Another reason why ex-spurts are dangerous.

Boris Johnson pushes to reopen schools after ‘being told by Chris Whitty that the current wave has been declining for a week’ . (DM)

Wow, a whole week.

And 28 days after the schools have re-opened we’ll be right back where we were. A rising tide of infections BECAUSE LESSONS WON’T HAVE BEEN LEARNED FROM LAST TIME , and the ‘reopening of the centers of onward local transmission‘ aka schools starts infecting families and onward into places of work.

Vaccinate first, school later.
What’s so damn hard to understand about that!

As for Whitty?
He seriously needs to consider a career change where he can do no harm.

As for Boris Johnson?
With over 106,000 DEATHS
because of his incompetence.

His time will come once the
sheeple finally work out
it’s all his fault!

It seems someone didn’t get the memo.
Residents in areas where the South African Covid variant has been transmitted should ‘think again’ before deciding to leave the house, a minister has said. Ealing, Haringey, Mitcham, Walsall, Broxbourne, Maidstone, Woking and Southport are currently considered to be hotspots for the South African strain, which is more infectious than other variants. Speaking to Sky News this morning, Michelle Donelan [Minister of State for Universities since 2020] described the UK as at a ‘perilous’ stage of the pandemic and urged residents within the eight postcodes to take extra caution when leaving their homes. She went on: ‘The message is “think again” just before you go about activities, even for those activities that are within the rules such as essential shopping. (Link)

So what does that mean?
The parents stay at home and await infection from the schools thanks to Boris Johnson’s incompetence? Somehow the logic of the pudgy little man beggars belief.

The lies of Johnson and his crocodile tears.

The UK’s pudgy Prime Minister is shedding crocodile tears.
How dare he fake a reaction for what HE AND HIS MINIONS did.

Boris Johnson has insisted his government “did everything we could” to limit coronavirus deaths and said he was “deeply sorry” after the UK toll exceeded 100,000 on nearly every metric. (Guardian)

You foul smelling POS Johnson.
You and your sycophantic minions, y
our cabinet, political advisors, and back benchers, your policies, your constant u-turns, late calls, herd immunity, your so called scientific ex-spurts, your chancellor, the ultimate POS health secretary,  and BIG BUSINESS.

You failed to do what would have helped this country from the word GO! You wouldn’t shut our borders for those who would travel inwards, out to their stupid holidays, and those who transiting through, in order to please BIG BUSINESS and make money.

You held back on vaccines, you’ve gone and reduced their effectiveness with your penny pinching, You starved the NHS of PPE, drugs, staff, ventilators, and a host of other equipment.

You made kids into super spreaders, and in some cases without parents or elders. You turned the elderly into super spreaders and infect other old people by callously dumping them in those care homes without testing for COVID-19 and starving those homes of the equipment and resources to look after them. You’ve also increased child poverty in every way you could.

You imposed lock-downs that were only notable by their gross ineffectiveness, unfairness, and inadequate policing of them.
You let London and the South East infect most of the UK over Christmas.
You did not close down intercity rail and motorway travel, and buses and internal flights continued.

But faced with questions over how Britain reached one of the world’s worst counts amid the pandemic, the prime minister refused to discuss the reasons it might be so high. (Guardian)

BUT OF COURSE, why or even how can he explain the total failure of HIS Government in putting MONEY BEFORE LIVES.

Experts reacted with dismay and sorrow. “This time last year, it would be almost impossible to believe that a wealthy island nation with a universal healthcare system would go on to have one of the highest death tolls from the emerging coronavirus pandemic,” said Richard Murray, chief executive of the King’s Fund.

“Yet the UK has now passed the grim milestone of 100,000 coronavirus deaths, with many more likely to follow.” (Guardian)

Je vous présente, le morceau de merde,
le Premier ministre Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

“L’argent avant la vie”.

Governments tea fund has dipped to critical levels.

So, Boris Johnson ‘delays tougher lockdown’: England could escape Covid tightening for now after science chief Patrick Vallance says current measures are ‘enough’ and Neil Ferguson points to ‘plateau’ in hospital cases.

Is that the same pair of SAGE ex-spurts that wanted everyone nailed into their homes and shot if they dared to take out the rubbish? (Me being very sarcastic).

No need to answer, Yes, it was them.
As for Boris Johnson, our Muppet PM.

Yawn, same old story,
Money before lives.

The hand up Johnsons behind escapes censure again!

Council tax must be paid on the second home in Durham in which Dominic Cummings and his family stayed during the lockdown, a government agency has ruled.

