Too windy or not enough. Both works (not)

Power shortage in the wind – National Grid has warned Britain’s electricity will be in short supply over the next few days after a string of unplanned power plant outages and unusually low wind speeds. The operator said it would take action to “make sure there is enough generation” during the cold weather spell to prevent a second major blackout in as many years.

A spokeswoman for National Grid said the latest electricity supply squeeze was not expected to be as severe as recorded last month and it did not expect to issue an official warning in the next 24 hours. (Guardian)

Sort of makes you yearn for those lovely old coke burning power stations, doesn’t it? The sort of plant where you could control their output as opposed to the white elephant that is wind power.

There again, nuclear power is also stable.
Only with so much B.S. behind the decision-making, let alone the financing, let alone the back handers for this and that, and the fear of letting the Chinese build one in the UK.

Na, never going to happen in our backward thinking country.

Methinks the UK is doomed to run by those long distance extension cords from Europe for a very long time. If not forever.

Oops, nearly forgot.
The UK is bankrupt anyway and well on its way to its third trillion of debt as our idiot chancellor is still paying people (Furlough) to stay at home to a maximum of £2500 (or is it £2100 today) a month.

I find it bewildering the amount of money being given away so some city slicker, company director, or mid level uncivil servant,  can sit at home playing on his Game Boy, X-Box, or whatever all day.

What me bitter and twisted?
Oh yeah, and then some.