A survival board asked two things:

  1. When would you give up?
    Too mean and pigheaded to give in, I suppose my physical limitations would eventually be my undoing.Some would say the loss of a loved one would cause some to give in.
    To give up or not avenge such a loss is an insult to their memory.
    Being ‘old school’ that would be my motivation to keep going.
  2. When would you go dark? (Disappear)
    Too old to care, or even try, and too sensible to think ANYONE can go truly dark even if they have unlimited funds. At sometime you will have to interact with someone.

The best I could go is grey (man).
Only to what end?

Going grey don’t remove you from where you are.
Besides, going grey is just a diversion to protect yourself from the sheeple.
Locally someone will know you if only by face.
In an event people will latch onto those they know.
So unless you are incredibly lucky and NO ONE knows you there is always a professionals eye to worry about.

It’s foolish to think that under professional surveillance you would truly blend in with everyone else.

Even if you decide to relocate to ensure the transition into the grey (man) won’t include  ‘baggage’ aka past life, you will interact with someone eventually. Without a cast iron past, a legend of stone, you will fail  eventually and have to move on.

Some say the only way is to go completely off grid as the extra boost to the grey man repertoire. It’s a fallacy to think distance cures all, as any new face will eventually attract some sort of attention.
After all you have to resupply and you may need medical  / dental care. In today’s world you will have to go somewhere , some time,  and will interact with others.

Bottom line?
All reasonable options have their weaknesses, and faults.
You just have to learn to work within those limitations.

That and have plans what you are going to do WHEN your cover is blown.

My take on Foraging in Survival

This post forms a sort of ‘Part two’ to what type of prepper I am.

What is foraging in survival terms?
The text books list:

  • Foraging is searching for and exploiting natural food resources i.e. berries, nuts, and “wild” meat.
  • Scavenging implies taking of essential items such as food, water, shelter, or other material needed for survival.
  • Looting is different from scavenging and foraging as it implies taking items of luxury or not necessary for survival goods such as , precious metals, or other valuables.

The line between the three elements is difficult to interpret and on the ground the military or temporarily appointed “authority” would just treat everything as Looting. If martial law has been declared and summary justice authorized OR if street justice is in force, anyone caught stands a good chance of being killed.

That’s something that is paramount in my thinking as others rely on my skill set. Personal safety first as I can always come back later if I cannot find another source of what I need.

The boring legal bit follows.
Some of the content that follows describes techniques and activities, which may not be clearly identifiable as being illegal. It is the responsibility of the individual to abide by the law at all times. It is not recommended that any of the activities described actually be carried out. This article is informative entertainment purposes only. NEVER BREAK THE LAW.

So, where to start?
In survival terms, if you haven’t got what you need you’ll either have to make it, improvise, or go and get it.

The standard list of I need goes SHELTER, CLIMATE CONTROL (heating or cooling), FUEL / BATTERIES, CLEAN WATER, MEDICINES, FOOD, and whatever else you need.

Take the item SHELTER.
Scenario. You’ve broken down in winter outside an empty house, miles from help. Your choices are, stay in the car and freeze, or get into the house and the possibility of being able to call for help. AND YOUR CHOICE IS? Mine is to live by getting into the house ASAP using the minimal force and causing the least damage.

Another Scenario.
You’ve broken down in winter outside an occupied house, miles from help and the owner won’t let you in to shelter from the storm. He’s armed, or not, it makes non difference. To stay outside is death. AND YOUR CHOICE IS? Mine is I will gain entry one way or the other. The good Samaritan would have let me in so this one is either an idiot, scared, or a smart arse. So, I will force entry, and defend myself using the minimum of force necessary, in order to live.

Those two examples will show how I view EVERYTHING in survival terms.
There are no taboo’s, no limits, if you need something to survive, go for it.

What follows may seem like a lot of work ESPECIALLY if the Rule of Law has collapsed BUT you must appreciate that YOUR safety is paramount.
After all you can’t forage, scavenge, or protect your family if you are in jail or worse i.e. DEAD.

So what’s this all about? Getting in, out, and away INTACT with what you need.
There are three stages to this, surveillance, testing response, and your actions.

  • Surveillance / observation will tell you WHAT security is in place.
  • Testing response is all about what would happen WHEN you try to acquire things.
  • Your actions? They are determined by THE OTHER TWO.

Surveillance is all about finding out what you will have to cope with.

  • Physical Security (Both external and if possible Internal).
  • Caution is needed with carrying out an internal survey as your visit could be monitored and recorded by CCTV. Remember the police like to review old security tapes / disks after an intrusion.
  • Electronic systems i.e. CCTV, Alarms, Smart Water, Smoke Curtain, or noise bomb.
    BOLO for signage. Got to love UK HSE regulations haven’t you.
  • Can they call in Air Support or Aerial Surveillance
    If the area is under military control, both of the above could be a problem. Don’t forget they may have IR capabilities.
  • How far is the security firms base of operations from the site?
    Important information as you may need to consider that responding officers may arrive from two different directions.
    Does the security change M-F, weekends, or during national holidays?
    Look for the “B” team. Every firm has one. The idiots, the lazy, the apathetic.
    Is it manned security and if so is it 24 hr or just casual visit.
    If it is 24 hour I’d leave the site alone and move on BUT if you are desperate, be mindful that multi-manned sites usually operate local shifts i.e. one sleeps whilst the other patrols. Miss that and you could walk into double the trouble. Another reason for leaving a manned site alone.
    If casual visits are the norm, are those visits predictable?
  • Look for dogs. If there are dogs forget it and move on. Unless you can kill them prior to entering, the danger of harm to you is too great a risk.
  • WHAT resources does the response unit use i.e. Personnel only, personnel with dogs, are they armed?
  • What is their REACTION time to an alarm at different times, i.e. Daytime, Pre 03 h, After 04 h
  • HOW long are they going to stay on site  i.e. in and out in 5 minutes or stay hours on the site.
  • HOW do they react  i.e. a full search or just a gate rattle.
  • Are they alone, accompanied, male, female, armed, with a dog?
  • Is there a military, LEO, or authority, presence that forms part of the targets procedures. IF there is, walk away.
    IF they call for help, you might end up taking on a formidable response.

Testing Response
The simplest way of finding this out is to do what alarm companies hate, multiple false alarms. Having been a rapid response driver for a few security firms, I know that when an alarm goes off during conditions that are less than ideal i.e.windy, storms,when it is too hot or cold, responses are slower than normal. This is because false alarm rates soar on these occasions.

Note:- The second response to any site is usually faster than the first. Mainly because the driver now KNOWS the route to the location.

Providing there is no visible damage or signs of entry, multiple false alarms will usually result in turning the alarm system off pending investigation and repair the next day. It is rare for a mobile patrol to remain on site and even rarer for a key holder to stay.

In normal life (Not SHTF) Most security drivers have a large area to cover. If they are not carrying internal access keys (they rarely do for insurance reasons) they are usually limited to external checks probably only having a perimeter gate access card / key / or digital lock combination.

