The US and UK are Democracies? Since when?

The US is deporting ten Russian embassy staff including Russian intelligence members. Thirty-two entities and individuals were also sanctioned for “carrying out Russian government-directed attempts to influence the 2020 US presidential elections, and other acts of disinformation and interference”, the US Treasury said.

Russian Diplomats (again)? How boring. This and after they decided that Russia did meddle in their election and, as a consequence, Biden got into power.

Here, the US’s puppy, (that would be the UKGov) is once again following the US’s lead.

UK’s Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said the UK stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the US in its action and was “calling out” Russia. “We see what Russia is doing to undermine our democracies”.

So when did we change from a Tory government to a democracy?
I only ask that as they do little that is democratic INCLUDING how the general election is decided.

As for the UK expelling Russian embassy staff to keep up with the US State Department? They already did that after Salisbury. So chucking out more diplomatic staff may end up with the closure of the Russian embassy.

Would that matter?
With the Ukraine Affair going on and the possibility of NATO taking on the Russians? I say, “YES! It sure as hell matters!” You don’t cut off communications channels that could turn off the heat.

There again, the UKGov usually let the US Intelligence community wag their tail. As aptly demonstrated by the false Intel about WMD’s that led to the illegal Iraq War, and just about anything else we get dragged into.

Never to return?

All NATO troops will withdraw from Afghanistan before September 11 when Washington pulls its last soldier back. (various)

I suppose the question after that is what happens when the US military, and their big business interests,  cotton on that they’ve just gifted the country, with it’s ‘not yet pillaged’ natural  resources, to China.

Sanctions I suppose, on China and Afghanistan.
After all it’s not like US led NATO will go for a rematch seeing as though they got thoroughly thrashed by a third world country, AGAIN.

As for China? Dunno who said it but,
‘China looks 30 years ahead, Western politics only until their next election’.

This is a common theme in Chinese/Asian business and political thinking.

They also have a completely different approach to problem solving.
The Chinese/Asian mind fixes the problem and changes things to prevent it happening again.

The Western model looks first at who to blame, talks a lot about “lessons will be learned”, then carries on mucking things up in the same old way they have always done things.

And finally.
In evolution it’s the strongest that win a fight but it’s the most adaptable that live the longest. Looking at the last two paragraphs, who do you think my money is on to take over the world? Probably without firing a shot.

Nuclear Armageddon and, duly prepared, what could go wrong?

Just about everything I reckon.
I did an evaluation based around possible targets of interest to a foreign power a while ago. I was specifically looking at what would be ‘attractive enough’ to get added to their targeting list. I came up with two huge airbases and two cities within a 50 mile radius of us. Then FOUR large army bases within a hundred miles, all four of them  could be of significance as you’ll soon read.

This starts off terrible, gets worse,
but may have a happy ending.

What happened was I misread the figures and got my conversions wrong.
Does it make a difference? HELL YES!

A 1 Megaton device, ground burst, on any of them and a prevailing wind of 15 mph over us will (according to Nukemap and a surface detonation) plonk 1000 rads / hour on us or 10 Sieverts. In short, we could be well fried with that exposure and the whole question on whether or not to run for the nearby hotel and it’s beer cellar might be a waste of time.

There again, it all depends on how fast the wind blows! And this is where the distant targets come into it. At 30 miles an hour, we might actually end up with a double dose of a 1000 Rads separated by 3 hours. OR, at 15 MPH, just the one.  Still, without protection, it’s Bye, Bye from us, nice knowing you, we’re going to a happier place (hopefully quickly).

So, let’s talk protection factors.
We live in a brick veneered and high density concrete block single story house. Our protection factor, in the middle of the house is 3. Which means?
Whatever is pouring on top of us, it’s ‘force’ or ‘power’ is reduced by 3
1000 Rads/Hour 10 Sieverts now becomes 333 rads per hour, 3.3 Sieverts.

Which means we’ll get acute radiation sickness but ‘MAY’ not die.
Note the word ‘MAY’.
Got to love the ex-spurts for hedging their bets.

Hows about that cellar?
In an old abandoned three story brick hotel.
Protection factor 98.
Yeah, way to go or what!
1000 Rads drops to a tad above 10.
Now that I like.

