Without government, disaster can make opportunity

Recently hurricanes, typhoon, and other natural events have wreaked havoc in multiple countries. In non Western third world countries, government help is usually minimal (if at all) and once again the people have had to forage for what they need.
In some cases the world’s media coverage has reported that the police are letting them.
Shock and horror eh. People looting for things like water, food, and medical supplies.
The wise in the police understanding the gravity of the situation.

Then there is the US.
Disaster relief and emergency protocols are organized.
EBS issues warnings, he TV, I read you can even get personal messages on mobiles from the president.
State governors go on the TV wearing NAVY hats. (What is that all about anyway?)
Trump promises to visit after another grueling 18 holes. (Wow!)
The National guard occasionally get deployed.
FEMA and state shelters are in place for the fortunate.
Those who would ride out the storm can be ordered from their homes to a place of safety.
Law enforcement are keeping things under control.
EMT and fire/rescue are on the roll as soon as it’s safe.
You know, everything is organized.
No, I’m not delusional, it can happen as advertised, SORT OF, SOMETIMES.

BUT away from the cities and townships you are largely on your own.
Yet devastation rarely destroys everything and some of it can be recovered and used until someone sat behind a desk pipes up and says “Shouldn’t we be checking on the little people and more remote settlements?”
Then after a pause while the rich people and big business get priority, someone gets dispatched to help them. Only that can take days, if not weeks.

So what about them ” Little people and the more remote settlements”.
Self and neighbor help is probably working BUT that holiday home down the track, now scattered across the land, contains all sorts of essential goodies like cans and essentials that folk might need to survive until help arrives.

So what you going to do, walk past a case of cans or whatever?
No, you’ll probably do what I would, scoop and walk off.
What if your home is flattened but that one isn’t.
Will you stand outside the unoccupied dwelling like all ‘good’ people would and drown or freeze to death? I won’t.

In cities and some townships some WILL call that looting, and seeking shelter in the UK is illegal full stop.
Law enforcement will of course uphold the law (unless they live local and ‘understand’).
Even if they did, once the owner arrives and if you’re still there, they will usually flip and demand ‘justice’, and woe betide you if something is found missing or damaged.

So just where does the law stand if you need something to survive?
Actually it’s quite simple.
In Western law you’re in the wrong.
Get caught and you may have to explain and usually answer for your actions.
Neat twist isn’t it.
To survive without adequate support from your caring government you may need to forage and scavenge, but to do so may get you free board and lodgings courtesy of the state for a time following a court case in a sanitized ‘polite’ room where the only danger to those judging you may be if the air conditioning fails.

Thus I recommend you always remember the NUMBER ONE RULE of the forager / scavenger.
All natural events come to an end, usually abruptly,  and that’s when civilization kicks back into gear with all it’s quaint little laws.

That and don’t just think that no power equals no security, including CCTV, so you must be safe. In modern systems batteries can last for weeks! You, captured in color, searching their garage for fuel. In survival, like life, you must always think tactical.

Not forgetting the best words ever uttered by a US president.
“The most terrifying words in the English language are:
I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” – Ronald Reagan

That and ‘sometimes’ honesty and law abiding isn’t always the best policy.
Especially in survival.