If you haven’t downloaded what you need, why not?

In Global Censorship and Financial Controls I was talking about the ongoing censorship of all things useful to survivalism and prepping, along with those little useful things which preppers, survivalists, and the bushcraft fraternity use as their ‘bibles’.

Today I was visiting one of my online survival reference library as I have lost my ‘growing veg in a greenhouse’ manual. An innocuous enough 12 page booklet. Only it wasn’t there as THE WHOLE DAMN SITE HAS GONE.

OK, things happen, a name change perhaps, so I went to another, and another, and another, reference source. ALL GONE!

Luckily the Field Manuals and medical sites I use are still there – For now.

Being paranoid doesn’t mean ‘They aren’t targeting you’, yet my interest grew as some of the YouTube, and other ‘helpful’ platforms I use frequently all seem to have developed black holes.

Are you getting my drift?
My own self sufficiency, off grid, FM manuals, survival, mechanics and machinery, communications, and medical library collection is pretty extensive, BUT, as per the title, with the ongoing woke and global censorship kicking in big time, if you are a few titles short of a basic library, now might just be the time to download what you need.

Luckily I’ve also recently downloaded all my other sites and  message boards interests and converted them to off line browsing. Although something tells me that TOR isn’t going to like the bandwidth I’ve been using.

Now there could be a reasonable and operational reason for what I’m finding BUT it is beginning to freak me a bit as I thought all this woke, cancel culture, censorship, national security, anti whatever B.S. was still in the talking stages.

Anyway, once might be an accident, twice could be a coincidence, but three times is almost certainly enemy action.


I was reminded about the New World Order today.

Way I read it is that now the Demigod has been deposed in the US, the New administration will be throwing it’s weight around in military terms.

Or, to put it another way, taking on China!
I’ve spoken about that in the post,  The hype is in, It’s WAR between China and the US. Add the advertised ‘peacekeeping’ in Iraq, which you could see is an escalation of the destabilizing effects of the new US administration.

That may be so but ultimately what is a new administration in real terms anywhere in the real world?

Leaving out the references to the deposed DemiGod,
I wrote in response to the NWO prompt:-

New World Order? Pah.
Governments change only one thing.
The name plates on doors as ultimately it’s just a different take on the same shit on a different day. (And generates a new crop of millionaires).

Which is also why NATO (and how I hate that tag as NATO now operates WAY OUT OF IT’S ORIGINAL REMIT) is building up to ‘peacekeeping’ duties back into Iraq and I find myself wondering which US ‘consultancy on oil’ (and friend of the new administration) is getting it’s knickers in a twist about the danger to profits if the wrong faction get into power?

Iraq will be turn into the sequel ‘Syria 2’.
NATO butting in where they have already lost.

That will bring in Russia, Iran, and friends, to sort out the inevitable fk.up wherever NATO try to impose their B.S.

So, what of the future? What of the NWO agenda?
Basically Covid has allowed ALL governments to run roughshod over freedoms and liberty and the current attacks on freedom of speech by the woke culture are getting more and more troubling.

Or, as my SWMBO said, “If you don’t tow the line ‘THEY’ will probably end up shooting you.” This from someone who is, by nature, one who avoids conflict.

After all the key ways of controlling a nation under a totalitarian government are

  • Disarm the masses
    (Done years ago),
  • Control freedoms
  • Control access to public services
    (Ongoing thinking medical)
  • Deny access to all but government sanctioned news
    (Getting there),
  • A complete lack of democracy (√),
  • Absolute control over the economy and the money supply
    (Getting there, and I’m watching what our UKGov are maneuvering towards with respect to money, savings (I wish), and all other things financial),
  • Massive censorship including ‘Wokery’
    (In play),
  • Mass surveillance
    (Just about complete wrt digital services and communications),
  • Widespread use of state terrorism.
    In the UK, that’s taken the form of making as many as possible dependent on state ‘welfare’. (√√√)

Basically ‘George Orwell 1984’ brought up to date because of the headlong rush to digital everything and the subsequent loss of control of the masses as they became better informed.