So, back to plan A (or was it Z) and to prep for a 14 day holiday in someone’s beer cellar. Thus we will be going in ARMED. With 60 liters of water, cold eatable food, candles, radio, our pup tent, bedding, and the usual’s of bugging out plus lots of changes of clothing, black bags, 144 toilet rolls, the means to wash ourselves, and our three first aid kits plus meds. MEMO, add zip locks, 24 inch by 6mm.

Hell this list is growing FAST.

How much time will we have to carry out the full transit?
I reckon 30 minutes after the first popper goes off.
However, being out in the open for all that time without 1 million factor sun screen is slightly worrying. That and once in, decontaminating us quickly before we get cold. After all it’s been many many years since I had a wash down in beer.

The real reason for the Ukraine Crisis revealed

Completing Nord Stream 2 will cost Kiev billions of dollars by ending Russia’s reliance on Ukraine for transporting gas, and therefore must be stopped, according to Aleksey Reznikov, the country’s deputy prime minister.  RT Apr 9, 2021 13:23

Now everything becomes clear.
This is nothing to do with Russian “aggression”, but an excuse by the West and other actors in Europe and the US to shut down the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

“The Nord Stream-2 project that is currently under preparation can pose certain risks for energy security in the region of central and eastern Europe,” the letter, dated March 7, says. (Reuters)

The ‘certain risks’ is Ukraine would lose out on a source of income. What better way to prevent that than getting NATO to stop construction. Only there is another ‘consideration’ aka actor.

In a document called ‘fact sheet’ on the US opposition to Nord Stream 2, the [US] State Department demands that all related parties “immediately cease construction-related activity” in a “good-faith wind-down,” adding that those who lack this good faith would face sanctions.

This one is really simple. The US sell tankers of gas and oil to Europe.
With Nord Stream 2 up and running, the US lose out.

Which brings about an interesting conflict for Europe.
Germany WANTS the pipeline as another source of gas supply.
After all the Russians  did turn the gas taps off after Ukraine didn’t pay their bills and that did affect supplies to Germany.

Problem is, Germany is a NATO member.

So who will fight if push comes to shove?
With Germany, still the power house of Europe, thinking about their economic security. Why would they wreck their future?
There will also be countries that would benefit from NS2.

No, all this fuss, and increased danger to the world, would seem to be is about money for Ukraine and the US.

Problem is the absurdity that is called NATO.
Something that lost it’s relevance when the evil USSR collapsed.

They, collectively, are just too stupid to understand that they have turned into pawns to support BIG BUSINESS, and most of those business interests are something to do with the US.

Just think, if WW3 starts, history (as written by the West) will list it as NATO (aka US) fighting off Russian aggression. While the East will list it as the West’s military acting as heavies to support the US Dollar.

Tensions on the border increase.

The Ukraine, and isn’t the reality bad enough without the tabloid press and politics winding up the masses with talk of war.

So, who is the main danger.
Why not Russia? Because they aren’t stupid!

As for the Ukrainian President? I reckon he’s loving all this attention because he thinks NATO will back him up (and save his neck) against the whole of the Russia Army.

So, what to do when two protagonists are sat snarling at each other but are unwilling to start anything?

Someone will engineer an incident, a trigger.
A navigational error, an accidental discharge, an incursion that wasn’t. There are so many ways of making something happen.

Then all you need is a rabid media, equally stupid politics, and TEOTWAWKI could ensue.

We normally live within Yellow but today, as the paranoia and false outrage builds, I’m thinking Hard Orange, and measuring up for construction materials will gain pace.

An extension to Prepare for WW3

Post Link (Prepare for WW3)

I was talking to SWMBO about attack indicators for conflicts and how I would be monitoring the ramblings or our chief Muppet PM Johnson in case he started digging us into the mire.

And this caught my notice today.
In a tweet, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked Mr Johnson for his support against a “serious challenge to the security of NATO members” and said his nation was “not alone” and was “supported by the G7 nations”.

It took nanoseconds for the Russians to reply.
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned Ukraine that cosying up to NATO “will only worsen the situation.”

Yep I agree, and while the Russians are sat on their side of the border I’m not too worried.

EXCEPT, if NATO do decide to play, they might just be temped to take a high explosive dump on those “massed troops”. After that, I reckon it’s going to be more a matter of grasp ankles and kiss our butts goodbye.

