The first coal mine in the UK for 30 years.

And this is the reaction of a UN scientist.

30 years ago there was little said about climate warming.
There weren’t stupid little girls telling off world leaders.
The word Woke hadn’t even been thought of.
And prats like this fool were scrabbling around for something to object to.

And today’s target is one poxy hole in the ground
to give a whole region a living.

Still the climate protesting following must be paying well.
Nice shirt, smart tie, cuff links. All made by some sort of industry, possible from abroad. Using fuel to make, raw materials that were grown, with insecticides.

Or is that shirt silk? Poor little butterfly larva.
Boiled in their cocoons to extract an ultra thin thread for those with money.

Still, industry wove the cloth and it’s very possible that a sweat shop made the shirt. I’m also betting he drives, flies, and has a house full of technology.

See where I’m coming from?

Shame about his hair but it was obviously his hairdressers day off. There again it does fit in well with the wild and woolly look of these geeks.

Gawd how I HATE the intelligentsia and the climate protesters.
They would deny people access to what they use everyday, and a job that many grew up without,  for some half baked notion that the big boys in industry around the world blatantly ignore and dismiss.

I was reminded about the New World Order today.

Way I read it is that now the Demigod has been deposed in the US, the New administration will be throwing it’s weight around in military terms.

Or, to put it another way, taking on China!
I’ve spoken about that in the post,  The hype is in, It’s WAR between China and the US. Add the advertised ‘peacekeeping’ in Iraq, which you could see is an escalation of the destabilizing effects of the new US administration.

That may be so but ultimately what is a new administration in real terms anywhere in the real world?

Leaving out the references to the deposed DemiGod,
I wrote in response to the NWO prompt:-

New World Order? Pah.
Governments change only one thing.
The name plates on doors as ultimately it’s just a different take on the same shit on a different day. (And generates a new crop of millionaires).

Which is also why NATO (and how I hate that tag as NATO now operates WAY OUT OF IT’S ORIGINAL REMIT) is building up to ‘peacekeeping’ duties back into Iraq and I find myself wondering which US ‘consultancy on oil’ (and friend of the new administration) is getting it’s knickers in a twist about the danger to profits if the wrong faction get into power?

Iraq will be turn into the sequel ‘Syria 2’.
NATO butting in where they have already lost.

That will bring in Russia, Iran, and friends, to sort out the inevitable fk.up wherever NATO try to impose their B.S.

So, what of the future? What of the NWO agenda?
Basically Covid has allowed ALL governments to run roughshod over freedoms and liberty and the current attacks on freedom of speech by the woke culture are getting more and more troubling.

Or, as my SWMBO said, “If you don’t tow the line ‘THEY’ will probably end up shooting you.” This from someone who is, by nature, one who avoids conflict.

After all the key ways of controlling a nation under a totalitarian government are

  • Disarm the masses
    (Done years ago),
  • Control freedoms
  • Control access to public services
    (Ongoing thinking medical)
  • Deny access to all but government sanctioned news
    (Getting there),
  • A complete lack of democracy (√),
  • Absolute control over the economy and the money supply
    (Getting there, and I’m watching what our UKGov are maneuvering towards with respect to money, savings (I wish), and all other things financial),
  • Massive censorship including ‘Wokery’
    (In play),
  • Mass surveillance
    (Just about complete wrt digital services and communications),
  • Widespread use of state terrorism.
    In the UK, that’s taken the form of making as many as possible dependent on state ‘welfare’. (√√√)

Basically ‘George Orwell 1984’ brought up to date because of the headlong rush to digital everything and the subsequent loss of control of the masses as they became better informed.

NWO? (A correction to my original post  21/2/21).
Although I feel the NWO is just a bunch of very rich geriatrics and other assorted a-holes who are frightened that they have lost control of everything THEY THINK they built and own. To me it’s going to end up a lot more ‘dangerous’ to us little people as it involves our governments.

Thus I feel that the NWO is going to be one of a loss of freedoms, and I mean BIG TIME.

The only problem being that by the time their full agenda is uncovered, it might just be too late to do anything about it via the ballot box or ‘peaceful’ means.

The hype is in, It’s WAR between China and the US.

Um. Isn’t it time to tell the Chinese?
After all, it kinda seems sneaky to talk about going to war with someone before telling them. After all, they may have a hairdresser appointment booked.


