NHS to be renamed, NBCS. Nothing but COVID service.

The story started 19 days ago.
I fell ill with what turned out to be a life threatening infection.
It took 3 days to get someone to phone me from the doctors surgery.
I needed an urgent blood test. The wait for that was TWO WEEKS.
Could I go to the hospital and get it done there?
No, because of COVID that wasn’t allowed.
This weekend things got so bad I phoned the emergency service and they made me an appointment for this Monday to go to an urgent care center. UCC
Why not over the weekend?
Because ALL urgent care centers are closed over the weekend to ‘help with COVID’. Monday morning and I’m definitely in trouble.
Went to the UCC no doctors. Where are they? COVID.
A nurse dispensed some antibiotics.

I took one and got back into the car.
We hadn’t got 10 minutes from there and I told my wife I needed the hospital as I guessed I was having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic.

Add a 20 minute drive.
To 20 questions on whether I’m showing symptoms of COVID.
I lost it, and said if they didn’t get someone to see me IMMEDIATELY I was going to collapse right in front of the main desk.

For some reason I was escorted into a treatment room, and all hell broke out.
The allergic reaction wasn’t the antibiotics but the painkillers I had taken WITH the antibiotics.

Bottom line, for the rest of the day I was prodded, pushed, and stabbed, scanned, examined by FOUR doctors, two technicians, and one consultant, until they were certain they had worked out WTH was going on.

Bottom line? I’m sat here, still sore, still taking the pills, (in smaller handfuls) and mighty peed off about the lack of care for NON COVID INCIDENTS AND ILLNESSES.

Only it seems I’m not alone.
While waiting for the next stab, push, probed, and whatever, the ANGER in the waiting rooms was at times loud and aggressive. To that end, security was everywhere!

This one hospital now has to cope with around 1200 emergency patients A DAY as the other three regional ones are dedicated solely to COVID.

By government decree, all routine screening, all surgery, clinics, outpatients, you name it, in hospitals and what is handled by the local doctors surgery is not happening.

Cancer treatment has largely stopped, but I didn’t check about renal patients. So, as a result, people are getting REALLY ill before heading for the hospital as this one haven now covers 2400 sq miles.

Only here’s another tit bit.
The average time patients are handed over from an ambulance into a Covid hospital in our area is EIGHT HOURS. Thus, for 8 hours, that ambulance and crew is unavailable for emergency cover!

Yet we are still subjected to the fools who think Covid is a joke.
A government that wants all lock downs to be ended by Easter.
And the much FAMED vaccination process is not going to work as they have extended the second jab time to way outside what works to lock the immunization into your system.

And there is another snippet that has hit the news today.
WAY BACK IN MARCH of last year, the Home Secretary (arguably the second most important political figure in our dysfunctional system of government) wanted all ports, air, and trains (via the Channel Tunnel) closed to all incomers or those transiting to other places.

And the Muppet Government, led by Boris Johnson, shouted that request down. Why? I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it.

Money is all that matters to this government NOT LIVES.

As the tally of dead keeps rising to yesterdays total of 93,250 from Covid and:

The number of deaths registered in England and Wales was 17,751 deaths were registered in the week ending 8 January 2021 (Week 1), 7,682 more deaths than in the preceding week (Week 53) (ONS)

That’s all deaths for one week.
Math time. 17,751 x 52 weeks? 923,952 for this year.
A slice of which will be from avoidable deaths by delaying treatments for avoidable illnesses.


I’m thinking we could solve a number of problems in the UK by following the ideals of the anonymous Marine.

“…and the sad truth is that 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.” – Anonymous US Marine

Their protection details would preclude that being up close and personal and I wouldn’t want to see one of them hurt BUT, From 600 yards? That’s doable.


The great imponderable.

What about the military?

It’s a question that I’ve been asked a lot as the clampdown on an individual’s personal freedoms, including that of ‘free speech and expression’, increases in its scope and ferocity. Particularly as the enforcement is getting more proactive, if not more aggressive, towards the general population.

“What happens when they start going door to door”?

While I don’t think the UK police would, simply because they haven’t got the numbers. If the government doubled down and sent in law enforcement, local officials, and the military to go door to door, it does raise a few worries including:

“What would they be looking for?”

To be honest I haven’t a clue.
YET in the light of the current crisis (COVID), and the increasing clamp down on freedoms, free speech, and expression. They could be searching for what you have in house, what you are, what they think you are, and possibly arresting you for any dumbfk’ reason they can make up.

That type of ‘door to door’ is something which could trigger a popular resistance movement that may be limited to a bit of bite back, BUT has the potential to evolve into a full on non-conventional combat styled response.

