If anyone else had tried this stunt they would have been fined!

The Prince of Wales has made the 200-round mile journey to Central London and back to visit the Duke of Edinburgh in hospital.

While I do like the Duke as a no B.S. plain speaking sort of guy (met him when serving). That arse wipe and tree hugger, Prince Charles is a totally different story.

However, ignoring my personal likes and dislikes.
The law is straightforward.
Essential travel only. Backed up with fines for those who transgress.

That is being enforced BIG TIME on the little people.
Even those desperate to say their goodbyes to relatives on their death bed.
Which the Duke is not.

Only will ‘Prince’ Charles be fined? No way in hell!

One law for the little people, no laws for the Aristocracy, Landed Gentry, Politicians, and their senior advisors.

How very ‘British’ to kowtow to them!

A new knife and UK Laws that affect everyone except criminals.

I know I’ve covered the UK Knife laws before so this is a bit of an update as I try to work around a personal health and safety issue when out in the field pest controlling. (aka BUNNY MEAT!)

What I need is a fixed blade double edged blade, no more than 18 cm (7 inches near enough) with just under a 3 inch blade, serrated on one edge for cutting heavy duty natural fiber, and other well woven synthetic ropes, plus tie wraps. The sharp edge is for field dressing rabbit or hare.

Not unlike:-

Only here’s the thing. I suffer from cold finger syndrome.
So my hands get cold even in the summer.
Cold hands and dexterity don’t exactly go hand in hand.
(If you’ll forgive the pun).

Thus, I have a habit of slicing my fingers with a folding knife that has not got a locking blade. PLUS this puppy has a serrated edge. (See later why these two things are highlighted)
I also need something easily deployable from a rigid scabbard I can carry strapped to my forearm or calf, and that’s why I need small.

Everything in italics was coped from the net (Link)

Laws for Carrying a Knife in Public
If an adult gets caught carrying a knife it can result in a 4 year prison sentence and an unlimited fine. A second conviction for the same offence would result in automatic imprisonment.

LAWS ON KNIVES UK: Legislation governs selling, buying, or carrying a knife. It is against the law to:

  • Sell a knife to anyone younger than 18 years old. An exception applies if it has a folding blade up to 3 inches long (7.62 cm).
  • Buy, sell, or carry any type of banned knife or weapon.
  • Carry a knife in a public area without a valid reason. An exception applies if it has a folding blade and the cutting edge is no longer than 3 inches (7.62 cm).
  • Use any kind of knife (even a legal one) in a threatening way.

Lock Knives UK Law
The definition of a lock knife is one that has similarities to a folding knife. That means a spring holds it closed. But, it also has a mechanism that locks the blade in position when extended ‘fully’. Thus, you cannot close the bladed part without releasing that mechanism.

No matter how short the blade is, the law does not define any type of lock knives as a folding pocket knife. Thus, it is illegal to carry a lock knife without a valid excuse for doing so.

Lock knives were not made to be a weapon per se. Thus, they are not typical offensive weapons ‘in the eyes of the law’. Even so, it is an offence to have possession of a lock knife in a public place (without a reasonable excuse for having it).

Note: Possession of a multi-tool may also break the laws for carrying a knife in the United Kingdom. (Shucks, there goes  Gerber and other top of  the range tool makers)

This type of instrument often incorporates a prohibited bladed instrument or a sharp point. This is despite other sections of the tool being of use to a person in a public place (e.g. a bottle opener or a screwdriver). As a rule, lock knives:

  • Contain a blade that locks and then refolds by pressing a button only.
  • May include so called ‘multi-tool knives’ that contain other useful devices as part of the instrument.

Complete List of Banned Knives and Weapons
United Kingdom law does not all anyone to bring into the country, hire, lend, sell, or give to another person:

  • Batons (including side-handled, straight, or friction-lock truncheons).
  • Blowpipes (sometimes called a blow gun).
  • Butterfly knives (aka balisongs) which have a sheath hidden inside a handle which splits in the middle.
  • Disguised knives which may be any bladed instrument or sharp point hidden inside something that appears to be like an everyday object. Typical examples include a brush, a buckle, lipstick, or a phone).
  • Flick knives (aka automatic knives or switchblades) which is a type of dagger hidden inside a handle that shoots out after pressing a button.
  • Gravity knives.
  • Hand or foot-claws.
  • Hollow kubotans which are a cylinder-shaped keychain that holds spikes.
  • Knuckledusters.
  • Kusari (or manrikigusari) which is a weight attached to a cord, a rope, or wire.
  • Kusari-gama which is a sickle attached to a cord, a rope, or wire.
  • Kyoketsu-shoge which is a hook-knife attached to a cord, a rope, or wire.
  • Push daggers.
  • Shurikens (aka death stars, shaken, or throwing stars).
  • Stealth knives which are knives or spikes not made from metal (except those used at home such as for food or part of a toy).
  • Swords (including samurai swords) which have a curved blade over 50cm) There are some exceptions such as antiques and swords made to traditional methods before 1954.
  • Sword-sticks which a hollow walking stick or cane that contains a bladed instrument.
  • Telescopic truncheons which extend automatically after pressing a button or a spring in the handle.
  • Zombie knives which contain a cutting edge, a serrated edge usually with images or words that suggest its use is for violent acts.