Is everyone in the senior ranks of the Western alliance of gerbils (aka NATO) and the ‘associated with’ NATO governments totally and utterly STUPID!

Or did they all skip old age and leap into senility?

You will lose, BIG TIME, and it’ll make the death toll for COVID in the USA look like chump change if it goes to a nuclear exchange.

I think I know what this is all about.
The US-led NATO have lost any claim of a successful outcome in anything they have done in the last 30 years. They have back pedaled from taking on Russia, lost big time in Syria, been run off by the Afghans, and scared stiff to take on North Korea as they have nukes. As for Iran? Na, they have too many battle hardened, really scary friends.

Besides, their latest folly is going back into Iraq as peacekeepers. I’m thinking this will be like Syria where everyone is just someone else’s foe. Thus they’ll do what they do best, more and more troops to achieve less than nothing.

Anyway, with that sort of a record, I’d be looking for something to boost my street cred.

However, to take on the most (arguably) powerful military and economy in the world just to prove they have the biggest dicks?

Come back Hillary.
It’s the current lot in power who are insane, not you.

Friend or Armed Foe?

The Police and Military when SHTF – Friend or Armed Foe?
(DPN Richard Andrews)

Have a read first. I thought it a good article.
Very focused on the US, I thought I might put forward a view from the UK.

Who are the enemy here?
Without a doubt the UK Government and by way of their more visible agents, although there are other more clandestine security agencies to consider.

Anyway, the police would seem obvious, but that thin blue line has a lot of ground to cover and are few in number. So, whatever they have in mind is going to be targeted and, like everything the UK Gov / police do, it will be woefully inefficient if they are forced to work FAST following a government diktat.

HOWEVER, there are a few disadvantages to those who own firearms and that comes in the form of PAPERWORK. Still some will ‘loose’ their weapons, licenses, (and ammo safe) to a break in, report the loss, lament greatly about the same, and freely let the police search the house plus let them provide a crime number and help in filling out the insurance forms.

Of course that calls for being forewarned and there will be plenty of that as the new ice age will arrive quicker than the UK Government can make decisions. Let alone organize anything.

So how could they speed up the process? Bring in the military.
Unlike the US, there is no mandate preventing their deployment in the UK.

Would I trust them NOT to act? NO and hell no.
Mainly because they would be the muscle but acting as support to the police.

As for foreign forces?
In my mind I cannot conceive the UKGov using foreign forces BUT, as all good preppers know, you should always plan for the unexpected.

Plus the media. They write what they are told to write and it will demonize preppers, survivalists, gun owners, free thinkers, and anyone else the government don’t like.

After that the main worry would be the sheeple, the do-gooders, wets, liberal, woke, and other assorted idiots. Not forgetting the nations super intrusive public CCTV network.

Sorry state of affairs isn’t it.

Except not everyone in the UK possesses firearms. Some have alternatives and those are not licensed (yet). Having said that, I’ve a feeling that the forewarned will react accordingly as, unlike popular belief, some of the many UK preppers and survivalists aren’t all numpties and most have plans in place for when the KGB knock. Mainly because the level of trust in the UK Gov from preppers and survivalists is at an all time low because of the Covid virus and that in itself has sharpened the minds of many.

God, country, and family?
Not anymore.
In the hopelessly divided UK, it’s more a case of Self and Family first.

The West cocked up the first time, and will do so again.

Hundreds of British troops will be sent to Iraq in the biggest increase of UK soldiers there since the last Gulf War. The decision is expected to double or even triple the current numbers later this year.

Apparently under a new NATO mission, they could also be used in a security role – which could bring them into direct conflict with militia groups.

Oh lookie here:-
That would be moderates, not so moderate, probably a few terrorists, criminals, the good, the bad, and something in between, factions, gangs, ethic groups, tribal values, and I read a while ago about ISIS regrouping there.

Only think on this, In total 179 British troops lost their lives in Iraq following its invasion in March 2003 to 2018. Nine by friendly fire.

Why send our nations best back to an even worse mess than ‘what was’! Back into the con job to remove Saddam but was actually all about the oil.

I still remember footage of a family scrabbling around for something to eat and water with the father saying something on the lines of “Saddam was bad, but at least the water flowed”.

Iraq has been in a mess ever since the end of the ‘regime change’ with infighting for power that never seems to stops.

