar, race and religion comes into it, and the envy and anger towards those who have it all or would (or are) imposing their will over the little people in life.

Yet America is a vast country that has areas that are peaceful no matter what happens. So my thoughts turn to those listening to the exaggerated media hype and rushing to make plans in a sort of “JUST IN CASE” state of panic.

Are you one of those?
Living among friends but are now wondering about what will happen if your friend’s choice of POTUS doesn’t get elected? If you don’t know their feelings, is that scaring you? Why would you think they would flip out? Have you evidenced they would be capable of doing you harm?

Yes or no, are you quietly arming up ‘just in case’, and what’s your plan if they come around to celebrate or commiserate with a bottle in their hands. Shoot first, or get two glasses out of the cupboard. Have you considered that it’s dead easy to loose off a shot but way harder to resurrect the dead?

And finally.
I reckon there will be trouble in some form or the other during the build up and on result day from hotheads.

As for afterwards?
That could be something to think about and I’m sure the media will carry on overexaggerating and making wild opinions to “assist you” in your decision-making.

So, chill out people, turn that damn drool box (television) and internet connected thingy off for a while, and think some calm thoughts.

Remember that it is the media’s aim in life to shock, misinform, and stir things up! As disorder, mayhem, death and destruction sells.

Keep safe, think things through, and try to ignore the hype folks.


Tonacia Yvonne Tyson, 21, Taneshia Deshawn Jordan, 27, and Marilyn Latish McKey, 33 were formally charged with assaulting an individual with a disability on Wednesday. The crime they’re accused of stems from a disturbing incident at the facility Danby House in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in June 2019. The women were accused of encouraging two female residents to fight each other and allegedly recorded the incident. (Metro) (NYT Link)

Only in America eh! As for Black Lives Matter? Yeah, right.
This one I’ll be watching just in case riots start defending their actions.

Meanwhile, Danby House has this on their website:-
“A pleasant room, a hot fresh meal, a game night with new friends – Danby House combines all of the comforts of home with the health and personal care needed to live fully and comfortably. ”

Why would I believe ex-spurt guesses where COVID is rampant?

The deadly coronavirus germs do not appear to spread through surfaces such as light switches, door handles, and tabletops. At the beginning of the pandemic, experts thought touching surfaces then touching your mouth or face could increase the risk of becoming infected. However, now experts from the University of California report “the surface issue has essentially gone away”.

What a load of bollocks! The day I see those ex-spurts cleaning door handles in a COVID rich environment like a COVID ward with their tongues and not catching it, then I might listen. Even then, would I believe them?

Hell NO!

The two worst examples of US politicians go head to head.

Biden verses Trump. [Link] 1 h 40 m of disaster on four legs.
This is the future for the US?
A moron who name drops big business whenever he has the chance or raves when asked a question (which he can’t or won’t answer)!

And someone who won’t engage eye to eye with the moron (preferably with a baseball bat), promises little, but ‘hints at a lot’, when he becomes POTUS.

Yes I’m not a Trump fan OR a fan of the Democrats and what they are doing as regards the racial, liberal, raping your constitution, and beyond political correctness, that is happening in the US today.

I sat though the debate, as painful as it was, and was quite frankly disgusted. It’s actually worse than the UK crap on offer, and that’s REALLY saying something about the debate. Or was it just an gun-less assassination attempt?

Then, this morning came the US headlines where Biden wins the debate! Who’s kidding who. No one won, but Biden for the most part wanted to debate while the feral chump didn’t.

Yet I’m left thinking everyone who looked and listened carefully got multiple reasons for writing “NONE OF THE ABOVE” when it comes time to vote.

In conclusion, and in my ever so humble uneducated opinion, I would say start stuffing mags people. Because if this is the best you have to work with, civil war may just be the only way forward.

That is not being said lightly, or flippantly. More sadly than anything else as I reckon America, its very reason for being, it’s constitution, and its people, are being cooked by politics and the smell coming out of the cooking pot is truly FOUL.

BLM / Democrat extortion

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California lawmakers are setting up a task force to study and make recommendations for reparations to African Americans, particularly the descendants of slaves, as the nation struggles again with civil rights and unrest following the latest shooting of a Black man by police.

The state Senate supported creating the nine-member commission on a bipartisan 33-3 vote Saturday. The measure returns to the Assembly for a final vote before lawmakers adjourn for the year on Monday, though Assembly members overwhelmingly already approved an earlier version of the bill.

So I’m reading about it and two names crop up, Democratics Sen. Holly Mitchell  and Sen. Steven Bradford. Both Black.

Bradford saying, “I hear far too many people say, ‘Well, I didn’t own slaves, that was so long ago.’ Well, you inherit wealth — you can inherit the debt that you owe to African-Americans.”

I’m thinking he’s racist to the bone.

