If you haven’t downloaded what you need, why not?

In Global Censorship and Financial Controls I was talking about the ongoing censorship of all things useful to survivalism and prepping, along with those little useful things which preppers, survivalists, and the bushcraft fraternity use as their ‘bibles’.

Today I was visiting one of my online survival reference library as I have lost my ‘growing veg in a greenhouse’ manual. An innocuous enough 12 page booklet. Only it wasn’t there as THE WHOLE DAMN SITE HAS GONE.

OK, things happen, a name change perhaps, so I went to another, and another, and another, reference source. ALL GONE!

Luckily the Field Manuals and medical sites I use are still there – For now.

Being paranoid doesn’t mean ‘They aren’t targeting you’, yet my interest grew as some of the YouTube, and other ‘helpful’ platforms I use frequently all seem to have developed black holes.

Are you getting my drift?
My own self sufficiency, off grid, FM manuals, survival, mechanics and machinery, communications, and medical library collection is pretty extensive, BUT, as per the title, with the ongoing woke and global censorship kicking in big time, if you are a few titles short of a basic library, now might just be the time to download what you need.

Luckily I’ve also recently downloaded all my other sites and  message boards interests and converted them to off line browsing. Although something tells me that TOR isn’t going to like the bandwidth I’ve been using.

Now there could be a reasonable and operational reason for what I’m finding BUT it is beginning to freak me a bit as I thought all this woke, cancel culture, censorship, national security, anti whatever B.S. was still in the talking stages.

Anyway, once might be an accident, twice could be a coincidence, but three times is almost certainly enemy action.


Preparing for the unthinkable.

I was browsing today and found an interesting article on how to survive a nuclear war. Problem was I then started laughing. The why is simple.

This is the UK so there aren’t many public nuclear fall out shelters operational anymore, and besides, those that are will be by invite only.

If you are close enough to sustain substantial building damage, be that from flash and heat damage, the double shock wave, or live downwind of the boom so you’ll get dumped on by fall out.

Too much of all that and I reckon your chances rate from very little to Zilch.

So, there’s us sat in your home.
Like many others, we don’t have a cellar. Ho hum.
Our radiation protection factor is 2-4 (Below 10 is pretty dire), mainly because we live in a brick built bungalow.

Come the news that the idiots are going to take on China, I’ll be building an ‘inner room’. My ‘no window room’ will be made of heavy density blocks and will contain 90 liters of water, some food, meds, and 14 days of candle light. Hopefully we’ll have enough PI to last for a fortnight. For what it’s worth.

Anyway, the first time we’ll be sticking our heads out is after that time. Our first act? Dump the big pile of sealed plastic bags we would have filled.

Will we survive? Dunno.
No cellar, it’s pointless running, and shelter in place might be the best we can do.

Does this post read a little bit like ‘no matter what we do we’re pretty well fk’d?’ If it does then I’ve got the tone right. What is good is we live on the East coast and there isn’t a lot of military or industrial around us. Thus we’re not exactly going to make the Kremlin’s or Beijing’s top ten list for nuking.

After that is me being worried about the wind.
Still, perhaps it will rain heavy for the first week.

And now I’m curious.
Apart from bending over and kissing your butt goodbye, what’s your plan (apart from buying 1 million sun block).

I was reminded about the New World Order today.

Way I read it is that now the Demigod has been deposed in the US, the New administration will be throwing it’s weight around in military terms.

Or, to put it another way, taking on China!
I’ve spoken about that in the post,  The hype is in, It’s WAR between China and the US. Add the advertised ‘peacekeeping’ in Iraq, which you could see is an escalation of the destabilizing effects of the new US administration.

That may be so but ultimately what is a new administration in real terms anywhere in the real world?

Leaving out the references to the deposed DemiGod,
I wrote in response to the NWO prompt:-

New World Order? Pah.
Governments change only one thing.
The name plates on doors as ultimately it’s just a different take on the same shit on a different day. (And generates a new crop of millionaires).

Which is also why NATO (and how I hate that tag as NATO now operates WAY OUT OF IT’S ORIGINAL REMIT) is building up to ‘peacekeeping’ duties back into Iraq and I find myself wondering which US ‘consultancy on oil’ (and friend of the new administration) is getting it’s knickers in a twist about the danger to profits if the wrong faction get into power?

Iraq will be turn into the sequel ‘Syria 2’.
NATO butting in where they have already lost.

That will bring in Russia, Iran, and friends, to sort out the inevitable fk.up wherever NATO try to impose their B.S.

So, what of the future? What of the NWO agenda?
Basically Covid has allowed ALL governments to run roughshod over freedoms and liberty and the current attacks on freedom of speech by the woke culture are getting more and more troubling.

Or, as my SWMBO said, “If you don’t tow the line ‘THEY’ will probably end up shooting you.” This from someone who is, by nature, one who avoids conflict.

After all the key ways of controlling a nation under a totalitarian government are

  • Disarm the masses
    (Done years ago),
  • Control freedoms
  • Control access to public services
    (Ongoing thinking medical)
  • Deny access to all but government sanctioned news
    (Getting there),
  • A complete lack of democracy (√),
  • Absolute control over the economy and the money supply
    (Getting there, and I’m watching what our UKGov are maneuvering towards with respect to money, savings (I wish), and all other things financial),
  • Massive censorship including ‘Wokery’
    (In play),
  • Mass surveillance
    (Just about complete wrt digital services and communications),
  • Widespread use of state terrorism.
    In the UK, that’s taken the form of making as many as possible dependent on state ‘welfare’. (√√√)

Basically ‘George Orwell 1984’ brought up to date because of the headlong rush to digital everything and the subsequent loss of control of the masses as they became better informed.

NWO? (A correction to my original post  21/2/21).
Although I feel the NWO is just a bunch of very rich geriatrics and other assorted a-holes who are frightened that they have lost control of everything THEY THINK they built and own. To me it’s going to end up a lot more ‘dangerous’ to us little people as it involves our governments.

Thus I feel that the NWO is going to be one of a loss of freedoms, and I mean BIG TIME.

The only problem being that by the time their full agenda is uncovered, it might just be too late to do anything about it via the ballot box or ‘peaceful’ means.

Speculation, Hype, and ‘Lets Scare the Cat’ Rhetoric

Another irreverent look at the scary things ex-spurts are saying.

I’m reading so much negativity on the web, in the news, mainstream and alternative media. The West, the old money, is apparently finished and about to fail economically and socially.

My comment? Whoopee do, and about time.

With some of the masses already thinking they are beaten because of the prepping, survival, corporate and financial experts. Not forgetting the mainstream and alternative media. They, harping on the whole time about how doomed you all are. Before ANYTHING has happened.

Why doesn’t everyone run for the hills now?
Or just emigrate.

That’s something else being suggested by a few of the so called intelligentsia.

Some may be thinking about doing that.
Sheeple mainly (and yes there are sheeple to be found in the prepping and survival world).

Sheeple are those unable to think for themselves who blindly believe the government (LOL) and the financial ‘I know everything’ lot. (ROTFL)

After all their arguments and reasoning are so persuasive and backed up with multicolored charts. AS SEEN ON TV and YouTube! (Wow).

Not forgetting they are all experts in their fields.
(Or is it their own minds).

Thus the misinformed sheeple may blindly follow the political and financial ideologies, the sponsored media lies, and those who were bought off by the REALLY big money. Not forgetting those who for $22.99 will sell them the answer on how to not lose their wealth. Even if it leads them to their financial death.

Thank Gawd for preppers and survivalists. Or, maybe not.
Because, as said, some of the weaker minded lot may be buying into this crap about RUNNING ANYWAY. Or raiding their savings and changing everything into precious metals or gems. All at inflated prices of course.

So, pretty please.
I would ask a couple of things of them of those who are going to run. Leave your houses and whatever unlocked and otherwise accessible. Carefully stack all the crap you can’t carry so us foragers won’t have to work too hard after you’ve gone.