Regarding timing of false alarms.
Drivers are nearly always under time pressure to complete a round.
Give them at least 30-40 minutes on exit before triggering the alarm. Think random in timing though.
For example two false trips EXACTLY 30 minutes apart might raise attention.
Your objective is to put distance between the responder and the site. It must look like a continuous, if random, problem. The more they have to travel, the more the irritation factor kicks in. Especially from their control room.

For those have never worked civilian night patrol, 15 or more sites are normal for the average night patrol with 2 to 3 visits per site over a 12 hour shift the norm.

It is not uncommon for an urban driver to exceed 200 miles a shift.
Add a rural element and for one firm I was driving 300 miles a night.

Looking at the maths, that’s an average of 8 hours driving.
That leaves 4 hours “search” time.
15 sites, 2 visits a night, 30 visits or 8 minutes a site.
15 sites, 3 visits a night, 45 visits or 5 minutes a site.

Mostly it’s all about meeting insurance requirements not a proper crime deterrent. It’s also almost impossible to do this on a truly random sequence.  Geography always kicks in and it’s rare that drivers will shuttle from district to district in a random fashion.

It’s also unlikely that the key holder will attend in the small hours unless there is visible damage. Of course if they do and stay, you will just quietly move on.
Don’t just drive off from your OP though.
You stand a very good chance of being spotted and may even run into pre-warned extra patrols.

Bear in mind that what I have described happens in normal circumstances.
Add a bit of civil disturbance, mayhem, etc. and everything takes on a different persona. If anything life for the forager/ scavenger becomes easier.

Getting in.
Forget fancy. Think simple, fast, and energy-efficient.
Think Maximum Gain For Minimum Effort.
No perimeter security means you could just bust your way in using basic tools and techniques.
Don’t forget that getting in is only part of the problem.

Never enter a location without having at least one other way out
If you have the slightest doubt about anything, listen to that doubt and LEAVE.

Consider that time is critical and some internal defences could be hazardous to your well-being i.e.

  • SMART WATER sprays or other UV staining dyes can contaminate both clothing and skin. If you are then exposed to UV light, you “fluoresce ” or glow. It lasts for weeks.
  • Sound Bomb and Infra sound can upset your equilibrium for a long time.
  • Smoke, noxious air, and fire suppressant (sometimes used illegally as part of an alarm system) can affect your health.
  • Electric fences, bullets, and dogs can also be “harmful” to your well-being.
  • And, in times of emergencies or conflict, Mines, Man and Booby Traps could have been set.

Thoughts about your safety on accessing property
Consider the UK 2010 Riots.
Nearly all those caught were identified by CCTV. Why?
Because in the heat of the moment, they forgot to disguise themselves and the basics of forensics.

Survival, foraging and scavenging is not a game.
Your goal may be to survive during an event BUT all events end and then the consequences of your actions may be considered.
If the various security systems are still working and marshal law prevails, the last thing you need to be is to be identifiable.
Being hauled before a military tribunal could result in summary justice i.e. YOUR DEATH.

Dress appropriately.
Wear Waterproof hooded outer layers.
Drab common make clothing, slit balaclava, hat, gloves, and safety glasses.
Preferably clothing you can discard in case of UV Sprays
Use generic style footwear as unusual tread patterns can identify you.
Some even cover their boots with socks.
CARRY EAR PLUGS as defence against sound bombs.
Empty pockets, use standard patrol noise control procedures.

Shop to a list BUT include BOLO’s.
Access with a suitably sized rucksack.
Keep your hands free at all times.
If you are using a vehicle, Gray man it and anonymize your ride.
Leave your tools outside or hide them on entry after all you did find the door WIDE OPEN didn’t you?

If you are discovered, dump your load.
Taking shelter is a lesser charge than being accused of looting.

Timing your intrusion.
Get In, Get Out, as fast as possible.
You could use a bolt cropper, hammers, bars, lock picks, and saws if the site is unmanned and NOT under CCTV surveillance but it could take a long time and TIME ON SITE IS YOUR ENEMY.

Give yourself NO LONGER than 3 minutes inside ANY premises.
That’s an ABSOLUTE.
Longer than that is not only TACTICALLY STUPID but POSSIBLY SUICIDE if the SHTF and martial law has been declared.

A simple clockwork egg timer is useful, small, light, and insistent.
It also has another function.
IF someone appears on site, you can reset it to act as a diversion.

Too breach a gate, fence or a security grill at speed, use a vehicle.
Cutting or breaking locks isn’t easy.
Bolt cutters need to be a MINIMUM of 4 foot long.
Don’t try to crash through fencing.
Consider using a grapple or log hook with a line and pull the object out-of-the-way.
The last thing you need is a damaged vehicle.
Lorry straps are really strong. Add a couple of “D” links (aka Snap links) and simple to loop round things and jerk them down and out.
Memo:- Any vehicle you use should have a tow bar fitted as standard.

PIR / Other movement detectors
If you haven’t been detected by external means, the chances are as soon as you enter SOMETHING will detect you. 
Your problem is when nothing local goes off like an alarm bell. Just because you can’t hear anything, it doesn’t mean that the alarm hasn’t phoned out or radioed your actions.

Windows that open are usually linked into the security system or at least facing a sensor.
If you have to smash it, pop the corners using an engineers automatic punch and push it in. Use a cloth to cover the sill when you enter as cuts in a survival situation can be fatal.

All access points are normally alarmed, sometimes hardened and can trigger internal defences or alarms.
Having said that, UVPVC is generally your friend.
In the UK sub standard UVPVC units is the norm not the exception.
Panels can be kicked out, beading removed, protruding locks “snapped” or “pulled”.
Look for thumb turn locks on the inside. There are simple wire tools to bypass these items. Look on YouTube for designs.
Keys left in locks or half in /out? Again simple wire tools are used to pull and turn them.
Don’t forget the domestic integral garage and door into the property.
It puts you under cover and usually gives you access to the home owners tools.

Doors, carry a couple of simple wood wedges. Use them to prevent someone using the door you just pried open. Don’t forget to check that there is a way of opening the door on BOTH SIDES. IF in doubt, wedge the door open.

Am I contradicting myself?
Not if you think about entering a room you cannot get out of.

WTH! Sometimes builders put all their energies into hardening doors and windows. Yet, in some industrial units, a good shove with a truck tow bar may punch an accessible hole in a single brick skin or distort an aluminum shutter enough for you to squeeze in. After all a one tonne mallet is kinda efficient at doing that as opposed to a lump or sledge hammer.

Forget it. If you can’t shim or bypass a lock in under a minute, break in with the minimum visible damage.

Digital locks are simple to defeat with simple 6×6,7×7, 8×8 (standard), 9×9 mm metal “shim” tools. Don’t forget these locks are usually made of die cast aluminum bodies that yield easily to a standard 2 lb lump hammer.