[Link] Political divisions in combination with high unemployment and devastating wars have made Iraq one of the most unstable countries in the Middle East. The federal government in the capital city, Baghdad, is now dominated by the Shiite Arab majority, and Sunni Arabs, who formed the backbone of Saddam Hussein’s regime, feel marginalized.

Iraq’s Kurdish minority has its own government and security forces. The Kurds are at odds with the central government over the division of oil profits and the final status of mixed Arab-Kurdish territories.

There is still no consensus on what a post-Saddam Hussein Iraq should look like. Most Kurds support independence, joined by some Sunnis who want autonomy from the Shiite-led central government. Many Shiite politicians living in oil-rich provinces could also live without the interference from Baghdad. On the other side of the debate are the nationalists, both Sunni and Shiite, who advocate a unified Iraq with a strong central government.

The potential for economic development is huge, but violence remains endemic and many Iraqis fear continued acts of terrorism by jihadist groups.

All in all a shining example of why the regime change agenda, and interfering in the Middle East, by the “Western Alliance” sucks!

HOWEVER, my basic thoughts are,  it’s nothing to do with us now and shouldn’t have been from the ‘get go’, it’s not in our backyard, and nothing will improve there because the idiots in our government send in a few soldiers. In short it’ll end up like everything else in the Middle East.

One almighty

Speculation, Hype, and ‘Lets Scare the Cat’ Rhetoric

Another irreverent look at the scary things ex-spurts are saying.

I’m reading so much negativity on the web, in the news, mainstream and alternative media. The West, the old money, is apparently finished and about to fail economically and socially.

My comment? Whoopee do, and about time.

With some of the masses already thinking they are beaten because of the prepping, survival, corporate and financial experts. Not forgetting the mainstream and alternative media. They, harping on the whole time about how doomed you all are. Before ANYTHING has happened.

Why doesn’t everyone run for the hills now?
Or just emigrate.

That’s something else being suggested by a few of the so called intelligentsia.

Some may be thinking about doing that.
Sheeple mainly (and yes there are sheeple to be found in the prepping and survival world).

Sheeple are those unable to think for themselves who blindly believe the government (LOL) and the financial ‘I know everything’ lot. (ROTFL)

After all their arguments and reasoning are so persuasive and backed up with multicolored charts. AS SEEN ON TV and YouTube! (Wow).

Not forgetting they are all experts in their fields.
(Or is it their own minds).

Thus the misinformed sheeple may blindly follow the political and financial ideologies, the sponsored media lies, and those who were bought off by the REALLY big money. Not forgetting those who for $22.99 will sell them the answer on how to not lose their wealth. Even if it leads them to their financial death.

Thank Gawd for preppers and survivalists. Or, maybe not.
Because, as said, some of the weaker minded lot may be buying into this crap about RUNNING ANYWAY. Or raiding their savings and changing everything into precious metals or gems. All at inflated prices of course.

So, pretty please.
I would ask a couple of things of them of those who are going to run. Leave your houses and whatever unlocked and otherwise accessible. Carefully stack all the crap you can’t carry so us foragers won’t have to work too hard after you’ve gone.

Just look at it as a free house clearing service.
After all, you won’t be coming back will you?

There have been many financial and social crashes in the past and one thing was consistent in all of them. THEY ENDED!

And I’m wondering why all these
so called ex-spurts never mentioned that?
If that doesn’t make you stop and think!

Bye Bye!

When all else fails, you have to go proactive.

Man, this has been one hell of a few days for me.
Two weeks of pain, zero help from a doctor who prescribed a pill apparently banned for knackered old shits of my age, I gave in and ran for help elsewhere.

The failed ‘life changing’ operation the ‘chump in Nottingham’ performed on me 6 months ago had finally given up and would have finished me off had it not been for the efforts of a decent hospital and me going proactive sidestepping ‘medical protocol’ aka our poor excuse of a doctor.

As a result, last week saw me in hospital (again) and three days with no food and a glucose drip in my arm to keep me going. That and a nerve racking ‘half asleep’ procedure to stop my guts from rotting away. BP while that was being performed? 195/110. Pulse? Whats faster than a Porsche engine screaming it’s little head off? My ticker, and I came out of that room a molten wreak if the drippiness of my tee shirt was any measure of how sh’t scared I was.

The good news is I don’t remember a lot about it. So whatever they pumped into me must have been REALLY good shit.