Just look at it as a free house clearing service.
After all, you won’t be coming back will you?

There have been many financial and social crashes in the past and one thing was consistent in all of them. THEY ENDED!

And I’m wondering why all these
so called ex-spurts never mentioned that?
If that doesn’t make you stop and think!

Bye Bye!

Cold, Windy, and Wet.

Get under Cover
Out of the wind and rain.
Get Warm.
Get Dry.
Keep hydrated (hot drinks).
When all those five have been met, think about warm food.

Simple enough?

Thinking cover.
Is a vehicle good enough?
If you can run the engine, SAFELY, and heat the interior probably.
Room is an issue as you may have to change out of wet clothing.
Making hot drinks could be an issue and, if you are using a stove, be careful of fumes and CO Carbon monoxide.

Natural features?
Caves? Can you light a fire within and protect yourself from draughts and dripping water? Putting up a tent would be an idea but the ground could be wet.

Man made?
Tunnels, car parks, flyovers, under bridges?
You must get out of the wet but more importantly the wind.
If you are wet with wind, your survival time is VERY SHORT as wind chill can lower your inner core temperature quickly. If you can change into dry clothing you have bought yourself some time BUT not a lot as you will already be chilled and unless you can make a heavy duty fire, clothing won’t dry.

Field expedient?
Snow Caves, Igloo, Tarps, Debris huts, Tents.
Now you are out of the wind, change into dry clothing.
As for heating? Now you will have problems.
Stoves and fires work but be careful of fumes and CO.
(although not really suitable for an igloo or snow caves)

Drying off kit?
Alongside a fire could work if you can stop the draughts, but that will take fuel and so you will have to forage for that. The danger is you either have to change back into wet clothing or risk making your dry clothing wet while gathering fuel. What worked for me was donning wet clothing, short trips, getting dry and warm in between. Your call, your decision.

Man made?
Factory units, warehouses, homes.
Out of those three, I would always head for a home.
Places built for habitation are usually well sealed and insulated.
As for heating? If there is no power, look for a stove or fireplace.
What to burn? If there is nothing to forage, burn anything you can. Be careful of fumes and CO.

Get Warm?
This is not only you having warm hands but also your feet and very importantly your inner core, your torso. Once cold it takes a lot of gentle external heating and I also like to ‘drink in’ warmth so that’s warm to hot drinks if you can tolerate them. Slow and steady is best not ‘jugging’ them. It takes a long time to warm up a body and you shouldn’t rush it. I did a piece on being cold for further reference. [TOO COLD]

Get dry?
Clothing, outer and inner, very important is socks, and even more important is drying your footwear aka boots.

At some time you will want to move on.
Damp boots, even with dry socks will freeze hard if it’s cold enough and frostbite will follow.

Except what if it’s not all that cold?
Wet boots make wet feet, make trench foot, and that hurts big time. That’s where your feet swell up look pruny, and can literally rot away without proper treatment.Keep hydrated?
It might not seem right but in the cold, and wet, you can get very dehydrated.
By the time you are thirsty, you already are on a downwards slope to dehydration. At this stage most could drink a couple of liters (SLOWLY) and only manage to achieve something like normal hydration. Some of you will have trouble thinking things through, you may experience mood swings, and drying out your body may end up with constipation. Your clues to the state of your hydration comes in many colors, of urine.
That and the sound of your straining to have a dump.
Lastly food and that ties in with water.
Energy food is important in the cold as to keep warm needs fuel.
Except there is that trade off.
You should never eat without drinking as it’s water that helps to digest food and move it through your system. Thus a basic rule of survival is born. Don’t eat unless you have enough water.

That and forget the 2 liters is enough for anyone per day.
Drink what you need, drink when eating, and watch the indicators I have listed, the feeling of thirst, the color of your urine, and the sound of you straining, or not, if your diet is right and you are correctly hydrated.

High in energy, they may need water to hydrate them, and PLENTY OF WATER to aid their digestion. Only they are no way a balanced meal. Thus the armed forces has many ‘unflattering names for them.

Meals refusing to exit, Meals Rejected by Everyone, Meals Rarely Enjoyed, Meals Rejected by the Enemy. (and that’s only the polite ones).

Perhaps the whole of the West needs to listen to the little guy.

IRAN has warned President Joe Biden that the US and West must “accept reality” over China’s rise as the world’s leading economic superpower.

Now before someone slams into me about how bad a people the Iranians, Chinese, North Korean’s, and Russians are. The Western World needs to take a good long look at itself.

While the West has been basking in own greatness, it has failed to get a good stable result in every conflict it has generated in modern times.

Meanwhile, militarily the “other side” are getting better.
Politically they are way tighter, or at least aligned in mutually acceptable pacts. Economically, between themselves, the enemy have banded together and supporting each other and that has multiplied their individual voices. A common voice that now has power!

Meanwhile the old unions, the old greats, are fragmenting.
Consider the European Union. What a mess.

NATO looks more like a ragtag collection of regime changing, asset procuring, big business minders, rather than a peacemaking force.

Within NATO, loyalty and honor as a principle also doesn’t seem to run in the NATO family now. For example. Letting one member attack NATO allies for political reasons ended up with the West abandoning those allies. That single act of betrayal showed the world just how weak NATO’s political leadership is today.

Economically everyone in the West is struggling and it’s not right to put the whole blame on COVID as trade restrictions, sanctions, and petty political power plays are the norm.

For example. Take the European Union.
That is about to implode.
France (because of Macron), Germany (because of Merkel),
Poland, The Visgarde Four, Sweden, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Italy are all in the economic mire, politically split, fed up with the European Union, and are embolden now the UK is ‘moving on’.

That split will be epic and conflict will be the result as the old reestablishes itself above the whims of a weak political Union.

In Conclusion.

No empire stands for ever, mainly because it never evolves from that one moment when it was supreme. Only once you have reached the top, the only way is down.

That’s something the modern West will NEVER understand as it’s mindset is locked in political mode.

The West is today like an old lion struggling to live by attacking what it thinks is weak. That is until the weak unite to kill it.

And that moment is coming.
I guess it will start as an economic and possibly a trade war.
Only the fear is the West and how they will react as there is nothing more dangerous than a wounded or tired, ancient ‘lion’.

It is my fervent hope the US won’t start throwing nukes around BUT right now, I wouldn’t trust NATO or the West’s politicians not to do so at anyone, anywhere,  for any reason.

Learning something new everyday about: BATTERIES

Ever found yourself out in the woods and whatever battery gizmo you are using fails to start?
It happened a lot to me with my CB BUT what was really annoying was when I’d reach for my spare set of batteries, replace the lot, and still got no joy! It got to a state where I would take out a little battery tester as well. WAY TOO FIDDLY and what I needed WAS A QUICK WAY OF running through what I was carrying, and what was in the radio to see if it was only one battery that had failed or the whole lot.

Enter the bounce test.
Now it’s claimed it works equally well for (ALKALINE ONLY) AA, AAA, C, D and 9 Volt pack batteries.

OK, it might for some but for me the C,D, and 9v PP3 was not conclusive and with the D cells, I dented a couple of cases which is no good at all.

The other thing is the batteries must be from the same manufacturer and rating. A high power AA and a low power AA from manufacturer XXX aren’t going to be comparable using this simple test. Besides, I never was a fan of mixing batteries.

So how does it work.
Firstly you need a hard surface like a brick or a dense bit of wood.
Holding two batteries side by side drop them onto the surface from about 6 inches. The battery that bounces the LEAST is the better charged.

Simple? Possibly but as you work through a set, without sorting them into more OR less bounce from the get go is going to mean dropping every cell lot of times. That can cause internal damage.

So why only alkaline? I guess it’s because of the internal build BUT I’m not a fan of damaging Lithium cells having had a pack battery of a radio catch fire when it was crushed. Completely different thing? Can you afford to take the chance??

