Go digital or no shopping?

The threat is in, businesses and services ‘MAY’ (Which is UKGovspeak for WILL) have the right to demand they see the NHS APP which will show your complete health and vaccination record, before letting you in.

Interesting, and a picture
of my little PAYG phone.

This shining example of high tech only does a few things.
Make and receive voice calls and text messages.
It DOESN’T DO Pictures, Apps, Internet, Radio, and a whole host of other things it’s big brother, the smart phone, does.

But being less that $15 US, pay as you go, PAYG, is all we can afford.

So what happens now?
I go to a shop, dentist, doctors, chemist, hospital, or bank, and get turned away because I haven’t got a Smart Phone?

Something that we can’t afford let alone run??

Only it doesn’t stop with us as a couple on a fixed income, and many senior aged and other little people live frugally, as we do, through necessity, not choice. Their choices are simple.
Heat or eat, pay the bills and go without, or take a long walk off a short pier, into the sea.

Now if all that seems overly dramatic, try this.
If we can’t shop, travel, or access medical services, because of the UKGov’s diktats, what alternatives have we? Other than:-

and   or even

I was reminded today on how bad the world is.

Why? The age of woke is upon us!
Personally I preferred when we had only a few enemies.

Now we have to put up with Bible / Koran punching, cancel agenda, commies, knitting groups, old spinsters, ban everything, domestic terrorism, possible civil war, milksop appeasement politics, lousy governments pandering to the minority and NOT the majority, the self entitled, the super rich and mouthy celeb’s, racists, bankers, big business, history re-writers, culture cancelling, nationalists, state and social censorship, so many laws that even reading them IS AN OFFENSE, police enforcing government policy and not the law, kids wearing black pajamas, (did I mention the anti whites?) Oh yeah I did mention the RACISTS, and my all time hate (Yet another US import that has landed on our shores) Karen’s.

Not to mention Covid, vaccines, Covid deniers, and the EU, (Darn it I just did).

Hell I nearly forgot the global warmers, tree hugging, environmentalists, stupid politicians, celebs, religious leaders, the WHO, WWF, Green whatever, and local government, all trying to stop me burning my domestic waste, and use insecticides on my home grown veggies! Let alone banning log burners and drilling down to make my own well from the ground water that is only 30 feet below us!

Just stop the world as I want to get off!
Either that or nuke the planet and let the cockroaches rule at last!

Come too think about it, I need to clarify that one too in case I offend a minority group.

I’m talking about the insect version of cockroaches
and not the political variety.

Danger on the streets

I’m a bit torn today about the need to ‘self distance’ to keep yourself and others from catching this now highly transmittable  Covid-19.

The police’s pathetic actions against those who are protesting the abuse to their freedoms, to the seemingly aggressive and draconian attacks on individuals for doing exactly what we have been told is allowable.

For having a reasonable excuse to exercise (accompanied), going shopping, supporting others within a bubble, and attending official and urgent appointments for health, financial, and other business.

Torn in the way the government and policing in some cities has turned into ‘positive (aggressive) policing’ and the interrogation and arrest of people including restraint for what has suddenly become a criminal offence.

Hostility is building as some police forces are going well over the top with some individual police bullying and intimidating both females and the elderly.

Plus there is the problem of the local government employing some really stupid, mentally unstable, bullies, who cover up their actions behind their ‘authority’  as Covid ‘marshals’. Policing has always been by consent, but the actions of some police and a few “Covid marshals”, is leading civilians to rebel. They all need to remember that bite back is a bitch if you are on the receiving end of it.



It has been proposed, and being evaluated, that you will have to carry a Covid-19 Certification/Passport and you will need for an assigned individual QR code, referring to a national database, for Covid-19 test results.