Valid Grounds for Carrying a Knife or a Weapon
In some cases, the reason to carry a knife or a weapon in public may be a good one and not breaking any laws on knives. Typical examples would include:

  • Transporting knives that you use at work to and from the actual workplace.
  • Taking the item to a gallery or to a museum in relation to an exhibition.
  • Using it in a demonstration or while teaching someone how to use it.
  • Using it for in film, theatre, television, historical reenactment or for religious purposes (e.g. some Sikhs carry the kirpan).

Common Questions about Knives Answered by the Police
Is it Illegal to Carry a Knife in Your Pocket?
As a rule, yes it is illegal to carry any sharp or bladed instrument in your pocket while in a public place. The law excludes a folding pocket knife providing the blade is less than 7.62 cm or three (3) inches.

Even so, it is not a total ban. It would be for the person in possession of such an instrument to prove they had a valid reason for possessing it. For example, it could be genuine while fishing or back packing across the Lake District. Thus, it would not be unreasonable to use a sharp knife to prepare a meal.

You would have much more difficulty justifying the possession of a knife on the streets of a city or a town. Even so, there may be occasions when someone has a genuine reason to do so.

End of copied stuff, the rest is all me.

So. Am I stuffed? It would seem so.
There is however another point I’ve got to make.
To import illegal listed weapons into the country for sale is a definite No-No and wham, I’m VSF by laws designed for the domestic terrorists I call kids aged 8 upwards, THAT WILL BE IGNORED by criminals and other assorted trash, who are sometimes ethnically challenged.

Now I can buy over the Internet and just hope it’s not picked up on entry into this once green and pleasant land. My argument would be it is a tool and has a valid and health and safety reason for possessing it.

YET if I said it was for Pest Control, Prepping, and Survival!
I will probably become a person of interest to our easily persuaded and totally paranoid government, and end up tagged as a potential terrorist.

And all because of 2½ inches of pointy steel.

Safety and Self Defense in the UK (Part One)

It’s a war zone in some parts of the UK and I think few would disagree about that.

Dangerous for anyone for all sorts of reasons including crime (knife, gun, and other street weapons), gangs, drunks and druggies, people just having a bad day, to the failed system of mental healthcare that puts violent ‘nut jobs’ onto the streets to look after themselves.

Another issue that has been growing is the self-righteous, buck the system, ‘You can’t tell me what to do’, entitled, self-important, and belligerent personality that has evolved because they have been ‘influenced’ into thinking their rights are more important than yours.

Plus a lack of respect for children, females, the elderly, frail, for anyone apart from themselves. Add a touch of color, difference of religion, or culture, and you’ve sort of got a snapshot of why our once green and pleasant country has turned into a melting pot of anger, ignorance, and danger.

So, what can you do to protect yourself?
By following the rule of law VERY LITTLE.
The law does allow you to defend yourself, only not to carry the means to do so. Even then, if you do defend yourself and cause harm, you’ll often find yourself on the wrong side of a police supported legal case for damages against you.

Such is our system of law.
It protects the victim, even if that victim was the aggressor who came off worse.

Going equipped.
Carry a knife without good reason (i.e. for work purposes or for religious ceremony) and you’re instantly in the wrong.
Carry a gun, ninja sticks, or whatever, and you are definitely in the wrong.
What of mace, CS, maldeodorants (Skunk),  or pepper sprays?
Nope, not allowed.

Definition of an offensive weapon.
Any article which is made or adapted for use for causing injury to the person, or intended by the person having it with him for such use by him or by some other person.

A VERY BROAD DESCRIPTOR that basically means that anything you could use, excluding harsh language, (and even then you have to be careful it’s not racist, anti LGBT whatever, sexist, ageist, anti religion, not politically correct or socially unacceptable) is banned.

Right, legal B.S. aside, what can you carry for self-defense?
As said, officially NOTHING!

Which doesn’t exactly mean you are defenseless.
BUT, before I talk about that in part two, you might like to read two OLD posts I scribbled on being IN TRANSIT (2013) and  ON FOOT (2018).

Only get a mug of coffee or tea first.
End of part one

London riots, whose fault?

Clashes between far-right thugs, Black Lives Matter supporters and riot police erupted in Trafalgar Square today and at Waterloo station as approximately 1,300 troublemakers remained in central London tonight after a 5pm curfew set by police. (DM and others)

It’s fascinating how when BLM troops wreck things it’s sort of ok.
When they break the law in mass protest that’s also ignored.
When ANTIFA wreck and tag statutes, and their socialist shock troops smack the police around, that’s frowned upon BUT that’s about it.

