Too late!

We thought it might happen to Obama, and today for Biden.
The expressed ‘opinion’s of armed America’ came to nothing.
All that mouth and no one took a shot before he was sworn in.

Obama did two terms, Biden? We’ll see.

Except I wouldn’t like to be in Bidens shoes as I reckon his first term will be spent clearing up the mess.

Artificial Intellegence needed in White House STAT!

So what do they do? BRITAIN and the US have a “special partnership” to develop artificial intelligence to protect against the threat of China. (Express)

Only before I start:-
Where’s this place called Britain?
There was a Great Britain GB once upon a time.
I know because I was born in a part of that nation in a region called England.
Only then our Lords and Masters, having joined the car wreck of the European Union (Mistake One), decided among themselves that GB was no more, and we became a “United Kingdom” making mistake number two.

Mistake three was EVER thinking England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales were united! Which is why a fair few of us keep making the typo of not using United but the more accurate “UNTIED” Kingdom.

Finally, and up to date.
Mistake four is maintaining any “special” arrangement with the current administration of the US let alone the next jerk in office there!

And back to artificial intelligence
Needed in the White House.

Whoops, I meant ‘BRITAIN and the US have a “special partnership” to develop artificial intelligence to protect against the threat of China’. (Express)

Which should start by having SOME FORM OF INTELLIGENCE installed within the White House. After all the current administration fire key personnel who can think faster than the ink drying on their contract.

The Express then goes onto to say ‘The UK ranks second only to America in the new technology, says Oxford Insight’s AI Readiness Index, although China may have already pushed us into third.’

The US saying “We are proud to join our special partner and ally, the United Kingdom, to advance AI innovation for the well-being of our citizens, in line with shared democratic values.”

(Shared democratic values? I’ll get back to that one later)

Actually that would be way behind Russia and Japan, and probably anyone else that America calls an enemy which would include the Untied Kingdom as we were part of the EU at that time. Where did that one come from?

In an interview in 2018, CBS News’s Jeff Glor asked Trump what he considers his biggest foe globally, prompting Trump to lament the EU’s trade policies.

“I think we have a lot of foes,” Trump responded. “I think the European Union is a foe, what they do to us in trade. Now you wouldn’t think of the European Union, but they’re a foe.” Probably why they slapped sanctions on us!

Tiny bit of advice Trump. (Which will be ignored)
Rather like the advice we all know and follow.
Never speak to the police without legal representation.

Only for you Trump it’s never speak EVER AGAIN!
As the media report what was you said into the court of public opinion.
Thus, you end up calling EVERYTHING fake news (Even though you’re caught on video, or Twitter).

So, the current US administration is looking around for someone to help them out against China. Running out of friends FAST, they have no choice but to turn to their puppy the Untied Kingdom. Rather like ‘working with the Oxford Vaccine designers’ I suppose.

Only the UKGov never learns even after POTUS is poised to snatch up all the vaccine for the UK leaving us in our COVID-19 nightmare. (Various media sources).

Long memories have the English as (funny enough) some of us can read, most watch, and a few still listen to the media, both in country and from worldwide reporting.

Thus, it seems ‘we the people’ are better informed, thus forewarned about further treacherous outcomes, than our thick as lords and masters.

To end this VERY biased post, regarding the WH and our POS gov, I am really looking forward to the US elections on Nov 3. With those “shared democratic values”.

If only to see if the US Electoral College (once again) ignore the numbers (Clinton 65,853,625 votes Trump 62,985,106 votes), skip past the Russian ‘non-interference’, and put the wrong person into the White House AGAIN.

Rather like in the UK where they fiddle the numbers during the vote count.
Thus, it’s always a two horse (The ass and the donkey) election and no one else gets a chance at REALLY making a difference.

Only this time we may get an added bonus of watching the inevitable civil uproar as both the winners and losers ‘clean house’ after the tears and cheers have fallen silent.

A new candidate for POTUS emerges.

And one that understands the MOST PRESSING, CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER, that is attacking America.

Who is this person?
Dr James Phillips, a doctor at Walter Reed.

He lead a furious reaction from medical professionals on Sunday night to Donald Trump’s drive-by outside the hospital to wave at supporters, saying it was ‘insanity’ for the president to knowingly put others at risk while infected with COVID. Dr Phillips said that the design of the presidential SUV, which is hermetically sealed against chemical attack, made the threat to the Secret Service agents inside the vehicle even more serious. ‘Every single person in the vehicle during that completely unnecessary Presidential ‘drive-by’ just now has to be quarantined for 14 days,’ he pointed out.

‘They might get sick. They may die. For political theater. 
Commanded by Trump to put their lives at risk for theater. This is insanity.’ 

Wow. No B.S. there and an accurate assessment of the mental state of who is currently in charge of the US.

I’m not American, have no loyalty to a POTUS, but I do know from talking to  quite a few Americans over the years that the US presidency is more than the person wearing the title at that time. It is an institution and that person can be instantly replaced if the circumstances call for it.

So when I see deliberate endangerment of secret service personnel for a photo-op where the danger to them is from the principal and not anyone else. Plus the health hazard for all White House staff from this Covidiot.

Let’s just say this act brings about the sometimes unpleasant side of CP work where it gets you looking after someone who is an absolute waste of oxygen.

So, in light of a maverick with a Narcissistic complex, with an attitude that leaves a lot to be desired (internationally speaking) and a total disregard for most of the US citizenry, and his staff.

Methinks it’s time for two weeks off for all you guys and girls working in the White House in order to protect yourselves and family. After all the principal has shown he can order in. MacDonald’s wasn’t it?