It seems I have a choice like everyone else. Play nicely or be shut down.

Last night, by email, I was warned by friends citing cases where folk (including them) have ‘transgressed’ from the terms of service, on a wide variety of platforms, and been shut down.

Only when they ask why, they aren’t getting a response.

The collective thought is ‘THEY’ are making things up on the fly as the whole cancel and woke culture, gender and LGBT whatever, religion, race, and a whole host of other previously unlisted crimes are being committed.

Which makes life a ‘little’ confusing as you never know what will offend someone, somewhere, somehow, and it seems it’s also historical entries are also being used to hang people (whoops) I meant suspend their access.

Now I have no proof, only hearsay and irate comments on message boards I also subscribe too. Except mixed into those comments are a few (dunno what to call them, politely) who don’t exactly need banning, more like culling.

I’ve got a choice to make.
Everyone who knows me is aware that I’m not exactly politically correct, use ‘mild’ profanity, and don’t give a toss about some sectors within society.

So am I going to toe the new official, very grey, and not clearly defined line?


Sigh. And it’s been so much fun these last 27 years on various platforms. So, if I go silent key and paulsprepping goes ‘pop’, you’ll know what has happened.

Only remember this.
The Internet is the last bastion of free speech.
Even for those living under strict censorship.
It is a source of considerable knowledge.
It informed, it taught, it made governments think twice.

Now it’s not only the bad but also the self appointed guardians of human rights that are shutting down platforms, silencing voices, and censoring content. ESPECIALLY political comment, information, and protest against wrongdoing.

Some will say you can’t fight that. I sort of agree.
To take on a government is to take on a Hydra.
To kill a hydra needs a Medusa.
Which is not currently available in stores.

However, every government in the world uses mission creep to extend their controls. Soon it’ll be a case of the government policy is now this and we will target anyone who comments or objects. Perhaps to a level that everything you say and think will be scanned by AI to a set of rules provided by people who want something covered up. Like COVID was.

Thus you may want to make a choice.
Toe the official line, become subservient, and join the uninformed.
Or, stand up and be counted by using free speech before you lose it.
This is NOT a call to arms or revolution.
This is just a reminder of what you take for granted today, you might lose tomorrow.

My voice is tiny, and I know that.
Only I know that when you give in to tyranny.

Tyranny will win and others will lose.
Some of them BIG TIME.

If you haven’t downloaded what you need, why not?

In Global Censorship and Financial Controls I was talking about the ongoing censorship of all things useful to survivalism and prepping, along with those little useful things which preppers, survivalists, and the bushcraft fraternity use as their ‘bibles’.

Today I was visiting one of my online survival reference library as I have lost my ‘growing veg in a greenhouse’ manual. An innocuous enough 12 page booklet. Only it wasn’t there as THE WHOLE DAMN SITE HAS GONE.

OK, things happen, a name change perhaps, so I went to another, and another, and another, reference source. ALL GONE!

Luckily the Field Manuals and medical sites I use are still there – For now.

Being paranoid doesn’t mean ‘They aren’t targeting you’, yet my interest grew as some of the YouTube, and other ‘helpful’ platforms I use frequently all seem to have developed black holes.

Are you getting my drift?
My own self sufficiency, off grid, FM manuals, survival, mechanics and machinery, communications, and medical library collection is pretty extensive, BUT, as per the title, with the ongoing woke and global censorship kicking in big time, if you are a few titles short of a basic library, now might just be the time to download what you need.

Luckily I’ve also recently downloaded all my other sites and  message boards interests and converted them to off line browsing. Although something tells me that TOR isn’t going to like the bandwidth I’ve been using.

Now there could be a reasonable and operational reason for what I’m finding BUT it is beginning to freak me a bit as I thought all this woke, cancel culture, censorship, national security, anti whatever B.S. was still in the talking stages.

Anyway, once might be an accident, twice could be a coincidence, but three times is almost certainly enemy action.


I was reminded about the New World Order today.

Way I read it is that now the Demigod has been deposed in the US, the New administration will be throwing it’s weight around in military terms.

Or, to put it another way, taking on China!
I’ve spoken about that in the post,  The hype is in, It’s WAR between China and the US. Add the advertised ‘peacekeeping’ in Iraq, which you could see is an escalation of the destabilizing effects of the new US administration.

That may be so but ultimately what is a new administration in real terms anywhere in the real world?

Leaving out the references to the deposed DemiGod,
I wrote in response to the NWO prompt:-

New World Order? Pah.
Governments change only one thing.
The name plates on doors as ultimately it’s just a different take on the same shit on a different day. (And generates a new crop of millionaires).