Anyway, I’m sat at home feeling pretty sorry for myself, sore, ragged, and eating slops for a while. Still, you’ve got to look at the positives, which would include me sitting here.

Meanwhile my mental state is in feral mode and I’m sorely missing the weight of steel as I would happily save the Health Service a shed load of malpractice suits in the future following a programmed  ‘telephone consultation’ arranged some 4 months ago with one of the ‘chumps minions’ who started to talk about testing, revisions, while uttering a whole heap of apologies, excuses, and reasons for why I was left to fend for myself after a major operation.

Question. Why are there never any Russian MASH units around when you need one? That and I sorely miss their unbranded, High Test, Russian Hootch.

Years ago I was told that living fast and dying young was way preferable to the disillusionment and pain of old age. At that time I had laughed at my mentor.

Funny thing is, I finally see where he was coming from.
Although it’s taken me 40 plus years to understand his reasoning.

A thoughtful scribble.

Be kind, for some you meet are fighting a battle
you know nothing about.

Many go through life pretending to be happy, content, free in heart and at peace with themselves. Yet for some that is a facade, a pretense, a shield to protect themselves and perhaps others.

Yet, in an instant some are elsewhere, still fighting to survive or seeing the loss of another. Sometimes feeling physical remorse as “Why them and not me”.

In their dreams, as they lie unprotected by conscious thought, their dreams become reality in sight, sound, pain and smell. Reliving what happened yesteryear but for them it’s today, now.

Sometimes they sit and look unfocused beyond you, seeing not what is but what was. The only clue maybe a tear, a tic, or a tightening of their jaw.

Are any of them sick? Maybe some, but some experienced a horror, pain, or even a betrayal that few would be able to comprehend, let alone cope with.

Except when you are kind but wary.
Some you meet may not want to be your friend, need a confidante, or your help. They may resent your attention which might provoke a reaction. Some may become embarrassed, scared, or enraged on being uncovered.

Some may eventually trust you enough to let you in.
How far in is going to be up to them but it’s unwise to probe deeper. It’s also unwise to pass judgement and especially share a confidence. To approve or disapprove an act may not be what they need. To share a confidence is always betrayal.

Some others may be evil pretending to be another.
So be wary of all when you first meet.
Trust needs to build slowly and those who would quickly shower you with gifts and become possessive of your time, if not your life, and may have an ulterior motive or evil intent.

However some would be seen by others as evil.
Yet what is evil?
Is killing evil to stop the killing of innocents evil?

Evil sometimes comes from your own as returning soldiers are spat upon and shunned. They are treated as dangerous, disturbed, or wanton killers. For carrying out their duties in the defense of others. Some even celebrate the death of a soldier.

Yet when evil comes to hurt those very same ‘good’ people, they cry out for those very soldiers they spat on.

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. Those men we call soldiers, police, and watch keepers.

A nation should be judged how they support their defenders. The soldiers of today and the veterans of yesteryear.

So, be kind.
For some you meet may still be fighting
a battle you know nothing about.

Nigerian Variant

A new variant of Covid has been exposed and it’s roots are in Nigeria.

What is it that is too damn hard to understand.
When will people cotton on.
International travel endangers EVERYONE!

So my thinking is, you holiday abroad, you end up abroad.
One way, end of.

After all, you obviously don’t like the UK that much so FkU, and FkU very much for endangering even more people.

Meanwhile this list is open source for what is going around in the UK. Accuracy unknown. (UK Media)

Covid Variant Name Extra bits What they do Effects unknown
B.1.1.7 N501Y Speeds up transmission
VOC202102/02 E484K Escapes antibodies from other variants
VOC202102/02 E484K 2020 variant
B.1.525 E484K
Escapes antibodies from other variants Q677H F888L
501Y OR B.1.351 SOUTH AFRICA N501Y
Speeds up transmission
Escapes antibodies from other variants
P.1 N501Y
Escapes antibodies from other variants K417T
P.2 E484K Escapes antibodies from other variants

Sort of makes me feel all warm and fluffy knowing that these variants are walking in freely from Europe as the FkU travelers stage in Europe to avoid quarantine.

A message at sea.

The military’s of Iran and Russia (plus a whisper that China may join in) are holding joint naval drills in the Indian ocean. The drills are expected to last for three days, and the Indian Navy will also join in. (Various sources)

Um. Sort of gets you thinking doesn’t it Prime Minster Johnson and the newly minted POTUS Biden.

