Another fine mess we’re being led into.

Britain could be poised to join an alliance known as ‘Asian NATO’ in order to restrain China’s ambitions.  

Reports in Indian media have floated the idea of Britain joining the so-called ‘Quad’ which currently consists of the United States, Japan, India and Australia.  

With Britain lining up what Dominic Raab (another fk’ing armchair warrior)  has called an ‘Indo-Pacific tilt’ after its departure from the EU, membership in the ‘Quad’ would enlarge an alliance of countries who have all clashed with an assertive Beijing in recent months.  (DM)

Oh no! Surely not another US inspired fk.up.
Or is this just Boris Johnson and his goon squad latest “let’s hold hands with the stupid” plan?

For me it’s just another gang that the UK puppy is getting conned into joining. Yet another going to get nowhere but will cost a heap of money, and probably a few lives within the  UK forces’ type of pointless exercise.

There was little overt assertiveness from China until Trump took it on himself to destabilize world trading. He who should have listened to the more astute who were saying “Don’t poke the dragon”!

As a result of Trump doing just that, China retaliated and started slapping sanctions and tariffs on anyone associated with the US.

A really old game is that, and it’s called tit for tat.

Anyway, what’s this particular end game?
What’s the goal?
To slap more sanctions on China? Like they care.
Or perhaps a full on regime change in China.
(Probably doable in the eyes of some ancient almost senile general in the Pentagon or some spook in the CIA (from the Bay of Pigs era) who were both brought up to believe that it is possible to win a nuclear war).

Or maybe someone even more senile in the White House! Again from the era that thought the United States of America could beat anyone.

Still, at least one of the newly minted ‘Quad’ has plenty of experience of failing to achieve a positive result from a regime change.

There again, there is the thought going around that the West’s governments need a war to deflect people’s attention from their fk’ups regarding COVID.

So, I would say that I’m expecting a tirade of hatred towards the Chinese in the UK mainstream media and non stop China bashing on social media including the common video streamers like YouTube. Only that has been something building up for a few months.

Incidentally did you know the Chinese are responsible for all the pollution in the world? I didn’t. There again I’m not someone trying to put the blame about everything on the Chinese.

Except for COVID, 101% them, and that sucks BIG TIME.

Oh dear, how sad.

It seems that some of the Trump faithful are turning on him.

The Proud Boys:-
Trump ashill and “extraordinarily weak,” and have since urged others not to attend any more Trump events or even those from the Republican party. (Various).

On Parler and 4chan
An outpouring of anger, grief and denial from his hardline acolytes. “A punch in the gut,” said one. “A stab in the back,” another railed. From a third: “I feel like puking.” Again, on social media channels and chat rooms like Parler and 4chan, where far-right Trumpists have gravitated as other social media sites have increasingly shut out the president, there were complaints of betrayal. (Guardian).
Trumpists write of feeling ‘like puking’ as president says those who ‘broke law will pay’. Plus you have to consider his staff as Trump Org shutters operations leading to staff being fired. (Various) Not to mention Scotland’s golf courses where they still don’t know if they will keep their poorly paid jobs.

Yesterdays Hero, Today’s Unemployed.

Tech Giant Twitter Blindsided?

He’s back on Twitter.
Who is? You’ve got to ask??

Twitter overlooked an account that Trump could gain access to.
As a result he’s back peddling his garbage on
— The White House (@WhiteHouse)

Something tells me Twitter’s newly created kudos with the Democrats has just taken one hell of a knock!

BUT, with a little persuasion, I would imagine it would only take,
half a dozen keystrokes after typing in @WhiteHouse

Cancel the Air Drop? Maybe.

(TRT) Scotland’s leader Nicola Sturgeon says US President Donald Trump will not be allowed to visit Scotland to play golf during Joe Biden’s inauguration, arguing Trump is subject to coronavirus travel curbs.

Ordinarily I’d say “YIPPEE”!
Except she doesn’t control the nations ports, airports, etc.