NWO? (A correction to my original post  21/2/21).
Although I feel the NWO is just a bunch of very rich geriatrics and other assorted a-holes who are frightened that they have lost control of everything THEY THINK they built and own. To me it’s going to end up a lot more ‘dangerous’ to us little people as it involves our governments.

Thus I feel that the NWO is going to be one of a loss of freedoms, and I mean BIG TIME.

The only problem being that by the time their full agenda is uncovered, it might just be too late to do anything about it via the ballot box or ‘peaceful’ means.

A tale of ineptitude

A neighbor of ours was doing his daily welfare check on an 8o plus person who is   ‘sheltering in place’ as per the UK Gov guidelines. (Or it is law today?)

Anyway the phone rang, and it was the doctors who wanted the octogenarian to go to the surgery for a blood test. Partially blind, almost deaf, and with severe mobility issues.

So the neighbor asked if it could be done at home.
Utter confusion from the doctors.
The neighbor pointing out that the patient’s mobility was terrible, blind, deaf, and sheltering at home as was in the ULTRA high risk category.
More confusion from the doctors.
Bottom line?
We all think the blood test won’t happen.
Only it doesn’t stop there.
The response to the question “Will you vaccinate XYZ at the same time”?
Um, Er, dunno, will ask, muttering on phone, NO!

The lunatics are definitely in charge.
Expecting a highly disabled person, in the high risk category, to have to go to the surgery (1.3 miles away), against the Covid-19 lockdown rules, for a blood test that could be done by a health care professional at home, just like others who are stuck in their homes have their bloods done.

As said many times before.
This typifies the healthcare in our town.
A jackass is running things.

The UK’s NHS has all but stopped cancer treatments.

Which also includes some other life saving ‘elective’ treatments.

NHS, National Health Service?
Needs renaming to NCS, National Covid Service.
I wonder who recommended this course of action?
Whoever it is I have only one descriptor for them.
F’king Murdering Shits!

The media is rammed full of examples of cancer care being withdrawn.
As a result people have already died and others are dying faster. Some will die even if they get an early diagnosis as nothing will be done to help them.

The medical world is now only concentrating on those who are temporarily sick and will leave those who could be saved. From children to the elderly.

Some will be left to die a slow death with nothing more than palliative care. i.e. Drugs to mellow the pain of dying.

Personally I’d rather be handed a gun with three rounds in it.
One to shoot the POLITICIANS, then the MISERABLE BASTARDS in charge of my case who are too weak in moral fibre to fight the decisions of the heartless, leaving one round for me. At least I’d be able to go out under my timetable and not that of something I had no control over.

Hang on, that’s more than three rounds.
Aw fuck it, just pass me a spam can’s worth of ammo and something to feed it through! Perhaps there is still a route into Valhalla for those who get dead doing good deeds.

Man’s inhumanity to man. Who said that anyway?
Asked and answered. The phrase “Man’s inhumanity to man” is first documented in the Robert Burns poem (Dirge) called Man was made to mourn (1784).

O Death! the poor man’s dearest friend,
The kindest and the best.

Gawd, how I hate this fk’ing country!

2 million a week jabs needed

Panic is setting in BIG TIME into the UK government and their ex-spurts, who are now demanding two million inoculated against Covid-19 EVERY WEEK.

Which sounds really grand except our population is something around 68 million (excluding the illegals and a few fools who will never come forward for jabs) so that will take, (2 jabs each person, spaced over a couple of weeks, 136,000,000 jabs), 68 weeks. Last time I looked up the number of weeks in a year, that’s running into 2023 before everyone gets the jabs they need.

The UK Gov will probably say “But we’ve got 296,008 nurses”.
And while they are playing darts, who is going to be looking after the sick??

So I’m thinking this whole venture is unlikely to succeed.
Why? I’m glad you asked.