Public venues like pubs, schools and workplaces would be able to scan the code to check the profile, which includes a photo, and confirm the visitor is Covid-19 free before letting them in. (Original story DM)

The UK’s Department of Health source said the scheme was ‘exploratory work’ and the system was not being introduced imminently. ‘It is about looking at ways we could use this in future,’ the source added. ‘It is looking at whether it would be possible. ‘There are no plans to introduce immunity passports.’The UKGov have awarded contracts and handed over money.
So in my mind, it’s only a matter of when.

I wonder, what happens if you don’t want to play, or can’t comply?
Jail time? Shot while trying to escape?
Or, if you are barred from shops, starvation for the incapable, infirm, housebound, or those who aren’t resourceful?

The danger is obvious. “Public venues” will be, as usual, a mission creep by the UK Government to include EVERYWHERE.

That could exclude people from medical care, shopping, banking, use of public transport, and, you name it, this B.S. can be applied to it.

Big Brother is just around the corner folks and that SUCKS big time.
This has the capacity to make the UK into a total surveillance state. Monitoring everything you do.

So, if I may suggest, you all need to decide, PDQ, WHAT ARE YOU?
A QR Code, a number, a sheeple, or a human being?

Rave over, Stand Easy!

When BLM (in any other name) threatens the indigenous population

Sasha Johnson, 26 – known as the ‘Black Panther of Oxford’ – is a representative of the Taking the Initiative Party (TTIP).

And she wants A ‘race offenders register’ would work in a similar way to the sex offenders register, meaning anyone who is racially abusive could be prohibited from doing specific things to stop their behaviour from harming others.

Ah. A well thought out policy that works both ways.
Imagine a white person who is attacked verbally or physically by a group of “not tolerant, no way multicultural minded, BAME element.”

Then the courts decide that the offender(s) will have to leave the area, FOR GOOD. After all, one rule for one, one rule for all.

I wonder. How exactly will the black panthers (whoops) BLM (whoops) (TTIP) react to that? Besides calling the courts racist.

Anyway, I see this as just another millennial university student (no surprise there), with that ‘entitled BLM factor’ running in overdrive.

Perhaps there is some truth in the generally acknowledged notion that most racial tension is generated by one ethnic group, and not solely by the UK’s indigenous population!

IMHO, I think the UK will become a war zone if we don’t stop this woke, racial horseshit, as it will reach bite back level. In so much that it will increase the popularity and membership of the Far Right, Nationalists, and white supremacists, and once again there will be mayhem on the streets which could conceivably lead to wholesale Ethnic Cleansing.

Never going to happen? Only fools think like that.
As “Never” is only ever a prelude to “I told you so!”
Slow as it is to rile the indigenous population.
It’s never a good thing to enrage them.
No matter who you think you are.

A View From The Range: Rising Violence

I’ve reblogged this for my UK readers as some of them are looking at the US with some amusement at what is occurring there.

IT ISN’T ANYTHING TO TAKE LIGHTLY because it’s a warning of what will happen here in our ‘Untied’ Kingdom and most of the ‘old world’.

That being the breakdown of our (so called) civilized and tolerant society, which is already evident in the soaring crime, deaths, and civil disorder.

Prepper 365

Violence is raging across the US in various forms and for various reasons, and many Americans are rightly concerned that this will only get worse. You are likely aware, unless you rely solely on the alphabet news, that the violence in our cities has NOT stopped or even slowed, but grown unchecked. Its nothing new that people are shot in Chicago every single weekend, but the sheer number of shootings is surging. Murders in NYC have doubled, but their liberal policies put those thugs right back on the street while at the same time these corrupt politicians point their greasy fingers at law abiding gun owners. The radicals in Portland have themselves another ‘autonomous’ zone and are reportedly heavily armed, while law enforcement stands there handcuffed by a corrupt local government. Did I mention all the convicted felons being released by some liberal States and cities to ‘stop the threat’…

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UK Protect and Serve?

The scenario
A gang of yobs have been filmed hurling fireworks into properties and gardens as terrified homeowners were trapped inside.