To that end, The Pentagon says US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin spoke with his Ukrainian counterpart Andrew Taran on April 1 and “condemned the recent escalation of Russia’s aggressive and provocative actions in eastern Ukraine.”

Tell me, did I get it right that the US turned their back on the Ukraine years ago after the signing of the Minsk II Accords?
Something they (and the UK) weren’t allowed to participate in.

But, there is more to this mess than meets the eye and a newspaper noted this. When Mr Zelensky visited the UK in October 2020 a “Memorandum of Intent” was signed with the Ministry of Defence to secure a £1.25billion 10-year loan – with the UK agreeing to supply military equipment as part of that. (Ex)

To that end, a joint Ukrainian-British project is to build small warships for/with them. The first two ships being constructed in the UK. The remaining six vessels topped off in Ukraine.

While it’s not exactly a declaration of active support, supplying them with ‘military equipment ‘ does raise the ante a bit. Although that thought needs to be moderated by the fact that the UK is high in the league table of arms dealers to the ‘sometimes questionable’.

Anyway, all this kissing butt by our chief Muppet Johnson is raising the ‘Russian’ threat level towards us as the UK clearly supports the Ukraine.

I always think that all Intel in a burgeoning crisis is worth a mention.

Prepare for WW3

Our idiot corporal (Whoops) Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is talking us into a war with Russia as he phoned Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky and “reaffirmed his unwavering support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Meanwhile, the Ukraine wants to join NATO , and the NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg said: “NATO is the only way to end the war in Donbass.” (Gawd, what an idiot!)

IMHO it’s going to end up as remake of the Balkans war.
Probably with NATO arriving fashionably late (again).
And the UN peace keepers as useless as ever.

Oi, Johnson! Butt out! It’s not our war!

Dawns Early Light

As one of many who lived staring into the night. There was something strangely peaceful in those early hours before the world awoke enough to start another firefight.

Softly does the day break
From the noises of the night

Gentle dawn adds color
To the grayness of the night

Tired eyes ease their vigil
From staring at the night

Muscles start relaxing
From the tenseness of the night

As thoughts of home take over
From the dangers of the night

Yet, in that moment of peace, a tired smile to the dawn and the thoughts of home, came the automatic ritual of drying the rifle and re-seating the magazine.


Rising concern about EMP Devices

This is not going to make for easy reading.
For those of a sensitive nature,
I suggest you skip this one.

I make no apologies for what I’m about to scribble as the gruesome truth often gets swept aside by false hope and ill thought out B.S. bravado and inconsequential advice from within the prepping and survivalist world.

IMHO the military top bass and politicians (some of the most flaky and stupid beings on this planet) will kill us all to prove some worthless point. To that end they have created the worst weapons of mass destruction right up to planet killers. They are also currently building up their existing stockpile and developing new ways to destroy the world.

Now you know where I’m coming from.

So, let’s talk EMP.
Any nuclear weapon detonated in outer space, 30 kilometers or higher, will generate a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) damaging all kinds of electronics, blacking-out electric grids and collapsing other life-sustaining critical infrastructures. No blast, thermal, fallout or effects other than HEMP are experienced in the atmosphere and on the ground.

For me, I kinda like that idea as being slow roasted by nuclear fallout or flash fried by a nuclear popper is not exactly on my wish list.


It’s unlikely a single ‘clean’ EMP device will be triggered overhead by an enemy and that would be the end of it.

I see that as the trigger for a full nuclear response and I am thinking about MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) from the subsequent nuclear exchanges.

So worrying about whether your electronics survive is only a tiny part of what you are going to have to deal with.

As for using a radio or landline, even if it is only to listen.
All local comms will be useless during and immediately after the exchanges and distance comms virtually none existent for a longer time as the upper layers of the atmosphere reel under the damage all those poppers will cause.

NBC Notes 1974

Yet, if you did survive the initial pops, there would be no sensible access to the outside for a minimum of 14 days, no public utilities or services whatsoever (possibly for ever), massive numbers of contaminated casualties, no supply chain you could access safely, the collapse of civilization and the rule of law, to worry about.


After all that would come a nuclear winter and after that?
Does anyone really think they will come out of this scenario unscathed and carry on as usual until the world resets? If you do, whatever you’ve taken, can I have some?