There you are with a weakening NATO coalition and it’s wayward member. Few liking you but are happy you’re equipping them on the cheap. Half of them don’t have Navies worth a spit, verses the combined forces of Iran, Russia, Indian, Syria, and China if it suits them.

Then there are their combined land forces.
Not to mention their ballistic and cruise missiles, subs, air forces, and their many, many friends.

Way worse odds than taking on the Afghans goat herders isn’t it? Hang on. You lost against them as well, and many of our best died because of your political whims and aspirations.

I wonder, are you ready for world war and the consequences of that? Will you stay conventional or foolishly loose off a new nukes guaranteeing the destruction of our countries?

The new world order is out there and gathering momentum fools. It’s communicating, has formed lasting financial and trading bonds, and its military are practicing together. They have their own bank and the USD could be ditched in short order.

Know thy enemy.
They already know their limitations and strengths.
Worse for you, they know yours.
Do you?
Or are your military briefings so blinkered and full of B.S. that you actually think you could win?

Only will you heed their message and butt out? I doubt it.
It’s always “Stupid is as stupid does” with politics.
After all it’s always going to be someone else’s blood.
Never that of the politicians.

Sweeping Statements Just Don’t Work.

As does ex-spurt advice from those who know the theory and are trying too apply it to every conceivable financial scenario.

Amalgamated Quotes (From mainstream, some alternative sources).
Financial collapse is imminent (What again!). You will loose access to your folding money, credit, and the ability to own anything unless it is bought through a bank account thus the government knows what you have. Apparently it’s also time to get a flight out of (Enter Country Name) to somewhere financially safer. That and ditch money, convert everything into Gold, other precious metals, and gem stones.

I think that just about covers it.

Funny thing about TEOTWAWKI financially, and the collapse of the rule of law, is you’ll not be much safer long term if you flee your country or run for the hills.

Taking a flight to a half way civilized country will still see you probably facing a government controlled FIAT currency. That and they will welcome you with open arms. Right up till the point where they find your precious metals, stones, or everything folding, that you distributed around yourself , family, dog, cat, and the money you transferred via the SWIFT transfer system into their banking system. Two words DUTIES and TAXATION! Or, perhaps you’re a lover of bitcoin. Only the government of your new home monitor all digital transactions and you end up in jail, or worse.

As for those lucky enough to getting some form of state support now? Good luck getting that to the same worth where you are going quickly enough to keep you going.

As for running for the hills. Why?
Over a third will die in the first winter.
Another half in Winter two if you go too far North.
The why is if money is withdrawn and your assets and credit locked out. How are you going to buy what you need? Plus, funny enough, you can never seem to find a dealer in precious metals or stones when you need one.

And please, no comments about you all being experts in off grid living. Everyone needs something eventually and that will need to be paid for.

Besides. What are they going to convert your PM/S into and what will be their cut of what your stuff is actually worth? After all governments and markets set the prices for most PM/S. Except there will be no money and probably trading in PM/S will be outlawed.

As for medical care including drugs wherever you go!
That will need money.
Only your currency no longer has the support of the country you fled from thus it is worthless. Credit won’t work, so how exactly are you going to pay for things? PLUS, as above, you can never find a dealer in precious metals or stones etc.

There is another minor point to consider.
How exactly can you get blood out of a stone?
When you tell EVERYBODY, rich or poor, that what they worked for all their life is going to be taken away “for the common good”.

How do you think they are going to react?
Who exactly is going to stop THAT REACTION as the enforcement that is being ordered to suppress them is going to be in the same boat. No tangible pay, no housing they can call their own, and everything they used to own is now the property of the state.

Just think, the US got itself into a super scared, ongoing, state of alarm and that was only about your guns.

Now imagine a government man turning up on your door with a piece of paper saying “The state now owns everything and the agent present is there to inventory your belongings and take everything of value in case you hide it”.

Your reaction would be . . . .

1990, UK, the most hated unfair tax ever (aka the poll tax) would have had us all paying the same rate. Rich and poor, the, same rate (sort of).

On 31 March 1990, people began gathering in London. Between 180,000 and 250,000 arrived. From there on it was all down hill and by 4pm it had fledged into a full on riot. What happened in the end? The tax was scrapped.