I also wonder if it is significant that wording was changed on the Bill text i.e.
African Americans who are descendants of persons enslaved  Americans AND LATER ON the descendants of enslaved Africans African Americans.

That simple change indicating to my unlearned legal eye that it’s little to do with a few, but everything to do with the many. Of course I could be wrong.

Anyway, this hit one of our more popular tabloids today. First edition.
At 0901 our time, I can imagine the British Chapter of the BLM heating the phone lines red hot to their ‘human rights legal team’ to start the same thing going here in the UK.

This will not sit well for a lot of white people.
Especially those on welfare.
If BAME think racially aggravated assaults are on the up now, just wait until those who are just surviving on welfare start to think about what could happen here if BAME get gifted money and privileges above them because of their color.

European / Brit Nationalism and the Far Right will go ballistic!

Forget the Middle East as odds on for the next big war.
I foresee anywhere where BLM and the woke have caused problems will be the next areas of conflict.

Anyway my American friends, what think you?

Sainthood coming for Trump.

Republican convention delivers whirlwind of lies great and small.
Speaker after speaker piled falsehood upon falsehood to recast Trump as a saintly feminist preoccupied with the nation’s health. (Guardian)

I’ve no illusions about Trump.
I don’t like him, the way he does business, how he has ‘coped’ with the ongoing disaster with Corvid-19, his disrespect of the military and veterans, and the building up of trade and military tensions around the world every time some fool forgets to hide his Twitter box.

Yet some do love him. MAGA.
So be it, you’ll reap what you’ve sown, and that includes:-

  • Social disorder (if not collapse),
  • Being hated by most of the world,
  • The most people unemployed EVER (April this year) since the great depression
  • The imminent collapse of the US dollar as the worlds #1 unit of exchange.
  • Not forgetting the worlds highest death count from Corvid-19
    (183,653 as of yesterday).
  • The non protection of your constitution and history, and (if unchecked),
  • The removal of law enforcement by professional’s.

Having said all that, the alternative doesn’t look too good either.
Which (rather nastily) I draw comparisons with our waste of space two party system of government.

Two lame duck political ideologies, pandering minority causes, out of touch with the realities of life, spouting the same old crap, and not improving the ‘little guys’ life ONE LITTLE BIT!

Only perhaps the US can pull itself out of the mire by using it’s history and following the words spoken by yesteryear’s ‘greatness’.

Thomas Jefferson.
“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

I guess I’ve got the idea that America (the people) have the means, the skills, and possibly the motivation to correct all the wrongs that have been inflicted upon you. There again, I have always believed that one person can make a difference. If they acknowledge, understand, and accept, that they might have to sacrifice themselves, for the good of others.

The only problem after that is how one person can deal with a hydra like government? If you cut off only one head, two more are sure to grow in it’s place.

Ripping out Postboxes?

I read it, thought about it, considered the raving few’s contribution, and the forthcoming US election with all those postal votes, and I’ve come to a conclusion that had these thoughts.

Why would you rip out the postboxes without replacing them there and then.
Only that would have called for some sort of organisation as someone would have had to drive around and inspect every box to see if it needed replacing.
Then, when the final total was calculated, bulk buy the new bins and do that “one out, one in, process.

So someone either didn’t think it through (unlikely).
Or someone is being co-operative to a higher authority who doesn’t want the boxes in place. Which sounds very conspiracy minded.

So then I got to think about who would gain by the removal of the boxes in the forthcoming election? Biden or Trump.

After that it became a no brainer Strike One, TRUMP all the way!
Besides, who had the authority to remove all the mail boxes, en-mass.
And this is where I come unstuck because I asked the question but no one seems to know. Yet others were quick to blame the new head of the USPS.

Appointed by, WAIT FOR IT, Trump.
Strike two.

The CDC recommends mail ballots as it’s safer.
Trump doesn’t like that statement.
There again he also said that the coronavirus would simply disappear.
Strike three to add to the few dozen other strikes he has accumilated over the last 6 months

Please go to jail Trump. For a VERY LONG TIME.

New Scope and a learning curve.

This turns into a MATH HEAVY article.
(About halfway down).

Switching from a 34 year old, 100% reliable, 4 x 32 Tasco, with a 30 30 reticle is something I never wanted to do.

But now I’m a little old man, with tired old eyes, who needs glasses to see clearly and drive safely, and a second pair for reading.
So, 4 x mag is not powerful enough for me to aim accurately enough to drop a bunny at 50 m with a shot ‘just’ behind the eye.

Incidentally, I don’t wear glasses when shooting.
Focusing on the cross hairs using the fast focus is all I need to do.

Only the cost of good simple glass has SOARED and a plain compact Tac-adjust 10 x scope is out of my reach. Which has meant I’ve had to go all high tech, low price, i.e. a UTG Bug Buster 3-12 x 32 Side Focus Non Illuminated Mil-Dot Scope.