BUT what about the military?

Personally, for me, there is NOTHING more abhorrent than a country’s military following a purely ‘politically driven’ set of orders and engaging in operations against its own population. That sort of thing can turn them from being regarded as heroes to villains in an instant. Let alone cause all sorts of conflicts within the ranks.

So would the military blindly follow orders?
OR simply refuse to deploy against the population?

While I would like to think they would refuse, I’ve a feeling that the officer class would try to ‘persuade them’ into action.  After that it’s anyone’s game.

Do I think that might be worrying the politicians?

I would say so as even if they dragged every government or law enforcement swinging dick out to go door to door, there isn’t enough civilian bodies to do the job. Especially if the population then took up arms against their actions.

‘Arms against them’. I’m not talking firearms.
That is not the weapon of choice of the UK rioter.
FIRE is their weapon, perhaps melee weapons.
In the main all the unwashed masses will do is loot and wreck under the cover of public unrest.

So what’s causing this panic?

In this ever-changing world, where policy and law are being approved with little public consultation and on the fly. Today’s ‘permissible and individual rights’ are being swept aside by a politically driven agenda without the time proven checks and balances of our lawmakers.

Thus, you could find yourself ‘promoted’ onto a government watch list for some reason included on a long list of newly minted reasons, literally OVERNIGHT!

Meanwhile, the sheeple, naive, woke, and other limp wrists reading this may be thinking, “If you’ve nothing to hide why worry”?

Umm. Thank gawd for the prepper and survivalist movement who see through the B.S. of civilization, and its quaint facade of political correctness.

While the UK isn’t perfect by a long chalk, the prepper and survivalist movements here are VERY adaptable with little reliance on the tools of war the Americans hold so dear.

To that end, some of us have developed workarounds to the harder problems of survival which occasionally enter the ‘gray areas’ of legality. As such, a knock on the door occasionally makes for a few flinches.

In Conclusion

While I find it unlikely that the UK military would be dragged into a political power play, or to enforce a government minister’s ill thought out plan (even if it is considered a National Security matter), it’s stupid to assume they would never be deployed in the case of a national unrest.

I’m not saying anything detrimental to them being deployed in a national emergency (loss of utilities, supply, or to assist the emergency services), as that is an entirely different issue. HOWEVER, I would be worried if they were tasked with an internment or security role “for the nation’s security”.

Would they allow themselves to become a political tool? Maybe.
However, I consider the armed forces on the streets in any law enforcement role would NOT GO DOWN WELL with many and create longer term problems in the form of discontentment towards authority than the original issue ever could.

(Especially with the prepper and survivalist movement)

Reflecting About Corvid Deaths

Know what dawned on me, around the 45250 dead in the UK?
The dead don’t make any money, pay taxes, or spend anything.

Yet the government welcome their deaths because of what they can claim from their estates and death duty (taxes).
Them and the banks as they re-possess houses and goods where there is no one to pick up the loan payments.

Now I’m thinking about the 232,000 dead in the US.
They will no longer make money, pay taxes, or spend anything.
Incidentally that’s around 20% of the world’s known COVID-19 deaths, and the most deaths of any country.

Are those souls and their families also going to be robbed by the US Gov and the banks?

As for the collateral damage in both our nations?
Families are destroyed, children lost, fathers, mothers, and senior family members.

It sickens me when I think about the numbers they count and the ones they would rather you didn’t think about.

It makes me mad when I think about the scum who claim to represent us in government but actually only care about money. Preferably theirs.

PPE supplies have stabilised?

WTF is the UK government thinking!
PP3 and N95 or better is non-existent to the little guy as all the usual suppliers, Screwfix, Toolstation, any of the builders merchants, even mail order, have all but dried up.

All the ‘good stuff’is being nicked by the NHS and other corporate buying practices which has left the average Joe and Jane using nonmedical approved literally ‘paper thin’, maybe up to 3 ply synthetic, farcical in their robustness, face coverings.

How do I know that?
I’ve been trying since January every week to re-supply my dwindling stock of PP3 / N95 or better masks. Leaving us with only 6 masks going into winter.

The Muppets in charge are now going to profit from our suffering AGAIN by re-instating sales tax (at 20%) on all PPE. Which means not a lot to me as I can’t source any, although it’s going to hit everyone who can BIG TIME.

After all I was listening to a small business that is spending £3000 a month on PPE and has spent a further £20,000 on meeting the safety guidelines for the public to use his business. Only now he is faced with a 20% hike to his costs.

