I really feel for the little people in Europe today.

European politics is in play and is scaring the hell out of them.

GERMANY and France’s vaccination programme has been thrown into chaos as thousands refuse to have the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab after leaders questioned its effectiveness.

I get it (regrettably) the fact that Boris Johnson puts money before lives, but it seems that the European politicians are just trying to deflect attention away from their failures that has created a MASSIVE disparity between the UK’s drive to get everyone inoculated compared to the weak efforts of EU.

HOWEVER, it does raise a concern about the future.
If Europe is intent on NOT VACCINATING their population by scaremongering, should we be closing our borders to them as a whole. Or do we have to live worried about them coming here unvaccinated and undoing all our work so far?

Anyway, Germany is good at spinning things out and probably have a thousand year plan -Tausendjähriger Impfplan- in place.

I wonder what would focus their minds to speed up the process?
A complete ban on their goods and access to our services?
Something tells me Germany would fold first and (arguably the most detested French leader in recent times) Macron forced to toe their line.

It’s interesting times but worrying.
IMHO the EU is a dead man walking, fragmenting, arguing and being more petulant than ever between member countries.

At a time when unity is needed to fight a common foe, I think the only way individual states will survive is to hand their membership cards back.

With a polite but very firm very much.

Hot Air and BS.

I’m still pretty annoyed with all the hot air and BS being uttered by a few fools almost demanding civil war.
The hang them high, skin them alive, comment from a few feral mouths.
The thousands of words, rewriting history (complete with grammatical errors) and using edited, re-ordered, sophisticated video editing of scrappy news material which changed the whole emphasis of the message.

Yet here we are on inauguration day.

Short of a nuclear explosion, I would think nothing’s going to stop it.

And the worry is now ‘the afterwards’.

Aw, well, all “the mighty” fall eventually.
Rome did (and some would argue that was probably for the best).
Great Britain did. (Did and will never recover)
Russia did (although they are in a better state now than before).
China? Best I leave them alone. It’s never a good idea to poke the Dragon.

As for the Untied (Not a Typo) States. Previously known as America.
The predicted slide into obscurity would seem possible from today.
Not inevitable, just possible.

Ho Hum.
Even when the rewriting of history is complete, it will NOT BE remembered that all the giants of Western ‘values’ were all brought down by their politics, laws, and over burdensome government.

Still, America, TRUE America could always leave and set up elsewhere.
Assuming someone will take you.

Not once, but twice.

President Trump impeached for historic second time, heightened security in Washington ahead of inauguration, and police search for far-right extremists within ranks.

Heightened security? Nice polite way of saying the city is rammed full of national guard and a whole host of TLA agencies and LEO’s.

So everyone is safe now?   You’re kidding right!?!

Only a fool attacks a well armed citadel.
Even though there’s a few of them around.
It’s not them you need to be watchful for.

I’ve got it in my mind that when security is heavy in one place, it makes it light in others. That’s guerilla tactics 101. You attack what you know you can take.

The impact will be the same and, in this case, central government will be kicking itself for not thinking outside the box.

So who or what being targeted would be a spectacular of sufficient magnitude to make the whole world sit up and go “WOW.

The two obvious ones are Trump and Biden.
Impossible targets? Nothing is impossible.
All it takes is MONEY to employ the right person or fund the right group!

Then there are the key members of the administration.
I could, for instance, talk about the speaker.
And right down the political food chain.

The principal of destabilization by the ‘abrupt removal’ of key leadership is not unknown. After that it’s more a case of who flinches first as who would want a job that makes you a target? Especially if you saw that your predecessor, and the one before that, ‘retired’ before their time.

I’m also minded of an infamous quote by the UK’s nemesis, the IRA.
Following the failed Brighton Bombing that targeted Margaret Thatcher.
“Today we were unlucky, but remember we only have to be lucky once”.

I’m not quite sure what the mindset of the US people are, but I’ve got a nasty feeling that this won’t end just because a ceremony goes off without hitch. The angst will remain active for a considerable time. Besides that, “To the victor goes the spoils”, and it is the most stupid of the victor that then exacts punishment on the vanquished.

