Global Censorship and Financial Controls.

For the third time the U.S. Congress has summoned the CEOs of social media companies to appear before them, with the explicit intent to pressure and coerce them to censor more content from their platforms. (Link)

Only this is not a US centrist act.
Europe and  the UK is building a framework of censorship and the West’s censorship programs are as draconian as they are wide in their mandate. Their scope follows the lines of the Soviets, Middle and Far East, plus Australasia.

I reckon if you go away and review the public access material (Google), it should be screaming at you, that the Internet’s non censorship, freedom of speech, opinion, and thought, is about to go all Orwell 1984.

In the UK the DWP, has already got access to your banking activity, and the following can access your internet browsing and I would presume all your communications, line and digital.

Global Totalitarian Takeover is on the horizon folks as far as the Internet is concerned and I’m thinking it’s time to build the old systems of peer to peer message boarding and ciphers.

To that I’ve got to add the control of money.
The continued push to do everything digital allows for control and monitoring of your spending. As such it has little to do with crimes like money laundering at the little people level as most of that still happens in the world of cash rich businesses. No, this feels like preparing to steal money and issue worthless paper and not too unlike what happened in Malta 2013.

Besides, there is always digital money which is also under attack because the governments of the world cannot control that AT THIS TIME.

Incidentally, are you aware of the shortages of gold and silver in the UK banks? Something called liquidity and there isn’t much of that apparently.
That’s way above my understanding so I’ll leave you to look that up and what it means to us, the little people. When you’ve worked it out, please let me know WTH it all means.

So that’s personal freedoms, communications, censorship, and money control.
Something I discussed in the post about the New World Order.

Except I think, NO, I know I got it wrong.
The danger isn’t solely from the Uber Rich in the New World Order, but from governments of all flavors and persuasions. The problem being is they are all trying to achieve the same thing, total control over their populations.

This can only end in two ways.
We the little people lose, or the people take back control away from those ‘we’ appointed to ‘look after us’.

Both suck, will be painful, and I’m not really sure I want to be a part of either camp. Ho hum, life was so much simpler when we lived on our boat.

The cycle of stupidity, and more death.

UK, and “Chester Racecourse reveal plans for 5,000 spectators a day to attend May festival with mass on-site Covid testing and racegoers given staggered arrival times to avoid congestion.” (DM)

And yet again, despite all the “careful preparations”, there will be a surge in Covid cases, and the inevitable deaths, after the event.

Will the UK every learn?
Probably not as only money matters here.
However, I’m pretty certain the politicians will trot out the same well tired and rehearsed sentence when the blame game is played.

“Lessons will be learned from this tragedy.”

Britain’s Covid daily death toll is one of the worst in the world. What went wrong?

What went wrong?
That’s a question being asked by a lot of media today BUT, all of them are skipping around the truth.

So, here goes, with my no way politically correct thoughts.

The government in the shape of Boris Johnson who NEVER CLOSED and never will close OUR BORDERS. That’s how the virus got in, including the later variants, and our own UK version was transmitted to the rest of the world.

Why is our death toll so high?
The government in the shape of Boris Johnson were swayed by a fool of a Oxford University ex-spurt who pushed the totally discredited notion of herd immunity. (Not to mention the cost savings).

Only they are still following that notion, just not publicly.

A senior official at Public Health England (PHE) has revealed that the UK Government is resigned to the same ‘herd immunity’ strategy outlined by the ‘Great Barrington Declaration’, where the distinguished (and publicly discredited by the rest of the world’s scientific community) Oxford University epidemiologist Professor Sunetra Gupta, (remember that name for later) among the most vocal proponents of a ‘herd immunity’ strategy.

In startling testimony before a parliamentary inquiry on Wednesday, despite its previous rejection of this strategy.

Speaking before the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee, Dr Mary Ramsay, Head of Immunisation at Public Health England, said that the UK will need to “allow the disease to circulate in younger people where it’s not causing much harm” while protecting “the people who are really vulnerable”, if the vaccine fails to sufficiently slow or prevent transmission of COVID-19. She also suggested that it may not be feasible to vaccinate the entire UK population, contrary to assurances earlier this week from Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Only it didn’t stop there.
Boris Johnson’s political party had been running the National Health Service into the ground for years and it was woefully equipped to cope with the pandemic in terms of facilities, equipment, and staff.

WHY? Money of course, what else!

Populist policies. Easter, Summer, Tourism, and Christmas.
Who would be brave enough to tell the ill-informed masses that staying at home and cancelling everything would save their lives. That and tell the big money that lives mattered not their profit margins. Then enforce it with law enforcement and the military of necessary.

In November, Johnson told people in England that up to three families would be able to mix for five days over the festive period. WOW!

And anyone with half a brain cell thought it the recipe for:
“Happy Xmas Grandad and Granny, hope you enjoy the afterlife”

Anyway, it sure as hell wasn’t going to be our pudgy little turd of a Prime Minister Boris Johnson who didn’t have the political weight or guts to cancel everything even though free movement within and out of his lines (Tiers) drawn on a map would inevitably spread the disease all around the country.