Horrified residents filmed as police were called to deal with the chaos in Southsea, Hampshire. But officers were forced to withdraw due to safety concerns, leaving the hooded yobs putting lives at risk as they set off dozens of fireworks.

What use are the UK police in these situations when running away like scared children is preferable to protecting people? What happened to tactical support in the form of riot guns loaded with beanbag shot or even baton rounds?

One thing is certain, if a resident had loosed off a couple of shotgun shells at the animals, the police would have stormed the place, ignored the animals and gone straight for the shotgun.

Still it does highlight a major issue in the UK,
“When you phone 911/999/or 112, what are you going to do when no one (and in particular the police) comes to help you?

Unarmed and unable to mount a defense?

CAUTION- This post contains graphic thoughts about self defense.

There are laws you must abide to.
Your problem is the bad guys won’t do the same.
So you have to decide now.
Or are you going to play nicely and get hurt or dead,
Or say fk’ the law and do anything you need to in order to survive.
That’s a decision only you can make. 

So, Unarmed and unable to mount a defense?
Cobblers! is what I say to that!
When at home there are many things you can use for self defense that doesn’t include firearms.

Only there are two important issues here.
Something is happening on your property, i.e. outside, or
When your security is breached as in an intruder.

The first thought is IF IT’S OUTSIDE, JUST LET IT GO!
The why is straightforward and something I learned working in high risk locations. “DON’T GET OUT OF THE VEHICLE!”. Which is the same as you staying inside.

If you get angry enough about some POS stealing your stuff you may just run out straight into the other guy you hadn’t seen or a knife wielded by the snot nosed kid you’re after. To be outside of the physical protection afforded by your building is to invite harm because you have NO IDEA about another’s capabilities.

So what if you have a gun or other weapon?
Does that assure your safety? Not at all.
As said many times, all it takes is your opponent to be a little quicker, more accurate, sneakier or luckier than you and you will lose.

Part Two. Intruder!
If someone enters your home, make no mistake about it, they can do you great harm. Thus this is probably the time to forget about the niceties of ‘proportionate force in self defense’, and more about ‘Don’t stop until the threat is neutralised or runs away’.

The scholars talk about two types of defense.
One coping with a home invasion (usually by tricking you to open the door or simply busting their way in), and the other we call breaking and entering, aka theft.

The experts then launch into home invasion is about brute force and putting you under their control. Meanwhile a simple theft starts off as that but can quickly escalate into violence. Especially if the elderly are involved.

BUT REMEMBER. It really doesn’t matter what form the intrusion takes. If someone breaches your security, your life and anyone else’s present is at risk.

You have to plan for these two BEFORE the main event.
Then everyone has to train and practice the response.
Remember it is NEVER about you with a family.
It’s everyone plays a part.

After all, if the aggressors are just after you, once the intruder(s) have finished with you, there is no downside for them attacking the others.

So what to do?
Get everyone into a designated safe room (I’ll come back to that one) and trigger your house alarm, sound bombs, smoke and strobes. Not got any of those? OK, just hope the door holds, and phone the police and fire department.

Why the fire department? Thieves and home intruders want control over you and nothing blows that more than a team of fire fighters turning up at the door, AND the police.

So what about everyone in the safe room and you stood outside armed and looking like Sgt. Rock on steroids i.e. DEAD SCARY!
That’s a no and it’s a perfectly stupid thing to do. If the intruders put you down, you’ve given them a hostage, and having one of those is like a magic key as someone always opens the door to save them from hurt.

Yet I’m sure someone will do just that and win.
Good for them but the odds aren’t in their favor as all it will take is someone on their bad guys side to be a little quicker, more accurate, sneakier or luckier than you, and down you’ll go.

Can you afford to take that chance?