Last time I checked, I found that politics was also rammed full of stupid.

A threat to our little town is being dismantled

One of the North Sea gas terminals on the East Coast has been decommissioned, and is soon to be dismantled.

It was one of the threats to our safety that I stupidly missed when picking a town to settle in.

All because of a dumbo rated rookie mistake.
I was scanning a topographical map of the area prior to buying and got the scale screwed up. I read 5 km as 5 miles, and the HSE safety zone for the gas station was listed as 5 miles.

Ho hum. Still everything is safer for us now.
Only why was it decommissioned?
84 miles (135 km) off the Lincolnshire coast the gas fields closed.
450 jobs are going to be lost across the UK because they weren’t making enough money.

All our natural resources are running out in the UK and I’m sort of glad the extension leads and gas lines from Europe are in place. After all we need something to stop brown outs and somehow wind power alone just doesn’t work for me.

Yet historically the UK Gov closed down the coal pits (a political decision), and later closed down the coal powered power stations (a political and ‘green issue’ decision) and thus the UK is highly dependent on Europe’s energy. That and I think ‘shipped in LPG’.

Actually I’m still hoping for Russia to run a pipeline direct to us.
That way we’ll have an alternative source of gas.
Prepper logic, always have alternatives.

Oo, I’ve just made myself an enemy of the US. State Department by wanting to buy natural gas from Russia to keep our lights on.

The money is panicking in the UK.

And are exerting HUGE political pressure on our Muppet of a PM Johnson using the ‘weak in mind’ from it’s own party MP’s and the opposition Labor party, to do away with any form of restrictions on movement, social distancing, how businesses operate, and especially on free movement of the general sheeple (public).

I am seeing this as they are desperate to make a quick buck BEFORE everyone gets too ill. The end result will be the same. A collapse of the economy, closure of old established names, but with a massive list of deaths from their greed.

With a UK Gov declared (but well massaged) death total of 42,515. That still makes us the death capital of Europe.

So, SWMBO and I were discussing what it all meant and how it would affect us considering that the NHS (National Health Service) will probably collapse within the first few weeks, along with the supply chains and probably the financial institutions.

  • NHS?
    Not surprising if it does fail and it’s already worried about drugs and PPE. Let alone staffing levels.
  • Supply Chains?
    Our stocks are well up.
    As I’m currently eating like a small mouse, 90 days is doable.
  • Financial Institutions?
    That’s the scary one.
    What pathetic savings we have would be highly vulnerable if the government or events shut down the banking system. We also live on a fixed income. If that was compromised, we would run out of folding stuff within 14 days.
  • PPE?
    Mentioned above, it continues to be a major issue for us.
    We CANNOT buy FFP3 or P98 / P100 masks ANYWHERE.
    Cheap, single use stuff yes BUT a box of 100 would only last 30-50 days at the most.
    We have however developed a home made ‘two layer plus HEPA filter’ mask. How good it is we simply don’t know BUT the methodology is sound.
  • A Vaccine.
    There is the real possibility of no vaccine in the near future.
  • Exit Strategy (Bug Out)
    Currently we don’t have a safe strategy if things get really bad locally simply because there is nowhere safe to run to.
    Thus we are going to have to shelter in place for the foreseeable future.

Anyway, one word kept cropping up in my mind. SNAFU.
That and the first two on the list who should bear most, if not all of the blame, has got to be Big Business and their weenies we call Members of Parliament aka UK’s Central Government.

And that dear reader REALLY SUCKS!

No one got squished, why pursue this further?

“NYPD identifies owner of car that drove through BLM protesters in Times Square.” (US TV) Wow how big of them. What about arresting the BLM filth that were pounding the car with bikes and fists while trying to open the doors to attack the occupants!

Even better the police have put out requests for those involved to come forward to get evidence to charge the driver.

So who’s side are they on? Law, Order, or BLM?
No, I don’t need an answer.
The law is working to a bad set of priorities IMHO and that is being set by the politicians.

Having been in a vehicle which was attacked with steel bars in a “peaceful protest” from a Ban the Bomb, Tree Hugging Type Group, and another vehicle taking fire, and I’m pretty sure that I won’t be alone in experiencing similar.