  • MONEY! And that is down to government.
  • Logistically (getting the drug to you) as supply difficulties will increase as the world gets more organized than the British and keeps buying the world’s stock of vaccine from under our noses.
  • Bureaucracy (paperwork) when administrating the vaccine is the first hurdle, and that will be a HUGE stumbling block as anything organized by the UK Gov is bound to collapse.
  • Injecting you which delays the process even more as the NHS is inadequately staffed, overally bureaucratic, and in a state of chaos at a local level.
  • The last one is more concerning. Who is going to administer it?
    Will it be “Join the Army! Your first task being to administer 10,000 jabs.Then you receive a medical discharge as you’ve got advanced RSI of the fingers which is sooo bad you can’t pull a trigger.

Nursing and healthcare assistants the same.
If chemists get roped in it’s still not going to improve things.

Unless a home based vaccine regime is developed so people can self vaccinate, (As giving yourself an injection isn’t hard! Says me who does it all the time.) Millions may die before ever seeing a nurse!

A dead gloomy assessment?
OK, guarantee me your and other GOVERNMENTS throughout the world will come through. After all the current world population is 7.8 billion as of December 2020 (According to the most recent United Nations estimates).

Because all it’s going to take is one virus to mutate into a form that the present vaccines can’t cure and that virus takes a tour of the world courtesy of international flights and piss poor controls by the UK Gov who are really adept at forwarding the virus onto others!

Personally I’ve always been shit scared  of ‘biologicals’ aka viruses.
Simply because no one EVER takes them seriously.
That and the world only got a mass vaccination right once, years ago, and that was for smallpox.

Now you’re thinking, “If they did it once, they should be able to do it again!”

In today’s technology rich, interconnected, educated, and money orientated world. Put your hands up anyone that thinks ANY OF THE worlds governments will manage that.

Our local health service is broken and it seems further afield is the same.

The UK’s National Health Service
Is all about Covid nowadays.

As a result many are dying from preventable deaths, cancers, and long term illnesses as the now VERY LAZY General Practitioners (GP’s)  have taken to refusing to see patients. In our town that includes the long term bed ridden, and terminally sick in their homes.

Sometimes you’ve start to wonder EXACTLY what use they are anymore.

Anyway, this snippet from another part of the country was in the news.
A cancer patient has said GP services are ‘failing’ after he received a terminal diagnosis of lung cancer eight months after first noticing breathing problems and trying to book an appointment. The dying man’s GP, said: “For reasons of patient confidentiality the practice is unable to discuss any aspects of patient care.”

Cop out time. Still with the bad publicity, there may be a vacancy opening up.

Not unknown to us is not being able to get through to our surgery.
For us to even speak to a receptionist means a 40 minute on hold.
Even then at best, all you may get is a return phone call (Maybe).
The receptionists are generally abrupt and rude and in the main it’s better to dial 111, the nation’s non emergency help line, or go to an urgent treatment center, or the nearest A&E (ER room).

Small note there. Mentioning our surgery name in either place gets a shaking of heads, the occasional rolling eyes, and loads of sympathy. Plus good treatment.

We’re still trying to get a vet to sign us on.
After all our recently deceased elderly dog got better treatment than us humans get.

UK’s Christmas is cancelled.

Unsurprisingly, this is going to be a rant!

This is all because of London and those living along the commuter routes to and from the affluent East and South East of England spreading a new, highly transmissible, variant of the virus.

I’m also looking back at all the recent coverage of the morons in London and other East and SE cities and larger townships showing large numbers of fools getting their last night of boozing before entering lock down.

It should go without saying that preppers knew what would happen next and infection rates did soar as predicted.

The other question here is why didn’t the UKGov react sooner!
After all they knew about this new variant back in NOVEMBER!
Was it all about the money this time?
Or were they running scared of the political backlash of cancelling Christmas?

Anyway, I’ve got a personal message to Londoners, those who live in the East and SE, and any of the big cities around the UK who might be thinking of running out of their Tier 3/4 restrictions to somewhere else for Christmas.

Piss off and stay out of Lincolnshire.

As for the much heralded vaccine that common knowledge within our town knows will not be locally available!

The roll out is crap, disorganized, using an inferior product that will exclude many from receiving it, and GP’s are NOT BEING FORCED to join in on the vaccination process.