Why does it work.
Inside an alkaline battery is a gooey gel. Gel is good.
As the battery discharges that gel turns solid.
No ‘give’ now so it bounces better.
Obvious? Wasn’t to me but hey, I’m no scientist.
EXCEPT, whatever scientist says works, there will be other scientists that say it doesn’t. Bottom line, with practice, it worked for me.

Now I did find a technical write up about it.
It went straight over my head but here it is.
It is our understanding that the following chemical reactions occur and helps to explain our observations.A non-rechargeable alkaline battery begins life using zinc powder mixed into a gel containing a potassium hydroxide electrolyte separated from a paste of manganese dioxide powder mixed with carbon powder using a porous membrane. To minimize hydrogen out gassing an extra measure of manganese dioxide is added. As the battery discharges manganese dioxide powder changes to manganese oxide causing the powdered granules to bond both chemically and physically. This packed-sand consistency reduces the antibounce effect exhibited by the gel mixture when the battery was fully charged.
Actually I don’t care as, per the title, I try to learn something USEFUL everyday, and this one works for me.

I was reminded today on how bad the world is.

Why? The age of woke is upon us!
Personally I preferred when we had only a few enemies.

Now we have to put up with Bible / Koran punching, cancel agenda, commies, knitting groups, old spinsters, ban everything, domestic terrorism, possible civil war, milksop appeasement politics, lousy governments pandering to the minority and NOT the majority, the self entitled, the super rich and mouthy celeb’s, racists, bankers, big business, history re-writers, culture cancelling, nationalists, state and social censorship, so many laws that even reading them IS AN OFFENSE, police enforcing government policy and not the law, kids wearing black pajamas, (did I mention the anti whites?) Oh yeah I did mention the RACISTS, and my all time hate (Yet another US import that has landed on our shores) Karen’s.

Not to mention Covid, vaccines, Covid deniers, and the EU, (Darn it I just did).

Hell I nearly forgot the global warmers, tree hugging, environmentalists, stupid politicians, celebs, religious leaders, the WHO, WWF, Green whatever, and local government, all trying to stop me burning my domestic waste, and use insecticides on my home grown veggies! Let alone banning log burners and drilling down to make my own well from the ground water that is only 30 feet below us!

Just stop the world as I want to get off!
Either that or nuke the planet and let the cockroaches rule at last!

Come too think about it, I need to clarify that one too in case I offend a minority group.

I’m talking about the insect version of cockroaches
and not the political variety.

A survival board asked two things:

  1. When would you give up?
    Too mean and pigheaded to give in, I suppose my physical limitations would eventually be my undoing.Some would say the loss of a loved one would cause some to give in.
    To give up or not avenge such a loss is an insult to their memory.
    Being ‘old school’ that would be my motivation to keep going.
  2. When would you go dark? (Disappear)
    Too old to care, or even try, and too sensible to think ANYONE can go truly dark even if they have unlimited funds. At sometime you will have to interact with someone.

The best I could go is grey (man).
Only to what end?

Going grey don’t remove you from where you are.
Besides, going grey is just a diversion to protect yourself from the sheeple.
Locally someone will know you if only by face.
In an event people will latch onto those they know.
So unless you are incredibly lucky and NO ONE knows you there is always a professionals eye to worry about.

It’s foolish to think that under professional surveillance you would truly blend in with everyone else.

Even if you decide to relocate to ensure the transition into the grey (man) won’t include  ‘baggage’ aka past life, you will interact with someone eventually. Without a cast iron past, a legend of stone, you will fail  eventually and have to move on.

Some say the only way is to go completely off grid as the extra boost to the grey man repertoire. It’s a fallacy to think distance cures all, as any new face will eventually attract some sort of attention.
After all you have to resupply and you may need medical  / dental care. In today’s world you will have to go somewhere , some time,  and will interact with others.

Bottom line?
All reasonable options have their weaknesses, and faults.
You just have to learn to work within those limitations.

That and have plans what you are going to do WHEN your cover is blown.

Fire in survival

CAUTION. This post is for informational and educational purposes with prepping and survival in mind. My Disclaimer Applies BIG TIME!

ALL THIS INFORMATION IS READILY ACCESSIBLE ON THE INTERNET and is found in many commercial guides on Survival, and Military Field Manuals.

I have tried everything listed over the years BUT in the main, prefer to use what is commonly available, i.e. Lighters, matches, candles, and Vaseline. That decision was made after a really bad rough camping trip, in winter, with cold hands that were just able to hold a match but too cold to manipulate a lighter. It was too cold for my gas stove, and to make heat I ended up burning a map to generate enough heat to light tinder and upwards into a hobo’s can of fire.

You should NEVER underestimate the disabling effects to clear thought and loss of dexterity from the cold.

Fire is essential in grid down scenario.
Without it you can’t keep warm, purify and heat water, cook food, and keep clean. It can also deter wildlife and insects depending on what you are burning.

Fire has its problems though as to your safety in survival.
Both the flame and smoke are visible and is sometimes smelly.
Remember, your scene of smell is probably your most keen sense.
It ‘consumes’ the air and produces poisonous gases i.e. Carbon monoxide.
Don’t forget, no liquid fuels burn ‘cleanly’.
Some produce their own blend of poisonous fumes.

Three things are needed for fire to happen.
Heat, Oxygen, and Fuel.
Remove one of the three and the fire goes out.

There are FOUR definite stages to getting a fire started.

  1. Preparation of the materials and the fireplace.
  2. An ignition device to get an easily flammable material (tinder) burning.
  3. That burning tinder is used to ignite kindling which raises the temperature high enough for,
  4. The fuel to reach self-sustaining burning.

Ignition Methods
These have to provide a decent hot flame or spark to ignite the tinder.

  • Common strike anywhere matches dipped into candle wax
  • A disposable peizo-electric (no flint) type gas lighter.
    (A small note. if this runs out of gas, don’t throw it away. The peizo spark generator produces a 320 volt hot spark which is sufficient to ignite most flammable liquids. I have never known one to wear out.)
  • A ZIPPO lighter plus spare flints and wick.
  • A Metal match (aka Ferrocerium, fire stick)
  • Batteries and fine wire wool or silver paper (gum sticks)
    Detailed later on.

The second part of the list is used with the ignition device to produce instant high heat, relatively long duration HOT flame to ignite the tinder.

  • These are called accelerants, very flammable, but don’t last long i.e.
    Petrol, lighter fluid, denatured alcohol, acetone, ether, WD40, Hair spray, some spray paints. There are others.

The next few are used as an additive where dribble or spray them onto tinder, and on ignition will make the tinder burn hotter and longer.

  • Cotton wool or lint.
    Lint is the fluff you get inside your pockets or from tumble dryers.
  • Finely shredded sisal strings or fabric that is well frayed.
  • Straws filled with Vaseline streaked cotton wool balls and sealed at the ends with wax.
  • Vaseline. Smear on wood, matches, or cloth and it burns hot and long.
  • A couple of tea candles or full candles.
    Joke cake candles (you can’t blow them out)
  • Dry cotton wool balls and wood Ash. (Rudiger Fire Roll)
  • A few strips of thinly cut up inner tube rubber 5 mm wide, 10 cm long.
    (This burns well even if wet.)

Bushcrafting and making fire.
I’m not a fan of friction lighting methods, drills, bows, plows, even fire pistons. They need extensive practice and are hugely dependent on what materials you have to hand, the ambient temperature, and the dampness in the air. Even the Rudiger fire roll will only work if the wood on the base and top wood is dry, the temperature well more than 32ºF, 0ºC, and not dripping damp.