ANY THOUGHTS ABOUT PLAYING NICELY went straight out the window and we drove out HARD in both incidents. People got bowled over, and I really didn’t give shit about the “peaceful protesters” picking themselves up out of the dirt.

So what’s the difference now, in Times Square?
That and law enforcement’s ROE protects the antagonists first.

The root problem of all of this is Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and other Radical Elements. They now carefully protected by political weakness who happen to control local law enforcement.

I’m not blind to the fact there are bad police.
They deserve judgement.
But I’m also not blind to the fact that good police are sometimes hampered by screwy and ‘biased’ Rules of Engagement (ROE) drawn up by politicians with their own agenda.

There has been talk about de-militarising the police.
OK, lets do that and call in the military only when the police can’t cope.

Which leaves you where?
More dead bodies and law enforcement stood around prevented from acting as they had been restricted to what they can do to save lives.

It’s a bit of a conundrum.
Most want law enforcement to protect innocents in a violent society.
However some minority, very vocal parties, within the US DON’T EVEN WANT PROFESSIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT.

Make your mind up America.
If you want police to protect and serve, allow them to be suitably equipped to protect others and themselves.

Else it’s best you vote for BLM, ANTIFA, and any other radical group.

As for the car driver?
Maybe he was in the wrong, but no one got hurt, no blood, or broken bones, which to me equals no foul.

The peaceful protesters were definitely in the wrong and there is plenty of video of them blocking in the car and attacking it.

Only it seems for some it’s difficult to work out which wrong was the more right.


Sainthood coming for Trump.

Republican convention delivers whirlwind of lies great and small.
Speaker after speaker piled falsehood upon falsehood to recast Trump as a saintly feminist preoccupied with the nation’s health. (Guardian)

I’ve no illusions about Trump.
I don’t like him, the way he does business, how he has ‘coped’ with the ongoing disaster with Corvid-19, his disrespect of the military and veterans, and the building up of trade and military tensions around the world every time some fool forgets to hide his Twitter box.

Yet some do love him. MAGA.
So be it, you’ll reap what you’ve sown, and that includes:-

  • Social disorder (if not collapse),
  • Being hated by most of the world,
  • The most people unemployed EVER (April this year) since the great depression
  • The imminent collapse of the US dollar as the worlds #1 unit of exchange.
  • Not forgetting the worlds highest death count from Corvid-19
    (183,653 as of yesterday).
  • The non protection of your constitution and history, and (if unchecked),
  • The removal of law enforcement by professional’s.

Having said all that, the alternative doesn’t look too good either.
Which (rather nastily) I draw comparisons with our waste of space two party system of government.

Two lame duck political ideologies, pandering minority causes, out of touch with the realities of life, spouting the same old crap, and not improving the ‘little guys’ life ONE LITTLE BIT!

Only perhaps the US can pull itself out of the mire by using it’s history and following the words spoken by yesteryear’s ‘greatness’.

Thomas Jefferson.
“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

I guess I’ve got the idea that America (the people) have the means, the skills, and possibly the motivation to correct all the wrongs that have been inflicted upon you. There again, I have always believed that one person can make a difference. If they acknowledge, understand, and accept, that they might have to sacrifice themselves, for the good of others.

The only problem after that is how one person can deal with a hydra like government? If you cut off only one head, two more are sure to grow in it’s place.

Typical policing, too little, too late.

Britain’s most senior police officer, Met Commissioner Cressida Dick, has said she would not “take a knee” in the symbol of solidarity with Black Lives Matter protesters.

She saying that officers who knelt at London demonstrations following the death of George Floyd may have felt pressured by crowds.

They weren’t properly supported, led badly, not rotated, and SCARED. So they just gave in to pressure in self defence and as a result lessened all police authority by kowtowing to mob rule.

Whose fault? Their bosses and the bosses boss, the politicians.

Bottom line?
The politically correct, multicultural, and religious tolerance “lets appease the sheeple” politics side of government will probably shovel every serving police officer through yet another “be nice to BAME whether they are criminal or not” course.