What is the UKGov doing about that? NOTHING!

Thus the vaccine centres we know of are miles away so that will increase the chance of exposure to the asymptomatic by us attending those centers, and during the journey there and back. Especially those without their own transport.

Gawd, what a mess.
But I still submit that the UKGov put money before lives and that is one of the main reasons why we were and are now neck deep in the shit!

Rant over, and pass the Valium mother!

Sigh, it had to happen.

What? One grade 1, UK Gov styled, ClusterF (you know what comes next)!

The roll-out of the wonderful Covid-19 vaccine is turning into a fiasco as vaccination hubs suffer from a catalog of failures with:-

The IT program where everything is recorded crashed due to an “infrastructure issue” due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’”. Other issues highlighted by vaccine hubs included lack of training in the software. Some vaccine hubs have no barcode scanners to enter who’s had the first dose on the system.

UK Gov and computerized anything?
A well known embarrassment is that one.

Some surgeries reported they have not yet received the fridges to preserve the jab. A GP reported “We were also told the vaccine would last for five days outside the ultra-low temperatures, and now we’re told it lasts three-and-a-half days. And commented “To be honest, nothing seems ready, and we’re seriously talking about taking the information with pen and paper.”

UK Gov and logistics, supply, and other promises?
Yet another well known embarrassment.

A doctor at Oxford University Hospital denounced that “hundreds of people” who were not on the priority list have managed to secure an appointment. How? Someone leaked the access code to make appointments.

Computer security issues or leaking of ‘sensitive information’.
That’s this government’s, and other official bodies, stock-in-trade, if not trademark.

Questions are being raised about its effectiveness when faced with new variants of the virus. The Funny thing about it, apart from the usual B.S. about that being false news, the Health Minister isn’t saying a thing about it, scores of health ex-spurts and, “we’ll agree with anything” sycophant MP’s, are also keeping their collective heads down. Probably because of  danger of being associated with the Health Secretary, Muppet (promise everything, deliver little) Matt Hancock.

It’s known that the mink variant is different from the other umpteen different strains. Fears are that it is more virulent than the patient one version, and scuttlebutt on social media and others alternative media sites has it that NONE of the current vaccines can counter it.

Are they right? Who really knows, until it happens.
Having said that, if Muppet man Hancock said that wasn’t true, or even said ‘good morning’ to me, I’d check my watch AND look up into the sky to check it wasn’t raining! That’s before I clobbered him for being a loathsome slug.

The National Audit Office (NAO) said the Government would spend up to £11.7 billion on purchasing and manufacturing Covid-19 jabs for the UK, deploying them in England and helping global efforts to find a vaccine.

We give money away to help global efforts to find a vaccine?
Why aren’t we using every (£) pound we have to sort out our country first?

And, there is something else to note.
Each vaccine contract contains a form of indemnity protection for the pharmaceutical companies in case there’s any legal action from adverse effects after people have the jab.

Sounds to me like, “If you turn into a zombie, it’s not our fault!”

A spokesperson for the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) said: “As the report rightly notes, we have worked at a pace and scale never been done before to ensure the British public receive a vaccine that meets strict safety standards as quickly as possible”.

Mm. Maybe he forgot to add, ‘Unless you turn into a zombie, which won’t be our fault’, probably yours, for rushing into getting a vaccine we said was safe”.

Right now, with the common knowledge going around our little town that the ONLY  doctors surgery will not be distributing the vaccine, and people we talk to (and that’s a hell of a lot of 2 m separation chats) aren’t so much worried, but resigned to one possible fate, catching Covid-19.

Personally, being in Tranch 5 (or maybe 6), we’ve got time to prepare for any zombie action.

Why am I going on about zombies the whole time?