That safe room.
So what’s the basics? Strong walls, floor and ceiling.
Small arms proof, fire and flood proof.
A REALLY stout door and door frame.
Good bolts and multiple manual (not electronic) locks
Mobile phone, land line, and a power supply.
Water and provisions for seven days. A porta potti (with toilet paper).
A damn good wrecking kit to get you out! Basic camping gear.
Military rated gas masks, a first aid kit and, if possible, a few shotguns.
Only don’t forget ear and eye protection.

Doable? If you’ve got space. If you haven’t, at least do the highlighted items.

And finally I must talk about expedient weapons.
The “grab something” to use for self defense.

It boils down to how to stop someone from hurting you.
If they cannot see, breath or stand, it will allow you time to ESCAPE.

See. That’s the eyes, and where I always start from.
Why start with the eyes?
Close your eyes and take me on a walk around your home.
No peeking. How far do you think you’d get?
Now imagine being under physical attack the whole time without the power of sight.

Boiling water or hot cooking oils, kitchen – toilet – and corrosive bath cleaners.
Bleach, ammonia, all nasty stuff, only be careful.
You don’t want to get splashed by liquids or breathe in ammonia fumes.
Sprays i.e cleaners, bug and hair sprays. Soap powders, flour, salt, cayenne pepper, hot spices and curry powder. And don’t stop!
Only be careful not to contaminate you or others in your group.

Breathing. That’s the throat, chest, and neck,
Standing is all about the legs.
Rolling pin, knife, chair, broom handle, and bottle.
The aim is to crush or pierce that throat.
Or put multiple holes in their chest or abdomen.
As for the legs? It’s damn hard to dance with a broken knee.
All of this is WAY more dangerous as you have to be REALLY CLOSE.

A note about using a blade.
If you don’t like blood either use something else or throw up afterwards.
Contrary to popular belief, a single stab or slash rarely downs a person “instantly” unless you are incredibly lucky and stop the heart or sever the spinal column high enough.

Stabbing usually works by the bad guy losing a vast amount of blood quickly. That causes hemorrhagic shock and down they go.
So forget about a one ‘stab’ kill. USE FAST, MULTIPLE DEEP STRIKES and keep them close together. Your aim is to make sure that blood loss is massive and fast. Multiple wounds making multiple ‘leaks’.

Only don’t expect an instant response.
It takes time to bleed out because, be it by blade or being shot, and even if you are losing blood fast, you can still operate in the short term.

Another myth is a sharp knife can cut through anything.
Flash news, IT CAN’T and although Hollywood shows a gentle pass across the neck downing a person, to cut through a neck takes a heck of a lot of force and ‘sawing’. Some also think a sharp point will easily penetrate clothing. Try stabbing webbing or leather. Not so easy is it, and something they might be wearing

The purists will talk about severing the femoral (groin), subclavian (shoulder by neck), brachial (inner arm and elbow), and neck blood vessels (Carotid and Jugular). All very nice but you need to know what you are aiming for and how best to strike.

Only if you are having to react instantly, without a hell of a lot of training,
KISS. Keep It Stupidly Simple.

With a blade, always strike from cover, NEVER BRANDISH A BLADE as it is a weapon of ambush. Psychologically it says a lot about you. I’m armed and trying to frighten you BUT I really don’t want to use this blade.

Hit fast, hard, and just keep on going.
Aim center belly or the kidneys for bits not protected by bone,
As for the neck? That’s vulnerable at the front and sides because of the heavy duty blood vessels. Additionally, a blade directly into the throat does tend to discourage the attacker from carrying on as damage will inhibit breathing.

Only remember the mantra, Distance is king in combat.
If you are close enough to hurt him, he is close enough to return your kindness. 

Why no talk of you using guns?
We live in the UK where only criminals carry weapons and get away with doing so. The law abiding are often left to be counted by the police who nearly always arrive AFTER THE FACT. No I’m not knocking the police but that is the reality of living here in large areas of the UNTIED (not a typo) KINGDOM.

And very finally.
Some will be thinking this is not something I can do.
OK, that’s your choice and I respect that.
Only what’s going to be your alternative for dealing with ‘one or many’ who are intent on hurting you and your own?

