Hot Air and BS.

I’m still pretty annoyed with all the hot air and BS being uttered by a few fools almost demanding civil war.
The hang them high, skin them alive, comment from a few feral mouths.
The thousands of words, rewriting history (complete with grammatical errors) and using edited, re-ordered, sophisticated video editing of scrappy news material which changed the whole emphasis of the message.

Yet here we are on inauguration day.

Short of a nuclear explosion, I would think nothing’s going to stop it.

And the worry is now ‘the afterwards’.

Aw, well, all “the mighty” fall eventually.
Rome did (and some would argue that was probably for the best).
Great Britain did. (Did and will never recover)
Russia did (although they are in a better state now than before).
China? Best I leave them alone. It’s never a good idea to poke the Dragon.

As for the Untied (Not a Typo) States. Previously known as America.
The predicted slide into obscurity would seem possible from today.
Not inevitable, just possible.

Ho Hum.
Even when the rewriting of history is complete, it will NOT BE remembered that all the giants of Western ‘values’ were all brought down by their politics, laws, and over burdensome government.

Still, America, TRUE America could always leave and set up elsewhere.
Assuming someone will take you.

Credibility and your standing in the world? GONE!

One person [apparently a Trump supporter] has been shot inside the US Capitol Building after it was stormed by pro-Trump rioters. The shooting happened shortly after 3pm ET, paramedics told FOX 5 DC.

Earlier tear gas was fired inside the House as armed pro-Trump rioters stormed the US Capitol. An armed standoff occurred in the House chamber and a rioter even got into the Senate chamber to sit in the presiding officer’s chair, where Mike Pence had been earlier. (Various)

Militia members gathered around the Georgia Capitol in Atlanta, as Pro-Trump rioters in DC attempt to take matters into their own hands and prevent Congress from certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral college win by storming the US capitol. (Ind)

US Capitol on lockdown: One person shot, National Guard called in and VP in ‘secure location’ (Sky)

Protesters supporting Donald Trump swarmed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, putting it on lockdown, as Vice President Mike Pence rebuffed the president’s demand to overturn his loss to Democrat Joe Biden and the Senate’s Republican leader denounced a bid in Congress to undo the election outcome. NEW YORK (Reuters)

Capitol on lockdown: One person shot, National Guard called in and VP in ‘secure location’ NYT reported earlier that an explosive device was found at the Republican National Committee headquarters and that the Democratic National Committee headquarters, located nearby, was evacuated, citing three unnamed people who were briefed. 

Ivanka Trump Calls Protesters Who Stormed Capitol ‘American Patriots’ In Now-Deleted Tweet (Inquisitr)

The National Guard was mobilized to the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday after pro-Trump rioters overran the building during the Electoral College vote count. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan also said their states would send their National Guards. (CNBC)

Do you realize now what you have done?
US gets the kind of ‘democracy’ it championed overseas (RT)

As yet China has not said an official word.
Probably too busy laughing.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin said that he was watching the events unfold with “great concern and dismay”. “The Irish people have a deep connection with the United States of America, built up over many generations. “I know that many, like me, will be watching the scenes unfolding in Washington DC with great concern and dismay.”

‘Disgraceful’: World reacts as Trump supporters storm US Capitol
Several countries including Turkey, the UK, Canada and Germany call for calm in Washington, DC. (Aljazeera)

I could go on, but to what end.
Tomorrow will bring a more coordinated load of scorn in your general direction America. But the media I’m finding is already saying America is finished as a bastion of democracy.

I said whoever starts the trouble will trigger a major response and as I’m reading this on the web, you lot have really screwed the pooch. And enjoy the curfew.

It only remains to be seen what happens in your stock market tomorrow. Will it crash? You better hope not.

(Don’t forget to get your Covid-19 test before fleeing).