72 hours for Brazilian variant to walk into the UK.

Strict new Covid travel rules on people coming into England have been delayed for three days despite mounting fears over the virus.

It’s like no one in the UK Government understands the word

Anyone arriving in England was going to have to get a coronavirus test, and ensure the result is negative, from 4am FRIDAY. But late last night, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the requirement would only kick in at 4am on MONDAY. He bizarrely announced the delay on Twitter with no formal government press release, and it was unclear why it had happened.

Mr Shapps said the delay was “to give international arrivals time to prepare”. But the government had claimed it would be from this week.

So when the Brazilian variant enters, we now know who to blame, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.

So that’s Hancock, and Shapps.
Both following the ‘Johnson line’.


2 million a week jabs needed

Panic is setting in BIG TIME into the UK government and their ex-spurts, who are now demanding two million inoculated against Covid-19 EVERY WEEK.

Which sounds really grand except our population is something around 68 million (excluding the illegals and a few fools who will never come forward for jabs) so that will take, (2 jabs each person, spaced over a couple of weeks, 136,000,000 jabs), 68 weeks. Last time I looked up the number of weeks in a year, that’s running into 2023 before everyone gets the jabs they need.

The UK Gov will probably say “But we’ve got 296,008 nurses”.
And while they are playing darts, who is going to be looking after the sick??

So I’m thinking this whole venture is unlikely to succeed.
Why? I’m glad you asked.

  • MONEY! And that is down to government.
  • Logistically (getting the drug to you) as supply difficulties will increase as the world gets more organized than the British and keeps buying the world’s stock of vaccine from under our noses.
  • Bureaucracy (paperwork) when administrating the vaccine is the first hurdle, and that will be a HUGE stumbling block as anything organized by the UK Gov is bound to collapse.
  • Injecting you which delays the process even more as the NHS is inadequately staffed, overally bureaucratic, and in a state of chaos at a local level.
  • The last one is more concerning. Who is going to administer it?
    Will it be “Join the Army! Your first task being to administer 10,000 jabs.Then you receive a medical discharge as you’ve got advanced RSI of the fingers which is sooo bad you can’t pull a trigger.

Nursing and healthcare assistants the same.
If chemists get roped in it’s still not going to improve things.

Unless a home based vaccine regime is developed so people can self vaccinate, (As giving yourself an injection isn’t hard! Says me who does it all the time.) Millions may die before ever seeing a nurse!

A dead gloomy assessment?
OK, guarantee me your and other GOVERNMENTS throughout the world will come through. After all the current world population is 7.8 billion as of December 2020 (According to the most recent United Nations estimates).

Because all it’s going to take is one virus to mutate into a form that the present vaccines can’t cure and that virus takes a tour of the world courtesy of international flights and piss poor controls by the UK Gov who are really adept at forwarding the virus onto others!

Personally I’ve always been shit scared  of ‘biologicals’ aka viruses.
Simply because no one EVER takes them seriously.
That and the world only got a mass vaccination right once, years ago, and that was for smallpox.

Now you’re thinking, “If they did it once, they should be able to do it again!”

In today’s technology rich, interconnected, educated, and money orientated world. Put your hands up anyone that thinks ANY OF THE worlds governments will manage that.

UK Policing on Covid-19 Tier 4 restrictions to stay low key, if not at all.

The Police Federation say they won’t be knocking on people’s doors on Christmas Day. [As] “we have no power of entry”.

It’s quite simple, and I fully understand their feelings and assessment, when the Federation’s comments concluded with “You’ve lost the goodwill of the public.”

So, although every bone in my body is screaming, “FFS stay away from us!” The blatant truth of the matter is that the only people capable of enforcing that aren’t going to do so.

Now I can imagine that some foreign police will be ‘vigilant’ if called for. Only UK police numbers and ‘resources’ are more ‘wanting’ than efficient, due to poor investment and funding by the UKGov.

As a result, our ‘thin blue line’ would probably collapse if faced with the total withdrawal of public goodwill and national protest against the poorly thought out restrictions, ‘enforcement’, and the posturing of the Health Secretary Matt Hancock / UKGov regarding Covid-19.