Our plans?
If we survive the initial exchanges, we have plans to sit out the suggested 14 days of yesteryear Cold War thinking. Hopefully when we go out for the first time all the local ‘casualties’ would have perished.

BUT, cutting to the chase,
Even if we did survive,
Would it be worth it?

Let us talk about ARS (Acute radiation sickness).
This is caused by exposure to high levels of external radiation.
It has variable death rates and timescales.
The four stages of ARS are:

  • Prodromal stage (N-V-D stage): The classic symptoms for this stage are nausea, vomiting, as well as anorexia and possibly diarrhea (depending on dose), which occur from minutes to days following exposure.
    The symptoms may last (episodically) for minutes up to several days..
  • Latent stage:
    In this stage, the patient looks and feels generally healthy for a few hours or even up to a few weeks.
  • Manifest illness stage:
    In this stage the symptoms depend on the specific syndrome and last from hours up to several months.
  • Recovery or death:
    Most patients who do not recover will die within several months of exposure. The recovery process lasts from several weeks up to two years.
    (CDC NOTES).

What about fallout?
Rich with Alpha, Beta, and gamma emitting particulates which being close to, inhaling, ingesting, or the particles entering through your wet membranes (eyes) or cuts and abrasions, they will poison you, over time. Not forgetting the radio iodides in the ground water that can’t be easily filtered or distilled out.

There are the long term cancer risks which few like to think about and, with the collapse of medical support from the foreseeable future? Long term survival isn’t exactly looking good.

And finally
I don’t know who said it but Plato and George Santayana are two names bandied around, although not even the ex-spurts really know. This phrase always comes to mind when I’m thinking about long term survival after a full on MAD attack.

Only the dead have seen the end of war.

Now my bit.
And some may not be so lucky.

Survivalists are individuals! (Thank Gawd for that)

Meanwhile, a new term has hit the media.
The Collapsologist.
A Collapsologist wants to save society.
Survivalists are individuals (Loïc Steffan).

Hands up any preppers and survivalists who think the
current society in your country IS THE PROBLEM.

So why exactly would you want to keep the problem going to only happen again further down the line?

I really do love the article though (Link) as it brings to the forefront the thinking of some. For instance. In the UK, one of the country’s few academic “collapsologists” Dr Guy Middleton remains wary of making total apocalyptic predictions.

He saying, “But I tend to think that humanity will stagger on until it absolutely can’t. It might lose a lot of people but it’s probably not going to be in the next 50 years. We are a resilient and adaptable species.”

I could be reading this wrong, but I’m thinking this academic seems to be focused on one aspect, the slow death of the environment.

OK, that probably will happen, eventually.
Only I can’t think that far ahead and my non learned thinking goes: Why bother about stuff that may happen in 50 years time when there is so much that can kill you today.
For instance, what if Covid eats some steroids and turns so lethal and hardened that NOTHING can stop it? Or perhaps a minor event occurs like WW3.

A footnote.
The article focuses on a couple (with kids) who are now living off grid, apparently totally self sufficient. They also claim that they pay NO BILLS!

Interesting. Somehow I didn’t think living anywhere in the UK got you out of paying local taxes. If they own a car there are costs like licensing, car insurance, gas for it, annual testing, maintenance. Then clothing for growing kids, medical, etc. Plus stuff you can’t grow in Wales that are essential to life. (For example, Salt)

So I think I’ll remain a bit skeptical about claims of living life in the UK with no bills. There again, if society DOES collapse, completely, together with government, THEN they would probably get away without paying bills.

Until the local warlord arrives to collect his ‘Protection fee’, payable in goods of course, as money won’t exist.

A trigger I never saw set.

Tried laying down
Tried to sleep
Tried not to cry
Then cried in my sleep.

It’s not meant to be so simple now.
My soul laid bare should know release
Yet deep inside it must have slept
Just waiting for a night like this.

Sat once again in nights dark kiss
Recalling names and faces dear
Of laughter and of tears of rage
And a loss that cut me deep.

Shaking now and afeared
Not wanting to relive those years
Those memories of another life
Of a past I thought erased.

When the power goes off

It’s an interconnected world, too interconnected some say, and thus all the major and life critical utilities in the world are vulnerable to attack, be that physical, cyber,  or both.

These are not my words, your own military, your security experts, WWW hackers and, (in the US) homeland security’s words and, (in the UK) MI (whatever) words.

