You should never mix your drinks

The vaccine roll out in the UK is taking a turn.
Not so much for the good as the unknown.

Some chimpanzees masquerading as UK government advisors are thinking about mixing vaccines. Problem is, no one has done this before (officially) so no one knows what will happen.

And right now I’m thinking ‘T’ virus and Resident Evil aka ZOMBIE TIME!
Take the Oxford jab and the Russian Sputnik vaccine.

So will we all turn out to be good little communists eating anyone from the West? OR just suddenly like Vodka!

(Which will be wasted on me as I LOVE  Vodka!!)
Argh! What if it puts me OFF vodka! Not nice, not nice at all.

Thinking about it in those terms, has the hair just stood up on the back of your hands?

I was reminded today on how bad the world is.

Why? The age of woke is upon us!
Personally I preferred when we had only a few enemies.

Now we have to put up with Bible / Koran punching, cancel agenda, commies, knitting groups, old spinsters, ban everything, domestic terrorism, possible civil war, milksop appeasement politics, lousy governments pandering to the minority and NOT the majority, the self entitled, the super rich and mouthy celeb’s, racists, bankers, big business, history re-writers, culture cancelling, nationalists, state and social censorship, so many laws that even reading them IS AN OFFENSE, police enforcing government policy and not the law, kids wearing black pajamas, (did I mention the anti whites?) Oh yeah I did mention the RACISTS, and my all time hate (Yet another US import that has landed on our shores) Karen’s.

Not to mention Covid, vaccines, Covid deniers, and the EU, (Darn it I just did).

Hell I nearly forgot the global warmers, tree hugging, environmentalists, stupid politicians, celebs, religious leaders, the WHO, WWF, Green whatever, and local government, all trying to stop me burning my domestic waste, and use insecticides on my home grown veggies! Let alone banning log burners and drilling down to make my own well from the ground water that is only 30 feet below us!

Just stop the world as I want to get off!
Either that or nuke the planet and let the cockroaches rule at last!

Come too think about it, I need to clarify that one too in case I offend a minority group.

I’m talking about the insect version of cockroaches
and not the political variety.

Another fine mess we’re being led into.

Britain could be poised to join an alliance known as ‘Asian NATO’ in order to restrain China’s ambitions.  

Reports in Indian media have floated the idea of Britain joining the so-called ‘Quad’ which currently consists of the United States, Japan, India and Australia.  

With Britain lining up what Dominic Raab (another fk’ing armchair warrior)  has called an ‘Indo-Pacific tilt’ after its departure from the EU, membership in the ‘Quad’ would enlarge an alliance of countries who have all clashed with an assertive Beijing in recent months.  (DM)

Oh no! Surely not another US inspired fk.up.
Or is this just Boris Johnson and his goon squad latest “let’s hold hands with the stupid” plan?

For me it’s just another gang that the UK puppy is getting conned into joining. Yet another going to get nowhere but will cost a heap of money, and probably a few lives within the  UK forces’ type of pointless exercise.

There was little overt assertiveness from China until Trump took it on himself to destabilize world trading. He who should have listened to the more astute who were saying “Don’t poke the dragon”!

As a result of Trump doing just that, China retaliated and started slapping sanctions and tariffs on anyone associated with the US.

A really old game is that, and it’s called tit for tat.

Anyway, what’s this particular end game?
What’s the goal?
To slap more sanctions on China? Like they care.
Or perhaps a full on regime change in China.
(Probably doable in the eyes of some ancient almost senile general in the Pentagon or some spook in the CIA (from the Bay of Pigs era) who were both brought up to believe that it is possible to win a nuclear war).

Or maybe someone even more senile in the White House! Again from the era that thought the United States of America could beat anyone.

Still, at least one of the newly minted ‘Quad’ has plenty of experience of failing to achieve a positive result from a regime change.

There again, there is the thought going around that the West’s governments need a war to deflect people’s attention from their fk’ups regarding COVID.