Cheaper laminated snap shut type and some brass body ones can be opened using soda can shims. Not forgetting the simpler solution of a duck-bill wedge and sledgehammer. A noisy solution but highly effective. I carry a spare padlock to replace the one I cut.
Why? Because it delays entry to see what is going on. That could give you the few minutes you need to escape.

Alarm Sounders.
Don’t play round trying to disable these. Most are electronic and hardened.
You may be able to shut them down but the alarm may also be hard-wired into a central control office. All you are doing is wasting time by playing with them.
This is why I advocate the 3 minute limit especially in an urban environment.

Had enough?
Bottom line. PPPPP.
Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.
Get in and out quickly.
If there is a shred of doubt in your mind about something not being right,

Not once, but twice.

President Trump impeached for historic second time, heightened security in Washington ahead of inauguration, and police search for far-right extremists within ranks.

Heightened security? Nice polite way of saying the city is rammed full of national guard and a whole host of TLA agencies and LEO’s.

So everyone is safe now?   You’re kidding right!?!

Only a fool attacks a well armed citadel.
Even though there’s a few of them around.
It’s not them you need to be watchful for.

I’ve got it in my mind that when security is heavy in one place, it makes it light in others. That’s guerilla tactics 101. You attack what you know you can take.

The impact will be the same and, in this case, central government will be kicking itself for not thinking outside the box.

So who or what being targeted would be a spectacular of sufficient magnitude to make the whole world sit up and go “WOW.

The two obvious ones are Trump and Biden.
Impossible targets? Nothing is impossible.
All it takes is MONEY to employ the right person or fund the right group!

Then there are the key members of the administration.
I could, for instance, talk about the speaker.
And right down the political food chain.

The principal of destabilization by the ‘abrupt removal’ of key leadership is not unknown. After that it’s more a case of who flinches first as who would want a job that makes you a target? Especially if you saw that your predecessor, and the one before that, ‘retired’ before their time.

I’m also minded of an infamous quote by the UK’s nemesis, the IRA.
Following the failed Brighton Bombing that targeted Margaret Thatcher.
“Today we were unlucky, but remember we only have to be lucky once”.

I’m not quite sure what the mindset of the US people are, but I’ve got a nasty feeling that this won’t end just because a ceremony goes off without hitch. The angst will remain active for a considerable time. Besides that, “To the victor goes the spoils”, and it is the most stupid of the victor that then exacts punishment on the vanquished.

Last time I checked, I found that politics was also rammed full of stupid.



It has been proposed, and being evaluated, that you will have to carry a Covid-19 Certification/Passport and you will need for an assigned individual QR code, referring to a national database, for Covid-19 test results.

Public venues like pubs, schools and workplaces would be able to scan the code to check the profile, which includes a photo, and confirm the visitor is Covid-19 free before letting them in. (Original story DM)

The UK’s Department of Health source said the scheme was ‘exploratory work’ and the system was not being introduced imminently. ‘It is about looking at ways we could use this in future,’ the source added. ‘It is looking at whether it would be possible. ‘There are no plans to introduce immunity passports.’The UKGov have awarded contracts and handed over money.
So in my mind, it’s only a matter of when.

I wonder, what happens if you don’t want to play, or can’t comply?
Jail time? Shot while trying to escape?
Or, if you are barred from shops, starvation for the incapable, infirm, housebound, or those who aren’t resourceful?

The danger is obvious. “Public venues” will be, as usual, a mission creep by the UK Government to include EVERYWHERE.

That could exclude people from medical care, shopping, banking, use of public transport, and, you name it, this B.S. can be applied to it.

Big Brother is just around the corner folks and that SUCKS big time.
This has the capacity to make the UK into a total surveillance state. Monitoring everything you do.

So, if I may suggest, you all need to decide, PDQ, WHAT ARE YOU?
A QR Code, a number, a sheeple, or a human being?

Rave over, Stand Easy!

Old World Courtesies

Morning, Hi, Hello, Please, Thank you, Sir, Ma’am, a smile, a raised open hand, a quick nod, and holding doors for others. All tools for the wise.

In shops or business’s.
If a person is wearing a name tag, use the name. Ask how their day is going, just speak to them. Especially the little people like we are.

Some respond freely, some are literally stunned that you passed the time of day with them and wishing them well. Yet, again, in this harsh fast moving, largely ignorant world, it lifts that person. Do it enough and they get to know you. Maybe not to a friendship but in other ways that help both parties.

A smile, wave, or a raised hand to those we know or to acknowledge others on the roads. Courtesy on roads, giving people room on sidewalks, and if safe, assisting others in distress.

SWMBO is the scribe, brilliant on the phone, yet a polite devil when haggling. All done leaving the other feeling good (and car salesmen changing their shirts)

Emails, texts, printed letters, forms.
Cold, impersonal, yet if you sign off “nicely”, it does make a difference.
I used to have a little ‘bunny’ stamp for written work which evolved into an avatar over the years as electronics took the personal out of communications.

Phones or face to face.
Introducing yourself and politely asking their name.
Now it’s personal and a fairly accurate way of judging another.
Start nicely, and ‘whatever’ generally ends nicely.

Show an interest in the person, or a voice, and it lifts them, they generally get helpful in return. Now all this could sound like an old couple setting themselves up for a fall. Except there are those who have tried, and failed.

Maybe too many of the polite ways have been dropped in today’s overly aggressive and fast moving world. That has a knock on effect.

Give Aggression, Get Aggression.

Thus there is another side to this. A self preservation side.
Just because you carry a big stick (and I carry TWO) doesn’t mean you have to wade in with it/them from the get go, unless of course there is no choice.

There is a calculated observation behind our friendly, helpful, and politeness offered when facing strangers.

It allows us to assess another, to gauge their ‘mental state’ and personality, to quantify any latent hostility or aggression.
It allows us to pick out the one we NEED to talk to.
The one who is the leader of the pack.

In a group, there is always a mouthy one.
They aren’t generally the one in charge and that’s the one we’re looking for. That process follows a routine, a standard set of Q & A that triggers off alarm bells if a person reacts wrongly in verbal and body language assessments.

I have disarmed aggression before by simply ignoring the mouthy one and addressing the leader.
Asking why they would let a idiot reduce their standing.
How the mouthy one’s disrespect lowers the worth of the whole group.
Looking beyond the mouthy into the eyes of the quiet confident one in the sidelines. Dangerous? Sometimes, as the mouthy one always has something to prove. Yet to down that person hard while maintaining control yet still asking who is in charge, while looking at the quiet one, has paid dividends in the past.

So I have shifted the whole tone of this from old world values, courtesies, and people skills, to dealing with aggression. Somehow fitting in this violence filled world we find ourselves in nowadays.

A question. How would you deal with the self assured over confident scum in black pyjamas?

Reasoning never works on YouTube, but it does seem that a smack in the mouth gets results. Down the aggressor, and his number two. while advancing on the rest being VERY careful to watch for the sly ‘child like scum’ with a blade.