  • The drug was hailed as being 95% efficient. It’s not.
  • They aren’t even sure how long it will protect you!
  • Or even sure about what effects it’ll have in the long term.
  • New mutations of the virus are occurring all the time, and it’s looking like the vaccine may not be good enough to counter them.
  • The roll-out is a shambles. (Funny enough, the UK Gov is organizing it).
  • I read that the initial testing didn’t include large numbers of the first group (over 85 yrs young). So there isn’t a lot of evidence of what it would do to them.
  • The ‘get out of paying for monumental failure of the vaccine’ clauses by the makers are EXTREMELY worrying.
  • Have I mentioned in the past that ANYTHING the UKGov arranges regarding health issues always gets paid for with someone’s life?

So what next? I’m glad you asked.
I wrote to our MP to ask what the score was about getting vaccinated seeing as though our doctors surgery wasn’t going to do it. What I got back was from one of <HER> weenies quoting the official line including that our local doctors WAS GOING TO dole out the vaccine.

I reckon it goes like this.
Ask 99 politicians a question and, in most circumstances,  you’ll get 101 different answers. Ask local people what they know, and you’ll get rumor, speculation, ‘someone said’ aka hearsay, but intermingled in all that will be people who know the truth. Guess what. Almost everyone is singing the same tune, and its common knowledge in many that our only doctors’ will not be taking part in the role out.

So I reckon the official weenie either:

  1. Doesn’t know what the hell is going on,
  2. Is being fed false information on the fly,
  3. Toeing some sort of official party line,
  4. Or is just lying.

Personally I think option three is the most likely reason.

What next? We sit and wait.
How long for?
Yeah, that’s the question we all want answered.

Political Correctness endangering life.

London (CNN)The UK will allow some sexually active gay and bisexual men to donate blood, overturning a ban that originated during the HIV/AIDS epidemic of the 1980s and has been decried as homophobic for years.

And yes this is going to be a rave!

In 1977, I needed 14 pints of blood after an event that kept me hospitalized for 4 months. During that time the newspapers were plastered with articles about BAD BLOOD coming in from the US and from the UK that had been harvested from drug users, homosexuals, and others that were ill from HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis, TB and a whole A to Z list of other illnesses.

I demanded test after test to ensure I was ‘death free’. Then, back on active service, every 6 months they kept on testing my blood. After 3 years, they declared me safe BUT I was never to donate blood again.

Over subsequent years, I was crunched in a car, blown up, and shot, and EVERY TIME I refused blood products until they stopped using foreign blood.

40 years on and every blood test comes back as negative for ‘nasties’.
It still frightens the hell out of me until I get the all clear.

And now this happens!
I don’t give a monkeys toss about political correctness, and I loath this pandering to LGBT+whatever and druggies if, in the end, it endangers people’s lives.

Only here’s the thing. It is inevitable that some ‘warm brother’ or junkie will donate blood, and it will turn out to be contaminated. There is always the chance that something will get through the screening!!!


The UK GOVERNMENT will then hide that with everything it’s got.
Anything to save face and retain their politically correct and LGBT+whatever ‘credentials’. Such is the hypocrisy and limp wrist pandering of the politicians and UK’s health service.

I’m pretty certain, quite a few will be refusing blood products from now on. That’s if this stupidity makes the mainstream UK press.
Especially ‘old school’ like me who, in the past, unknowingly gambled with our lives.

There is also another factor to consider.
Today I copied this from the UK transfusion service.

If you have had or think you have had a blood transfusion (or blood products) anytime since 1st January 1980 sadly, we cannot accept your blood.

WHAM! Door shut, locked, barred, and bolted.

Then the gibbering fools in charge change their fk’g minds!!!!!!!

Only then I read this:- Gay : Man who has had sex with another man

You may donate as long as it has been 3 months or more since last sexual contact with another man and/or you have not taken pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), e.g. Truvada or post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) medication in the past 3 months.

OMG, I had no idea they had already dropped the time to only 3 months without BLASTING THAT FACT ALL OVER THE MEDIA!

It seems Jehovah witnesses have had the right idea all along.
They don’t accept blood transfusions or allow LGBT+whatever within their religion.

There has to be a way of protecting
‘the people’ from GOVERNMENT.

Other than the OBVIOUS!