What I’m NOT happy about is the more moving parts there are increases the chances of something going wrong. So I’ve got fast focus, magnification, parallax (focus), elevation and windage. FIVE adjustments.

Anyway, all the ex-spurts out in blog world have probably started rolling on the floor laughing because to them it’s a cheap sub $100 ‘toy’. Well it may be cheap, but the glass is lovely and clear and it certainly feels robust.

Anyway, y’all know the type of ex-spurt I’m talking about..
The best of everything, usually on a credit card, in an attempt to look rich, cool, and knowledgeable. They hoping to hell that y’all be so impressed you won’t dare pass judgement on their poor weapons handling and shooting skills.

So, I’ve got a baby Mildot scope, with an ‘American Leapers’ manual, but made in China.  (Which will probably trigger yet another Twitter storm from POTUS!)
There is another thing on the scope and I don’t really know how to take it.
1 click is 1/3″ at 100 yards.

AND PHUT! My brain cell just blew!
As I’ve suddenly realised I’m going to have to speak “math”

I can think in Mils and metric but don’t like imperial units when thinking MILDOT. See my post Mildot Maths for the why.

Incidentally, did you know there are Russian Mils and US Mils?
In real life ‘science’ there are 6.283 radians in a circle (aka 2π).
(How geeky of me to know that).
Mils in shooting stands for Milli (1000ths) of Radians so you need to multiply that 6.283 x 1000. AND there’s the problem which encompasses basic math, different countries, and the Mildot system.

A circle is 360 degrees or 6282 mRadians and each mRad (Mil) is 0.573 degrees.
Which doesn’t make life easy for people with limited math skills (like me).

Anyway, the US military thought ‘sod that’ and their compasses use 6400 mils to 360 degrees thus their mRad (Mil) is 0.05625 degrees.
So how does that make life better?

Meanwhile the Russians, who are way better in simplifying things, use 6000 mils to 360 degrees. So their mRad is 0.06 degrees.
Still Tiny but MUCH easier to do math with.

Bottom line?

Take a mil reading when ranging using Mildot from the two opposites in the  world, and you’ll end up with two different answers.

US ranging on a 50 cm target (shoulder to shoulder) reading 1 mil = 500 meters
RU ranging on a 50 cm target (shoulder to shoulder) reading 1 mil = 468 meters.
A minor difference? After all, what’s 32 m between best (not) friends ?

In real life, at those ranges, it’s a 50 cm (18″) drop with a 7.62 x 39 aka a low belly shot.

So, back to that 1/3″ @ 100 yards.
Or, 8.5 mm at 91.4 meters.
Or, 9 mm (as near as damn it) at 100 meters.

I’ve got a little range at home, just a tad short of 25 meters.
So when it comes to zeroing my scope, it’s REALLY nasty math time.
The 1/3″ click at 100 yards becomes 8.47 mm at 91.4 m and 9.26 mm at 100 m
OR, 2.31 mm per click at 25 m, just over 4 clicks to the cm. Easy-peasy right!

No, not really!

A ‘get you close’ sight card for 1/3″@100 yd.
Why stop at 300 m? With a 7.62 x 39,
Would anyone want to shoot further?

So, basic (get you on paper at longer ranges) POI at 25 meters for:-
My PCP I use for pest controller out to 50 meters, and
A 7.62 x 39 ‘fun machine’ out to 300 meters.

“PCP”  PLUS 14.4 cm for a zero at 50 meters
“FUN” PLUS  5.9 cm for a zero at 300 meters

Lets do the 7.62 mm using US Mildot
At 300 m 3.3 mils compensation 16.6 cm
In Russian it’s just a tad over 3 mils.
OK, we’re only talking an inch but hey, there is a difference.

Range chart with elevation and windage.
What else should I include?

Windage dope for wind from various angles.
It’s the same anywhere in the world (thankfully)
15 degrees 1/4 value
30 degrees 1/2 value
45 degrees 3/4 value
60 degrees 9/10 value
90 degrees Full value

Angle shooting aka slope dope.
Once again, it’s the same anywhere in the world
It works out the actual range against what you are seeing.
( Weapon points straight up or down ) the range is zero
(  At 60 deg  ) the range is Visual times 0.5
(  At 45 deg  ) the range is Visual times 0.7
(  At 30 deg  ) the range is Visual times 0.87
( When Level ) What you see is what you shoot.

Leading a target.
There are so many ways of doing this but I stumbled on a simple formula.
Provided you practice a LOT!

It goes like this:-
Speed of target in MILS/SECOND x time of flight (TOF) in SECONDS = lead in MILS. Then you add / subtract wind correction in MILS.