Tinder and Kindling
Tinder is DRY material easily lit by spark, friction, or flame.
Keep sealed with ignition devices.
Char Cloth.
Cotton or denim squares, placed inside an Altoids can with a small hole, dropped into the fire for 10 minutes makes char cloth. That’s material that has been carbonized which make it easy to ignite into a hot glow from just a few sparks. That ember is dropped into a handful of tinder which is gently and LOOSELY wrapped around embers. Add oxygen from your breath, and the tinder should ignite.

Kindling is readily combustible material added to the burning tinder.
Kindling should be absolutely dry to ensure rapid burning.
Its job is to heat the fuel to burning temperature.

Examples are:
Dry bark, split dry wood and feather or fiddlesticks which are dry twigs that have been partially shaved backwards to make a sort of Christmas tree ‘fluffiness’, Shredded Cardboard, dry leaves, punk (very dry rotten wood), fuel like diesel poured onto wood. Thin rubber strips from bicycle inner tubes burn well even if they are wet.

Fuel is less combustible material that burns slowly and steadily once ignited. Think long burning things, Wood, coal, charcoal, etc.

Getting all the bits and pieces together, even the container to put them in. Don’t start without everything in place.
Making sure that you’ve got adequate ventilation and that you fire cannot be seen or ‘smelt’.
Remember, most modern buildings i.e. warehouses have some sort of fire detection. It’s a bit pointless sneaking into a building for shelter if all you are going to do is draw the attention of the fire brigade because you didn’t cover over all the fire sensors.

Prepare the place where you are going to light your fire carefully. It needs to be dry (if not put a layer of wood down to insulate it from the wet ground), out of draughts BUT well ventilated, covered preferably, and with a fuel store RIGHT ALONGSIDE the fire.

You can NEVER have enough kindling.
Collect what you think you need to get the fire going and then triple that amount.
Poor or wet fuel will eventually burn but scrambling round looking for more kindling means that you are not pouring on the heat on the whole time.
Once the fuel catches, it should be hot enough to heat the next load of fuel BUT, if the next fuel gets wet, you’ll wish you collected more and kept it covered alongside the fire.

Finally, no matter what shape of fire you build:-
The fuel goes round the outside,
Kindling goes in the middle,
Leaving a space for you to add the lit tinder.

It doesn’t stop there though.

Most preppers and survivalists use some sort of stove.
Gas, liquid fuel (probably spirit), or solid fuel. The process of getting them going will need an ignition source.

Folk sometimes don’t consider the base they are mounting the stove on and ventilation.
Poor Mounting is common.
A lit stove falling over is a burn / fire hazard,

Adequate ventilation is often forgotten about.
A stove is good at “stealing” all of your oxygen whilst producing hazardous fumes and Carbon Monoxide.
Both of which can induce unconsciousness and ultimately death.

It’s basics time.
Gas stoves need – – – gas.
They won’t burn anything else and gas is not readily available everywhere especially if you get caught out in the field with a bottle that has leaked, no hot food for you.

Some liquid stoves can burn a wide range of fuels i.e. white gas, petrol, kerosene, paraffin, diesel, and aviation fuel. They are mainly pressurized, high-tech, and in the UK expensive.
Chinese cheapies £40 (ish)
Rip off UK £60 upwards.

There is an alternative though.

Enter the simple spirit stoves.
The Trangia, and the DIY two coke can stoves or,
The Japanese Cyclone spirit stove one baked bean tin or iron juice can and some origami folding.
No moving parts, slower than the pressurized.
If it’s a flammable fluid it’ll probably burn.
Sometimes not cleanly and unless you use a covered Billy can, the fumes or smoke can taint your water or food.

Altoids or Cat Tin Stoves.
Simple non pressurized tins with holes in.
Again a wide range of liquid flammables will burn.

Burning anything smokey, smelly,
or not, only use lidded Billy cans.

As for heat control?
Some spirit stoves allow the fitting of a simmer ring but as for “fine control” NO.

Solid Fuel?
Esbit. Clean burning “fire lighters” although I use standard white domestic blocks.
Slow, Eats a lot of fuel and not controllable in the slightest.
See Caution above plus headache making fumes, and CO.

Batteries and silver foil or steel wool.
Remove the battery from the foil or wool immediately you see the fire starting. The burn hazard is everything is going to get REALLY hot, REALLY QUICKLY and the BANG hazard is some batteries don’t take kindly to a short circuit or rapid overheating.

To light a fire with this technique you will need a Battery (as low as 1.5 volts is sufficient voltage capacity) to achieve this. The foil needs to be cut into thin strip and folded in the middle. The folded end needs to be cut at an angle of about 45 degrees so that the end result looks like a semi curved strip when unfolded. The foil which now is thin, resembling a filament acts as a conductor of electricity. The ends of the foil then need to be simultaneously touched to the positive and the negative ends of the battery.

The passing electric current heats up the foil so much that the filament like thin portion creates a spark. Any inflammable material like paper or straw can then catch fire from that spark.

The other battery trick is to use #0000 fine steel wool across a battery. You need at least a cell phone battery, 6 volt lantern battery or, surprisingly enough, a little PP3 square battery with the two stud terminals. Loosely roll a ball of wire wool about an inch and touch the ball across the two terminals.
The fine wire wool will start to glow at which time you must remove the battery. AS above, the now glowing ember is dropped into a handful of tinder which is gently and LOOSELY wrapped around embers. Add oxygen from your breath, and the tinder should ignite.

Chemical mixes that make fire.

Get professional instruction before trying these mixes.
CAUTION some mixes, can ignite uncontrollably.

  • glycerin (radiator coolant or concentrated antifreeze), and potassium permanganate)
  • acetone, and concentrated sulphuric acid. 1:1
  • sugar, concentrated sulphuric acid, and sodium chlorate.
  • sugar and potassium permanganate 1:1 plus friction

The word concentrated may put some off.
Most acids have water in their makeup.
From personal experience, I have found that putting an inch or so in a glass jar, over a candle, and well away from where I camp. Then left to boil off about 50% of the initial amount. What is left is concentrated aka stronger, and a little goes a LONG WAY.

Hydrochloric acid is a common pool chemical, often sold under the name muriatic acid. To concentrate it I have done the same thing.

A note about bottled gas.

  • Butane (BLUE CYLINDERS) will only work effectively at temperatures above -2°C. Which can make it NOT VERY FUNNY when you are using a butane gas lighter or stove.
  • Propane (RED CYLINDERS) is recommended for low temperatures.

And finally the good old wood fire.
Slow, can be smokey and takes a bit of skill to get going.
The choice of design is endless from open fires to stick wood in a Dakota fire hole, the rocket and hobo stoves, and the sophisticated wood gas types.
All of which chuck out fumes and carbon monoxide that can kill in a confined space.

My take on Foraging in Survival

This post forms a sort of ‘Part two’ to what type of prepper I am.

What is foraging in survival terms?
The text books list:

  • Foraging is searching for and exploiting natural food resources i.e. berries, nuts, and “wild” meat.
  • Scavenging implies taking of essential items such as food, water, shelter, or other material needed for survival.
  • Looting is different from scavenging and foraging as it implies taking items of luxury or not necessary for survival goods such as , precious metals, or other valuables.

The line between the three elements is difficult to interpret and on the ground the military or temporarily appointed “authority” would just treat everything as Looting. If martial law has been declared and summary justice authorized OR if street justice is in force, anyone caught stands a good chance of being killed.

That’s something that is paramount in my thinking as others rely on my skill set. Personal safety first as I can always come back later if I cannot find another source of what I need.

The boring legal bit follows.
Some of the content that follows describes techniques and activities, which may not be clearly identifiable as being illegal. It is the responsibility of the individual to abide by the law at all times. It is not recommended that any of the activities described actually be carried out. This article is informative entertainment purposes only. NEVER BREAK THE LAW.

So, where to start?
In survival terms, if you haven’t got what you need you’ll either have to make it, improvise, or go and get it.