Yet, maybe she can argue the point publicly seeing as though PM Boris Johnson has finally woken up to the fact that it’s HIS ports, airports, etc, that was the route taken by the virus into the country and it’s still HIS stupidity that is still keeping the damn things OPEN. The nice bit about it (for me) is right now, people are angrily  vocalizing at last about his stupidity for NOT testing EVERYBODY!

So time will tell about this one (and a need for an airdrop) BUT, rest assured, I will be ‘watching this space’.

What about an airdrop.

Trump wants to be out of the US when Biden is swore in as POTUS.
Where? Into the UK to play a round of golf!
An air force flight has been booked and he would fly into Prestwick Airport and onto Trump Turnberry golf resort about 15 miles away.

Only I wonder. Once Biden has become the all new POTUS, will his first act of nastiness towards the UK be to recall the air force jet after jettisoning Trump above his beloved golf course?

Artificial Intellegence needed in White House STAT!

So what do they do? BRITAIN and the US have a “special partnership” to develop artificial intelligence to protect against the threat of China. (Express)

Only before I start:-
Where’s this place called Britain?
There was a Great Britain GB once upon a time.
I know because I was born in a part of that nation in a region called England.
Only then our Lords and Masters, having joined the car wreck of the European Union (Mistake One), decided among themselves that GB was no more, and we became a “United Kingdom” making mistake number two.

Mistake three was EVER thinking England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales were united! Which is why a fair few of us keep making the typo of not using United but the more accurate “UNTIED” Kingdom.

Finally, and up to date.
Mistake four is maintaining any “special” arrangement with the current administration of the US let alone the next jerk in office there!

And back to artificial intelligence
Needed in the White House.

Whoops, I meant ‘BRITAIN and the US have a “special partnership” to develop artificial intelligence to protect against the threat of China’. (Express)

Which should start by having SOME FORM OF INTELLIGENCE installed within the White House. After all the current administration fire key personnel who can think faster than the ink drying on their contract.

The Express then goes onto to say ‘The UK ranks second only to America in the new technology, says Oxford Insight’s AI Readiness Index, although China may have already pushed us into third.’

The US saying “We are proud to join our special partner and ally, the United Kingdom, to advance AI innovation for the well-being of our citizens, in line with shared democratic values.”

(Shared democratic values? I’ll get back to that one later)

Actually that would be way behind Russia and Japan, and probably anyone else that America calls an enemy which would include the Untied Kingdom as we were part of the EU at that time. Where did that one come from?

In an interview in 2018, CBS News’s Jeff Glor asked Trump what he considers his biggest foe globally, prompting Trump to lament the EU’s trade policies.

“I think we have a lot of foes,” Trump responded. “I think the European Union is a foe, what they do to us in trade. Now you wouldn’t think of the European Union, but they’re a foe.” Probably why they slapped sanctions on us!

Tiny bit of advice Trump. (Which will be ignored)
Rather like the advice we all know and follow.
Never speak to the police without legal representation.

Only for you Trump it’s never speak EVER AGAIN!
As the media report what was you said into the court of public opinion.
Thus, you end up calling EVERYTHING fake news (Even though you’re caught on video, or Twitter).

So, the current US administration is looking around for someone to help them out against China. Running out of friends FAST, they have no choice but to turn to their puppy the Untied Kingdom. Rather like ‘working with the Oxford Vaccine designers’ I suppose.

Only the UKGov never learns even after POTUS is poised to snatch up all the vaccine for the UK leaving us in our COVID-19 nightmare. (Various media sources).

Long memories have the English as (funny enough) some of us can read, most watch, and a few still listen to the media, both in country and from worldwide reporting.

Thus, it seems ‘we the people’ are better informed, thus forewarned about further treacherous outcomes, than our thick as lords and masters.

To end this VERY biased post, regarding the WH and our POS gov, I am really looking forward to the US elections on Nov 3. With those “shared democratic values”.