So, I would say that I’m expecting a tirade of hatred towards the Chinese in the UK mainstream media and non stop China bashing on social media including the common video streamers like YouTube. Only that has been something building up for a few months.

Incidentally did you know the Chinese are responsible for all the pollution in the world? I didn’t. There again I’m not someone trying to put the blame about everything on the Chinese.

Except for COVID, 101% them, and that sucks BIG TIME.

Britain’s Covid daily death toll is one of the worst in the world. What went wrong?

What went wrong?
That’s a question being asked by a lot of media today BUT, all of them are skipping around the truth.

So, here goes, with my no way politically correct thoughts.

The government in the shape of Boris Johnson who NEVER CLOSED and never will close OUR BORDERS. That’s how the virus got in, including the later variants, and our own UK version was transmitted to the rest of the world.

Why is our death toll so high?
The government in the shape of Boris Johnson were swayed by a fool of a Oxford University ex-spurt who pushed the totally discredited notion of herd immunity. (Not to mention the cost savings).

Only they are still following that notion, just not publicly.

A senior official at Public Health England (PHE) has revealed that the UK Government is resigned to the same ‘herd immunity’ strategy outlined by the ‘Great Barrington Declaration’, where the distinguished (and publicly discredited by the rest of the world’s scientific community) Oxford University epidemiologist Professor Sunetra Gupta, (remember that name for later) among the most vocal proponents of a ‘herd immunity’ strategy.

In startling testimony before a parliamentary inquiry on Wednesday, despite its previous rejection of this strategy.

Speaking before the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee, Dr Mary Ramsay, Head of Immunisation at Public Health England, said that the UK will need to “allow the disease to circulate in younger people where it’s not causing much harm” while protecting “the people who are really vulnerable”, if the vaccine fails to sufficiently slow or prevent transmission of COVID-19. She also suggested that it may not be feasible to vaccinate the entire UK population, contrary to assurances earlier this week from Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Only it didn’t stop there.
Boris Johnson’s political party had been running the National Health Service into the ground for years and it was woefully equipped to cope with the pandemic in terms of facilities, equipment, and staff.

WHY? Money of course, what else!

Populist policies. Easter, Summer, Tourism, and Christmas.
Who would be brave enough to tell the ill-informed masses that staying at home and cancelling everything would save their lives. That and tell the big money that lives mattered not their profit margins. Then enforce it with law enforcement and the military of necessary.

In November, Johnson told people in England that up to three families would be able to mix for five days over the festive period. WOW!

And anyone with half a brain cell thought it the recipe for:
“Happy Xmas Grandad and Granny, hope you enjoy the afterlife”

Anyway, it sure as hell wasn’t going to be our pudgy little turd of a Prime Minister Boris Johnson who didn’t have the political weight or guts to cancel everything even though free movement within and out of his lines (Tiers) drawn on a map would inevitably spread the disease all around the country.

So everyone came out to play, including the virus.
Only the same mistake was continued and all routes in and out of the UK remained open with no screening process.

Yahoo today.
A group of 26 British skiers is in isolation in a French resort after 16 tested positive for Covid. Described as gap-year students who paid £8,900 each for the 10-week ski course, arrived in France by road, air or train between January 13 and 17.

Obvious to say, but if the UK borders had been closed, this wouldn’t have happened. Various media are also reporting that some of them tried to get on a train in London, complete with skis, but were stopped.
Whoever did that, WELL DONE!

Oi” You in foreign countries!
Those who lost someone from catching the UK variant of Covid.
Wanna put someone up against the wall?
One Name, Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

Why did he commit this heinous act?

Only make it a long wall because you’ll also need to add the whole of the senior members of the UK government, their political advisors and the so called scientific advisors, and all the UK’s braying big business leaders who wanted the UK to carry on regardless of the human cost.

Somewhat more than the anonymous Marines 100 but if you’re going to clean out the swamp, unlike the US, the numbers of guilty are considerably lower.

Yet will that single act cure everything?
Nope. But it’ll make for GREAT TV!