Make laws, threaten fines, then do nothing? Must be the UK Gov.

The much heralded law of “six people maximum in a group” came into force yesterday and was promptly ignored by everyone.

Why? Because it’s OK to have bigger groups if you go down the pub/bar or into a restaurant, attend a wedding, go to a funeral, go to a hospital, go to work, attend schools, colleges, and universities, go to church, shopping, or anywhere where you are spending money.

Not forgetting a good old protest or demonstration.
Provided you have done a risk assessment, there is no foul.

Just not at home or in parks or on the streets.

Ministers were ridiculed over the new ‘Rule of Six’ today after it emerged that ‘mingling’ has been outlawed.

Definition of mingling? Interacting with others!
WTF does that mean!

Then there is one rule for the rich, another for little people.
Groups of up to 30 hunters and grouse shooters are specifically allowed under the restrictions, which also have exemptions for other “licensed outdoor activities”.

Then it got better, or is it worse?
The UK Gov said police would not be handing out fines for the first few days of the new regulations.

So, when is an enforceable law but not an enforceable law?
Whenever the UK Gov open their pie holes.

Then later on, the threat of a 9 pm curfew was launched.
Now that one I’m definitely going to ignore and break as the dog needs it’s final walk before settling down at 10 pm EVERY NIGHT.

PLUS, for medical reasons,  I need the walk before retiring.

Only this new maggot brained idea is REALLY unclear as what if you are putting the garbage out, going to or coming from a hospital, leaving a public place like a supermarket, pub or bar. Driving home after a late shift.
What happens if you miss the last bus and have to walk?
Then there is those taxis, Uber, late trains or buses, overnight deliveries, security guards, and a host of other night time occupations.

Knee jerk, ill thought out ideas, how typically inept from our UK Gov.

Wanna stop the virus spreading?
Shoot the cause that let it spread in the first place.
No prizes for guessing who I mean.

Why do scientists (and government) have no commonsense.

A new law comes in:-
No more than 6 people are allowed to gather in or outdoors.

Well sort of.
If you are in a restaurant or bar, with 10 tables, each table can seat 6.
Those 6 can come from different households.
Different towns, states, or countries.

If you’re in the workplace then apart from social distancing, there is no limit.
BUT what if there is a works canteen?
Then 6 people from different departments, or outside contractors, can sit and eat at the same table.

At home, you can technically have a dinner party with five mates from different households, while abiding by social distancing rules.

If you live with more than six people in one household, you’re exempt from the rule – so don’t worry, you don’t need to kick one of your children out of the family home anytime soon. You’re also exempt if your support bubble exceeds six people, e.g. if you’re a family of six, but a single relative or friend has joined your “bubble” for support, they can still see you.

A family of six and a family of four are banned from meeting together indoors, but if you’re all heading to the same wedding, that’s allowed.

Weddings and funerals of up to 30 people are exempt from the six-person rule. Religious ceremonies of more than six people can also still go ahead.

Your son or daughter might be mixing with a class of children during the day, but that doesn’t mean you can have a huge birthday party. Why? It all comes down to setting: schools have completed risk assessments, your home is a wild card.

Protests are listed within the exceptions where groups can be larger than six people, stating: “Protests and political activities organised in compliance with Covid-19 secure guidance and subject to strict risk assessments.”

Any children under 12 who were part of the two households meeting would not count towards the six-person limit, So, four parents, two relatives, and 6 kids under 12 is OK. Those kids could attend in different schools, churches, and organised activities.

Travel by public transport, no limit, just social distancing.

Flash news! POLICE fear a weekend of boozed-up mayhem as revellers plan one final blowout before the new “rule of six” law comes into force.  Chuckle. No Sht’ Sherlock!

In other flash news!
The Muppet makers are back!

I’d say they captured the essence
of the fool PERFECTLY!