Now here’s a thought for you gun slingers.
Apart from melee and weapons of opportunity, we had no guns.

A final thought.
There is always going to be a cause for concern with anything a government may do as you can be as confident as hell it’ll never touch them, only you.

Yet you can only push folk around for so long before they react.
So I’m wondering.
The US, to name just one country, has a population something around 330 million. What if a couple of million went to the streets of the capital and not just a ragtag group of Trump supporters. Does anyone other than me think B.S. would be changed that same day, before lunch?

After all the politicians have just lived through a failed insurrection that saw the hallowed sanctums of government breached!

And like a dog that has tasted blood, the fear of doing so again has been diminished.

The cycle of stupidity, and more death.

UK, and “Chester Racecourse reveal plans for 5,000 spectators a day to attend May festival with mass on-site Covid testing and racegoers given staggered arrival times to avoid congestion.” (DM)

And yet again, despite all the “careful preparations”, there will be a surge in Covid cases, and the inevitable deaths, after the event.

Will the UK every learn?
Probably not as only money matters here.
However, I’m pretty certain the politicians will trot out the same well tired and rehearsed sentence when the blame game is played.

“Lessons will be learned from this tragedy.”

Bristol, an ethnically diverse City in the UK.

At least that is what they once claimed.
So is it any surprise that:-
(Huff) A coronavirus mutation first identified in Bristol has been designated a “variant of concern” by UK government scientists.

It is the fourth “variant of concern” identified by the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (Nervtag).

The other three were first found in Kent in southern England, South Africa, and Brazil.

Ethnically diverse means, as an example, ethnic African or Asian races, who will both have different gene sets to Westerners. Thus the Covid-19 virus has plenty of ‘scope’ to mutate some more.

Thus we end up with yet another variant.
Sometimes I wonder about the policy of ‘ethnic enrichment’ within the UK.
To introduce something that rarely mixes (say by marriage) with the indigenous population BUT opens avenues for virus mutation does make you think a bit.

Note this is not a disparaging racial comment, just an layman’s observation.

UK’s Health Secretary Hancock and being power mad.

Brits can be given a ten-year maximum sentence for the following crimes:

Possession of a firearm
Indecent assault
Burglary with intent to commit rape
Indecency with children under 14
Meeting a child following sexual grooming
Making threats to kill
Administering poison so as to endanger life
Cruelty to persons under 16
Fraud by false representation

Yet few are.
Even then they usually get released well within that tariff.

Only now power mad, our Muppet of a Health Secretary Hancock, under new Covid rules, will jail Brits for 10 years who lie about their holiday destinations.

It costs something like £37500 a year to keep someone in jail,
£375,000 for ten years.

Now the enforced quarantine. That I do agree with.
Only I’m pretty certain people will see how foolish it is to force people to pay for quarantine enforcement of Covid rules. It’s draconian, and will ruin some people’s lives. Especially those who CANT PAY.
Small businesses and flight crews coming to mind.
What about returning troops?
Who pays for them?
Aside from us the tax payer.

I have little objection about the quarantine but ultimately FORCING people to pay is WAY STUPID and will encourage lying, deception, and deceit.

Only what of those who fly into Europe and catch a ferry?
With no tan, who’s to know where they came from, or which sunbed they used in their European hotel??

Then there are life flights, a crew of 4-6 plus the patient, plus relative?

Welcome home, we’d like to rush you to hospital to save your life but you have to stay in this hotel first.
As for the specialist crew? Who pays for their quarantine??
Who replaces them while they are ‘locked up’?

This is typical UK Gov politics at it’s worse.
Ill thought out, will destroy people’s lives, ultimately cost us dearly, and will stop NOTHING.

Still as it’s silly season for writing laws, why not jail MP’s for lying. 10 years seems about right. How many MP’s are there ? 650.

That will make jobs to build yet another prison, just for them.
Do they all lie? If they follow and tout their various parties policies and promises, probably. How about those who fiddle their expenses? That’s lying isn’t it?

Life would be so much simpler if the military took over.
After all it’s got to be better than the police state we’re living in now.

A lucid moment so I’ll be quick.

Me, Silent Key?
No, just a little pause.
Another bout of sickness has hit.
All because of bad doctoring.

The major surgery I had has failed
So once again things get worse
And as for the prognosis and a dream?
That’s truly, as yet, unknown.