Which is also why NATO (and how I hate that tag as NATO now operates WAY OUT OF IT’S ORIGINAL REMIT) is building up to ‘peacekeeping’ duties back into Iraq and I find myself wondering which US ‘consultancy on oil’ (and friend of the new administration) is getting it’s knickers in a twist about the danger to profits if the wrong faction get into power?

Iraq will be turn into the sequel ‘Syria 2’.
NATO butting in where they have already lost.

That will bring in Russia, Iran, and friends, to sort out the inevitable fk.up wherever NATO try to impose their B.S.

So, what of the future? What of the NWO agenda?
Basically Covid has allowed ALL governments to run roughshod over freedoms and liberty and the current attacks on freedom of speech by the woke culture are getting more and more troubling.

Or, as my SWMBO said, “If you don’t tow the line ‘THEY’ will probably end up shooting you.” This from someone who is, by nature, one who avoids conflict.

After all the key ways of controlling a nation under a totalitarian government are

  • Disarm the masses
    (Done years ago),
  • Control freedoms
  • Control access to public services
    (Ongoing thinking medical)
  • Deny access to all but government sanctioned news
    (Getting there),
  • A complete lack of democracy (√),
  • Absolute control over the economy and the money supply
    (Getting there, and I’m watching what our UKGov are maneuvering towards with respect to money, savings (I wish), and all other things financial),
  • Massive censorship including ‘Wokery’
    (In play),
  • Mass surveillance
    (Just about complete wrt digital services and communications),
  • Widespread use of state terrorism.
    In the UK, that’s taken the form of making as many as possible dependent on state ‘welfare’. (√√√)

Basically ‘George Orwell 1984’ brought up to date because of the headlong rush to digital everything and the subsequent loss of control of the masses as they became better informed.

NWO? (A correction to my original post  21/2/21).
Although I feel the NWO is just a bunch of very rich geriatrics and other assorted a-holes who are frightened that they have lost control of everything THEY THINK they built and own. To me it’s going to end up a lot more ‘dangerous’ to us little people as it involves our governments.

Thus I feel that the NWO is going to be one of a loss of freedoms, and I mean BIG TIME.

The only problem being that by the time their full agenda is uncovered, it might just be too late to do anything about it via the ballot box or ‘peaceful’ means.

Diddums lost their toys? How sad.

The US ‘whatever’ movements erroneously ended up reliant on US technology to get it’s “social” message” out. Now it hasn’t got that as big business technology has shut down all sorts of Internet platform use and social media.

Whose bleating about it? Only the US.
So what are you going to do about it?

Hard talking, heavy shooting, world beaters and leaders, but can’t work around a little government or big business high tech interference?

Methinks the US needs to take some lessons from censored countries like Russia, China and others how to get their voice heard.

In days gone past we had to use message boards and them old squealing thingies called modems for peer to peer messages over the telephone lines. Worried about being intercepted on the phones? We used radio. Damn difficult to jam is HF radio because the radio spectrum is so vast. You can even use a keyboard for those who seem to have lost the power of speech.

The other thing is y’all talking abut this becoming the new norm.
Just think about that for a moment. Big business isn’t suicidal, and they are only doing this to appear ‘compliant’ with the ideals of what is coming next from the new government.

Normal service will return, in time.
Big business will assure that and government won’t stop them as to do so will cripple them.

Take a breath America’s hotheads.
It’s time to evaluate the problem a lot cooler than you are now.

1984 has a new Big Brother.

George Orwell might just be smiling in his grave as his novel 1984 becomes even more pertinent in 2020.

Who controls the past controls the future :
Who controls the present controls the past.

George Orwell wrote this in this novel 1984, and why this book isn’t on the required reading list for every prepper and survivalist escapes me. I humbly suggest you download a copy before this novel is digitally erased as being subversive.

So what are these “US Gov agents” in all but name doing now?

Expanding fact checks on YouTube to the United States

Over the past several years, we’ve seen more and more people coming to YouTube for news and information. They want to get the latest on an election, to find multiple perspectives on a topic, or to learn about a major breaking news event. More recently, the outbreak of COVID-19 and its spread around the world has reaffirmed how important it is for viewers to get accurate information during fast-moving events. That’s why we’re continuing to improve the news experience on YouTube, including raising up authoritative sources of information across the site. Today, we’re continuing this work by expanding our fact check information panels — which we launched in Brazil and India last year — to the United States.

You are approaching
full mushroom status America.
Kept in the dark and only fed B.S.

After that I’ve only got one thing to ask.
As you run out of public access forums and social media that aren’t moderated (aka censored).

Where will you look to find out the truth
You need to know and not only
What “they” want you to know?

Just think about that for a second.