But the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) decided not to backdate thousands of pounds in unpaid council taxes on the property since it was built on his parents’ North Lodge estate in 2002 without permission. (Guardian)

So let’s get this right.
A property was built without permission, no council tax was paid over 18 years, and the Cummings family escape paying thousands PLUS it looks like the building won’t be torn down as that fate only falls on the little people in life.

Plus I add that the hand working PM Johnson’s mouth has already escaped a firing level event and criminal charges when he went on holiday with his family during a national lockdown.

Whatever you say Mr. Cummings Sir!

Wanna know what is wrong with the UK?
Look no further.

Scrapping Public Health England doesn’t sack the REAL CULPRITS

England will scrap the government agency responsible for responding to public health emergencies after the country has suffered the highest death rate in Europe from the coronavirus pandemic.

Only who is in charge of public health?
That would be the Health Secretary Matt Hancock.
Him of the PPE , ventilators, and testing fiasco.
Not forgetting the
‘no pay rise for health workers’!
(But you do get a little badge).

And above him?
Where the buck should stop but never does!
Our diminutive fat little piggy Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
The ultimate in dickheads who NEVER closed our borders!
Which, as we live on a island, may have reduced the death toll.
He who also approved all the repatriation flights with NO TESTING of the people coming back into the country.
That and the opening of the UK for business, WAY TOO SOON and has resulted in the second wave of infections and deaths.

That’s just two names to think about.
We’ve still got to see what happens with that fool Education Secretary Gavin Williamson and his plans to infect all our children by forcing them back to school.

Spain enters second wave of infection

30% increase in cases, 1.6 million ordered to lock down,

Meanwhile, tourists from the UK will probably be flying into Spain on the air bridge. Even then, when, but probably more IF, they get turned around, they just walk back in to the UK, no health checks or quarantine as per set up by our fat little piggy, PM Boris Johnson.

A recipe for disaster? You think!!

I hate saying “We knew this would happen” but:-

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) said a further 148 people had died over the most recent 24-hour period – the highest Saturday fatality number for a month.

The new figure is also more than double the 67 people who died from coronavirus last week and more than triple that of Friday, with the overall death toll now rising to 44,798. A further 820 people have tested positive for the virus, bringing the total number of infections up to 288,953.

Second wave started and the fools in charge are STILL WANTING PEOPLE TO RETURN TO WORK, NOT WORK FROM HOME, OPEN SCHOOLS, and everything else “NORMAL LIFE” in a bid to get some tax revenue in and get people off furlough pay.

The Tory government may have paid out but it wants it’s money back!
AND slightly more than a pint of blood. It wants BODIES! (Death Duty).

Bring Out Your Dead (and don’t forget their money)!!!

UK will soon standalone!

Until it sinks!

I’m talking about the extra baggage of 3 million Hong Kong Chinese if you believe the rhetoric coming from the ‘horses arse’ PM Johnson.

It’s like the logistics of housing, feeding, finding employment, the cost of welfare and healthcare for 3 million more immigrants, eludes this Eton educated prat.

This country is on already on it’s knees and almost certainly collapse come a second wave of corvid19.
Financially we are already well in the !
Socially and racially the divisions are widening due to BLM and other assorted trash.
Healthcare (doctoring and dentistry) is practically non existent in most towns and cities.
As for Jobs? Yeah, right.
Hundreds are applying for ANY job going  while thousands are being made redundant by big business.

Then Johnson vows to add 3 million more to the mix?
He has so lost the plot!

Still there is a solution.
Deport all the current asylum seekers, foreign criminals, any members or activists of the BLM, and other BAME activists, plus their families. Those listed on the terrorist watch lists and anyone who can’t speak English. The Euro Trash who stole our jobs, which will probably include some big business leaders. Not forgetting any who claim to be politicians, in the legal profession, any ‘uncivil servants’, and ‘government advisors’.

That will give us a little more room to play with and eliminate the worry about rising water levels as I reckon the country as a whole will rise a couple of hundred feet!

What! You think I’m
being unreasonable?
You ain’t seen nothing yet!

PostScript. Rather like the Dominic Cumming’s (BOJO’s politicial hatchet man) in the world who think little people’s laws don’t apply to them. The media are reporting PM’s father Stanley Johnson, 79, jets to his Greek mountain-top villa (via Bulgaria) in flagrant disregard of his own son’s ‘essential travel only’ rules.

As he’s already there, don’t let him or family come back in.
That will save a bit of airfare.