Welcome to Tumbleweed UK

Rush Hour Weds November 25, 2020

That’s the new name of our town.
Why? I’m glad you asked.

Even though our town’s Covid-19 infection rate is WAY BELOW the national average. Our town has been heaped into the general county (state), as being in the highest infection rate category TIER 3. All because of the four highly infected cities and large sprawling towns (anything from 40 miles to 70 miles away) that are within the county lines of Lincolnshire.

Which, incidentally, is the largest rural, and mainly agricultural, county in England.

So that’s it I reckon.
This year has been terrible for the town and traders. Easter and summer was a non-event, and now, just at the end of lockdown 2, this grim news will probably finish off the town.

‘For Sale’ and, more pointedly, ‘Sold’ signs on property are everywhere, as are ‘To Let’ or ‘For Sale’ on businesses. Quite a few bars, takeaways, hotels and guest houses, have closed up forever or hunkered down praying for a savior appearing with a wad of money!

A little East Coast Seaside Town (admittedly with the county’s lousiest health service) FUBAR. All because of the UKGov’s lust for money, and it’s stupid, incompetent, if not criminal, handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now all I want for Christmas is 5 minutes in the same room as the ringleaders of this disaster, PM Johnson and his pet worm Hancock. Without their entourage or protection details!

And under PM Boris Johnson’s watch? Surely not!

Hospitals could face shortages of drugs during the second wave of Covid because some of the medicines stockpiled for Brexit have already been used, NHS bosses have warned. (Guardian)

Na. That would mean someone has been totally incompetent again.
Cue the UK’s Health secretary Muppet Hancock for a reply.
Which will probably be:

“We have a world leading app to manage such matters.
No drugs, but we do have an app.”

The Government’s test-and-trace system is not “fit for purpose” (June 2020).
The independent Sage group, argued test-and-trace was being hampered by a “lack of co-ordination”, “lack of trust” and too much “centralisation” which it believes makes tracing 80 per cent of contacts “impossible”.)

Well, at least they got one thing right.
Which is why towns and cities went on to develop their own track and trace which worked first time , every time.

Another night, another hard bed in the Emergency Room.

Sigh, this is getting soooo tiring.
A simple coughing fit and BANG, an ambulance and a night of needles and tests.

I’ve put a lot of effort into this post as typing isn’t exactly easy at this moment as the kind doctors shot me full of Morphine!

One word, Wheeeeeeeeee! Lovely people!
On my Christmas card list too if they do that to me EVERYTIME.

I had read loads of articles about reflux surgery before going into this crazy op, and nowhere did ANY OF THEM talk about a coughing fit dislodging the CO2 still inside my body (injected to give them ‘room to work’), and it being forced into the upper chest in such a way that it made my heart work flat out to pump blood. Thus I experienced all the symptoms of a heart attack!

The crushing pain, inability to draw breath, high BP lying down, jogging speed heart rate, to standing up to a plummeting BP and a formula one heart beat plus me collapsing as EVERYTHING muscle went into a locked spasm.

Gawd, I was scared. As for SWMBO!
Poor love thought she was going to lose me (while rummaging around for the life insurance policy).

The ambulance team that arrived were dead cool and professional and on arriving at hospital (40 minutes away), a football team descended on me, prodding, needling, 1001 questions, ECG’s, you name it they did it.

Only it was the x-ray that clinched it plus a 2 hour wait for the blood results.

It did however expose a ‘few’ plan failures we had in place.

Basically because of COVID and all the restrictions surrounding it.
I have a little go-bag but don’t keep meds in it as they are all short life, BUT as SWMBO couldn’t follow us in as my bag man, drugs had to be packed FAST.

Only one phone line in the house and me in a heap in another room didn’t help. That’s something I won’t be changing though as going cordless is daft if the power pops.

However the HUGE WINNER was a simple sheet of paper.
I got the idea from the ‘UK’s ER notes in a bottle’ scheme where you keep an abridged health/drugs/ allergies/ and other vital info in the fridge so if the medics smash their way in, they pass a snazzy little label that tells them ‘Notes in the fridge’.