The standard list of I need goes SHELTER, CLIMATE CONTROL (heating or cooling), FUEL / BATTERIES, CLEAN WATER, MEDICINES, FOOD, and whatever else you need.

Take the item SHELTER.
Scenario. You’ve broken down in winter outside an empty house, miles from help. Your choices are, stay in the car and freeze, or get into the house and the possibility of being able to call for help. AND YOUR CHOICE IS? Mine is to live by getting into the house ASAP using the minimal force and causing the least damage.

Another Scenario.
You’ve broken down in winter outside an occupied house, miles from help and the owner won’t let you in to shelter from the storm. He’s armed, or not, it makes non difference. To stay outside is death. AND YOUR CHOICE IS? Mine is I will gain entry one way or the other. The good Samaritan would have let me in so this one is either an idiot, scared, or a smart arse. So, I will force entry, and defend myself using the minimum of force necessary, in order to live.

Those two examples will show how I view EVERYTHING in survival terms.
There are no taboo’s, no limits, if you need something to survive, go for it.

What follows may seem like a lot of work ESPECIALLY if the Rule of Law has collapsed BUT you must appreciate that YOUR safety is paramount.
After all you can’t forage, scavenge, or protect your family if you are in jail or worse i.e. DEAD.

So what’s this all about? Getting in, out, and away INTACT with what you need.
There are three stages to this, surveillance, testing response, and your actions.

  • Surveillance / observation will tell you WHAT security is in place.
  • Testing response is all about what would happen WHEN you try to acquire things.
  • Your actions? They are determined by THE OTHER TWO.

Surveillance is all about finding out what you will have to cope with.

  • Physical Security (Both external and if possible Internal).
  • Caution is needed with carrying out an internal survey as your visit could be monitored and recorded by CCTV. Remember the police like to review old security tapes / disks after an intrusion.
  • Electronic systems i.e. CCTV, Alarms, Smart Water, Smoke Curtain, or noise bomb.
    BOLO for signage. Got to love UK HSE regulations haven’t you.
  • Can they call in Air Support or Aerial Surveillance
    If the area is under military control, both of the above could be a problem. Don’t forget they may have IR capabilities.
  • How far is the security firms base of operations from the site?
    Important information as you may need to consider that responding officers may arrive from two different directions.
    Does the security change M-F, weekends, or during national holidays?
    Look for the “B” team. Every firm has one. The idiots, the lazy, the apathetic.
    Is it manned security and if so is it 24 hr or just casual visit.
    If it is 24 hour I’d leave the site alone and move on BUT if you are desperate, be mindful that multi-manned sites usually operate local shifts i.e. one sleeps whilst the other patrols. Miss that and you could walk into double the trouble. Another reason for leaving a manned site alone.
    If casual visits are the norm, are those visits predictable?
  • Look for dogs. If there are dogs forget it and move on. Unless you can kill them prior to entering, the danger of harm to you is too great a risk.
  • WHAT resources does the response unit use i.e. Personnel only, personnel with dogs, are they armed?
  • What is their REACTION time to an alarm at different times, i.e. Daytime, Pre 03 h, After 04 h
  • HOW long are they going to stay on site  i.e. in and out in 5 minutes or stay hours on the site.
  • HOW do they react  i.e. a full search or just a gate rattle.
  • Are they alone, accompanied, male, female, armed, with a dog?
  • Is there a military, LEO, or authority, presence that forms part of the targets procedures. IF there is, walk away.
    IF they call for help, you might end up taking on a formidable response.

Testing Response
The simplest way of finding this out is to do what alarm companies hate, multiple false alarms. Having been a rapid response driver for a few security firms, I know that when an alarm goes off during conditions that are less than ideal i.e.windy, storms,when it is too hot or cold, responses are slower than normal. This is because false alarm rates soar on these occasions.

Note:- The second response to any site is usually faster than the first. Mainly because the driver now KNOWS the route to the location.

Providing there is no visible damage or signs of entry, multiple false alarms will usually result in turning the alarm system off pending investigation and repair the next day. It is rare for a mobile patrol to remain on site and even rarer for a key holder to stay.

In normal life (Not SHTF) Most security drivers have a large area to cover. If they are not carrying internal access keys (they rarely do for insurance reasons) they are usually limited to external checks probably only having a perimeter gate access card / key / or digital lock combination.

Regarding timing of false alarms.
Drivers are nearly always under time pressure to complete a round.
Give them at least 30-40 minutes on exit before triggering the alarm. Think random in timing though.
For example two false trips EXACTLY 30 minutes apart might raise attention.
Your objective is to put distance between the responder and the site. It must look like a continuous, if random, problem. The more they have to travel, the more the irritation factor kicks in. Especially from their control room.

For those have never worked civilian night patrol, 15 or more sites are normal for the average night patrol with 2 to 3 visits per site over a 12 hour shift the norm.

It is not uncommon for an urban driver to exceed 200 miles a shift.
Add a rural element and for one firm I was driving 300 miles a night.

Looking at the maths, that’s an average of 8 hours driving.
That leaves 4 hours “search” time.
15 sites, 2 visits a night, 30 visits or 8 minutes a site.
15 sites, 3 visits a night, 45 visits or 5 minutes a site.

Mostly it’s all about meeting insurance requirements not a proper crime deterrent. It’s also almost impossible to do this on a truly random sequence.  Geography always kicks in and it’s rare that drivers will shuttle from district to district in a random fashion.

It’s also unlikely that the key holder will attend in the small hours unless there is visible damage. Of course if they do and stay, you will just quietly move on.
Don’t just drive off from your OP though.
You stand a very good chance of being spotted and may even run into pre-warned extra patrols.

Bear in mind that what I have described happens in normal circumstances.
Add a bit of civil disturbance, mayhem, etc. and everything takes on a different persona. If anything life for the forager/ scavenger becomes easier.

Getting in.
Forget fancy. Think simple, fast, and energy-efficient.
Think Maximum Gain For Minimum Effort.
No perimeter security means you could just bust your way in using basic tools and techniques.
Don’t forget that getting in is only part of the problem.

Never enter a location without having at least one other way out
If you have the slightest doubt about anything, listen to that doubt and LEAVE.

Consider that time is critical and some internal defences could be hazardous to your well-being i.e.

  • SMART WATER sprays or other UV staining dyes can contaminate both clothing and skin. If you are then exposed to UV light, you “fluoresce ” or glow. It lasts for weeks.
  • Sound Bomb and Infra sound can upset your equilibrium for a long time.
  • Smoke, noxious air, and fire suppressant (sometimes used illegally as part of an alarm system) can affect your health.
  • Electric fences, bullets, and dogs can also be “harmful” to your well-being.
  • And, in times of emergencies or conflict, Mines, Man and Booby Traps could have been set.

Thoughts about your safety on accessing property
Consider the UK 2010 Riots.
Nearly all those caught were identified by CCTV. Why?
Because in the heat of the moment, they forgot to disguise themselves and the basics of forensics.

Survival, foraging and scavenging is not a game.
Your goal may be to survive during an event BUT all events end and then the consequences of your actions may be considered.
If the various security systems are still working and marshal law prevails, the last thing you need to be is to be identifiable.
Being hauled before a military tribunal could result in summary justice i.e. YOUR DEATH.

Dress appropriately.
Wear Waterproof hooded outer layers.
Drab common make clothing, slit balaclava, hat, gloves, and safety glasses.
Preferably clothing you can discard in case of UV Sprays
Use generic style footwear as unusual tread patterns can identify you.
Some even cover their boots with socks.
CARRY EAR PLUGS as defence against sound bombs.
Empty pockets, use standard patrol noise control procedures.

Shop to a list BUT include BOLO’s.
Access with a suitably sized rucksack.
Keep your hands free at all times.
If you are using a vehicle, Gray man it and anonymize your ride.
Leave your tools outside or hide them on entry after all you did find the door WIDE OPEN didn’t you?

