A tale of ineptitude

A neighbor of ours was doing his daily welfare check on an 8o plus person who is   ‘sheltering in place’ as per the UK Gov guidelines. (Or it is law today?)

Anyway the phone rang, and it was the doctors who wanted the octogenarian to go to the surgery for a blood test. Partially blind, almost deaf, and with severe mobility issues.

So the neighbor asked if it could be done at home.
Utter confusion from the doctors.
The neighbor pointing out that the patient’s mobility was terrible, blind, deaf, and sheltering at home as was in the ULTRA high risk category.
More confusion from the doctors.
Bottom line?
We all think the blood test won’t happen.
Only it doesn’t stop there.
The response to the question “Will you vaccinate XYZ at the same time”?
Um, Er, dunno, will ask, muttering on phone, NO!

The lunatics are definitely in charge.
Expecting a highly disabled person, in the high risk category, to have to go to the surgery (1.3 miles away), against the Covid-19 lockdown rules, for a blood test that could be done by a health care professional at home, just like others who are stuck in their homes have their bloods done.

As said many times before.
This typifies the healthcare in our town.
A jackass is running things.

With so much going on, why so little news?

It’s difficult to focus on ‘what is’, developing situations, or potential threats if the sources you have always used dry up.
Such is the state of the self proclaimed definitive sources of prepper and survivalist news or even the alternative news aggregators.

Only it doesn’t stop there.
Pick up any UK news feed and its as though the writers themselves have dried up. To that end, in the UK, the D list actress and her ex-prince figure prominently in mainline media circuses as does BREXIT. Yawn.

Internationally, news sources like Al Jazeera English, Reuters, and RT, and other European news sources, aren’t reporting fast enough, or accurately enough to draw conclusions about matters that may have a considerable impact to us.

In country media isn’t examining the social, health, and long term consequences of mass unemployment, and firm / job closures that are imminent. In short we are slipping into a deep depression but NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT IT!

Yet there is some happy news. The BLM crap we had planned for hasn’t materialised and the protests seem to have died down.
Shame really as considerable hate was being generated towards the BAME community which eventually would have seen a forced re-ordering back to the ‘what was’ that had worked so well over a long period.

Meanwhile, the constant government changes to operating conditions, lock downs, and restrictions, and policies are only making the current problems worse. Thus there is great uncertainty, disruption, and a marked reluctance to return things to normal.

Our health service is still in disarray, and getting to see a doctor who knows anything about doctoring is nigh on impossible in some counties (states).

As for Accident and Emergency services?
Take a sleeping bag and enough supplies for a 14 hour wait are not unknown. As for dental care? Forget it.

Cancer services are slowly getting back to normal BUT appointments are the new norm as opposed to drop in service some locations had provided. Which is fine if your clinic is nearby, but for some their journey may take the whole day or involve an overnight stay in one of the recently declared ‘100% safer than staying in your own home’ hotels, motels, and guest houses by our ‘ever so wise’ UK Gov .

All in all the waiting list for cancelled treatments for the last 6 months will not be resolved much before the next 10 years and as a consequence death rates will soar.

The general supply line has been disrupted completely on thousands of items.
Suppliers / wholesalers have gone bust, or under huge pressure because their sources (farming, chemical, to clothing, to name a few) are still no where near to the capacity before the pandemic hit the world.

To that I’m constantly hearing about transportation difficulties from as far as New Zealand to Poland, to a few miles down the road.

As for PPE? You’re joking! If you are a multinational, no problem.
A small one man band or SOHO, to a medium sized business, price gouging has upped the cost of materials dramatically.

Yet none of this vital information is being broadcast or, if it is, it’s not being updated on a regular basis by the suppliers and forwarded on to their customers.

Intel is gold when making decisions and for the most part it is sadly lacking. Thus a lot of decisions are being made in a direct response to events. That in itself is dangerous as it can lead to over reaction to a situation.

Ho hum.  I suppose it’s just going to be another day in paradise.
And yes, it’s raining!

You can’t help those who won’t help themselves

We’ve got a friend and his wife.
A while ago she was exposed to coronavirus.

We encouraged them both to get tested for Corvid-19.
Eventually they did and were declared not infected.

Except she is now exhibiting symptoms. So off to the ER they went, blood tests were run, and her white blood cell count is off the charts. Yet, the hospital didn’t know what it was.

Back home, 48 hours later, and she has breathing difficulties and a harsh cough. So, bad bloods, and three out of the five major symptoms of Corvid-19.

Temperature? Unknown as they don’t own a thermometer or a fever strip. WTF, the most basic of first aid at home equipment and not there?

Second. Our reaction is call for an ambulance as the local healthcare is slightly worse than crap, hammered crap.

No says he, I’ll wait and see what happens. OMG!

Last time I was that ill SWMBO chucked me in our car and drove me to an ER and demanded help for me.
Last time SWMBO was that ill, I did exactly the same.

It’s called going proactive, let alone caring for the other.
So are we both just paranoid?
Or just careful.

We tend to look at people who WON’T go proactive as foolish.
After all when the quality of healthcare is suspect, would you consider “going home” without knowing WTH is going on?

Or even worse, going home and waiting until a crisis is all too apparent.