I’m on anti coagulants for life now so NOT having that paper could see me injected with something that could kill me. For example, anything that is an NSAID i.e. Aspirin (salicylic acid). Or, if I’m bleeding out, NOT shooting me full of vitamin K to neutralise the warfarin. Or being given a drug I’m allergic too. Get the idea?

Never before in the history of reading an A5 piece of paper has something been read so much in so little time, but it saved time, and time is life for some.

Small note. Some preppers carry a USB key with all their data on it.
Good idea if:-
Whoever is treating you knows how to use a computer
Or even has a working one
Or can work out what the little bit of plastic is used for and how to use it!

Obviously what I use won’t fit everyone’s needs so a redesign is called for. Only just think about it? CRUNCH! You wheeled in on a gurney and them getting it wrong because you couldn’t tell them what NOT TO DO!

Okay! End result was me on a Morphine highhhhhh!
Back home safely, on my 5th mug of tea (Morph does that to me).

So, the moral of the story is NEVER BELIEVE what the ex-spurts say is what 90% of people experience. As its usually B.S.

Day 4 after Operation Day

And a tilt.
Over night, I lost sensation in an area of my chest.
So, I phone up the doctor.
After a fight with the receptionist, I get a call back from a doctor.
Good eh?
Nope, nowhere near good as the hospital haven’t informed them about what they had done and without this information the doctor couldn’t (or more accurately) wouldn’t help.

So I phoned the hospital to speak to yet another jobs worth receptionist to get one of the surgical team to phone me for advice.

I MAY GET A PHONE CALL in 7 to 10 days.
Although I can go to their ER Room.

Deep Breath.

You are 87 miles away, says I.
I cannot travel, I need to talk to someone. (though very gritted teeth).

I will email them but it’s up to them when they call you.

Thinking outside of the box, I accessed a health site in the Internet and there was the exact same symptoms. Ever cautious, I accessed four other sites and found it was quite common. PHEW!

So, what to do now?
I have a fix, as usual little support from the medical world, so if anything goes wrong this weekend , it’s up the the nearest ER (A&E) Department screaming bloody murder!

Where is the nearest MASH UNIT when you need one, I’m asking myself!?!

Preferably Russian as the US and UK Mil have let me down before and twice bitten does make one mighty suspicious about their so called hypocrite oaths and politics!

So, I’m back.

Reflux surgery done, I look like I’ve been shotgunned with all the stickies covering over the 8 wounds.

I feel like hammered shit.

So, as it typical of the National health service, No after care, no instructions about dressings, and it’s a good job I have a large supply of Dihydro-codeine to chew through as I walked out having been told that it would take SEVEN HOURS for the hospital pharmacy to process some Oxycodone Hydrochloride for me.

Yesterday op, home today.
80 something miles feeling EVERY bump and dip in the road.

Would I do it again, the op I mean?
Time will tell but right now I’m content that it’s done before the hospitals shut down. With 6100 new COVID cases, lock downs are assured. Which is going to be fun again (not).

That and really looking forward to pureed EVERYTHING for 4 weeks.

And finally thanks for all the support.

Field Trip!

Not really, just a two day stay in the hospital.
So, I look at what they have decreed I need to take in.
NOT IN A BAG though, that will be given to me on arrival.
Yep, the logic of that escaped me too.
So, not being as stupid as the drip who wrote out those instructions. Out came my ever so handy (probably older than me, but less tatty and not knackered) Gas mask bag. Once the property of the Czech Army, it just keeps on going!

So, what’s going to happen now? 3 am start. (Ouch)
87 miles, mostly country roads although there is a ‘small degree’ of highway to contend with which, by the time we reach that, the early shift truckers will be at play 😦  (Gloomy face). I’ve naught against truckers but I’ve got somewhere to be on lousy roads with very few passing places.

Bottom line I have to report in at 7 am in a place where all the signs say “not open till 8 am”. Gets better doesn’t it!

p.s. It really sucks getting older!

Yeeha, the hospital called.

