A tale of ineptitude

A neighbor of ours was doing his daily welfare check on an 8o plus person who is   ‘sheltering in place’ as per the UK Gov guidelines. (Or it is law today?)

Anyway the phone rang, and it was the doctors who wanted the octogenarian to go to the surgery for a blood test. Partially blind, almost deaf, and with severe mobility issues.

So the neighbor asked if it could be done at home.
Utter confusion from the doctors.
The neighbor pointing out that the patient’s mobility was terrible, blind, deaf, and sheltering at home as was in the ULTRA high risk category.
More confusion from the doctors.
Bottom line?
We all think the blood test won’t happen.
Only it doesn’t stop there.
The response to the question “Will you vaccinate XYZ at the same time”?
Um, Er, dunno, will ask, muttering on phone, NO!

The lunatics are definitely in charge.
Expecting a highly disabled person, in the high risk category, to have to go to the surgery (1.3 miles away), against the Covid-19 lockdown rules, for a blood test that could be done by a health care professional at home, just like others who are stuck in their homes have their bloods done.

As said many times before.
This typifies the healthcare in our town.
A jackass is running things.

The UK’s NHS has all but stopped cancer treatments.

Which also includes some other life saving ‘elective’ treatments.

NHS, National Health Service?
Needs renaming to NCS, National Covid Service.
I wonder who recommended this course of action?
Whoever it is I have only one descriptor for them.
F’king Murdering Shits!

The media is rammed full of examples of cancer care being withdrawn.
As a result people have already died and others are dying faster. Some will die even if they get an early diagnosis as nothing will be done to help them.

The medical world is now only concentrating on those who are temporarily sick and will leave those who could be saved. From children to the elderly.

Some will be left to die a slow death with nothing more than palliative care. i.e. Drugs to mellow the pain of dying.

Personally I’d rather be handed a gun with three rounds in it.
One to shoot the POLITICIANS, then the MISERABLE BASTARDS in charge of my case who are too weak in moral fibre to fight the decisions of the heartless, leaving one round for me. At least I’d be able to go out under my timetable and not that of something I had no control over.

Hang on, that’s more than three rounds.
Aw fuck it, just pass me a spam can’s worth of ammo and something to feed it through! Perhaps there is still a route into Valhalla for those who get dead doing good deeds.

Man’s inhumanity to man. Who said that anyway?
Asked and answered. The phrase “Man’s inhumanity to man” is first documented in the Robert Burns poem (Dirge) called Man was made to mourn (1784).

O Death! the poor man’s dearest friend,
The kindest and the best.

Gawd, how I hate this fk’ing country!

Who cares for the carers?

In the headlong, logistically flawed, rush to roll out a Covid-19 vaccine to the “Vulnerable”, I came across the other side of things today.

I had to go for a blood test today and was talking to a couple of healthcare assistants I know very well.

Apart from the usual pleasantries, I asked them if they were looking forward to getting their vaccination for Covid-19. Then came the bit (which I sort of already knew from the media) that NONE OF THEM have received any vaccination and it looks like they won’t till WAY LATER down the “Nation’s timetable”.

Call me naive, but don’t you think those who are working face to face with the nations most vulnerable should be vaccinated to stop the chance of them infecting those they are trying to save??

An isolated incident?
Not at all in some city hospitals. The UK media have already reported that admin staff are being vaccinated BEFORE front line staff.

“The government has today published figures which show the number of people who have received the vaccine between 8 December and 20 December in the UK is 616,933,” the Department of Health and Social Care said in a statement Thursday.

So, if you take out the managers and clerical staff who SLYLY got vaccinated before the vulnerable and front line staff, I wonder just how many of the vulnerable were jabbed as advertised?

Hundreds of front line and support staff have died so far from Covid-19 and I find myself wondering.

Absolute power corrupts right?
To me politics plus bureaucracy is the personification of absolute power. Only it is them who are making policy here, AND THEIR TRACK RECORD THUS FAR IS FAR FROM STELLAR.

So I ask you simply, who would you rather give the priority to for being given the vaccine. The care givers, the receivers of the vaccine, or the hanger’s on.

Day 4 after Operation Day

And a tilt.
Over night, I lost sensation in an area of my chest.
So, I phone up the doctor.
After a fight with the receptionist, I get a call back from a doctor.
Good eh?
Nope, nowhere near good as the hospital haven’t informed them about what they had done and without this information the doctor couldn’t (or more accurately) wouldn’t help.

So I phoned the hospital to speak to yet another jobs worth receptionist to get one of the surgical team to phone me for advice.

I MAY GET A PHONE CALL in 7 to 10 days.
Although I can go to their ER Room.

Deep Breath.

You are 87 miles away, says I.
I cannot travel, I need to talk to someone. (though very gritted teeth).

I will email them but it’s up to them when they call you.

Thinking outside of the box, I accessed a health site in the Internet and there was the exact same symptoms. Ever cautious, I accessed four other sites and found it was quite common. PHEW!

So, what to do now?
I have a fix, as usual little support from the medical world, so if anything goes wrong this weekend , it’s up the the nearest ER (A&E) Department screaming bloody murder!

Where is the nearest MASH UNIT when you need one, I’m asking myself!?!

Preferably Russian as the US and UK Mil have let me down before and twice bitten does make one mighty suspicious about their so called hypocrite oaths and politics!