If only to see if the US Electoral College (once again) ignore the numbers (Clinton 65,853,625 votes Trump 62,985,106 votes), skip past the Russian ‘non-interference’, and put the wrong person into the White House AGAIN.

Rather like in the UK where they fiddle the numbers during the vote count.
Thus, it’s always a two horse (The ass and the donkey) election and no one else gets a chance at REALLY making a difference.

Only this time we may get an added bonus of watching the inevitable civil uproar as both the winners and losers ‘clean house’ after the tears and cheers have fallen silent.

Another star winning show of stupidity

President Donald Trump demanded that a reporter remove his face mask in the middle of a question at a White House press briefing on Monday — but the journalist refused.

“You’re going to have to take that off. Just take it off,” said Trump as he pointed to the mask worn by Jeff Mason, White House correspondent for Reuters.

Yep, Trump just doesn’t get it!
The mask is not only to protect the journalist but also everyone there just in case the journalist is an asymptomatic carrier.

Anyway, that’s a gift for his opponent as it proves Trump truly is ignorant about corona viruses in general.

Trump called American war dead ‘suckers’ and ‘losers’?

On top of his frequent disdain for the US Armed Services I’m inclined to believe it. There also appears to be a few people corroborating the story in multiple media.

If it is true about the war graves, it’s sealed his fate as regard to the election.
After all. Ignoring the weak of mind, anti war, and the anti America twerps, the impression I’ve always had was you honor your fallen.

But we are talking about a draft dodger here.
Besides, he can only ‘fake news’ things for so long before the truth catches up with him.

Still you all voted for him, or was it most voted for Clinton but the electoral college approved him.

You tell me what’s true!
As ‘fake news’ appeared from day one of his presidency.

Sainthood coming for Trump.

Republican convention delivers whirlwind of lies great and small.
Speaker after speaker piled falsehood upon falsehood to recast Trump as a saintly feminist preoccupied with the nation’s health. (Guardian)

I’ve no illusions about Trump.
I don’t like him, the way he does business, how he has ‘coped’ with the ongoing disaster with Corvid-19, his disrespect of the military and veterans, and the building up of trade and military tensions around the world every time some fool forgets to hide his Twitter box.

Yet some do love him. MAGA.
So be it, you’ll reap what you’ve sown, and that includes:-

  • Social disorder (if not collapse),
  • Being hated by most of the world,
  • The most people unemployed EVER (April this year) since the great depression
  • The imminent collapse of the US dollar as the worlds #1 unit of exchange.
  • Not forgetting the worlds highest death count from Corvid-19
    (183,653 as of yesterday).
  • The non protection of your constitution and history, and (if unchecked),
  • The removal of law enforcement by professional’s.

Having said all that, the alternative doesn’t look too good either.
Which (rather nastily) I draw comparisons with our waste of space two party system of government.

Two lame duck political ideologies, pandering minority causes, out of touch with the realities of life, spouting the same old crap, and not improving the ‘little guys’ life ONE LITTLE BIT!

Only perhaps the US can pull itself out of the mire by using it’s history and following the words spoken by yesteryear’s ‘greatness’.

Thomas Jefferson.
“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

I guess I’ve got the idea that America (the people) have the means, the skills, and possibly the motivation to correct all the wrongs that have been inflicted upon you. There again, I have always believed that one person can make a difference. If they acknowledge, understand, and accept, that they might have to sacrifice themselves, for the good of others.

The only problem after that is how one person can deal with a hydra like government? If you cut off only one head, two more are sure to grow in it’s place.

Ripping out Postboxes?

I read it, thought about it, considered the raving few’s contribution, and the forthcoming US election with all those postal votes, and I’ve come to a conclusion that had these thoughts.

Why would you rip out the postboxes without replacing them there and then.
Only that would have called for some sort of organisation as someone would have had to drive around and inspect every box to see if it needed replacing.
Then, when the final total was calculated, bulk buy the new bins and do that “one out, one in, process.

So someone either didn’t think it through (unlikely).
Or someone is being co-operative to a higher authority who doesn’t want the boxes in place. Which sounds very conspiracy minded.