So, what are my choices as a little guy?
Only one I can think of and that’s to move to a half mask cartridge mask and as the filters go ‘soggy’, crack them open and fit my own HEPA plus filters.

No way ideal but a ‘must have’ as far as I’m concerned.

Damn them. They shell out barrow loads of money to keep people at home, and enforce wearing masks in shops and other public areas, and now are trying to rob you of money in a pathetic attempt to make up their waste of money on failed track and trace systems and other Muppet inspired stupidity.

Only I can guess what will happen on the streets.
Mask use will drop DRAMATICALLY.

The ‘not if but when’ aspect of catching COVID-19 has just been accelerated.


Our threat level just soared!

UK, and the imposition of the latest of government buzz words “Tier 3 lockdown” is being deployed like a rubber stamp over the Midlands.

Only what will happen here is we will see another influx of lockdown avoiders flooding into the local holiday caravan sites.

We know this has been happening already as the local supermarket foot traffic has increased substantially which isn’t helped by NO CONTROLS on the number of people entering the shop.

As for our health service?
40 minutes on hold to get to speak to someone is now the norm.
To get a face to face appointment needs you to lose your politeness and start screaming down the phone, and we have never seen the high levels of ambulances driving around our town as people become so ill that they have little choice but to dial the emergency numbers, 111 & 999.

Only that introduces a new hazard for the desperate.
They will be transported to our not so local hospitals who are all in COVID-19 hot zones, 34, 32, and 45 miles away.

For the elderly that brings all sorts of problems in caring for partners left at home, pets, and how the hell the released from hospital can get home. Some released as late as 03 to 05h. Some of them without the means to get home yet left to their own devices. Plus the danger of being treated in an environment where your safety could be compromised by the very staff trying to care for you.

So, here we sit, concerned about our safety and SCREAMING ANGRY at the incompetence of central government.


The calm before the storm?

The death toll seems to have bottomed out and I foresee our pudgy little Prime Minister saying “HE” has beaten the virus.

Yet the truth is the face mask ‘laws’ he brought in are being ignored as the police won’t enforce them and shops, quite rightly, say it’s not their job to police their customers.

Here, in paradise lost, the great unwashed (tourists) aren’t giving a damn about social distancing and you can still tell the locals from the ‘auslander’ or ‘frim falk’, i.e. holiday makers because the locals wear masks, social distance, and are getting more angsty about  the ignorance.

Traditionally, holiday destinations tend to see different waves of people from areas around the UK. For example, Londoners, Birmingham, North East, sort of thing. We’ve already had the whole of Leicestershire, Nottingham, and Central Midlands, but few ‘Northerners’.

So it’s just a matter of time before a ‘super spreader’ arrives.

The danger is also from the government.
Unless numbers are rising, they won’t get on with preparing for the end of season and into the winter second wave.

This isn’t over and it’s gone VERY QUIET about the promised vaccine.
Without that, it’s only a matter of time before more die.

BLM? Dangerous to all.

An opinion post which is not politically correct.
If you don’t like reading non PC stuff, leave now!

“Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” (Orwell, 1984) There are times when the writings of this author need to be brought to the front of people’s minds.

The BLM is not a political movement.
Anyone can support them, BUT, the clue is in the name, it is a Black orientated radical action movement that is currently pushing an agenda of destroying the symbols (names, flags, and monuments) of the white past in the hope that it will change the future for blacks.

As for the law enforcement side of things.
I’ll talk about that further down.

With this in mind the dangers should be obvious to both ‘sides’.

To some whites it is a movement actively destroying their history and assisted by their politicians who are visibly siding with a movement they dare not oppose as their policies for years have been those of appeasement, not of strength.

Thus, they are demonstrating a weakness in leadership which in some cultures is abhorrent as leadership should be strong and should be protecting the history, culture, and the heritage that evolved into the customs, traditions, religion, and morals, of today.

History is what shapes the future and as things evolve, some of it (usually the bad and most controversial) fades into the background or even gets forgotten about in the mists of time.

Yet, as a culture’s development is shaped by its past, it should never be obliterated, it’s history erased, or it’s legacy outlawed.
Some may argue about the last bit but to outlaw something is to make criminals of those who believe in their past and live quietly observing the patriotic and religious ideals of yesteryear.

However, attacks on a country’s past will see a reemergence of ‘the old ways’ and may revitalize deep resentments and the organizations that time had rendered passive, impotent, and irrelevant. Simply because there are still some who never forgot and are now able to say, “Our forefathers told you this would happen”.

Say that line enough, remind people of what is ‘wrong’ today and give multiple examples of things being torn down, banned by law, their heritage and culture shredded, and the effects it will have on their children!