That and apparently they have been ORDERED to not take a knee again.

A pointless exercise is all that as the truth is there aren’t enough officers to safely ‘police’ the rabble. Their hands are already tied by overly burdensome rules of engagement, and politics is kidding itself that they are an effective force within the cities when facing large protests. Not forgetting recent history (2011) when is was clearly demonstrated that they stand no chance of dealing with riots.

He just doesn’t get it. Just like the worlds sheeple won’t.

Boris Johnson, our “glorious leader”.
He is working on fast-track to ‘near normal’ by July.

Social distancing attitudes will never change for some.
Until a vaccine is created, proved working, and given to EVERYONE.
Short of tattooing on a persons’ forehead “I’ve been vaccinated”,
How are the unvaccinated going to know who is safe to be near?

Which is interesting to note as “British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says there might never be a vaccine for COVID-19 despite the huge global effort to develop one.” Having just spent £300 million plus change on a new facility to do just that, you’ve got to be thinking was this just another PR stunt, or is that his mindset? Perhaps someone needs to remind him that it’s foolish to say NEVER, CAN’T, or NO as it undermines people’s confidence.

The Prime Minister also told Tory MPs that there will be “return to austerity” to pay off coronavirus debt after £300 billion bailout package.

Another name for robbing the poor to keep the rich sweet.

It will reduce public services, finish off the NHS, cut back on the armed forces, in short anything it can cut back, it will, if only to ensure the Members of parliament get an annual pay rise, and their rich friends benefit.

Welfare will probably be reduced, or put in stasis, maybe some forms of it scrapped is another option our caring government would consider.
If welfare is not increased with the cost of living, it will be worth less in the pocket when buying goods.
Pensions will be worth less for the same reason.
Savings? Why bother? I mean at all!

Cost of living?
We already live in poverty by income, can that get any worse for us?
All they have to do is add sales tax (VAT) to EVERYTHING or even just raise it by a couple of percentage points and that’s the end of insurances for us. SWMBO calculating that it could cost us £360 a year more to live. As for heating? It will be cheaper to pile on the blankets than run the heating in winter.

Do I need to remind you that living in a freezer needs you to eat more?
That option calls for money, SEE AUSTERITY!

Medical Care.
Will any doctors, dentists, ever be safe to visit again?
They should be but I can see loads of them “retiring” shortly.
That and I’m boning up on home dentistry, JIC.

They have always been unsafe to be near, let alone enter, in the UK.
So will cancer sufferers and other life threatening or life affecting diseases and ailments ever get treated again without the spectre of Corvid-19 stood in the background? Somehow, I think not.
We heard of three who were treated for other ailments during the crisis and all three died of Corvid-19 picked up where they attended.

The backlog of treatable diseases for the 6 month so far has been pencilled out by the medical profession to a FOUR-YEAR DELAY FOR TREATMENT. I would also remind folk that the cancer specialists are talking about 18,000 dying this year alone due to the short-sighted behaviour of the government in stopping their treatments.

On top of that, my worry is, if it’s not the facility being dangerous, what about the staff? How many are now carriers for evermore? That thought coming out of the news that scientists are saying ‘perhaps’ 33% of nasal swab tests weren’t done correctly so gave false negatives.

Normality? That’s one huge sick joke!


Knowledge from ‘what was’

It’s the nature of time that the old ways must give in
It’s the nature of time that the new ways comes in sin
When the new meets the old it always ends the ancient ways
And as history told the old ways go out in a blaze.

  1. Who wrote these lyrics? (5 points)
  2. What film was used in the music video? (the other 5!)

I ask because in the film Hollywood showed how ‘the modern ways’ won in the most bloodiest of ways, and nothing seems to have changed for the better from then on except the loss of traditional ways of doing things and that culture.

Guess what, that’s also a common theme in a lot of  ‘civilized countries’.

You can also see it today in conflict zones.
Goat herders and traditionally armed combatants facing high-tech drones, jets, missiles or artillery. Sent to attack them from afar because politics doesn’t want ‘mano a mano’ anymore as dead soldiers make bad press so they have become ‘accepting of collateral damage’ of innocents (provided it doesn’t make the headlines).