Is that something a singleton can do? NO, and HELL NO!
When dealing with scum it is always best to have someone watching your back and someone else watching BOTH your backs.

Yet I digress a bit BUT with good reason.
There is an underclass in society that was never raised properly.
Easily identifiable in the main by the black their mummies dress them in and the rags they cover their faces with.
They are mainly spawn from millennial’s.
Some rich, some not.

Some from solid family units, some not.
Social groups / gangs that have been schooled and indoctrinated in the new Liberal ‘self entitled’ agenda.

Some are influenced by the Antifa and, for example, Black Lives Matters propaganda.

There is no way of conversing with them that I can see, so if confronted and withdrawal isn’t an option, take as many as you can. Do unto others before they do you, sort of thing. IMHO you’ll be doing the world a favor by doing so.

To end this post I will do so politely.
People skills, body language, with meet and greet protocols for both business and pleasure. Few realize that the basic pleasantries are a way of setting a standard for a meeting of strangers, and establishing an acceptable pattern of behaviour. Something I think is not taught enough nowadays.

Y’all have a good day now! (Except the black pyjamas)

UK Policing on Covid-19 Tier 4 restrictions to stay low key, if not at all.

The Police Federation say they won’t be knocking on people’s doors on Christmas Day. [As] “we have no power of entry”.

It’s quite simple, and I fully understand their feelings and assessment, when the Federation’s comments concluded with “You’ve lost the goodwill of the public.”

So, although every bone in my body is screaming, “FFS stay away from us!” The blatant truth of the matter is that the only people capable of enforcing that aren’t going to do so.

Now I can imagine that some foreign police will be ‘vigilant’ if called for. Only UK police numbers and ‘resources’ are more ‘wanting’ than efficient, due to poor investment and funding by the UKGov.

As a result, our ‘thin blue line’ would probably collapse if faced with the total withdrawal of public goodwill and national protest against the poorly thought out restrictions, ‘enforcement’, and the posturing of the Health Secretary Matt Hancock / UKGov regarding Covid-19.

Thus I firmly believe that we are still only 9 meals (3 days) from anarchy if:-

  • The good will towards policing totally collapses.
  • The current chaos being generated by the UKGov on something they were criminally slow to react to. (i.e. The new highly communicable variant of the Covid-19 virus they KNEW ABOUT back in September) gets truly out of hand.
  • The EU’s BREXIT negotiations farce continues or PM Johnson sells the country out.
  • Economic collapse occurs
  • And Europe’s stupid blockade of goods both in and out of the UK continues.

Y’all have a good Christmas now.
Paul & Di Gray.

Sometimes it ‘s good to learn in the comfort of your armchair.

I don’t usually name sources I watch but I think this could be of interest. Active Self Protection (ASP) on YouTube. I’ve been a fan for a few years now. To me it’s a useful refresher course on a wide range of tactical issues (and not one blue barrel or a beep machine in sight) and I find myself nowadays running the clip through WITHOUT the preamble to work out for myself WTH is going on and my probable reactions from my take on things. Then I run it through with sound to see if I was right.

Getting around the guns for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The unpredictability and possible scope of interpreting the scenario WRONGLY is huge, and I freely admit, I do read a lot wrong!

Having said that, most of it is police involvement, and therefore their actions are pretty predictable. Even though those “professionals” are dealing with the worst in unpredictable i.e. civilians.

However, where it gets interesting for me is when it’s civilian v civilian.
Good v Bad, variations where bad comes in as insane, born mean, enraged, drunk, drugged, and just plain stupid. From a victim side of things mugging, street and venue crime, and home invasions in particular.

Try it sometime. After all it beats the hell out of hearing, “Shooter ready”, BEEEEP! and loosing shots off in an environment that DOESN’T shoot back.

There again, that’s what a good session with urban (MOUT) Airsoft comes into it’s own. (And a few hardened gun nuts fall to the floor laughing hysterically).

In real life, I still retain the ability to look at something with “What’s wrong with this picture” which is kinda useful. Top that up with the occasional episode of hyper-awareness, and I don’t usually miss a lot.

Yet there lies a major problem for me.
I still tend to slap leather that isn’t there and something I just can’t get out of. That could be taken as a threat / danger IF I was ever to carry again. Only it isn’t and something that was hammered into me by my mentor.

A handgun held covertly is wayyyy better than having a fast draw.

What is it they say?
The eyes show the intent but it’s the hands that do the deed!
ASP has a variation on that theme, but that’s what I was taught years before YouTube. So, if walking at night or in a elevated state of awareness, I’m always looking into eyes, counting hands, and worrying about what’s in a dudes pocket he’s got a hold of.

I suppose the final bit has to be a few questions.
How street aware are you nowadays?
Are you ‘suitably equipped’ ALL THE TIME?
Has that awareness rubbed off on your partner?
If it hasn’t, do you automatically position them to reduce the risk to them?

Plus the old adage,
It’s sometimes OK to meet and greet, be polite, friendly even, but always have a plan to put that person down should they turn ‘nasty’.

Be safe people.

Let the games begin!

JOE BIDEN has officially won the US Presidential election after the Electoral College finalized the result.

So, that’s going to the cue for all out civil war within the US.
Bombings, arson, rioting, looting, shootings, domestic terrorism, targeted assassinations both civil and state. Martial Law, and army on the streets.

The whole nine yards of nastiness coming to your neighborhood in the next few days, weeks, or perhaps month’s.

God be with you boys and girls.
Because I think you’ll need all the help you can muster.

A View From The Range: Rising Violence

I’ve reblogged this for my UK readers as some of them are looking at the US with some amusement at what is occurring there.

IT ISN’T ANYTHING TO TAKE LIGHTLY because it’s a warning of what will happen here in our ‘Untied’ Kingdom and most of the ‘old world’.

That being the breakdown of our (so called) civilized and tolerant society, which is already evident in the soaring crime, deaths, and civil disorder.

Prepper 365

Violence is raging across the US in various forms and for various reasons, and many Americans are rightly concerned that this will only get worse. You are likely aware, unless you rely solely on the alphabet news, that the violence in our cities has NOT stopped or even slowed, but grown unchecked. Its nothing new that people are shot in Chicago every single weekend, but the sheer number of shootings is surging. Murders in NYC have doubled, but their liberal policies put those thugs right back on the street while at the same time these corrupt politicians point their greasy fingers at law abiding gun owners. The radicals in Portland have themselves another ‘autonomous’ zone and are reportedly heavily armed, while law enforcement stands there handcuffed by a corrupt local government. Did I mention all the convicted felons being released by some liberal States and cities to ‘stop the threat’…

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Fades to Gray

It’s night-time, dark, but you can make things out,
In front of you is something that goes BOOM.
The instructions are, “Cut the brown wire, not the red!”
Which is fine if you have a torch or can make out the colors.
Except tonight, you cannot show light so can’t make out the colors.