So everyone came out to play, including the virus.
Only the same mistake was continued and all routes in and out of the UK remained open with no screening process.

Yahoo today.
A group of 26 British skiers is in isolation in a French resort after 16 tested positive for Covid. Described as gap-year students who paid £8,900 each for the 10-week ski course, arrived in France by road, air or train between January 13 and 17.

Obvious to say, but if the UK borders had been closed, this wouldn’t have happened. Various media are also reporting that some of them tried to get on a train in London, complete with skis, but were stopped.
Whoever did that, WELL DONE!

Oi” You in foreign countries!
Those who lost someone from catching the UK variant of Covid.
Wanna put someone up against the wall?
One Name, Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

Why did he commit this heinous act?

Only make it a long wall because you’ll also need to add the whole of the senior members of the UK government, their political advisors and the so called scientific advisors, and all the UK’s braying big business leaders who wanted the UK to carry on regardless of the human cost.

Somewhat more than the anonymous Marines 100 but if you’re going to clean out the swamp, unlike the US, the numbers of guilty are considerably lower.

Yet will that single act cure everything?
Nope. But it’ll make for GREAT TV!

Meanwhile the woke, cancel culture, anti vaxx, anti whatever, plus the usual mob (whose name cannot be mentioned for fear of the closure of social media), and ignorant self entitlement that is rife among the UK’s sheeple, plus big business, will keep on spreading the virus.

Is this country lost?
First impression is yes as they can’t even get the immunization process right and are wasting vaccines by not following the first jab with the second LOCK IN vaccination within the time frames detailed in the drugs approval.

Why? Same question, same answer:-

NHS to be renamed, NBCS. Nothing but COVID service.

The story started 19 days ago.
I fell ill with what turned out to be a life threatening infection.
It took 3 days to get someone to phone me from the doctors surgery.
I needed an urgent blood test. The wait for that was TWO WEEKS.
Could I go to the hospital and get it done there?
No, because of COVID that wasn’t allowed.
This weekend things got so bad I phoned the emergency service and they made me an appointment for this Monday to go to an urgent care center. UCC
Why not over the weekend?
Because ALL urgent care centers are closed over the weekend to ‘help with COVID’. Monday morning and I’m definitely in trouble.
Went to the UCC no doctors. Where are they? COVID.
A nurse dispensed some antibiotics.

I took one and got back into the car.
We hadn’t got 10 minutes from there and I told my wife I needed the hospital as I guessed I was having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic.

Add a 20 minute drive.
To 20 questions on whether I’m showing symptoms of COVID.
I lost it, and said if they didn’t get someone to see me IMMEDIATELY I was going to collapse right in front of the main desk.

For some reason I was escorted into a treatment room, and all hell broke out.
The allergic reaction wasn’t the antibiotics but the painkillers I had taken WITH the antibiotics.

Bottom line, for the rest of the day I was prodded, pushed, and stabbed, scanned, examined by FOUR doctors, two technicians, and one consultant, until they were certain they had worked out WTH was going on.

Bottom line? I’m sat here, still sore, still taking the pills, (in smaller handfuls) and mighty peed off about the lack of care for NON COVID INCIDENTS AND ILLNESSES.

Only it seems I’m not alone.
While waiting for the next stab, push, probed, and whatever, the ANGER in the waiting rooms was at times loud and aggressive. To that end, security was everywhere!

This one hospital now has to cope with around 1200 emergency patients A DAY as the other three regional ones are dedicated solely to COVID.

By government decree, all routine screening, all surgery, clinics, outpatients, you name it, in hospitals and what is handled by the local doctors surgery is not happening.

Cancer treatment has largely stopped, but I didn’t check about renal patients. So, as a result, people are getting REALLY ill before heading for the hospital as this one haven now covers 2400 sq miles.

Only here’s another tit bit.
The average time patients are handed over from an ambulance into a Covid hospital in our area is EIGHT HOURS. Thus, for 8 hours, that ambulance and crew is unavailable for emergency cover!

Yet we are still subjected to the fools who think Covid is a joke.
A government that wants all lock downs to be ended by Easter.
And the much FAMED vaccination process is not going to work as they have extended the second jab time to way outside what works to lock the immunization into your system.

And there is another snippet that has hit the news today.
WAY BACK IN MARCH of last year, the Home Secretary (arguably the second most important political figure in our dysfunctional system of government) wanted all ports, air, and trains (via the Channel Tunnel) closed to all incomers or those transiting to other places.

And the Muppet Government, led by Boris Johnson, shouted that request down. Why? I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it.

Money is all that matters to this government NOT LIVES.

As the tally of dead keeps rising to yesterdays total of 93,250 from Covid and:

The number of deaths registered in England and Wales was 17,751 deaths were registered in the week ending 8 January 2021 (Week 1), 7,682 more deaths than in the preceding week (Week 53) (ONS)

That’s all deaths for one week.
Math time. 17,751 x 52 weeks? 923,952 for this year.
A slice of which will be from avoidable deaths by delaying treatments for avoidable illnesses.


