Governments tea fund has dipped to critical levels.

So, Boris Johnson ‘delays tougher lockdown’: England could escape Covid tightening for now after science chief Patrick Vallance says current measures are ‘enough’ and Neil Ferguson points to ‘plateau’ in hospital cases.

Is that the same pair of SAGE ex-spurts that wanted everyone nailed into their homes and shot if they dared to take out the rubbish? (Me being very sarcastic).

No need to answer, Yes, it was them.
As for Boris Johnson, our Muppet PM.

Yawn, same old story,
Money before lives.

PM Boris Johnson and his pet muppet, Matt Hancock. What a joke they are.

LONDONERS who fled the capital before lock down last night were today slammed as “totally irresponsible” by a fuming Heath Secretary Matt Hancock.

The city’s stations were described as “war zones” as locals skipped town before the tough new Tier 4 lockdown came into effect at midnight.

If the prats in charge had thought about things by closing the roads, trains, and planes out of the M25 circular road, and to and from the East and South East, BEFORE declaring Tier 4 restrictions, this Covid Flight might have been been controllable.

Only Hancock and PM Johnson didn’t.
Wanna blame someone about the next level of death coming soon?
You need look no further than these two gormless idiots.

Incidentally, this variant had been discovered WAY BACK in September.
And Hancock and Johnson don’t seem to have reacted to it at all.

Incompetence in government? SOP for the UK.