Stuffed? Probably, but why does your sight ‘fail you’ at night?
The good news is it doesn’t, sort of, as it’s trying to make good out of a bad scenario.

Your eye has two sets of light receptors.
One set defines color (Cones), the other light intensity but only in shades of gray (Rods). The problem you have is color needs more ‘processing’ than light levels and color is not really as important as seeing in low light levels. Which is also why I often write, “as everything faded to gray”.

That and nature doesn’t make IED’s, just some really scary night hunters.

Enter night vision equipment.
And another tiny problem.
Most only ‘see’ in gray scale or a color, usually green.
Why? For the same reason as the eye.
Color isn’t really necessary at night but seeing is!

Yet what color would a red wire look under a green light? BLACK.
OK, what color would a brown wire look under green light? Black(ish).
Feel confident enough to cut the right wire? I wouldn’t.

What’s the alternative?
Use a white light, shield it well, and only look at it with ONE EYE CLOSED.
Why? Because white or bright light will destroy your night vision.
BUT you’ll retain that all important night vision in that closed eye.

As a finale something I was asked a lot when rabbit shooting.
I always used low power white light for bunnies and red light for everything else when night shooting.
So why do some hunters use colored filters on lamps when out at night?
Basically most animals don’t see colors as clearly as humans.

  • Take a dog (and similar species).
    Reds are seen as shades of Brown and everything else as shades of Blue.
    So it follows that low intensity Deep Reds will be seen as a ‘glow’ but drastically reduced in “power / intensity”. Plus their eyes have a light intensifier built in, the Taptum, a mirror light membrane that lights up a treat in most colors.
    Thus, I always used low power lamps.
    Just enough to show the eyes and allow me to make out their form for shot placement.
  • Deer?
    It turns out to be the same as above BUT!
    Using a washing powder with ‘color enhancers’ and you will light up as their eyes can pick out the ultraviolet ingredient way better than you can.
    (Memo to wife:- If you want meat on the table, stop washing my camo!)
  • Rabbit and white light? They freeze right?
    Only it’s not so much being dumb as the light causes their pupils to contract, and they lose all distance perception. Which is why if you are really quiet of foot, you can get within feet of them before they bolt. Sound triggering that flight, not light.
    To that I can add they are also farsighted and do not have the ‘mirror effect of the Taptum’ in some animals which increases their night vision.
    Thus, evolution made them good in half light but bad in the dark.
    As for color perception? They can see Blues, Greens, but not Reds.
    So, if all else fails, and you don’t know what to use as a lamp filter, I’d stick with RED only low power DEEP RED.

After all, all you need to see is their eyes and their general body position to work out that one shot one dinner result.

Damn it, sales in high power lamps have just plummeted.
I WISH! BUT why am I wishing?
Ever been lamping and a jerk in a Landover is sweeping the next field with a 500 watt white lamp? Bang goes your night vision.

So now you have to take a half hour off, preferably with a drink and something to eat, to allow your night vision to build up again. That and sit behind a substantial tree as those sorts of idiots care little for backdrop dangers.

One Eye Or Two

Using One Eye or Both eyes is a growing discussion when training a new shooter OR converting a traditionally trained shooter to combat / self-defense shooting or hunting.

It all starts by checking which is your dominant eye. Why?
Because that’s the eye which see’s better and transfers visual data to the brain faster than the other.
Some would argue they KNOW which is their dominant eye.
While it is true that dominance is usually fixed by age 10, as you age, your eyes can differ in performance. As demonstrated by the need for two different magnifications in glasses. As a result eye dominance CAN CHANGE.
So do yourself a favor and check which is now your dominant eye.

How to find your dominant eye?
Extend your arms out in front of you and create a triangle.
Keep both eyes open quickly ‘frame’ an object further than 20 meters.
Now close your left eye.
If the object stays centered, right is your dominant eye.
Open left close right.
If the object stays centered, left is your dominant eye.

Only occasionally you may be left or right-handed with the opposite side as your dominant eye. That can become problematic, BUT however you hold your rifle, you always use the eye that is closest to the weapon.

Wanna change your eye dominance because you find you are cross handed to your dominant eye? You can change it over time by suppressing the dominant eye by using an eye patch. Something gun owners have been doing forever.

One eye verses keeping both open.

  • Most people find it easier and more natural when on a range.
  • It allows you to use your stronger dominant eye
  • It’s easier to sharpen your focus with your dominant eye.
  • EXCEPT, you will lose some of your field of view by only using one eye.

On the streets, in real life, it may cause you to not see the bad guy’s buddy as your FOV is restricted.

Using two eyes verses one eye

  • You regain your full field of vision thus preserving your peripheral vision. In a self-defense mode, that’s crucial.
  • Two eyes assists with ranging, elevation problems and wind speed calculations.
  • Two eyes allows you to quickly swap onto another target as you can already see it with your other eye.
  • However, some may find it more difficult to focus the foresight / reticle onto  target if you are not using your dominant eye.
    The good news is you can retrain your eyes to do this. (Eye patch)
  • Except, for some, that’s not always easy and, for them,  to convert from only using one eye to using both is an acquired skill.

Personally, if you are using a weapon for self-defense, I would recommend using both eyes open.

Copper (analogue) Telephone Systems (Reblog)

With everyone going digital and optic fiber, there may come a time when all that complication gets fried. Having the ability to jack into an over head phone line (or a roadside cabinet) could give you access to basic comms. Thus years ago I developed a technique that allowed me to do so including the ability to hard wire a portable modem onto a working phone line.

With recent digital communication and fiber outages around me, the knowledge would have been useful in an emergency as although most exchanges are digital, emergency lines remain viable for at least 48 hours.

CAUTION:- Techniques listed are illegal in the UK (And probably everywhere else). This is purely an educational info post.

Come a major event, the one thing that may keep going is the phone system. Well at least for a while. It’s dead easy to splice into the UK telephone system in an emergency.

Between you and an exchange a telephone essentially runs off two wires.

The ‘A’ wire which sits at Zero Volts to Earth
The ‘B’ wire which sits at -50 volts DC to Earth

The voltage comes from batteries at the exchange.

Pin /Wire/Volts 2/B/-50 5/A/0V 2/B/-50 5/A/0V 2/B/-50 5/A/0V 2/B/-50 5/A/0V
Type Pair One Two Three Four
No.12 One Orange White
No.10 Two Orange White Green Black
No.10B Two Orange White Green Black
55M Four Orange White Green Black Red Grey Blue Brown

You need to connect a handset across a pair of these wires i.e.
Orange/White or Green/Black or Red/Grey or Blue/Brown.

A handset is made out of a cheap wall mounted phone, a BT to RJ11 adapter, and two miniature crocodile clips Black and Red
Looking at the standard BT plug, it’s got 6 pins (but usually only 4 are used).
You need to use pin 2 and 5 with pin 1 the opposite side to the locking tab.