So then I got to think about who would gain by the removal of the boxes in the forthcoming election? Biden or Trump.

After that it became a no brainer Strike One, TRUMP all the way!
Besides, who had the authority to remove all the mail boxes, en-mass.
And this is where I come unstuck because I asked the question but no one seems to know. Yet others were quick to blame the new head of the USPS.

Appointed by, WAIT FOR IT, Trump.
Strike two.

The CDC recommends mail ballots as it’s safer.
Trump doesn’t like that statement.
There again he also said that the coronavirus would simply disappear.
Strike three to add to the few dozen other strikes he has accumilated over the last 6 months

Please go to jail Trump. For a VERY LONG TIME.

Keep digging pal.

At a campaign rally Saturday night in Tulsa, Oklahoma, President Donald Trump said the problem with testing people for the coronavirus is that the tests keep finding infected people.

“Here’s the bad part,” Trump said during his 101-minute address in a half-full BOK Center. “When you do testing to that extent, you’re going to find more people, you’re going to find more cases. So I said to my people, ‘Slow the testing down, please!’ ” (US source)

Joking, says the White House.
With 123,476 dead and rising daily?
How crass!

Come November
I can see someones
career light going.

Is the big dog losing his luster?

DONALD TRUMP’s team were left humiliated after photos from his rally in Tulsa’s BOK Centre showed attendance at the venue well below capacity. (EX + US Media)

At first I thought, typical UK media over exaggerating.
So I looked in the US media. Mm, interesting.
There seems to be a lot being said, and plenty of pictures to back up the UK media’s view.

So, has he lost his shine?
Is this the beginning of the way out?
In four months time we shall see.

Trump’s Sleight of Hand

Active service troops on the streets during protests in Washington.
Dunno what you think about it but to me its:

For me, there is nothing more abhorrent than seeing your own troops on home soil, carrying out a politician’s (INO) whim, attacking unarmed civilians.

Luckily for the US it seems their Military Top Dog Gen. Milley thinks the same. So, after an argument with Trump, the troops have been withdrawn leaving law enforcement and the National Guard to clean up the mess.

Except Trump hadn’t quite finished and another nail will have been put to one side for his political coffin.

The infamous ‘Church’ photo call had Trump lined up with press secretary, defense secretary (Esper), national security adviser and attorney general. General Milley doing the honorable thing and withdrawing from this ‘bad taste’ event.

Later on Esper and Milley both said they didn’t know what was going on aka Trump duped them. Do I find that a reasonable assumption? You bet!

Only here’s the thing. With General Mattis joining in the furor, what may seem like another act of stupidity by Trump may just end the Man-love Trump had for the military forever.

If that is so, perhaps America can sleep a bit sounder knowing one thing.

The US military honor the constitution.

This made me smile.

Donald Trump announced on Monday that he is taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventive drug against Covid-19, despite warnings about the medicine, prompting health experts to share their concerns. (Various world media)

Yeeha! I’m feeling positively happy and optimistic this morning.
I suspect Russia, China, Iran, DPRK, Europe, Africa, and ‘many, many more’ are feeling the same! Each one of their leaders reflecting deeply, over their morning coffee, on the hoped for (whoops) possible consequences of his latest folly.

Anyway, is Mike Pence still vice president?
I ask because I’m finding it difficult to keep up with all the firing of key staff in the US administration.

  • So what happens when (whoops) if he is forced to take over?
  • Would it end up as a snap election?
  • Will he just quietly sort out the international situation in a calm, diplomatic way, rekindling  cooperation between the countries of the world?
  • Or would he be just be another in a long list of ‘disaster on legs’ in charge?

Actually, after a good long read of the US and world media, I think he’s perfect (not) for the job as the new improved, bigger and better than before, POTUS.

Or, as one pundit put it.
“Pence as POTUS? He would be yet another in a long list of Nero’s fiddling away while the world burns down”. The pundits political allegiance? Republican! (Et tu, Brute?).