If you are discovered, dump your load.
Taking shelter is a lesser charge than being accused of looting.

Timing your intrusion.
Get In, Get Out, as fast as possible.
You could use a bolt cropper, hammers, bars, lock picks, and saws if the site is unmanned and NOT under CCTV surveillance but it could take a long time and TIME ON SITE IS YOUR ENEMY.

Give yourself NO LONGER than 3 minutes inside ANY premises.
That’s an ABSOLUTE.
Longer than that is not only TACTICALLY STUPID but POSSIBLY SUICIDE if the SHTF and martial law has been declared.

A simple clockwork egg timer is useful, small, light, and insistent.
It also has another function.
IF someone appears on site, you can reset it to act as a diversion.

Too breach a gate, fence or a security grill at speed, use a vehicle.
Cutting or breaking locks isn’t easy.
Bolt cutters need to be a MINIMUM of 4 foot long.
Don’t try to crash through fencing.
Consider using a grapple or log hook with a line and pull the object out-of-the-way.
The last thing you need is a damaged vehicle.
Lorry straps are really strong. Add a couple of “D” links (aka Snap links) and simple to loop round things and jerk them down and out.
Memo:- Any vehicle you use should have a tow bar fitted as standard.

PIR / Other movement detectors
If you haven’t been detected by external means, the chances are as soon as you enter SOMETHING will detect you. 
Your problem is when nothing local goes off like an alarm bell. Just because you can’t hear anything, it doesn’t mean that the alarm hasn’t phoned out or radioed your actions.

Windows that open are usually linked into the security system or at least facing a sensor.
If you have to smash it, pop the corners using an engineers automatic punch and push it in. Use a cloth to cover the sill when you enter as cuts in a survival situation can be fatal.

All access points are normally alarmed, sometimes hardened and can trigger internal defences or alarms.
Having said that, UVPVC is generally your friend.
In the UK sub standard UVPVC units is the norm not the exception.
Panels can be kicked out, beading removed, protruding locks “snapped” or “pulled”.
Look for thumb turn locks on the inside. There are simple wire tools to bypass these items. Look on YouTube for designs.
Keys left in locks or half in /out? Again simple wire tools are used to pull and turn them.
Don’t forget the domestic integral garage and door into the property.
It puts you under cover and usually gives you access to the home owners tools.

Doors, carry a couple of simple wood wedges. Use them to prevent someone using the door you just pried open. Don’t forget to check that there is a way of opening the door on BOTH SIDES. IF in doubt, wedge the door open.

Am I contradicting myself?
Not if you think about entering a room you cannot get out of.

WTH! Sometimes builders put all their energies into hardening doors and windows. Yet, in some industrial units, a good shove with a truck tow bar may punch an accessible hole in a single brick skin or distort an aluminum shutter enough for you to squeeze in. After all a one tonne mallet is kinda efficient at doing that as opposed to a lump or sledge hammer.

Forget it. If you can’t shim or bypass a lock in under a minute, break in with the minimum visible damage.

Digital locks are simple to defeat with simple 6×6,7×7, 8×8 (standard), 9×9 mm metal “shim” tools. Don’t forget these locks are usually made of die cast aluminum bodies that yield easily to a standard 2 lb lump hammer.

Cheaper laminated snap shut type and some brass body ones can be opened using soda can shims. Not forgetting the simpler solution of a duck-bill wedge and sledgehammer. A noisy solution but highly effective. I carry a spare padlock to replace the one I cut.
Why? Because it delays entry to see what is going on. That could give you the few minutes you need to escape.

Alarm Sounders.
Don’t play round trying to disable these. Most are electronic and hardened.
You may be able to shut them down but the alarm may also be hard-wired into a central control office. All you are doing is wasting time by playing with them.
This is why I advocate the 3 minute limit especially in an urban environment.

Had enough?
Bottom line. PPPPP.
Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.
Get in and out quickly.
If there is a shred of doubt in your mind about something not being right,

What sort of a prepper am I?

Why is it I keep on being asked this??
Probably because I keep on using the statement:-
Why worry about what can kill you in 10 years time
When there is so much that can kill you today.

So, to answer the post title question.
Pretty poor (money wise) would be the first comment.
What STYLE (if there is such a thing) am I would be the starting point.

What I’m not is a traditional ‘FORTRESS’ prepper.
That sort of prepper lays in extensive stocks and equipment to survive “most anything”, living ‘comfortably’, within their own home or a custom hardened shelter or BOL Bug out Location, until the scenario returns to normal OR someone comes to save them.  I gave up that notion some 14 years ago.

I’m not a run for the hills prepper.
Because I think that’s pretty stupid unless you are forced to do so as living off the land indefinitely is a young person’s game and not practical in a CBRN or a highly regulated and police state that you’ll find in the UK. Plus we are definitely not ‘young’ anymore. 

However this doesn’t mean I won’t bug out (self evacuate).
BUT, I will only use that option if all else fails.
If I do have to bug out, I will revert to another aspect of prepping (if not survivalism), foraging for what I need. 
If that is caused by flooding, it is unlikely that we would return to our home apart from recovering items.

That foraging would include the prepper mantra of Adequate Shelter, Clean Water, Adequate Climate control, fuels, Sanitation, local supplies, Personal Meds, and Security.

So where and what is me?
We do prep in the conventional way.
We have laid in supplies which has kept us sustained well over the last year. Although it’s been a rolling use and replace system.
We have good shelter (our home), basic equipment, water storage, sanitation and security. Yet, we do live in a historically vulnerable place for flooding. i.e 500 m from the sea. So bugging out or self evacuation is on the agenda if required.

What’s missing? What’s the extra?
Life experience has equipped me with the skill set to forage for what I need (As per the prepper mantra listed above) IF I CAN’T GET IT ANY OTHER WAY.

Can I questions.
Can I live off the land? Yep, I have good field skills.
Can I trap and fish? Yep, as well as shoot.
Can I gain access? Yep, If required. Into hardened facilities? Yep.
Can I defend us? Yep if required.
In short I’ve a scary set of practical foraging  and other skills.
Most of which aren’t age or physical ability restricted.

Prepper or survivalist.
A prepper lays in supplies and equipment in order to survive the forthcoming storm. They will then use their skills to survive that storm with what they have stashed away until rescued or the scenario has finished.
A survivalist will keep a minimal stock of essential items to survive the same storm but trains to live off the land by foraging for what they need. Thus they will generally remain mobile and that means their lifestyle will be basic, a little harder and uncomfortable, and arguably more dangerous, than a fortress prepper.

So, who and what am I?
I’m a prepper with what some would say is a questionable set of morals because I will take what I need to survive if I cannot source it from anywhere else.

Any questions??

Biological’s. A threat to the world.

Many are wondering what will happen next with COVID-19.
I know I am.

These are extraordinary times and my biggest fear has happened.
A pandemic that is out of control in our country because of the Muppet’s and fools we voted in charge of our care, and ultimately our survival.

Life experience and training had left me not fearing much in survival terms regarding CBRN. (Chemical, except Biological, Radiological, Nuclear).

To put this into context, biologicals have always scared me as simply taking cover will never be enough if others are close.

It’s like a zombie apocalypse without the zombies, just other people.
Within that group are a few innocents who are asymptomatic.
And, unknown to them, they are a danger to all.

Unfortunately there are also a few sheeple and fools roaming around, with the power to infect and kill others. They thinking this whole thing is a joke and, within that group, I include the anti VAX idiots and the personal rights lot.

At this time, there is no definitive cure, treatment, or time proven vaccines, and what there is is not being administered correctly, to the manufacturers instructions, by OUR UK government.

Thus I personally consider the UKGov a threat to it’s own citizens and a global threat until the UKGov start seeing sense and totally lock down the country. Thus preventing variants getting in country, and the onward transmission of the virus around the world.

Perhaps if enough see this and pass on my thoughts, world politics can do some good for a change and force the UKGov to act correctly and responsibly.