Cutting the RJ11 plug off, you’ll be faced with any of these popular colour codes. Connect as shown.
That way you’ll still have a serviceable phone should you enter a building that has a phone line but no phone.

Pin Number 2 3 4 5 You Need To Use
B Ring Earth A Black Clip Red Clip

Fit the clips as detailed and in turn, connect across the pairs or drop wire.
I say in turn because you will hear the dial tone when you’ve got the correct pair but don’t keep hold of the wires with your fingers. If someone calls, you’ll get a shock of about 75 volts AC. That stings a bit and if you are up a pole, it might be enough to cause you to lose grip.

Once connected, you can use the phone as normal BUT incoming calls won’t “Ring”. That’s because the master socket in a UK house filters the ringing tone onto a different pin i.e. Pin 3 of your BT plug. (so not applicable in older 2 wire or US systems). There again you’d only be interested in calling someone for help not receiving calls.

Now don’t forget, the above knowledge is only for educational purposes!

Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I prefer low tech.

And yes, this is a soppy animal story!

When I read about a rat called Magawa who has just been awarded a medal for bomb sniffing, is it any wonder why I have always looked down on high-tech preferring “No batteries needed”?

Only it shouldn’t stop there.
We had explosive sniffers on the port where I worked and we even strapped one to a little radio controlled car in another place, another time.
They worked (provided it wasn’t raining) BUT the guy and his dog who spent a few weeks with us found more ordinance in that week within our area than any pricker, metal detector, or sniffer device ever located.

Which is why I’m still a fan of the saying “Two legs good, four legs BETTER!”

Ditch the backpack!

I wrote in my post “Argh, I’m scared about what may happen!” a little bit about my thoughts on ‘looking squared away’ wearing prepper styled clothing and having the all important backpack. In other words standing out from the crowd.

In it I also said, Wearing a combat vest under your clothing to carry what is essential and put everything else in a low key ‘shabby’ backpack is an idea. Keep a smaller belt mounted pouch with the REALLY IMPORTANT things to you . . . 

That comment sort of snowballed on a forum with one particular cry of note was  “You’ll never carry the important things for survival in a simple vest, as they are too bulky.”


(I actually wrote, “You really need to go on a knife only course”)
OKAYYYY, it’s a lightweight photography vest, quik dry, 16 pockets, smallest 12×12 cm which fits nicely UNDER a hooded body warmer. After that, it’s all about the contents and how they are distributed.

So why that approach?
Years ago I watched a short film and the first line of the script changed my view on prepping for evermore. it went:- “Wanna know the funny thing about the end of the world? It’ll still be there afterwards”.

After that I sat back and looked at the massed amount of prepping materials I had assembled over the years and thought just how stupid I’d been trying to equip for everything when all I had to do was have the basics of survival until I could forage for what I needed.

So, the rule of threes comes to mind, a simple ‘Aide-mémoire’ for surviving. (Accepting that there are many versions):-
3 Seconds without adequate cover or defence from attack
3 Minutes without good air, a heartbeat, or massive blood loss.
3 Hours without shelter and adequate climate control.
3 Days without clean water, personal medications, and SLEEP.
3 Weeks (continuous weeks) without food.

I usually start from the 3 hour level.

  • Without shelter and adequate temperature control.
    A simple stud fastened poncho which unpops to make an eyelet with ties sheet that is 140 cm x 240 cm and weighs in at a little under 600 grams and folds down to 8 x 10 cm. 10m paracord.
  • Fire. To heat, to sterilise, to cook.  4 ways of igniting a fire including a couple of heat accelerators. Disposable lighter, ferrocerium (steel match), storm matches, fine wire wool and my trusty torch or mobile phone batteries. Heat accelerators? Cotton wool balls dipped in Vaseline, first aid kit has alcohol.
  • 3 days without clean water. NOW THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.
  • A roll up bottle. A few squares of tin foil 20 x 20 cm to make little boiling pots although I’ve a habit of collecting discarded soda cans.
  • Water purification tablets, a small bottle of pool shock (like Clorax).

And everything else.

  • The first aid kit also has a tiny bottle of iodine in it.
  • Personal meds, OTC meds, suppliments, first aid kit.
  • wash kit, Small bottles of 70% alcohol sanitizers (also useful as an ignition accelerator.) Toothbrush, tooth paste, 2 x micro fiber towels. TOILET ROLL!
  • Socks 4 pairs, 2 lightweight underpants, waterproof leggings, over boot bags. sewing kit. Spare glasses and for me compression stockings. (Something that is not easily botched or found.)
  • PPE, Ear plugs, FFP3 masks, wrap around safety glasses, work gloves.
  • Torch, 3 key fob single led lights, joke candles, tea lights, Mora, and hard backed razor blades.
  • Food. Mil Can openers, knife, spoon, mug, SALT.
  • Tools. Multitool,  chain/wire saw, gaffer tape, 2 m x 6 mm clear neoprene pipe, and a window popper.
  • Photo ID. Utility bill, savings book, cash.

Now you’re probably wondering about weapons.
Keep wondering.

Bottom line? Careful selection, careful packing, and it looks like I’m 6 kg heavier than I am so NOT too bulky which could invite attention.

Everything is about mobility and being nothing special.
Keeping both hands free, and light loads.

While I accept that running to the hills NEEDS ‘kit’, and a backpack to carry it in. Most of the UK is inhabited in some shape or form. Habitation usually means buildings which can create ‘opportunity’ for the resourceful.

Unarmed and unable to mount a defense?

CAUTION- This post contains graphic thoughts about self defense.

There are laws you must abide to.
Your problem is the bad guys won’t do the same.
So you have to decide now.
Or are you going to play nicely and get hurt or dead,
Or say fk’ the law and do anything you need to in order to survive.
That’s a decision only you can make. 

So, Unarmed and unable to mount a defense?
Cobblers! is what I say to that!
When at home there are many things you can use for self defense that doesn’t include firearms.

Only there are two important issues here.
Something is happening on your property, i.e. outside, or
When your security is breached as in an intruder.

The first thought is IF IT’S OUTSIDE, JUST LET IT GO!
The why is straightforward and something I learned working in high risk locations. “DON’T GET OUT OF THE VEHICLE!”. Which is the same as you staying inside.

If you get angry enough about some POS stealing your stuff you may just run out straight into the other guy you hadn’t seen or a knife wielded by the snot nosed kid you’re after. To be outside of the physical protection afforded by your building is to invite harm because you have NO IDEA about another’s capabilities.

So what if you have a gun or other weapon?
Does that assure your safety? Not at all.
As said many times, all it takes is your opponent to be a little quicker, more accurate, sneakier or luckier than you and you will lose.

Part Two. Intruder!
If someone enters your home, make no mistake about it, they can do you great harm. Thus this is probably the time to forget about the niceties of ‘proportionate force in self defense’, and more about ‘Don’t stop until the threat is neutralised or runs away’.

