I was reminded today on how bad the world is.

Why? The age of woke is upon us!
Personally I preferred when we had only a few enemies.

Now we have to put up with Bible / Koran punching, cancel agenda, commies, knitting groups, old spinsters, ban everything, domestic terrorism, possible civil war, milksop appeasement politics, lousy governments pandering to the minority and NOT the majority, the self entitled, the super rich and mouthy celeb’s, racists, bankers, big business, history re-writers, culture cancelling, nationalists, state and social censorship, so many laws that even reading them IS AN OFFENSE, police enforcing government policy and not the law, kids wearing black pajamas, (did I mention the anti whites?) Oh yeah I did mention the RACISTS, and my all time hate (Yet another US import that has landed on our shores) Karen’s.

Not to mention Covid, vaccines, Covid deniers, and the EU, (Darn it I just did).

Hell I nearly forgot the global warmers, tree hugging, environmentalists, stupid politicians, celebs, religious leaders, the WHO, WWF, Green whatever, and local government, all trying to stop me burning my domestic waste, and use insecticides on my home grown veggies! Let alone banning log burners and drilling down to make my own well from the ground water that is only 30 feet below us!

Just stop the world as I want to get off!
Either that or nuke the planet and let the cockroaches rule at last!

Come too think about it, I need to clarify that one too in case I offend a minority group.

I’m talking about the insect version of cockroaches
and not the political variety.

When BLM (in any other name) threatens the indigenous population

Sasha Johnson, 26 – known as the ‘Black Panther of Oxford’ – is a representative of the Taking the Initiative Party (TTIP).

And she wants A ‘race offenders register’ would work in a similar way to the sex offenders register, meaning anyone who is racially abusive could be prohibited from doing specific things to stop their behaviour from harming others.

Ah. A well thought out policy that works both ways.
Imagine a white person who is attacked verbally or physically by a group of “not tolerant, no way multicultural minded, BAME element.”

Then the courts decide that the offender(s) will have to leave the area, FOR GOOD. After all, one rule for one, one rule for all.

I wonder. How exactly will the black panthers (whoops) BLM (whoops) (TTIP) react to that? Besides calling the courts racist.

Anyway, I see this as just another millennial university student (no surprise there), with that ‘entitled BLM factor’ running in overdrive.

Perhaps there is some truth in the generally acknowledged notion that most racial tension is generated by one ethnic group, and not solely by the UK’s indigenous population!

IMHO, I think the UK will become a war zone if we don’t stop this woke, racial horseshit, as it will reach bite back level. In so much that it will increase the popularity and membership of the Far Right, Nationalists, and white supremacists, and once again there will be mayhem on the streets which could conceivably lead to wholesale Ethnic Cleansing.

Never going to happen? Only fools think like that.
As “Never” is only ever a prelude to “I told you so!”
Slow as it is to rile the indigenous population.
It’s never a good thing to enrage them.
No matter who you think you are.

Sometimes it ‘s good to learn in the comfort of your armchair.

I don’t usually name sources I watch but I think this could be of interest. Active Self Protection (ASP) on YouTube. I’ve been a fan for a few years now. To me it’s a useful refresher course on a wide range of tactical issues (and not one blue barrel or a beep machine in sight) and I find myself nowadays running the clip through WITHOUT the preamble to work out for myself WTH is going on and my probable reactions from my take on things. Then I run it through with sound to see if I was right.

Getting around the guns for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The unpredictability and possible scope of interpreting the scenario WRONGLY is huge, and I freely admit, I do read a lot wrong!

Having said that, most of it is police involvement, and therefore their actions are pretty predictable. Even though those “professionals” are dealing with the worst in unpredictable i.e. civilians.

However, where it gets interesting for me is when it’s civilian v civilian.
Good v Bad, variations where bad comes in as insane, born mean, enraged, drunk, drugged, and just plain stupid. From a victim side of things mugging, street and venue crime, and home invasions in particular.

Try it sometime. After all it beats the hell out of hearing, “Shooter ready”, BEEEEP! and loosing shots off in an environment that DOESN’T shoot back.

There again, that’s what a good session with urban (MOUT) Airsoft comes into it’s own. (And a few hardened gun nuts fall to the floor laughing hysterically).

In real life, I still retain the ability to look at something with “What’s wrong with this picture” which is kinda useful. Top that up with the occasional episode of hyper-awareness, and I don’t usually miss a lot.

Yet there lies a major problem for me.
I still tend to slap leather that isn’t there and something I just can’t get out of. That could be taken as a threat / danger IF I was ever to carry again. Only it isn’t and something that was hammered into me by my mentor.

A handgun held covertly is wayyyy better than having a fast draw.

What is it they say?
The eyes show the intent but it’s the hands that do the deed!
ASP has a variation on that theme, but that’s what I was taught years before YouTube. So, if walking at night or in a elevated state of awareness, I’m always looking into eyes, counting hands, and worrying about what’s in a dudes pocket he’s got a hold of.

I suppose the final bit has to be a few questions.
How street aware are you nowadays?
Are you ‘suitably equipped’ ALL THE TIME?
Has that awareness rubbed off on your partner?
If it hasn’t, do you automatically position them to reduce the risk to them?

Plus the old adage,
It’s sometimes OK to meet and greet, be polite, friendly even, but always have a plan to put that person down should they turn ‘nasty’.

Be safe people.

A View From The Range: Rising Violence

I’ve reblogged this for my UK readers as some of them are looking at the US with some amusement at what is occurring there.

IT ISN’T ANYTHING TO TAKE LIGHTLY because it’s a warning of what will happen here in our ‘Untied’ Kingdom and most of the ‘old world’.

That being the breakdown of our (so called) civilized and tolerant society, which is already evident in the soaring crime, deaths, and civil disorder.

Prepper 365

Violence is raging across the US in various forms and for various reasons, and many Americans are rightly concerned that this will only get worse. You are likely aware, unless you rely solely on the alphabet news, that the violence in our cities has NOT stopped or even slowed, but grown unchecked. Its nothing new that people are shot in Chicago every single weekend, but the sheer number of shootings is surging. Murders in NYC have doubled, but their liberal policies put those thugs right back on the street while at the same time these corrupt politicians point their greasy fingers at law abiding gun owners. The radicals in Portland have themselves another ‘autonomous’ zone and are reportedly heavily armed, while law enforcement stands there handcuffed by a corrupt local government. Did I mention all the convicted felons being released by some liberal States and cities to ‘stop the threat’…

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There is nothing more racist than the woke and colored.

Why this rave?

Imagine if you were told not to sing your national anthem as America “isn’t the land of the free” for colored and the woke.

So imagine my angst about the constant attacks on our nation’s favorite anthems i.e Jerusalem, Rule Britannia, Land of Hope and Glory, I Vow to Thee my Country, and our national Anthem, God Save the Queen.

As if rewriting the history books, DESTROYING statues and plaques, and changing road and building names that have stood for hundreds of years to appease a racist minority and the fashionably woke isn’t enough! These scum want to ban our National Anthem!

If you don’t like what and who we are,

Unfortunately for all you oppressed and easily offended things, our broken system of government won’t do the decent thing and FREE YOU FROM HERE AND REPATRIATE YOU to your ethnic roots together with your woke supporters to carry your bags on a one way ticket basis. But feel free to do so.

Look at it as going home.
Only have you thought about how well you’d fit in there?
This local glee club may have given that some thought.