I’m full of happiness tonight.
I’ve finally got a date to get ‘repaired’ after three years of waiting.
Only I’ve got to self isolate for three weeks before the op.
I’m going to be climbing the wall by the end of that as I don’t ‘do’ confinement well.

Which is also going to be interesting as during that time I need blood tests, a COVID test, x-rays, and an ECG. Only question after that is HOW?

Still it’s all being arranged by a voice over the phone and I’m not to worry.

Then I’ve got a two night stay in hospital after the op.
Then I’ve got to self isolate again for 3 days once I get home.
(Yeah, that had me thinking WTH4).
Then it’s going to take up to six months before I get back to “normal”.

That and Nurse SWMBO gets
to look over me (again). 

Know what the worst bit of the news is?
My gun club membership, just paid, and might be for nothing.
Still I can always go and watch from the 19th hole.

Grandstanding (and appeasing their members) over safety.

Councils in north-west England ask for Covid lockdown to remain as cases rise. (Guardian)

Rise? Na, the numbers have gone ballistic
Local councils know this BUT interspersed between the sensible councils are Conservative (Tory) run councils who, being a thick as poo as most Tories are, want their “freedoms” restored.

Enter the POS called Hancock. (Tory Health Minister).
In true weasel fashion he’s appeasing his faithful while endangering everyone else. Only the shadow government are demanding to see the rational and scientific evidence that this is a SAFE  thing to do.

Yeah, right, like that’s going to happen.
Why? Because there is no evidence, just him pandering to their membership.

The North West and North East are both run down areas of the UK.
Nice people there, but employment and government investment is low so poverty is everywhere. Medical services are suffering from lack of funding and I reckon the ‘non Tory areas’ have been added to THE TORY CULL LIST just like they did with the nations elderly and chronically sick.

Anyway to me it does show some hope.
Local councils ARE questioning the actions of this fool and ultimately adding more evidence for the prosecution of the government in the courts if the death rate soars.

Ex-spurt opinion (again)

Dr Andrew Kemp, Head of Scientific Advisory Board on the British Institute of Cleaning Science (Lincoln Uni), said alcohol based hand gels have still not been proven to kill Covid-19 on skin.

So, he’s now saying overuse of the gels will allow other bugs – commonly found on our hands – to learn how to survive them. If antibiotic resistant superbugs adapt to survive alcohol it could lead to an “armageddon situation”, he warned.

How long has ‘water free’ hand , alcohol based, hand scrubs been in use again?
Let’s try since they poured whiskey into patients, over wounds and the surgeons hands to kill off any bugs! No, hang on, it started way before that!
One of the first uses was by the Sumerians, who used beer as an antiseptic along with the dressing of wounds. (Thank you Wiki).

Flash news Doc.
It is already unsafe regarding operations in UK hospitals because of super bugs and their general cleanliness. Hell, it’s not even SAFE to visit a UK hospital because of airborne, droplet, or splattered, bug rich, body fluid on everything!

Soap and water work, but if they aren’t available, people use what they can get hold of. Like gloves. Medical.

The UK Gov said they were a bad idea as well.
So when exactly are you going to tell your peers not to wear them?

I’m guessing NEVER!

Trace and contact virus program.

Boris Johnson.
Our diminutive, fat little dumpling, of a Prime Minister has again.
As has his weenie Health Secretary Hancock.

From the first lie about the effectiveness of government’s £10bn contact-tracing programme to now, both the smart phone app and the telephone tracing has failed to reach almost half the contacts named by infected patients in “non-complex” cases — including people living under the same roof

As a result, 6000 jobs will be lost and a new low tech system, i.e. boots on the ground, knocks on the door, and face to face contact, is about to become the new norm.

The second wave will be announced “fashionably late as usual” and the nations children, our future, are going to become unwitting super spreaders in the community.

How do I know this is the truth?
Because the UK Gov is putting anyone with scientific credentials, or a Tory party member, in front of a microphone to LIE about the countries chances of avoiding a second, third, and probably more waves of infections.

That and how safe it is going to be to re-open schools.

All because, in Tory eyes, money is way more important than public health.