Thus I firmly believe that we are still only 9 meals (3 days) from anarchy if:-

  • The good will towards policing totally collapses.
  • The current chaos being generated by the UKGov on something they were criminally slow to react to. (i.e. The new highly communicable variant of the Covid-19 virus they KNEW ABOUT back in September) gets truly out of hand.
  • The EU’s BREXIT negotiations farce continues or PM Johnson sells the country out.
  • Economic collapse occurs
  • And Europe’s stupid blockade of goods both in and out of the UK continues.

Y’all have a good Christmas now.
Paul & Di Gray.

When vaccination figures are meaningless.

Mainstream media in the UK has reported that the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) may approve the Oxford vaccine just days after Christmas.

Their source? “Senior Whitehall sources”.
So that’s a politician then, OR maybe a civil service chief-let.
Like I would trust either of them.
However I would trust the cleaners as they probably know more than those two combined.

Anyway, that B.S. comes after vaccines minister Nadhim Zahwai said there had been a “really good” start to the NHS vaccination programme, with 180,000 of the 25 million people vaccinated so far.

It’s OK, she’s just a tiny bit delusional!

Still lets look at the math.
180,000 of 25 million? 0.7% and that’s been a really good start?

Only there are about 68 MILLION living in the UK, and to kill off the virus you’ll need to jab everyone or it will KEEP COMING BACK!

So, 180,000 of 68 MILLION? 0.2% leaving around 99.88%, as possible carriers of the COVID-19, (that is having loads of fun and mutating like mad).

The problem they just won’t admit to is mutation may mean re-infection by a stronger version of the virus so inoculation of everyone is imperative.

EVEN THE FOOLS WHO WOULD REFUSE IT. Because, if you just leave a few anti vax’rs, or other like minded a holes, they could host a new mutation and the infection cycle starts again.

Thinking about it,
I would happily classify the anti-vaccine (anti vaxrs’) and Covid-19 deniers as DOMESTIC TERRORISTS as they have the potential to distribute, by choice, a deadly biological contagion.

Still if they don’t want to preserve lives and kill innocents.
Perhaps deporting them, lock, stock, and barrel would be appropriate.
Where too? Does it matter?
Out of here, no support, no money, and no passport.
As terrorists don’t deserve to ‘belong’ to any nation.

Money before lives AGAIN!

Ministers have approved plans to cut the 14-day travel quarantine to just five days from next week in an effort to get the aviation industry moving again. (DM)

Why? I can think of no more reason than M O N E Y!

Except testing is most effective within 3 days of symptoms developing. So, you arrive, newly infected in the plane, and get tested.

That will result in nothing found. 97.5% of people who develop symptoms will have got them within 11.5 days. So, coming to the end of your 14-day holiday,  you decide to wait until you go home before being tested NOT WANTING TO BE DENIED A FLIGHT HOME.

Flight day, and you carefully swallow some OTC flu cure that drops your temperature to ensure you can get onto the plane. A few hours later, and another flu treatment, you deplane having infected numerous other passengers. Some countries will pick you up, others will just wave you through.

Now tell me that doesn’t happen!

BUT at least the UK aviation industry is saved.

I was talking to a lady two days ago who hadn’t been notified about her test results taken ELEVEN DAYS prior to that. The official excuse? They couldn’t find the paperwork.

Hell, the day before my hospital admission they were running around like headless chickens trying to find my results. When I was admitted, what was in the file was a hand scribbled note, on what looked like a paper napkin, a secretary had managed to berate my results out of the County Hospital who had me take my test in yet another hospital 40 miles away from their 24/7 testing center.

My confidence in the system? That would be nil.

Oh no, someone’s printed the truth!

Meanwhile, the UK records the COVID-19 death toll has topped 70,000. This total includes death where COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate and includes all the UK and not just England, which is another way they massage the numbers released to the public. (Edit-DM)

70,000 plus. Way higher than the 54,286 reported by the UKGov which only includes deaths within 28 days of testing positive.

You can run, evade, and lie, PM Johnson, but your government’s incompetence, neglect, criminal actions, and cover-ups, will be exposed over time. In this case, all it took was looking at the OFFICIAL bean counters records (ONS) and not relying on the NHS ones you have lovingly massaged.