Meanwhile the woke, cancel culture, anti vaxx, anti whatever, plus the usual mob (whose name cannot be mentioned for fear of the closure of social media), and ignorant self entitlement that is rife among the UK’s sheeple, plus big business, will keep on spreading the virus.

Is this country lost?
First impression is yes as they can’t even get the immunization process right and are wasting vaccines by not following the first jab with the second LOCK IN vaccination within the time frames detailed in the drugs approval.

Why? Same question, same answer:-

23 old folk die after the Pfizer Jab.

NORWAY reported that 23 elderly people have died within days of taking the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, with 13 of those deaths said to be related to “side effects”. Besides those that died, nine had suffered serious side effects including allergic reactions, strong discomfort and severe fever. Seven had less serious ones such as pain at the injection site. (Express)

And not one of our government even blinks!

Meanwhile 2 million have been jabbed up so far.
And while the numbers have the political Muppet’s braying they’ve got the virus licked, the reality is 66 million are still unprotected.

With Pfizer DROPPING it’s production rate to increase their production?
Not quite sure how that works but I feel a price increase coming on.

The breaking of the drugs approved dosage schedule of when the second dose will be administered.

All I’m sensing is the build up of a massive FUCK UP typical of the UK Gov.

72 hours for Brazilian variant to walk into the UK.

Strict new Covid travel rules on people coming into England have been delayed for three days despite mounting fears over the virus.

It’s like no one in the UK Government understands the word

Anyone arriving in England was going to have to get a coronavirus test, and ensure the result is negative, from 4am FRIDAY. But late last night, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the requirement would only kick in at 4am on MONDAY. He bizarrely announced the delay on Twitter with no formal government press release, and it was unclear why it had happened.

Mr Shapps said the delay was “to give international arrivals time to prepare”. But the government had claimed it would be from this week.

So when the Brazilian variant enters, we now know who to blame, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.

So that’s Hancock, and Shapps.
Both following the ‘Johnson line’.


When the argument for ring fencing London rings loud.

One in 30 people is thought to be infected in London – compared to one in 50 nationally.

London seems to have been the launch point for EVERY phase of the Covid-19 dissemination around the UK.
It’s definitely the world’s access point for variants into the country and the #1 onward transmitter of those variants to the world.

So, is it time to ring fence and isolate London?
By ring fencing I mean the blocking of all routes in and out of the capital by using the M25 circular (which surrounds London) as foundations for a 15 foot high barbed wire fence.

That (and I know I keep saying this) shutting down the ports, airports and rail links?

Someone is bound to say what about food?
One heavily, manned by police and inspectors, junction in and one out for commercial food and others essentials.

What, not an option as it would be political death for Boris Johnson’s government.

Like I care. Lives matter and the governments love of money needs to be pushed onto the back burner.

Or it may be easier to just sterilize London.

The Idiocy Of Health Secretary (Muppet Man) Hancock

Problems with the coronavirus vaccine roll out to GPs were laid bare after it emerged that a surgery visited by Matt Hancock to promote the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab had not yet received any supplies when the health secretary was there. (Guardian)

This is 100% Muppet Man Bull Crap.
Stood outside a surgery door, boasting about something he is meant to be organizing that just isn’t happening.

Now all we need is that idiot PM Johnson to go on TV boasting about the roll out of vaccines and the sad comedy of the UKGov will be exposed as what it is.

OMG, on LBC News, 0530 GMT, 8 Jan, and away Johnson goes bragging about a roll out which is anything but.

We live with Sad, Dangerous, and Inept, all at the same time.

Meanwhile, next week, anyone who wants into the UK will have to produce a “NEGATIVE Covid-19 test”. WOW, talk about too little, too late.

This comes:-
15 months after the first case arrived in the UK.

15 months of the importation of a deadly virus, unchecked, because the UK government worries more about money than people’s lives.
And still the routes in, out, and through the UK still operate.
Thus we will remain the world’s #1 virus distribution hub to the world.