It will build a following.
The wrong type of following?
That depends on who takes up the cause, and why.

As an example of that in the UK.
A politician of note, Enoch Powell, gave an address to his parliament in 1968 titled The Rivers of Blood speech.  (Full text)
(The PC of that time attacked him big time for saying what many were thinking. However, he remains one of our patriots of free speech and a victim of a system that has failed many since then.)

It’s also something that many past and existing groups refer to whenever the racist line is pushed by groups such as BLM.

There are other examples of that happening through the world today.
For example, the reemergence of nationalist movements including the ‘purity though violence’ factions in Europe.
Some because of their history, some (as in the UK) reacting to the threat to their national identities, religion, and culture from ethnic minorities, and in some other countries because of attacks on their religion.

Yet those resentments aren’t limited to the actions of the colored, it also extends to the ‘insipid creatures’ that are being churned out by modern education. They who are joining in with the destruction of ‘what was’ and because they feel ‘they are entitled to rail against the system’. A system that grants them freedoms their forefathers never had until they fought to gain them.

Some of them may even end up the targets of ‘re-education’.
Still, if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

Anyway, I feel that BLM isn’t thinking this through though and encouraging division across a multicultural society will trigger attacks from white on color, color on white, or even BAME against BAME.
The different elements of BAME could be seen as part of the problem even though they aren’t interested or even involved in this racial nonsense. Bottom line? They end up as targets from all sides, and all factions.

What about the policing side of things.
Looking into America from afar, talking to American friends, and reading how ‘some’ law enforcement is out of control. A re-staffing, re-tasking, and variation of role, is called for in some problem states.

It seems that the main fear is that you will lose the good side as politics goes postal on everything in its rush to ‘do the right thing’ for what is still a minority.

Yet that’s on a local level.
At a central government level it was them who pushed the militarization of police forces so part of the blame lies there.

Yet to undo that will need a reversal of policy and a tacit acknowledgment that ‘they’ got it wrong. What’s the chances of that happening?
If you live in America, you tell me.

From my side of the puddle, the UK’s Government view on something gone wrong is it is always someone else’s fault.

Which is also what I’m hearing from the current US Gov as they are going hell for leather at previous administration’s actions and decisions. After all it is an election year and someone has to ‘carry the can’ for the current administrations mistakes.

And finally, with a smile.
Our town is a back wood place in the grand scheme of thing yet some idiot has been posting BLM posters on phone boxes.

Some have been shredded, others amended to read ALM.
All Life Matters.
Funny thing.
Those that have been amended to ALM sit there safe and sound.
I wonder, what message does that give?

I watched with sadness an old man

Which is a bit rich coming from me
because I’m a LOM (little old man) too.

Anyway this gentleman, tired, threadbare, a little purse for his loose change, was paying for his shopping in the local supermarket. Problem was he had to use his cash card which, if the government get their way, will be forced upon many if they move to a cashless society.

First it was getting the card out of his well-worn wallet.
That took a minute as the wallet had effectively welded itself to the card.
Then he had to put it into the card reader and with tired eyes, that proved to be ‘difficult’.
Wrong way around took on a whole new meaning as he tried again and again.
Finally, with encouragement from the teller, it clicked home.
Only he had forgotten to ask for cash back so everything had to be restarted.
Next came the PIN number. Only memory failing or fingers twitching, he put that in  wrong. Eventually it worked but I half expected him to try and pay his bill with cash.

Finally the wallet was tucked safely into his pocket and he wobbled away with me thinking “There but for the grace of God go I”.

We live in God’s waiting room where 35% of the town are well over 60.
It’s a deprived area, one with low wages and few jobs.
A seasonal work area (except for carers), thus cheap to live in because no one has a lot of money.

That’s important here as, being a tiny seaside town, most shops work with cash.
Food from cafe’s, and apart from the big posh pubs and few restaurants, are cash only.
The local cheap shops (stack ’em high, sell ’em cheap) all cash as are the clothing shops.
Everything has two prices here for services or goods, card or cash.
Take a guess which is cheaper?
As for banks? There was two when we arrived, now there is one part time only, so the supermarkets do a roaring trade in CASHBACK!

The murmur in the UK’s corridors of power is once again to do away with cash.
Problem is the people doing the murmuring haven’t got a clue about the impact it would make to small communities, especially those with predominately elderly and non computer literate populations.

So I won’t be giving up my traps just yet.
After all, we all have to eat and there are some fine specimens of Canada Geese in the park for most of the year.

Ever eaten goose?
Done correctly it is absolutely delicious.