Is this a simplistic view on things?
Probably, but in a world of confusion run by politicians and big business. Sometimes the simple solutions are the best.

Britain’s Covid daily death toll is one of the worst in the world. What went wrong?

What went wrong?
That’s a question being asked by a lot of media today BUT, all of them are skipping around the truth.

So, here goes, with my no way politically correct thoughts.

The government in the shape of Boris Johnson who NEVER CLOSED and never will close OUR BORDERS. That’s how the virus got in, including the later variants, and our own UK version was transmitted to the rest of the world.

Why is our death toll so high?
The government in the shape of Boris Johnson were swayed by a fool of a Oxford University ex-spurt who pushed the totally discredited notion of herd immunity. (Not to mention the cost savings).

Only they are still following that notion, just not publicly.

A senior official at Public Health England (PHE) has revealed that the UK Government is resigned to the same ‘herd immunity’ strategy outlined by the ‘Great Barrington Declaration’, where the distinguished (and publicly discredited by the rest of the world’s scientific community) Oxford University epidemiologist Professor Sunetra Gupta, (remember that name for later) among the most vocal proponents of a ‘herd immunity’ strategy.

In startling testimony before a parliamentary inquiry on Wednesday, despite its previous rejection of this strategy.

Speaking before the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee, Dr Mary Ramsay, Head of Immunisation at Public Health England, said that the UK will need to “allow the disease to circulate in younger people where it’s not causing much harm” while protecting “the people who are really vulnerable”, if the vaccine fails to sufficiently slow or prevent transmission of COVID-19. She also suggested that it may not be feasible to vaccinate the entire UK population, contrary to assurances earlier this week from Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Only it didn’t stop there.
Boris Johnson’s political party had been running the National Health Service into the ground for years and it was woefully equipped to cope with the pandemic in terms of facilities, equipment, and staff.

WHY? Money of course, what else!

Populist policies. Easter, Summer, Tourism, and Christmas.
Who would be brave enough to tell the ill-informed masses that staying at home and cancelling everything would save their lives. That and tell the big money that lives mattered not their profit margins. Then enforce it with law enforcement and the military of necessary.

In November, Johnson told people in England that up to three families would be able to mix for five days over the festive period. WOW!

And anyone with half a brain cell thought it the recipe for:
“Happy Xmas Grandad and Granny, hope you enjoy the afterlife”

Anyway, it sure as hell wasn’t going to be our pudgy little turd of a Prime Minister Boris Johnson who didn’t have the political weight or guts to cancel everything even though free movement within and out of his lines (Tiers) drawn on a map would inevitably spread the disease all around the country.

So everyone came out to play, including the virus.
Only the same mistake was continued and all routes in and out of the UK remained open with no screening process.

Yahoo today.
A group of 26 British skiers is in isolation in a French resort after 16 tested positive for Covid. Described as gap-year students who paid £8,900 each for the 10-week ski course, arrived in France by road, air or train between January 13 and 17.

Obvious to say, but if the UK borders had been closed, this wouldn’t have happened. Various media are also reporting that some of them tried to get on a train in London, complete with skis, but were stopped.
Whoever did that, WELL DONE!

Oi” You in foreign countries!
Those who lost someone from catching the UK variant of Covid.
Wanna put someone up against the wall?
One Name, Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

Why did he commit this heinous act?

Only make it a long wall because you’ll also need to add the whole of the senior members of the UK government, their political advisors and the so called scientific advisors, and all the UK’s braying big business leaders who wanted the UK to carry on regardless of the human cost.

Somewhat more than the anonymous Marines 100 but if you’re going to clean out the swamp, unlike the US, the numbers of guilty are considerably lower.

Yet will that single act cure everything?
Nope. But it’ll make for GREAT TV!

Meanwhile the woke, cancel culture, anti vaxx, anti whatever, plus the usual mob (whose name cannot be mentioned for fear of the closure of social media), and ignorant self entitlement that is rife among the UK’s sheeple, plus big business, will keep on spreading the virus.

Is this country lost?
First impression is yes as they can’t even get the immunization process right and are wasting vaccines by not following the first jab with the second LOCK IN vaccination within the time frames detailed in the drugs approval.

Why? Same question, same answer:-

Why aren’t bloggers writing about prepping?

Or am I wrong?
I looked at 100 sites on three blogging platforms (because platforms have their own overall view on things) over the last 3 days and those sites can be divided into four types.

  • The obviously Extreme Right one step away from declaring revolution.
  • The undecided on what on earth to do next BUT correctly identifying the VERY clear dangers to self and property that the Woke, Antifa, and the very racist “other faction” are presenting.
  • The few that are ignoring the political paranoia while enhancing the dangers of a possible collapse of the economy, and the personal danger issues to property and self.
  • Then came an interesting 20 something.
    Some openly discussing amendments to their site focused on the current ‘unpleasantness” arising from the current brouhaha.
    AND a subset few who are trying to work out the next move of the FAR LEFT and RIGHT and whether or not the danger, ANY DANGER, will come from (not my words) their neighbors, local government, the state, or mob rule.

As for social media?
I’m still trying to work out where the most toxic have made their new home. All of the currently running platforms are making the most outrageous, and troubling posts

What I can confidently say is social media, be it left, centrist, or right, IS THE CENTER OF ALL THE AGGRESSION.

Know what? I’ve got a question for anyone to chip in on.
Why isn’t anything being discussed on moving forward constructively. I mean aside from war, and the possible dangers from everywhere to the person and property.

There are a heck of lot of scared people out there, and it’s not limited to the US. One French commentator saying “I’m glad don’t live in the US as EVERYONE is scary”. 

As for me? If America wants war, go for it.
It will help to identify those who need to be put down.

As for the UK?
Considering all threats, I came up with:-

  • Covid-19
  • The government
  • Economic collapse (very evident around us)
  • Civil unrest triggered from the Woke, Antifa, that Racist organization, and finally the UK Government.

Safety and Self Defense in the UK (Part One)

It’s a war zone in some parts of the UK and I think few would disagree about that.

Dangerous for anyone for all sorts of reasons including crime (knife, gun, and other street weapons), gangs, drunks and druggies, people just having a bad day, to the failed system of mental healthcare that puts violent ‘nut jobs’ onto the streets to look after themselves.

Another issue that has been growing is the self-righteous, buck the system, ‘You can’t tell me what to do’, entitled, self-important, and belligerent personality that has evolved because they have been ‘influenced’ into thinking their rights are more important than yours.

Plus a lack of respect for children, females, the elderly, frail, for anyone apart from themselves. Add a touch of color, difference of religion, or culture, and you’ve sort of got a snapshot of why our once green and pleasant country has turned into a melting pot of anger, ignorance, and danger.

So, what can you do to protect yourself?
By following the rule of law VERY LITTLE.
The law does allow you to defend yourself, only not to carry the means to do so. Even then, if you do defend yourself and cause harm, you’ll often find yourself on the wrong side of a police supported legal case for damages against you.

Such is our system of law.
It protects the victim, even if that victim was the aggressor who came off worse.

Going equipped.
Carry a knife without good reason (i.e. for work purposes or for religious ceremony) and you’re instantly in the wrong.
Carry a gun, ninja sticks, or whatever, and you are definitely in the wrong.
What of mace, CS, maldeodorants (Skunk),  or pepper sprays?
Nope, not allowed.

Definition of an offensive weapon.
Any article which is made or adapted for use for causing injury to the person, or intended by the person having it with him for such use by him or by some other person.

A VERY BROAD DESCRIPTOR that basically means that anything you could use, excluding harsh language, (and even then you have to be careful it’s not racist, anti LGBT whatever, sexist, ageist, anti religion, not politically correct or socially unacceptable) is banned.

Right, legal B.S. aside, what can you carry for self-defense?
As said, officially NOTHING!