So, watch your target move through the scope and range ‘him’.
Count how many mils ‘he’ moves in a second.
Now multiply that by the TOF (Time of Flight) for your ammunition at that range. That is your MIL LEAD.
Check the wind correction for that range and WAAS.
WIND ADD correction if moving with wind, and
Whe moving AGAINST the wind, SUBTRACT the wind correction.

That’s it, time for two paracetamol and a huge mug of tea.
(Because my brain cell is well fried)

All this wokeness is doing is inflaming old tensions

New York City mayor helps paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ outside Trump Tower. De Blasio, a Democrat, said. “We are acknowledging the truth of ourselves as Americans by saying ‘Black Lives Matter’. We are righting a wrong.”

What a moron.
All he is doing is inflaming old tensions to a point where some that were ‘at worse’ tacitly tolerant, will retaliate.

If you add Seattle into the mix (city sponsored anarchy in the making), you have a country that could become VERY BIPOLAR towards this nonsense in so much that, ‘If you hate us whites that much, we’ll give you something REAL to chew on’.

As for the Democrats?
Is it true states that have Democrats as leaders have the most crime? Net advisor (among many others) says yes as:-

Democrat States Have 46 % More Murders Than Republican  States.

Funny how they get the most basic things wrong.
For example:- Their policy of disarming the law abiding.
Which unsurprisingly, turned to wonderful news for the criminals!

Singularly stupid beyond their noses, they completely ignored what happened in the UK where that was done and gun crime increased by around 65% (and is still rising).

There again, the UK governments in charge on then and beyond would have made REALLY GOOD democrats as they went out of their way to aid the criminals and pursued insane polices of forcing immigrant inclusion into the UK, political correctness, and multicultural tolerance making the UK the biggest breeding ground for terrorists outside of the Middle East!

Sighing, sadly.
America holds itself above the world but can’t seem to sort out it’s own backyard because of it’s POLITICS!

Sadly, come November, I’m thinking if the result turns out to be the Democrats in power, there may be a white flight to end all white flights to a safer land.

Syria comes to mind, or Libya, or Iraq. All fun loving people.
Although I wouldn’t suggest coming to the UK.
It’s WAY TOO UNSAFE crime wise and by November it’ll also be a nation full of infection just looking for new people to infect.

The dangerous lawyers

This is what we saw in the media PLUS them pointing weapons at demonstrators walking past their property.


You can take this in a multitude of ways BUT I’ll start with the potential of a negligent discharge, the failure of muzzle awareness, the obviously poor training, and the stupidity of brandishing and pointing weapons at people who weren’t on their property. It also highlights the dangers of arming very rich lawyers.

Plus a Hollywood observation.
Why is it in America that most male lawyers appear to be ‘vertically challenged’? And yes I don’t like the legal profession or politicians.

Yet this occurred after BLM broke into a gated community. CRIME.
That and the hapless duo didn’t leave their property just ‘ordered’ the assorted trash to ‘keep moving’.

Not forgetting that no custom made Italian loafers or beautifully manicured lawns were damaged in the making of the video.

The Daily Mail (Sigh. It’s not exactly a quality paper anymore) was full of white (vigilantes) with guns and baseball bats “in readiness” to deal with any problems the BLM plus assorted trash like Antifa might start.  The DM claiming that they were threatening peaceful demonstrators.

Antifa and BLM peaceful?

Aw well, this is the ‘well informed’ UK media.

Again you can take it anyway you like and this UK media predictably sided with the ‘peaceful’ protestors. The mayor condemned it. (How politically correct of him). The police were apparently high-fiving the armed civilians (So what!), and the anger towards the BLM and assorted protesters included tearing their paper placards up.

Which left me shocked and emotionally destroyed by the depth of the violence.

Plus a multitude of references to the (occasionally huge) assault weapons (AR’s), baseball bats, and something called anger.

What I saw was a clear enough statement by a community that has had enough. You aren’t liked, not wanted here, so go away, and if you start anything, you will regret it.

Which seems totally reasonable to me.

Something to keep your eye on a China is beginning to bite back.

The world really shouldn’t keep pushing China the whole time.
“Never wake the dragon as it’s fire is worse than it’s words.” Anon.

Twenty Indian soldiers including a Colonel were killed in a “violent face-off” on Monday night with Chinese troops at Galwan Valley in Ladakh, said government sources, in a massive escalation after weeks of tension at the border. India retaliated and there were casualties on both sides, said the army. On the Chinese it was reported that 40 troops were injured. [Link]

With the constant “attacks” by the rest of the world against China, the incursions, the diplomatic bickering, the trade wars, financial considerations, Hong Kong, Corvid-19, is it any wonder why China is losing their not inconsiderable tolerance and restraint in the face of all sorts of provocation.

Which may read like I’m  pro-Chinese (which I’m not).
Slow to rile, you should never keep prodding them.
Like Russia, the West has little regard for these two and will come unstuck if these super powers double tag to take on the world.