The naivety of Biden (or is just the US Mil)

Yahoo news.
The US has launched airstrikes on eastern Syria – the first military action undertaken since Joe Biden became president.

The Pentagon’s chief spokesperson John Kirby said: “This proportionate military response was conducted together with diplomatic measures, including consultation with coalition partners. “At the same time, we have acted in a deliberate manner that aims to deescalate the overall situation in eastern Syria and Iraq.”

You’re kidding right?
Thinking your actions will deescalate the overall situation.

Sometimes stupidity shines through and in this case ‘The US STILL don’t know what they do’.

Once again you’ve bombed a foreign country, in the Middle East.
And again, to a vast swathe of the Middle East, you are the aggressor.

Only do you think this will stop the attacks?
No way in hell will your actions do that and the attacks will probably intensify from mobile units rather than from a base.

Thus you will escalate. You always do.
And you will lose, again.

It’s like you never learn.
The East’s ethos, belief’s, traditions, or whatever, don’t work the same way as the West. To that end you had to butt out of Syria while Russia, Iran, the Kurd’s, plus friends, came in to sort the mess out you generated in your obsession to depose Bashar al-Assad.

Have you also forgotten the US betrayal of those Kurd’s?
I’m betting they haven’t.

So now I’m hoping you’re done throwing munitions around.
Because in the Middle East world of tit for tat,
You haven’t learned a thing from your previous mistakes.

The great imponderable.

What about the military?

It’s a question that I’ve been asked a lot as the clampdown on an individual’s personal freedoms, including that of ‘free speech and expression’, increases in its scope and ferocity. Particularly as the enforcement is getting more proactive, if not more aggressive, towards the general population.

“What happens when they start going door to door”?

While I don’t think the UK police would, simply because they haven’t got the numbers. If the government doubled down and sent in law enforcement, local officials, and the military to go door to door, it does raise a few worries including:

“What would they be looking for?”

To be honest I haven’t a clue.
YET in the light of the current crisis (COVID), and the increasing clamp down on freedoms, free speech, and expression. They could be searching for what you have in house, what you are, what they think you are, and possibly arresting you for any dumbfk’ reason they can make up.

That type of ‘door to door’ is something which could trigger a popular resistance movement that may be limited to a bit of bite back, BUT has the potential to evolve into a full on non-conventional combat styled response.

BUT what about the military?

Personally, for me, there is NOTHING more abhorrent than a country’s military following a purely ‘politically driven’ set of orders and engaging in operations against its own population. That sort of thing can turn them from being regarded as heroes to villains in an instant. Let alone cause all sorts of conflicts within the ranks.

So would the military blindly follow orders?
OR simply refuse to deploy against the population?

While I would like to think they would refuse, I’ve a feeling that the officer class would try to ‘persuade them’ into action.  After that it’s anyone’s game.

Do I think that might be worrying the politicians?

I would say so as even if they dragged every government or law enforcement swinging dick out to go door to door, there isn’t enough civilian bodies to do the job. Especially if the population then took up arms against their actions.

‘Arms against them’. I’m not talking firearms.
That is not the weapon of choice of the UK rioter.
FIRE is their weapon, perhaps melee weapons.
In the main all the unwashed masses will do is loot and wreck under the cover of public unrest.

So what’s causing this panic?

In this ever-changing world, where policy and law are being approved with little public consultation and on the fly. Today’s ‘permissible and individual rights’ are being swept aside by a politically driven agenda without the time proven checks and balances of our lawmakers.

Thus, you could find yourself ‘promoted’ onto a government watch list for some reason included on a long list of newly minted reasons, literally OVERNIGHT!

Meanwhile, the sheeple, naive, woke, and other limp wrists reading this may be thinking, “If you’ve nothing to hide why worry”?

Umm. Thank gawd for the prepper and survivalist movement who see through the B.S. of civilization, and its quaint facade of political correctness.

While the UK isn’t perfect by a long chalk, the prepper and survivalist movements here are VERY adaptable with little reliance on the tools of war the Americans hold so dear.

To that end, some of us have developed workarounds to the harder problems of survival which occasionally enter the ‘gray areas’ of legality. As such, a knock on the door occasionally makes for a few flinches.

In Conclusion

While I find it unlikely that the UK military would be dragged into a political power play, or to enforce a government minister’s ill thought out plan (even if it is considered a National Security matter), it’s stupid to assume they would never be deployed in the case of a national unrest.

I’m not saying anything detrimental to them being deployed in a national emergency (loss of utilities, supply, or to assist the emergency services), as that is an entirely different issue. HOWEVER, I would be worried if they were tasked with an internment or security role “for the nation’s security”.

Would they allow themselves to become a political tool? Maybe.
However, I consider the armed forces on the streets in any law enforcement role would NOT GO DOWN WELL with many and create longer term problems in the form of discontentment towards authority than the original issue ever could.

(Especially with the prepper and survivalist movement)

Trump’s Sleight of Hand

Active service troops on the streets during protests in Washington.
Dunno what you think about it but to me its:

For me, there is nothing more abhorrent than seeing your own troops on home soil, carrying out a politician’s (INO) whim, attacking unarmed civilians.

Luckily for the US it seems their Military Top Dog Gen. Milley thinks the same. So, after an argument with Trump, the troops have been withdrawn leaving law enforcement and the National Guard to clean up the mess.

Except Trump hadn’t quite finished and another nail will have been put to one side for his political coffin.

The infamous ‘Church’ photo call had Trump lined up with press secretary, defense secretary (Esper), national security adviser and attorney general. General Milley doing the honorable thing and withdrawing from this ‘bad taste’ event.

Later on Esper and Milley both said they didn’t know what was going on aka Trump duped them. Do I find that a reasonable assumption? You bet!

Only here’s the thing. With General Mattis joining in the furor, what may seem like another act of stupidity by Trump may just end the Man-love Trump had for the military forever.

If that is so, perhaps America can sleep a bit sounder knowing one thing.

The US military honor the constitution.