Do you all acknowledge that?
Nope, and in the main most haven’t got a clue how fragile your existence really is.
Why? Because you are fed lies and promises from your government, media, and peers that there are plans in place to prevent that from ever happening.

So I invite you to consider what would happen if you lose just one utility for a protracted time. What if something or someone brought down your national electricity supply. Not for a few hours but weeks, months, or even years.

How would that affect your life? I’ll start, with just 60 items.

No Banks No Internet
No air conditioning No IOT or remote control of facilities
No air traffic control or surveillance No jobs (no pay)
No cargo boats or ferries (fuel) No large-scale farming
No canning industry No law enforcement (rule of law)
No chemical industry
And that touches everything!
No media, libraries, newspapers
films, or publications
No coal or coke No public area lighting
No cold storage / refrigeration No long distance travel
No comms. Line, radio, or data No lubricants
No computers No manufacturing or service industry
No credit facilities No medicines distribution
No cremations No physical cash (after a while)
No deliveries No petrol or Diesel
No doctor or dental surgeries No recovery or maintenance services
No domestic gas (it’s pumped) No schools
No domestic radio or TV No security systems
No emergency services No sewage disposal
No fishing industry No sewage treatment
No flood defences No spares for repairs delivery
No food distribution No spares manufacturing
No food in shops No street lighting
No bottled water, coffee or tea No traffic control
No food processing No trains
No fuel to buy No vehicle fuel
No government No vehicles (Cars, trucks)
No GPS or weather forecasting No veterinary treatment
No health care (routine hospital care) No waste collections
No heating (controlled by electricity) No water (that’s pumped)
No heating oil No water treatment
No infrastructure repair No hightech weapons systems

Go on, add to the list.
Because if you can’t, you really haven’t considered this scenario at all!

Now think about this.
The Western governments keep on and on about Russia and hacking.
How good they are at doing that.
How they ‘keep on’ taking down systems.

So what if they did take down the poorly protected national electrical production and distribution systems (remember, not my words) of the three countries that just attacked Syria. Or because some loud mouth insulted Putin.

9 meals from anarchy
Keeps flicking into my thoughts.

And now I’ve mentioned that, how safe do you feel?
Will your government provide if it all goes dark?
After all they would have taken ‘retaliation’ into their planning wouldn’t they?
Well, would they?

I nearly bought a filter straw until.

What’s the difference between the two glasses?

Trick question really when what I should have asked is which one of these two glasses contains a radioactive substance, and right now I’m seeing this as my number one worry.

It takes three levels of filtration to get rid of radioactive matter, gaseous, dissolved, or suspended (particles). Reverse osmosis, activated charcoal, and ion exchange.
All three have some disadvantages but working together they generally do the deed.

Back to filter straws.
Generally advertised for dunking into contaminated water and filtering out biological matter, I can only find one ‘retail’ type that can filter out heavy metals, dissolved gaseous radioactive material, and a limited range of other radioactive nasties. If it does as advertised that’s great but:-


Looking at the trilogy of proven methods of ‘radiac’ decontamination, i.e. reverse osmosis (RO), activated charcoal (AC), and ion exchange IEX), it’s the RO that has me thinking the hardest.

Every hand-operated RO pump I’ve used needed considerable force for little output.
This mentioned in this snippet which explains the action of RO:-
This process requires that a high pressure be exerted on the high concentration side of the membrane, usually 2-17 bar (30-250 psi) for fresh and brackish water, and 40-70 bar (600-1000 psi) for seawater, which has around 24 bar (350 psi) natural osmotic pressure which must be overcome.
Thus RO being achieved by ‘suck power’ alone doesn’t sit well with me.

There again I could be wrong. I don’t even know if RO is a function of the straw.
Feedback from anyone who has one would be nice.

As for thinking about water-borne nasties?
I still like the simplicity of boiling the shit out of my water before drinking it.
That and I love the taste of iodine in the morning. (Not)
So my plans are sort of simple there.

I also know that I can’t afford one of these all singing ‘do it all’ anti nuke straws but am hoping that my foraging skills, and own stored supply of potable water, will see me through the dangerous first few months after a nuclear exchange.

As for thinking long-term?
For a knackered OAP who is 60 plus, just waking up each day is good.