Then to cap it all I ate the wrong meal and WHAM!
To hospital I went.
Prodded and pricked and a morphine high
Coming home I felt really well.

Only Morph never lasts and everything’s sore
And bad doctoring ‘s making things worse.
So soup it is for a few more days more.
BUT Ow, it bloody well hurts.

One more week and I talk to the knife.
Who promised all, yet left me worse than before.
A catalogue of failures and probably apologies for what they are worth.
Which will leave me wishing for a miracle (and more Morph).

So I ask to forgive my silence
My hands are shaky and my mind’s well blown,
High as a kite and thought’s a bit hard.
And now, dear friends, as I feel the buzz!

I’m wishing you all good night.




Cold, Windy, and Wet.

Get under Cover
Out of the wind and rain.
Get Warm.
Get Dry.
Keep hydrated (hot drinks).
When all those five have been met, think about warm food.

Simple enough?

Thinking cover.
Is a vehicle good enough?
If you can run the engine, SAFELY, and heat the interior probably.
Room is an issue as you may have to change out of wet clothing.
Making hot drinks could be an issue and, if you are using a stove, be careful of fumes and CO Carbon monoxide.

Natural features?
Caves? Can you light a fire within and protect yourself from draughts and dripping water? Putting up a tent would be an idea but the ground could be wet.

Man made?
Tunnels, car parks, flyovers, under bridges?
You must get out of the wet but more importantly the wind.
If you are wet with wind, your survival time is VERY SHORT as wind chill can lower your inner core temperature quickly. If you can change into dry clothing you have bought yourself some time BUT not a lot as you will already be chilled and unless you can make a heavy duty fire, clothing won’t dry.

Field expedient?
Snow Caves, Igloo, Tarps, Debris huts, Tents.
Now you are out of the wind, change into dry clothing.
As for heating? Now you will have problems.
Stoves and fires work but be careful of fumes and CO.
(although not really suitable for an igloo or snow caves)

Drying off kit?
Alongside a fire could work if you can stop the draughts, but that will take fuel and so you will have to forage for that. The danger is you either have to change back into wet clothing or risk making your dry clothing wet while gathering fuel. What worked for me was donning wet clothing, short trips, getting dry and warm in between. Your call, your decision.

Man made?
Factory units, warehouses, homes.
Out of those three, I would always head for a home.
Places built for habitation are usually well sealed and insulated.
As for heating? If there is no power, look for a stove or fireplace.
What to burn? If there is nothing to forage, burn anything you can. Be careful of fumes and CO.

Get Warm?
This is not only you having warm hands but also your feet and very importantly your inner core, your torso. Once cold it takes a lot of gentle external heating and I also like to ‘drink in’ warmth so that’s warm to hot drinks if you can tolerate them. Slow and steady is best not ‘jugging’ them. It takes a long time to warm up a body and you shouldn’t rush it. I did a piece on being cold for further reference. [TOO COLD]

Get dry?
Clothing, outer and inner, very important is socks, and even more important is drying your footwear aka boots.

At some time you will want to move on.
Damp boots, even with dry socks will freeze hard if it’s cold enough and frostbite will follow.

Except what if it’s not all that cold?
Wet boots make wet feet, make trench foot, and that hurts big time. That’s where your feet swell up look pruny, and can literally rot away without proper treatment.Keep hydrated?
It might not seem right but in the cold, and wet, you can get very dehydrated.
By the time you are thirsty, you already are on a downwards slope to dehydration. At this stage most could drink a couple of liters (SLOWLY) and only manage to achieve something like normal hydration. Some of you will have trouble thinking things through, you may experience mood swings, and drying out your body may end up with constipation. Your clues to the state of your hydration comes in many colors, of urine.
That and the sound of your straining to have a dump.
Lastly food and that ties in with water.
Energy food is important in the cold as to keep warm needs fuel.
Except there is that trade off.
You should never eat without drinking as it’s water that helps to digest food and move it through your system. Thus a basic rule of survival is born. Don’t eat unless you have enough water.

That and forget the 2 liters is enough for anyone per day.
Drink what you need, drink when eating, and watch the indicators I have listed, the feeling of thirst, the color of your urine, and the sound of you straining, or not, if your diet is right and you are correctly hydrated.

High in energy, they may need water to hydrate them, and PLENTY OF WATER to aid their digestion. Only they are no way a balanced meal. Thus the armed forces has many ‘unflattering names for them.