I’m thinking we could solve a number of problems in the UK by following the ideals of the anonymous Marine.

“…and the sad truth is that 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.” – Anonymous US Marine

Their protection details would preclude that being up close and personal and I wouldn’t want to see one of them hurt BUT, From 600 yards? That’s doable.


Too windy or not enough. Both works (not)

Power shortage in the wind – National Grid has warned Britain’s electricity will be in short supply over the next few days after a string of unplanned power plant outages and unusually low wind speeds. The operator said it would take action to “make sure there is enough generation” during the cold weather spell to prevent a second major blackout in as many years.

A spokeswoman for National Grid said the latest electricity supply squeeze was not expected to be as severe as recorded last month and it did not expect to issue an official warning in the next 24 hours. (Guardian)

Sort of makes you yearn for those lovely old coke burning power stations, doesn’t it? The sort of plant where you could control their output as opposed to the white elephant that is wind power.

There again, nuclear power is also stable.
Only with so much B.S. behind the decision-making, let alone the financing, let alone the back handers for this and that, and the fear of letting the Chinese build one in the UK.

Na, never going to happen in our backward thinking country.

Methinks the UK is doomed to run by those long distance extension cords from Europe for a very long time. If not forever.

Oops, nearly forgot.
The UK is bankrupt anyway and well on its way to its third trillion of debt as our idiot chancellor is still paying people (Furlough) to stay at home to a maximum of £2500 (or is it £2100 today) a month.

I find it bewildering the amount of money being given away so some city slicker, company director, or mid level uncivil servant,  can sit at home playing on his Game Boy, X-Box, or whatever all day.

What me bitter and twisted?
Oh yeah, and then some.

As instructed by the UK Gov.

People started working at home, staying out of offices, it works, everyone is happy, and productivity is UP! EXCEPT NOW THE GOVERNMENT HAVE CHANGED THEIR MINDS.

Why? The government are desperate for MONEY!

Empty offices are killing town centres, warns Boris Johnson: PM orders British workers to return to their desks to help save the economy as homeworking wreaks havoc on nation’s finances (but you’ll have to wear a mask when you buy lunch (DM)

So, because the economy is broke, heavily in debt, you are now ORDERED to give up your personal safety, endanger yourself (and your family) by going into work on overcrowded public transport during your commute, so the government can make a few more bucks.

As one media commentator put it:-
That’s the Tory plan. Your money or your life.

Dear Prime Minster Johnson.

Anonymous, really?

How to ‘disappear’ from surveillance without breaking any laws: Bitcoin evangelist reveals 15 extreme steps for masking your identity (but it’ll cost you $30,000) says Jameson Lopp, CTO at Bitcoin security company Casa.

OMG, it just goes to show that having money doesn’t mean you’ve  got intelligence.

The steps he uses are:-

  1. Create a new corporate identity
  2. Set up new bank accounts and payment cards
  3. Carry cash
  4. Get a new phone number
  5. Stop using a smart phone for GPS directions
  6. Move to a new house
  7. Use a fake name or pseudonym
  8. Use a Virtual Private Network when browsing the internet at home
  9. Get rid of your flashy car
  10. Purchase a ‘decoy house’ to prevent being tracked by the DMV
  11. Establish a private mailbox and remailing service
  12. Use a disguise when going outside
  13. Don’t work in an office setting
  14. Encrypt your devices when traveling
  15. Hire a private investigator to make sure you can’t be tracked

About the only happy thing on this list is number 15.
Happy for the private investigator that is.
Whoever is chosen is going to make a lot of money out of you over a considerable time!

It is impossible to hide nowadays, in body or digitally, and all the money in the world won’t change that. Neither will talking to reporters!
If you find yourself a person of interest by a half way decent investigative reporter, or a nation’s security services, you’ll end up toasted no matter what you do. Add habits, regular dates, times, they all build up into a pattern. All investigators love patterns of behavior.

On the streets there is active facial recognition right around the world and an uncountable number of CCTV systems some of which will be used by the government security services.  Add a disguise (which would have to be REALLY good if facing a professional) and over time you will slip up. That’s human nature.

As for using a VPN?
Even if you own one, your data will still have to get there without passing through various gateways. If, for example, you are in a hotel and using their router, they can take a copy. If you are in a foreign country that DEMANDS internet services trace and record everything, there is little you can do to stop that. While they may not be able to read what you have sent or received, constant use sets a pattern and, as above, behavior patterns makes you predictable and predictable is not what you want when talking anonymity.

Remember in some countries simply using encryption raises a digital flag on your equipment. After that or even besides that, if your antivirus software isn’t state of the art, in comes a key logger and that bypasses any encryption you think you have.

So don’t or do bother?
If you have something to hide, and loads of money to waste, spend away.
After all others have to eat while pandering your fanciful whims.
If you are Joe or Jane public? Learn how to shrug.
It works wonders does that. That way you wont feel so bad knowing that you are on everyone and their dog’s’ radar, digital or not.