The scholars talk about two types of defense.
One coping with a home invasion (usually by tricking you to open the door or simply busting their way in), and the other we call breaking and entering, aka theft.

The experts then launch into home invasion is about brute force and putting you under their control. Meanwhile a simple theft starts off as that but can quickly escalate into violence. Especially if the elderly are involved.

BUT REMEMBER. It really doesn’t matter what form the intrusion takes. If someone breaches your security, your life and anyone else’s present is at risk.

You have to plan for these two BEFORE the main event.
Then everyone has to train and practice the response.
Remember it is NEVER about you with a family.
It’s everyone plays a part.

After all, if the aggressors are just after you, once the intruder(s) have finished with you, there is no downside for them attacking the others.

So what to do?
Get everyone into a designated safe room (I’ll come back to that one) and trigger your house alarm, sound bombs, smoke and strobes. Not got any of those? OK, just hope the door holds, and phone the police and fire department.

Why the fire department? Thieves and home intruders want control over you and nothing blows that more than a team of fire fighters turning up at the door, AND the police.

So what about everyone in the safe room and you stood outside armed and looking like Sgt. Rock on steroids i.e. DEAD SCARY!
That’s a no and it’s a perfectly stupid thing to do. If the intruders put you down, you’ve given them a hostage, and having one of those is like a magic key as someone always opens the door to save them from hurt.

Yet I’m sure someone will do just that and win.
Good for them but the odds aren’t in their favor as all it will take is someone on their bad guys side to be a little quicker, more accurate, sneakier or luckier than you, and down you’ll go.

Can you afford to take that chance?

That safe room.
So what’s the basics? Strong walls, floor and ceiling.
Small arms proof, fire and flood proof.
A REALLY stout door and door frame.
Good bolts and multiple manual (not electronic) locks
Mobile phone, land line, and a power supply.
Water and provisions for seven days. A porta potti (with toilet paper).
A damn good wrecking kit to get you out! Basic camping gear.
Military rated gas masks, a first aid kit and, if possible, a few shotguns.
Only don’t forget ear and eye protection.

Doable? If you’ve got space. If you haven’t, at least do the highlighted items.

And finally I must talk about expedient weapons.
The “grab something” to use for self defense.

It boils down to how to stop someone from hurting you.
If they cannot see, breath or stand, it will allow you time to ESCAPE.

See. That’s the eyes, and where I always start from.
Why start with the eyes?
Close your eyes and take me on a walk around your home.
No peeking. How far do you think you’d get?
Now imagine being under physical attack the whole time without the power of sight.

Boiling water or hot cooking oils, kitchen – toilet – and corrosive bath cleaners.
Bleach, ammonia, all nasty stuff, only be careful.
You don’t want to get splashed by liquids or breathe in ammonia fumes.
Sprays i.e cleaners, bug and hair sprays. Soap powders, flour, salt, cayenne pepper, hot spices and curry powder. And don’t stop!
Only be careful not to contaminate you or others in your group.

Breathing. That’s the throat, chest, and neck,
Standing is all about the legs.
Rolling pin, knife, chair, broom handle, and bottle.
The aim is to crush or pierce that throat.
Or put multiple holes in their chest or abdomen.
As for the legs? It’s damn hard to dance with a broken knee.
All of this is WAY more dangerous as you have to be REALLY CLOSE.

A note about using a blade.
If you don’t like blood either use something else or throw up afterwards.
Contrary to popular belief, a single stab or slash rarely downs a person “instantly” unless you are incredibly lucky and stop the heart or sever the spinal column high enough.

Stabbing usually works by the bad guy losing a vast amount of blood quickly. That causes hemorrhagic shock and down they go.
So forget about a one ‘stab’ kill. USE FAST, MULTIPLE DEEP STRIKES and keep them close together. Your aim is to make sure that blood loss is massive and fast. Multiple wounds making multiple ‘leaks’.

Only don’t expect an instant response.
It takes time to bleed out because, be it by blade or being shot, and even if you are losing blood fast, you can still operate in the short term.

Another myth is a sharp knife can cut through anything.
Flash news, IT CAN’T and although Hollywood shows a gentle pass across the neck downing a person, to cut through a neck takes a heck of a lot of force and ‘sawing’. Some also think a sharp point will easily penetrate clothing. Try stabbing webbing or leather. Not so easy is it, and something they might be wearing

The purists will talk about severing the femoral (groin), subclavian (shoulder by neck), brachial (inner arm and elbow), and neck blood vessels (Carotid and Jugular). All very nice but you need to know what you are aiming for and how best to strike.

Only if you are having to react instantly, without a hell of a lot of training,
KISS. Keep It Stupidly Simple.

With a blade, always strike from cover, NEVER BRANDISH A BLADE as it is a weapon of ambush. Psychologically it says a lot about you. I’m armed and trying to frighten you BUT I really don’t want to use this blade.

Hit fast, hard, and just keep on going.
Aim center belly or the kidneys for bits not protected by bone,
As for the neck? That’s vulnerable at the front and sides because of the heavy duty blood vessels. Additionally, a blade directly into the throat does tend to discourage the attacker from carrying on as damage will inhibit breathing.

Only remember the mantra, Distance is king in combat.
If you are close enough to hurt him, he is close enough to return your kindness. 

Why no talk of you using guns?
We live in the UK where only criminals carry weapons and get away with doing so. The law abiding are often left to be counted by the police who nearly always arrive AFTER THE FACT. No I’m not knocking the police but that is the reality of living here in large areas of the UNTIED (not a typo) KINGDOM.

And very finally.
Some will be thinking this is not something I can do.
OK, that’s your choice and I respect that.
Only what’s going to be your alternative for dealing with ‘one or many’ who are intent on hurting you and your own?

Argh, I’m scared about what may happen!

Guess what, so am I.
Except being scared is one thing, not preparing for what will or may happen is just foolish.

There is loads of new advice popping up on social media and YouTube trying to encourage people to prepare for what is looming. Trying to focus on the important things, trying to help.

Do yourself a favor and go looking for those helpful sources of information.
Here is one respected source Prepper Base 1
Short and concise advice.

The focus for most of these sites is on total breakdown of society.
I’ll go along with that thought but preparing covers all aspects of life, disaster, and some POS taking what you have, should be your focus.

Everything you are looking at on media or in books for advice is probably full of doom and gloom predictions, BUT that is the nature of the beast that is looming. Don’t get scared, LEARN and LEARN SOME MORE.
Knowledge is gold when it comes to survival. Knowledge is cheap, light, and easy to learn although some techniques will involve you practicing. That is time well spent in my mind.

Just concentrate on the basics, learn the rules of three, and everything else will sort itself out if you are resourceful enough.

If you have a question, never be afraid to ask on those sources of information because the only stupid question is the one you never asked. That and there will be others who also wanted to ask for advice but are too scared or embarrassed to do so. Thus you can be a “trend setter”.

My basic rules for survival in a city / large township living.
GET OUT, covertly, quietly, BEFORE the main event, and never engage (attack) unless you absolutely have to.