Meals refusing to exit, Meals Rejected by Everyone, Meals Rarely Enjoyed, Meals Rejected by the Enemy. (and that’s only the polite ones).

Beware of Lincolnshire Hospitals.

No frills, just the facts Jack.

Boston Pilgrim Hospital.
Dire waiting time, poor A&E consultants, and a COVID hot spot.
FOUR people we knew went in, and all caught COVID THERE.
You can be discharged from A&E at 3 am and expected to leave the hospital.
No transport at that time. Winter or not.

Lincoln General Hospital.
Dire waiting times, poor A&E consultants, and a COVID hot spot.
The place is a mess. Corridor nursing.
There is recent history of extremely overworked and bullied staff. Plus safety concerns .

Louth Hospital Urgent care. No longer 24 hours.
Make sure you phone 111 before attending.

Most shifts are good and the doctoring is efficient.
There are personality issues.
Nurse led,  talk to the wrong person and you’ll be fobbed off.
A shame really as this place was really good.
Now, it’s a bit of a gamble.

Louth hospital. Input from others reports their day surgery unit is good as is their diagnostics. The staff I have met there are all friendly and efficient. Parking non problem but COVID has made things ‘difficult’.

Skegness. Urgent Care.
Busy, long waits, doctors are dismissive.
In, out, and don’t let the door smack you on the butt.
For anything worse than minor, expect a push on to Boston Pilgrim or Lincoln.
That’s somewhere not nice to be.

Not too shabby.
Can be long waits, get there early is my advice.
Reception OK, triage OK, doctoring so far, first class.
Got to be the best out of the lot.
Problem is during COVID, services are slow for regular treatment.
Plus in the news was a story about COVID patients walking out of their ward and into the car park to talk to relatives. Good bio security? Somehow I don’t think so.

Doctoring at a local level.
A real mixed bag with a lot of surgeries putting considerable barriers in getting appointments let alone decent help. Some use nothing but computer contact be that email or filling in forms to detail what is wrong. For the elderly and non computer friendly that’s not good.

If you can’t drive in Lincolnshire or get someone to take you to Grimsby hospital (waits for ambulances can be many, many, hours if at all!) OR struggle onto a bus, or afford a taxi (£30-40 one way and no cards or cheques allowed), you’re basically stuffed.

The NHS is now the National COVID Service and everything else, including cancer and other urgent treatment isn’t happening. In short, you are on your own.

Nothing Works

It’s difficult to come to terms
With yesteryear live in your dreams
Of that sudden blow of powerful air
And the force of hitting that wall.

The high pitched howling in the ears
The daze of movement I can’t hear
My helmets off and at my feet
I try to move but nothing works.

The smell I breathe sears my chest
My eyes they weep in tears of red
My nose drips the same onto the dirt
I need to move but nothing works.

I sit and watch as bullets strike
I watch them stitch along a wall
And the shredding of our truck
But still nothing in me works.

Then suddenly a switch was thrown
My legs were moving, my head alert
I stood up quickly to fall down
It’s working now but none too well.

I lay there then and sucked the dust
I see the doc is mouthing words
That sodding buzz now fading fast
And at last I hear, “Welcome back”.

Europe doesn’t want the Oxford Vaccine!


And no need to even think about mix and matching vaccines!

Memo to all government advisors:
No need to complicate things now.
There will be plenty of juice to go around.
(And my love of Vodka is no longer under threat).

Memo to Oxford- AstraZeneca:
Don’t forget to sue the European Union for breach of contract and loss of earnings! That should cover your losses when you dismantle the plant and move it to the UK.

You should never mix your drinks

The vaccine roll out in the UK is taking a turn.
Not so much for the good as the unknown.

Some chimpanzees masquerading as UK government advisors are thinking about mixing vaccines. Problem is, no one has done this before (officially) so no one knows what will happen.

And right now I’m thinking ‘T’ virus and Resident Evil aka ZOMBIE TIME!
Take the Oxford jab and the Russian Sputnik vaccine.

So will we all turn out to be good little communists eating anyone from the West? OR just suddenly like Vodka!

(Which will be wasted on me as I LOVE  Vodka!!)
Argh! What if it puts me OFF vodka! Not nice, not nice at all.

Thinking about it in those terms, has the hair just stood up on the back of your hands?