Money Before Lives at UKGov level?

This post is about COVID drugs.
I am not a medical professional so if you decide this is of interest, run it past your doctor before doing something daft like trying it without medical supervision. (Note)

Stromectol aka ivermectin and vitamin D.
Both are generating a following around the world as an effective treatment for when you contract COVID.

Cheap as chips are both items.
So, not exactly what the drugs companies want to push.
You’ve also got to be thinking why the UK Gov aren’t pushing it.

Profit may be the motive with drug companies but as for government spending loads of money on vaccines as opposed to rolling this drug ivermectin and common vitamin D out nationally to pharmacies AT COST?

I would say they are stupid for not doing so BUT the danger is it’s not stupidity at all when the question is asked, how much of a kickback do our Lords and Masters get from drug companies for keeping a cheap treatment out of the hospitals?

After all a couple of high ranking politicians have been discovered as having ties to companies supplying PPE, so them getting into the money maker that is drug therapies? That has got to be a natural extension of their greed.

There again, is ivermectin already in use?
And there things got fuzzy.
A quick glance on COVID drug therapy’s didn’t find ivermectin listed anywhere.  Expanding the search, it was only listed as a topical cream for scabies and rosacea.

Although that was using ‘the official  channels’ aka NICE.
The problem is it takes Government agencies AGES to write things and publish guidelines let alone GRANT APPROVAL for a drug outside of it’s usual usage.

Good news is I can get some ivermechtin tabs from the Internet!
Which let’s the pet shop off the hook.

The bad news is it’s going to really screw up the anti coagulants I’m on.
So, before I’ll take it, it’s a trip to the doctors.
(And I really, REALLY,  hate white coats!)

Friend or Armed Foe?

The Police and Military when SHTF – Friend or Armed Foe?
(DPN Richard Andrews)

Have a read first. I thought it a good article.
Very focused on the US, I thought I might put forward a view from the UK.

Who are the enemy here?
Without a doubt the UK Government and by way of their more visible agents, although there are other more clandestine security agencies to consider.

Anyway, the police would seem obvious, but that thin blue line has a lot of ground to cover and are few in number. So, whatever they have in mind is going to be targeted and, like everything the UK Gov / police do, it will be woefully inefficient if they are forced to work FAST following a government diktat.

HOWEVER, there are a few disadvantages to those who own firearms and that comes in the form of PAPERWORK. Still some will ‘loose’ their weapons, licenses, (and ammo safe) to a break in, report the loss, lament greatly about the same, and freely let the police search the house plus let them provide a crime number and help in filling out the insurance forms.

Of course that calls for being forewarned and there will be plenty of that as the new ice age will arrive quicker than the UK Government can make decisions. Let alone organize anything.

So how could they speed up the process? Bring in the military.
Unlike the US, there is no mandate preventing their deployment in the UK.

Would I trust them NOT to act? NO and hell no.
Mainly because they would be the muscle but acting as support to the police.

As for foreign forces?
In my mind I cannot conceive the UKGov using foreign forces BUT, as all good preppers know, you should always plan for the unexpected.

Plus the media. They write what they are told to write and it will demonize preppers, survivalists, gun owners, free thinkers, and anyone else the government don’t like.

After that the main worry would be the sheeple, the do-gooders, wets, liberal, woke, and other assorted idiots. Not forgetting the nations super intrusive public CCTV network.

Sorry state of affairs isn’t it.

Except not everyone in the UK possesses firearms. Some have alternatives and those are not licensed (yet). Having said that, I’ve a feeling that the forewarned will react accordingly as, unlike popular belief, some of the many UK preppers and survivalists aren’t all numpties and most have plans in place for when the KGB knock. Mainly because the level of trust in the UK Gov from preppers and survivalists is at an all time low because of the Covid virus and that in itself has sharpened the minds of many.

God, country, and family?
Not anymore.
In the hopelessly divided UK, it’s more a case of Self and Family first.