Tagged like animals?

Not quite but the possibility of being tattooed with a number is looking good.

They (the government) said it wouldn’t happen but the two class system of those who have been vaccinated and those who haven’t (which ultimately will be through no fault of their own) is being pushed out.

THOUSANDS of Brits will be “offered a vaccine passport” after getting their coronavirus jab in a new trial. The passport, created by biometrics firm iProov and cybersecurity firm Mvine, will be issued as a free app so people can prove digitally if they have had their Covid-19 vaccine.

Despite the Department of Health denying that there were plans for a coronavirus vaccine passport, Innovate UK, the Government’s science research funding agency, has given £75,000 to the project.

The plan was initially to demonstrate test results – but after receiving more funding, bosses made the switch to developing vaccine passports.

WOW, what a surprise. The D.O.H lied!

So what happens next?
We don’t own a smartphone and others, more elderly than us, don’t even own a landline phone let alone a mobile phone.

Is our future going to be one of walking everywhere as buses won’t transport us?
Will shopping leave us outside the shop while some kind person processes our shopping list? Or denied access to healthcare because we can’t “flash an app”?

So, unsurprisingly I’m sat here today well pissed off and thinking of upgrading my walking sticks to security weight defense canes to beat the crap out of any “jobs worth” who tries to deny me access.

After all, it’s not always brute force that makes an impression, just hours of practice with the right tools.

  • To control the ‘little people’ in life will raise discontent.
  • To marginalize many will do the same.
  • To use technology against those who are ignorant of such things or just too poor or old to obtain it? That’s criminal.

And so like the UK Government.