It seems I have a choice like everyone else. Play nicely or be shut down.

Last night, by email, I was warned by friends citing cases where folk (including them) have ‘transgressed’ from the terms of service, on a wide variety of platforms, and been shut down.

Only when they ask why, they aren’t getting a response.

The collective thought is ‘THEY’ are making things up on the fly as the whole cancel and woke culture, gender and LGBT whatever, religion, race, and a whole host of other previously unlisted crimes are being committed.

Which makes life a ‘little’ confusing as you never know what will offend someone, somewhere, somehow, and it seems it’s also historical entries are also being used to hang people (whoops) I meant suspend their access.

Now I have no proof, only hearsay and irate comments on message boards I also subscribe too. Except mixed into those comments are a few (dunno what to call them, politely) who don’t exactly need banning, more like culling.

I’ve got a choice to make.
Everyone who knows me is aware that I’m not exactly politically correct, use ‘mild’ profanity, and don’t give a toss about some sectors within society.

So am I going to toe the new official, very grey, and not clearly defined line?


Sigh. And it’s been so much fun these last 27 years on various platforms. So, if I go silent key and paulsprepping goes ‘pop’, you’ll know what has happened.

Only remember this.
The Internet is the last bastion of free speech.
Even for those living under strict censorship.
It is a source of considerable knowledge.
It informed, it taught, it made governments think twice.

Now it’s not only the bad but also the self appointed guardians of human rights that are shutting down platforms, silencing voices, and censoring content. ESPECIALLY political comment, information, and protest against wrongdoing.

Some will say you can’t fight that. I sort of agree.
To take on a government is to take on a Hydra.
To kill a hydra needs a Medusa.
Which is not currently available in stores.

However, every government in the world uses mission creep to extend their controls. Soon it’ll be a case of the government policy is now this and we will target anyone who comments or objects. Perhaps to a level that everything you say and think will be scanned by AI to a set of rules provided by people who want something covered up. Like COVID was.

Thus you may want to make a choice.
Toe the official line, become subservient, and join the uninformed.
Or, stand up and be counted by using free speech before you lose it.
This is NOT a call to arms or revolution.
This is just a reminder of what you take for granted today, you might lose tomorrow.

My voice is tiny, and I know that.
Only I know that when you give in to tyranny.

Tyranny will win and others will lose.
Some of them BIG TIME.

Damn it, THINK THINGS THROUGH and stop with the B.S.

The poison is flowing again after the shock of the demise of their Demi-God. To that end some idiots have restarted making their rebellious thoughts known on social media and other public access forums.

Whilst I agree Biden and the leftist administration ain’t your super heroes, and probably won’t be working in the interests of a large slice of the US.  The rhetoric sounds like (once again) some are getting target fixated on removing Biden.

OK, how?
Buy him off, release compromising pictures, or maybe an assassination? Have you thought those options through?

Ever heard of “Cause and Effect”.
A cause is something that produces an event; an effect is what results from that event.

So, bearing in mind that a government is a hydra and removing / killing just one head will grow others to take it’s place.

Perhaps those with just one working brain cell may be able to work out that whoever took over, for whatever reason, would one hell of an axe to grind with the guilty.

So what could they do?
Probably anything they liked to the rebellious few and probably with half the US population’s approval, let alone the world.

What then? The fools left standing just keep on shooting?

There has to be someone out there who has the charisma and intelligence to work this out so everyone benefits without the blood lust being expressed by a few.

Why aren’t bloggers writing about prepping?

Or am I wrong?
I looked at 100 sites on three blogging platforms (because platforms have their own overall view on things) over the last 3 days and those sites can be divided into four types.

  • The obviously Extreme Right one step away from declaring revolution.
  • The undecided on what on earth to do next BUT correctly identifying the VERY clear dangers to self and property that the Woke, Antifa, and the very racist “other faction” are presenting.
  • The few that are ignoring the political paranoia while enhancing the dangers of a possible collapse of the economy, and the personal danger issues to property and self.
  • Then came an interesting 20 something.
    Some openly discussing amendments to their site focused on the current ‘unpleasantness” arising from the current brouhaha.
    AND a subset few who are trying to work out the next move of the FAR LEFT and RIGHT and whether or not the danger, ANY DANGER, will come from (not my words) their neighbors, local government, the state, or mob rule.

As for social media?
I’m still trying to work out where the most toxic have made their new home. All of the currently running platforms are making the most outrageous, and troubling posts

What I can confidently say is social media, be it left, centrist, or right, IS THE CENTER OF ALL THE AGGRESSION.

Know what? I’ve got a question for anyone to chip in on.
Why isn’t anything being discussed on moving forward constructively. I mean aside from war, and the possible dangers from everywhere to the person and property.

There are a heck of lot of scared people out there, and it’s not limited to the US. One French commentator saying “I’m glad don’t live in the US as EVERYONE is scary”. 

As for me? If America wants war, go for it.
It will help to identify those who need to be put down.

As for the UK?
Considering all threats, I came up with:-

  • Covid-19
  • The government
  • Economic collapse (very evident around us)
  • Civil unrest triggered from the Woke, Antifa, that Racist organization, and finally the UK Government.

Diddums lost their toys? How sad.

The US ‘whatever’ movements erroneously ended up reliant on US technology to get it’s “social” message” out. Now it hasn’t got that as big business technology has shut down all sorts of Internet platform use and social media.

Whose bleating about it? Only the US.
So what are you going to do about it?

Hard talking, heavy shooting, world beaters and leaders, but can’t work around a little government or big business high tech interference?

Methinks the US needs to take some lessons from censored countries like Russia, China and others how to get their voice heard.

In days gone past we had to use message boards and them old squealing thingies called modems for peer to peer messages over the telephone lines. Worried about being intercepted on the phones? We used radio. Damn difficult to jam is HF radio because the radio spectrum is so vast. You can even use a keyboard for those who seem to have lost the power of speech.

The other thing is y’all talking abut this becoming the new norm.
Just think about that for a moment. Big business isn’t suicidal, and they are only doing this to appear ‘compliant’ with the ideals of what is coming next from the new government.

Normal service will return, in time.
Big business will assure that and government won’t stop them as to do so will cripple them.

Take a breath America’s hotheads.
It’s time to evaluate the problem a lot cooler than you are now.

The hapless ex-prince and the ‘D’ list actress

Now they take on social media.
Probably because they don’t like what nasty people are saying, which is something akin to the hapless duo aka ‘call me Harry’ and Markle are a total waste of space. Additionally they have also launched a civil rights and racial justice campaign called Stop Hate For Profit.

Mm. How very BLM of them. Or is it her?

Only this time they will be interfering in an area that could invoke a backlash from the likes of Trump, Corporate business and the social media giants.

Then there are the many opponents to the whole concept of the titled, privileged, and rich, meddling where they aren’t wanted. Not to mention the free speech proponents.

With a support base dwindling fast, no jobs, no prospects, and no flipping idea about most things in real life, this is yet another disaster by the hapless duo. Just waiting to happen.

Besides, how are they going to communicate or run a campaign against social media if ALL social media decide they are a liability to be associated with and refuse to handle their traffic?

Hey Harry! I’ve got a plan.
Dead easy one too. Dump the actress and return to the fold.
That way, over time, you might just regain a little of your popularity.

Because right now mate, you are an embarrassment to yourself, the old country, and your family. They who are still gifting you money to blunder around achieving nothing useful, having embarrassed our monarchy, which you quit (sort of), to run off with your actress and sprog in search of a more ‘private life’ that is probably more public than ever before.