Yet no one is saying the obvious.
If Black Lives Matter has not been the instigator of all this nonsense.
If they hadn’t been agitating and inflaming everyone.
Not even trying to stop the destruction, disruption, and RACIAL hatred.


Meanwhile, and will probably go largely unnoticed and ignored.
The Home Secretary Ms. Patel (BAME) said, “Any perpetrators of violence or vandalism should expect to face the full force of the law”.

What, like they did(n’t) in Bristol?

And as for PM Johnson (Still missing a pair).
He Twittered from the safety of Downing Street,

“Racist thuggery has no place on our streets. Anyone attacking the police will be met with full force of the law. “These marches & protests have been subverted by violence and breach current guidelines.

So when exactly is he going to go after the instigators of this mess?
Black Lives Matter? I’ll hazard a guess there. NEVER!

Anyway, to not be seen as sidestepping the problem, Sadiq Khan (BAME), London’s mayor tweeted, “We will not tolerate attacks on our police and perpetrators will feel the full force of the law. It is clear that far right groups are causing violence and disorder in central London”

Same question for him.
Is he going to go after the instigators of this mess, the BLM leadership? Somehow I think not.

The law has been broken by all the factions involved yet in the end, nothing will be done about it.

There again, with only a week to go to the Summer solstice, some of us are watching the deaths and new case counts of Corvid19 with great interest.

Purely because a spike in numbers is expected over the Summer Solstice due to the actions of Black Lives Matter and their supporters and their  ‘unpaid help’.

Without government, disaster can make opportunity

Recently hurricanes, typhoon, and other natural events have wreaked havoc in multiple countries. In non Western third world countries, government help is usually minimal (if at all) and once again the people have had to forage for what they need.
In some cases the world’s media coverage has reported that the police are letting them.
Shock and horror eh. People looting for things like water, food, and medical supplies.
The wise in the police understanding the gravity of the situation.

Then there is the US.
Disaster relief and emergency protocols are organized.
EBS issues warnings, he TV, I read you can even get personal messages on mobiles from the president.
State governors go on the TV wearing NAVY hats. (What is that all about anyway?)
Trump promises to visit after another grueling 18 holes. (Wow!)
The National guard occasionally get deployed.
FEMA and state shelters are in place for the fortunate.
Those who would ride out the storm can be ordered from their homes to a place of safety.
Law enforcement are keeping things under control.
EMT and fire/rescue are on the roll as soon as it’s safe.
You know, everything is organized.
No, I’m not delusional, it can happen as advertised, SORT OF, SOMETIMES.

BUT away from the cities and townships you are largely on your own.
Yet devastation rarely destroys everything and some of it can be recovered and used until someone sat behind a desk pipes up and says “Shouldn’t we be checking on the little people and more remote settlements?”
Then after a pause while the rich people and big business get priority, someone gets dispatched to help them. Only that can take days, if not weeks.

So what about them ” Little people and the more remote settlements”.
Self and neighbor help is probably working BUT that holiday home down the track, now scattered across the land, contains all sorts of essential goodies like cans and essentials that folk might need to survive until help arrives.

So what you going to do, walk past a case of cans or whatever?
No, you’ll probably do what I would, scoop and walk off.
What if your home is flattened but that one isn’t.
Will you stand outside the unoccupied dwelling like all ‘good’ people would and drown or freeze to death? I won’t.

In cities and some townships some WILL call that looting, and seeking shelter in the UK is illegal full stop.
Law enforcement will of course uphold the law (unless they live local and ‘understand’).
Even if they did, once the owner arrives and if you’re still there, they will usually flip and demand ‘justice’, and woe betide you if something is found missing or damaged.

So just where does the law stand if you need something to survive?
Actually it’s quite simple.
In Western law you’re in the wrong.
Get caught and you may have to explain and usually answer for your actions.
Neat twist isn’t it.
To survive without adequate support from your caring government you may need to forage and scavenge, but to do so may get you free board and lodgings courtesy of the state for a time following a court case in a sanitized ‘polite’ room where the only danger to those judging you may be if the air conditioning fails.

Thus I recommend you always remember the NUMBER ONE RULE of the forager / scavenger.
All natural events come to an end, usually abruptly,  and that’s when civilization kicks back into gear with all it’s quaint little laws.

That and don’t just think that no power equals no security, including CCTV, so you must be safe. In modern systems batteries can last for weeks! You, captured in color, searching their garage for fuel. In survival, like life, you must always think tactical.

Not forgetting the best words ever uttered by a US president.
“The most terrifying words in the English language are:
I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” – Ronald Reagan

That and ‘sometimes’ honesty and law abiding isn’t always the best policy.
Especially in survival.