Without the rule of law cities burn.
There are ample examples of that happening today, it will get worse.
Expect to be put onto the streets. THIS ALONE is top on my list to prep for when living in a large township or city.

Riots, arson, looting, violence, loss of water, power, food, sanitation and medical is what you have to look forward to in a city.

If you can’t get out before hand, expect to fight for your survival.
While it is correct to carry life sustaining equipment and meds, let alone some form of arms, bear in mind that there will be others looking for those who have obviously prepped for disaster and WILL attack those who are carrying backpacks and look ‘squared away’ for what is in them.

You may also come unstuck with law enforcement who may claim you are a looter. I can do nothing about that as some LEO’s are either pig ignorant or will be operating without a chain of command, stressed out beyond belief, or working to some really questionable orders and rules of engagement.

As such I would advise you to avoid them.

So, dress down, look up what it means to be “A gray man”.
Learn how (and when) to move covertly.
NEVER ENGAGE with someone unless there is no other alternative.
(Said it twice now)

Wearing a combat vest under your clothing to carry what is essential and put everything else in a low key ‘shabby’ backpack is an idea. Keep a smaller belt mounted pouch with the REALLY IMPORTANT things to you like meds, water purification, and ID. That way you can slip a backpack or shoulder bag, still survive, and cope with officialdom.

Learn how to forage, to look for opportunity and, if there is none, learn to MAKE opportunity to get what you need.

That will mean learning the basics of getting into and out of somewhere that has what you need.

Now some of you will call foraging stealing or looting. So be it.
You go without, I’ll be looking after myself and my own.
Survival is all about being selfish although I won’t take from another when there are plenty of sources for what you need if only you think and plan for that occasion.

Only never engage someone, even to get what you need.
(Three times I’ve said that because it’s so important)
The why is to engage attracts attention.
It puts you at risk and,
The outcome of engaging with someone is NEVER certain.

And finally.
I’m no guru in survival, no expert, nothing special, but not unlike a lot of people who prep. No one in the town we live in knows our capabilities and what resources and knowledge we have and that’s how we have operated for years.

BUT does it mean we’ll survive no matter what happens?
Inshallah”. If God wills it.
No I’m not a Muslim but that one word sums up everyone’s odds in the end.

All this talk should be alarming. But it does nothing for me.

What talk?
Armed insurrection before and/or after the November Elections.
Civil War. The people attacking each other because of their politics, race, and religion. Not forgetting BOTH will also be busy attacking the government and establishment who will be desperately trying to hold onto power.


Possibly the start of ethnic and religious cleansing.
The subsequent imposition of martial law.
The US armed forces finally taking sides, although at this time who they will support is unclear.

Then finally, the guns go quiet and the wise (or military) take control over the running of the country in a caretaker mode.

Then government gets reformed into something that works.
All new blood, career politicians dismissed from office, some of them jailed, a few would have lost their lives. No great loss there, BUT the US will have to do away with the two party system as there is no point in trying to reorganise the same shit but in a different order.

There will still be the problem of a broken America plunged into a re-energised racial and religion divide.

As for “The amendments”, those may or may not stand.
If they don’t, the death toll will be worse.

Whatever happens, the end result will still be the same.
The greatest depression ever and China will become #1.

Only here’s the thing.
Who will start all this nonsense?
Only two descriptors fit the bill.

Trump & The Democrats (plus friends).

Asleep but awoken into automatic mode

Ah, sleep.
Comes hard for some of us but when it does, to coin a phrase, I ZONK BIG TIME! Except it can cause “unexpected reaction” if I’m woken up suddenly.

Due to illness, I’m sleeping in the spare room (thus we both get a nights sleep). Only last night I was woken by a call from SWMBO. Something that doesn’t happen a lot.

And in an instant, I’m in that ‘befuddled’ half asleep automatic mode trying to work out “WHY”.
So I answered her using the duress question.
That’s a planned question and a response that sounds inconsequential to the unknowing yet it means “I’m under duress or on danger”.
Only in her confusion and sleepiness, the response came back WRONG.

Up, basic togs thrown on, armed up, and entered her room in full breech mode. Upshot was it was a simple misunderstanding on her part, partially because she isn’t as paranoid as I am so doesn’t live in ‘Yellow’ alert state all the time.

So, was this over reaction?
Possibly, but we live in troubling times and there have been home invasions in town on senior citizens.

Will I change anything, or do things differently? No.
A duress question has to be simple and quick to deliver.
The key to the whole ‘game’ is in that instant reply.
You react to that, not uncertainty.

Fit the gun to you and not the other way around.

There’s all sorts of things I watch for with a new weapon as regards it fitting me, and it’s all about comfort and position.

What follows works for both left and right handed.

How to check the length of pull (LOP) for you personally and sizing the correct length of a rifle stock.

  • That will give you a ‘near as damn it length of pull (LOP).
  • Clear the weapon you think is right and now check your measuring,
  • Hold the weapon out straight with your stronger arm (it’s OK to use the other arm to help you) as you want to shoot i.e. left or right handed and put the pad of your trigger finger onto the trigger BUT DON’T PULL THE TRIGGER BACK.
  • Now bend your arm 90 degrees so the stock fits into the elbow.
  • If the stock fits nicely that’s correct.
    If you CANNOT bend your arm fully the stock is too long.
    If you do bend the arm and there is more than an inch, 25 mm gap between the butt and your elbow, the stock is too short. Thus you will be closer to the scope and scope bite may occur.

You can get butt pads to lengthen the stock but if the stock is too long, change the gun for one with a shorter stock and try again.

Cheekweld, another important factor.

It’s a sad fact that some shooters try to fit themselves to the weapon.
As such they are either pushing their cheek hard into the stock to align with the sights, or raising their cheek (thus their eye) off the stock to see clearly without vignette (shadowing) on their scope glass.

The comments in brackets are a suggestion if you cannot adjust your comb height by fitting a pad or by using an inbuilt adjustable cheek piece. Changing the height of the scope can work BUT it has it’s limitations. The higher the scope, the more you will need to ANGLE it so it slopes down towards the muzzle. This is because you only have so much adjustment in scopes to cover elevation. So just be aware it’s an option, or is it an assist, AND NOT a complete solution.

As for the OUCH. this happens when your stock is too short and your eye gets too close to the eye piece. Recoil from a moderately powerful weapon can raise the scope and drive it into your eye. This is a result of getting the stock length right. Too close and it can hurt plus cause a black ring right around the picture.

Too long a distance and you may exceed the correct eye relief (distance to the rear of the scope) and the viewed picture shrinks in diameter and a dense black ring fills the outer edge of the scope. That distance is a directly controlled by the choice of the LOP / length of stock.

So, what have we learned?
Get the cheek weld wrong and it causes stress in the shooters neck, shoulders, eyes, and that makes for erratic groups.

To avoid that, start with a careful choice of stock and how you mount sights.