Which doesn’t exactly mean you are defenseless.
BUT, before I talk about that in part two, you might like to read two OLD posts I scribbled on being IN TRANSIT (2013) and  ON FOOT (2018).

Only get a mug of coffee or tea first.
End of part one

Not once, but twice.

President Trump impeached for historic second time, heightened security in Washington ahead of inauguration, and police search for far-right extremists within ranks.

Heightened security? Nice polite way of saying the city is rammed full of national guard and a whole host of TLA agencies and LEO’s.

So everyone is safe now?   You’re kidding right!?!

Only a fool attacks a well armed citadel.
Even though there’s a few of them around.
It’s not them you need to be watchful for.

I’ve got it in my mind that when security is heavy in one place, it makes it light in others. That’s guerilla tactics 101. You attack what you know you can take.

The impact will be the same and, in this case, central government will be kicking itself for not thinking outside the box.

So who or what being targeted would be a spectacular of sufficient magnitude to make the whole world sit up and go “WOW.

The two obvious ones are Trump and Biden.
Impossible targets? Nothing is impossible.
All it takes is MONEY to employ the right person or fund the right group!

Then there are the key members of the administration.
I could, for instance, talk about the speaker.
And right down the political food chain.

The principal of destabilization by the ‘abrupt removal’ of key leadership is not unknown. After that it’s more a case of who flinches first as who would want a job that makes you a target? Especially if you saw that your predecessor, and the one before that, ‘retired’ before their time.

I’m also minded of an infamous quote by the UK’s nemesis, the IRA.
Following the failed Brighton Bombing that targeted Margaret Thatcher.
“Today we were unlucky, but remember we only have to be lucky once”.

I’m not quite sure what the mindset of the US people are, but I’ve got a nasty feeling that this won’t end just because a ceremony goes off without hitch. The angst will remain active for a considerable time. Besides that, “To the victor goes the spoils”, and it is the most stupid of the victor that then exacts punishment on the vanquished.

Last time I checked, I found that politics was also rammed full of stupid.

Tagged like animals?

Not quite but the possibility of being tattooed with a number is looking good.

They (the government) said it wouldn’t happen but the two class system of those who have been vaccinated and those who haven’t (which ultimately will be through no fault of their own) is being pushed out.

THOUSANDS of Brits will be “offered a vaccine passport” after getting their coronavirus jab in a new trial. The passport, created by biometrics firm iProov and cybersecurity firm Mvine, will be issued as a free app so people can prove digitally if they have had their Covid-19 vaccine.

Despite the Department of Health denying that there were plans for a coronavirus vaccine passport, Innovate UK, the Government’s science research funding agency, has given £75,000 to the project.

The plan was initially to demonstrate test results – but after receiving more funding, bosses made the switch to developing vaccine passports.

WOW, what a surprise. The D.O.H lied!

So what happens next?
We don’t own a smartphone and others, more elderly than us, don’t even own a landline phone let alone a mobile phone.

Is our future going to be one of walking everywhere as buses won’t transport us?
Will shopping leave us outside the shop while some kind person processes our shopping list? Or denied access to healthcare because we can’t “flash an app”?

So, unsurprisingly I’m sat here today well pissed off and thinking of upgrading my walking sticks to security weight defense canes to beat the crap out of any “jobs worth” who tries to deny me access.

After all, it’s not always brute force that makes an impression, just hours of practice with the right tools.

  • To control the ‘little people’ in life will raise discontent.
  • To marginalize many will do the same.
  • To use technology against those who are ignorant of such things or just too poor or old to obtain it? That’s criminal.

And so like the UK Government.

The great imponderable.

What about the military?

It’s a question that I’ve been asked a lot as the clampdown on an individual’s personal freedoms, including that of ‘free speech and expression’, increases in its scope and ferocity. Particularly as the enforcement is getting more proactive, if not more aggressive, towards the general population.

“What happens when they start going door to door”?

While I don’t think the UK police would, simply because they haven’t got the numbers. If the government doubled down and sent in law enforcement, local officials, and the military to go door to door, it does raise a few worries including:

“What would they be looking for?”

To be honest I haven’t a clue.
YET in the light of the current crisis (COVID), and the increasing clamp down on freedoms, free speech, and expression. They could be searching for what you have in house, what you are, what they think you are, and possibly arresting you for any dumbfk’ reason they can make up.

That type of ‘door to door’ is something which could trigger a popular resistance movement that may be limited to a bit of bite back, BUT has the potential to evolve into a full on non-conventional combat styled response.

BUT what about the military?

Personally, for me, there is NOTHING more abhorrent than a country’s military following a purely ‘politically driven’ set of orders and engaging in operations against its own population. That sort of thing can turn them from being regarded as heroes to villains in an instant. Let alone cause all sorts of conflicts within the ranks.

So would the military blindly follow orders?
OR simply refuse to deploy against the population?

While I would like to think they would refuse, I’ve a feeling that the officer class would try to ‘persuade them’ into action.  After that it’s anyone’s game.

Do I think that might be worrying the politicians?

I would say so as even if they dragged every government or law enforcement swinging dick out to go door to door, there isn’t enough civilian bodies to do the job. Especially if the population then took up arms against their actions.

‘Arms against them’. I’m not talking firearms.
That is not the weapon of choice of the UK rioter.
FIRE is their weapon, perhaps melee weapons.
In the main all the unwashed masses will do is loot and wreck under the cover of public unrest.

So what’s causing this panic?

In this ever-changing world, where policy and law are being approved with little public consultation and on the fly. Today’s ‘permissible and individual rights’ are being swept aside by a politically driven agenda without the time proven checks and balances of our lawmakers.

Thus, you could find yourself ‘promoted’ onto a government watch list for some reason included on a long list of newly minted reasons, literally OVERNIGHT!

Meanwhile, the sheeple, naive, woke, and other limp wrists reading this may be thinking, “If you’ve nothing to hide why worry”?

Umm. Thank gawd for the prepper and survivalist movement who see through the B.S. of civilization, and its quaint facade of political correctness.

While the UK isn’t perfect by a long chalk, the prepper and survivalist movements here are VERY adaptable with little reliance on the tools of war the Americans hold so dear.

To that end, some of us have developed workarounds to the harder problems of survival which occasionally enter the ‘gray areas’ of legality. As such, a knock on the door occasionally makes for a few flinches.

In Conclusion

While I find it unlikely that the UK military would be dragged into a political power play, or to enforce a government minister’s ill thought out plan (even if it is considered a National Security matter), it’s stupid to assume they would never be deployed in the case of a national unrest.

I’m not saying anything detrimental to them being deployed in a national emergency (loss of utilities, supply, or to assist the emergency services), as that is an entirely different issue. HOWEVER, I would be worried if they were tasked with an internment or security role “for the nation’s security”.

Would they allow themselves to become a political tool? Maybe.
However, I consider the armed forces on the streets in any law enforcement role would NOT GO DOWN WELL with many and create longer term problems in the form of discontentment towards authority than the original issue ever could.

(Especially with the prepper and survivalist movement)

When the argument for ring fencing London rings loud.

One in 30 people is thought to be infected in London – compared to one in 50 nationally.

London seems to have been the launch point for EVERY phase of the Covid-19 dissemination around the UK.
It’s definitely the world’s access point for variants into the country and the #1 onward transmitter of those variants to the world.

So, is it time to ring fence and isolate London?
By ring fencing I mean the blocking of all routes in and out of the capital by using the M25 circular (which surrounds London) as foundations for a 15 foot high barbed wire fence.

That (and I know I keep saying this) shutting down the ports, airports and rail links?

Someone is bound to say what about food?
One heavily, manned by police and inspectors, junction in and one out for commercial food and others essentials.

What, not an option as it would be political death for Boris Johnson’s government.

Like I care. Lives matter and the governments love of money needs to be pushed onto the back burner.

Or it may be easier to just sterilize London.