Except they just keep on coming don’t they?
The sometimes dumb, illiterate, and fanatical.
Seemingly not phased by the might of the army sent against them.
Do I really have to cite nations that have survived despite being “saved” to prove that?
What I see is the old ways, while sometimes costly, usually win against technology and politics.

But there is another side to this and it’s the modern view that yesteryear knowledge has no place in modern society. Thus I now spend my life viewing things in terms of ‘the lost knowledge of our elders’ against modern-day technical innovation. Today’s engineering preferring to use technology as the standard means for making rubbish design work.

In that respect modern civilization is so stupid and that takes the form of cocking everything up with politics (aka big business) while plowing old knowledge and wisdom into the dirt and ditching systems and processes that have worked well for many years for a total dependence on technical innovation.

After all chemicals and fuel burning machinery in farming have increased yields so must be better than the older ways of farming. As for manufacturing, the CNC machine and other computer controlled processes are much better than a forge, a skilled eye and hand, for producing things.

Which is fine while the batteries and fuels for electrical generation last as in today’s technology rich world no electricity equates to NOTHING GETS DONE, moved, and little that matters gets produced!

So, thinking about what you use on a daily basis, how was it produced, and how would you be able to cope without the chemistry, technology, or power of today if you had to produce the same thing. That running the whole gambit from shelter, clean water, heat, food, fuels, medicines, and the rest of the endless list we all use.

As an example, could you make a shovel, a hammer, nails, build houses without power tools and modern materials, set foundations without concrete. Hows about growing things without modern fertilizers. How many of you can ride a horse or even row a boat? Without that skill how are you going to travel distances? As for milking a cow!?! Can you? How’s about making fishing hooks? Let alone a toothbrush!

And one final shock and horror thought.
No supermarkets, ever again, so how many can trap, kill and clean, meats or fish.
I’ve seen kids and grown ups turn a funny color (and more) at those thoughts, let alone them having to ‘do the deed’.

After all meat, fish, and fowl didn’t always come neatly wrapped in a white plastic tray did it?

To intervene or not

A father-of-three has slammed the justice system for the ‘pathetic’ £70 fine which was handed to a teenager who stabbed him on his own doorstep. Andy Holding, 47, was knifed in the arm and punched in the face by the juvenile after he tried to break up a clash outside his home between two teenagers.

It also adds to the debate on whether to intervene in a dog or cat fight.
Both can result in injury, to you, and both can occur in a split second, a vet’s bill, and almost certain damage to  you.

So what actually is the difference between teenagers and a couple of feral dogs or cats?
I submit not a lot! It’s generally thought by us grown ups that most teenagers need locking up till they reach a sensible age like 30.

Well maybe not locked up but national service might be an option.

Whilst I may still assist a person getting a beat down by some low life, today’s world is a weapon rich environment, and while UK law prevents us oldies from carrying adequate means to protect ourselves (be that non lethal or not), it’s more a judgement call whether to stand back and pick up the pieces or risk personal injury.

Statistically it’s the under 25’s that sustain and inflict the most injuries on the streets.
You may note I haven’t put a bottom age limit to this. That’s because toddlers aged around 7-8 are carrying some sort of weapon nowadays and have little restraint in using them.

In that I blame poor parenting BUT in the cities, especially within some ethnic groups, having a parent that gives a damn is unusual. I also understand peer pressure and the desire to meet weapons with weapons in a self-defense mode.

After all in America CCW is a form of that.
If the other person doesn’t know you are carrying, they either don’t start or back off from a confrontation, or simply resort to ambush.

So where does that leave the onlooker in the UK?
I submit on very dangerous ground when facing young rage, bladed weapons, acid, or whatever. Add drink and drugs, little effective policing, a weak justice system, and no political will aside from ‘sound bites of indignation’.

IMHO the UK is lost.
The streets occasionally rule, and thus oldies MUST consider breaking the law to stand a chance of survival in a volatile, dangerous world.

In that I mean taking in and understanding the words of a master tactician.
“Unarmed combat is only for those FOOLISH enough to be caught without a weapon.”  Capt W Fairbairn