The greatest fear of today is the lack of fear.

I had the same nightmare last night, as always, where everyone was dead.
Have you ever seen that? You walk into somewhere and nothing moves.
Old, young, pets and livestock, it doesn’t matter.
A fat manky crow eating an eyeball out of a smashed face but that’s it.
Then there is the smell.
Burnt pork, a metallic taste in the air, and the smell of fermenting gut and fresh shit.

I hate the media for not showing the truth and reality about war but their snowflake readers, politically correct leadership, and limp government censors, are too scared to let that happen.

Have you not considered the loss of your family before your eyes?
With luck you’ll die first and not have to bury your own.
I’ve seen that though and it ain’t pretty.
A son and his friend burying a baby and mother.
Bloodied rags as wrapping, a hoe to dig the grave in frozen earth.
Agony in every movement, that slumped look of people broken by loss.
Then comes anger in some, and who can blame them.

My questions are,
“Why aren’t all you snowflakes and sheeple up in arms about the war rhetoric and constant conflict? Don’t you care? Is it too remote for you to feel the pain?
Why is it that some are passively accepting the possibility of WW3 as one ‘leadership’ taunts another, and another, till you wonder “Is there a death wish going on here?”

Or is it a case that some switch has been thrown that blinds everyone to total annihilation?
So which is it. Too much Play Station, X-Box, or just media overload?
Is the constant diet of media pouring sanitized war into your front rooms to your liking?
Does the front lens view from guided munitions showing the target getting closer until it all goes white what it takes to get your rocks off?

I reckon you’ve all become desensitized to the truth about war by media over exposure.
All them snowflakes and sheeple, sat comfy in their armchairs, war junkies by proxy.

Luckily some remain who know what a world war is, a few from my generation and recent warriors can tell the truth about the horror.
That war ain’t pretty, it ain’t nice, not fun, and it’s anything but noble and no longer God’s work. Only no one listens to those voices of experience.

In the 50’s I was at school. Too young to understand the horror of anything but I can remember my mother sat shaking like a leaf as my father did a rapid deployment to Germany as part of the British Army’s front line.
To us the Cold War wasn’t cold at all. To us it was positively red-hot.

I remember the quiet words of my father telling her what to do should the sirens go off.
Which relative to go to if things started to look bad.
Dad and I playing a game in the back garden called Duck and Cover into the newly renovated but still clapped out WW2 Anderson shelter.
Him making me promise to duck and cover at school if the sirens went off.
To wait until it all went quiet after the boom then run home.
Aged 7. I didn’t really understand but it seemed all the other forces brats in our class had the same talk with their dads.
Scary isn’t it. A simple set of instructions that a 7-year-old could follow (times 8 other kids).

Yet the schools went about their business as normal, sort of.
The teachers listening to the latest of fears played on the radio in the staff room so loud we could hear it all over the place. The propaganda in the papers and radio exercising its insidious hold on people and creating fear. The topic was the USSR, the Red Menace.

I can remember the surprise of finding loads of tins under my bed.
The bath was always left full of cold water.
Two shoulder bags packed with a change of clothing and wash gear sat in the larder.
A third had what I know now to be 60’s version of a grab bag.

But, for all the hype, it never happened.
It never went away though right through my school years.
Then, as an adult, I joined up and into that Cold War.
The threat was still the USSR and an addition, the communist Red Book of Mao Zedong.
Then suddenly all that ended. The Berlin wall came down, the threat was gone.
I remember thinking that as a civilian I would be happy.
From childhood to soldier to civilian and seeing calm for the first time in my life.
30 years of a nagging nuclear fear. The penalty of being a forces brat.

It was not to be.
The calm outlook on leaving the forces was blown apart by the confusion of civilian life and it drove me back into a uniform.
But even then among the most cynical, the hardest of souls, and the toughest of tough, we sometimes talked about when the superpowers and NATO were going to engage properly and start saving lives as opposed to taking them.

Funny enough it was the media that swung it.
The horror grew too much, the number of bodies too many, the TV too graphic, the sheeple awoke to ask “WHY?”, and the politicians hurriedly sued for peace.

Not for the good of the people, it never is, but to save their pathetic hold on power.
Peace was short-lived though, or perhaps it never arrived, it’s just I didn’t notice.
Middle East Terrorism was the watchword thereafter and suddenly the worlds self-appointed policemen enjoyed war again. Them fighting a foe numbering thousands but destroying the lives of millions and their country.

Whoever the country was, or is, pushing for conflict, they all use the worlds media.
Only when the truth didn’t fit the rhetoric they just lie and the rabid media lap it up.
Iraq a case in point. WMD’s. Were any found? That would be a NO!
Poison gas in Syria? It wasn’t even a good false flag, the video proof was so very lame.
Truly pathetic to the eyes of the trained but the media ran with it.
Why? Because nothing looks better for ratings than dead kids!

Meanwhile the other superpowers, who should have known better, are happily selling arms to both sides, and everyone in between, to ensure a never-ending war.

And the sheeple and snowflakes are still slumbering or playing X-Box.
Watching a sanitised world view on death delivered into their TV aka Droll Box.
Victims waiting to happen from something they choose to ignore.

Evil prevails when good men do nothing to stop it.
Someone once said it needs a rewrite to “Evil prevails”.
I concur with that. That evil being the world of greed, politics, and religion.
Promoted by the worlds media and their policy of “If it bleeds it leads”, only let’s censor the really gory bits!