Danger on the streets

I’m a bit torn today about the need to ‘self distance’ to keep yourself and others from catching this now highly transmittable  Covid-19.

The police’s pathetic actions against those who are protesting the abuse to their freedoms, to the seemingly aggressive and draconian attacks on individuals for doing exactly what we have been told is allowable.

For having a reasonable excuse to exercise (accompanied), going shopping, supporting others within a bubble, and attending official and urgent appointments for health, financial, and other business.

Torn in the way the government and policing in some cities has turned into ‘positive (aggressive) policing’ and the interrogation and arrest of people including restraint for what has suddenly become a criminal offence.

Hostility is building as some police forces are going well over the top with some individual police bullying and intimidating both females and the elderly.

Plus there is the problem of the local government employing some really stupid, mentally unstable, bullies, who cover up their actions behind their ‘authority’  as Covid ‘marshals’. Policing has always been by consent, but the actions of some police and a few “Covid marshals”, is leading civilians to rebel. They all need to remember that bite back is a bitch if you are on the receiving end of it.

When BLM (in any other name) threatens the indigenous population

Sasha Johnson, 26 – known as the ‘Black Panther of Oxford’ – is a representative of the Taking the Initiative Party (TTIP).

And she wants A ‘race offenders register’ would work in a similar way to the sex offenders register, meaning anyone who is racially abusive could be prohibited from doing specific things to stop their behaviour from harming others.

Ah. A well thought out policy that works both ways.
Imagine a white person who is attacked verbally or physically by a group of “not tolerant, no way multicultural minded, BAME element.”

Then the courts decide that the offender(s) will have to leave the area, FOR GOOD. After all, one rule for one, one rule for all.

I wonder. How exactly will the black panthers (whoops) BLM (whoops) (TTIP) react to that? Besides calling the courts racist.

Anyway, I see this as just another millennial university student (no surprise there), with that ‘entitled BLM factor’ running in overdrive.

Perhaps there is some truth in the generally acknowledged notion that most racial tension is generated by one ethnic group, and not solely by the UK’s indigenous population!

IMHO, I think the UK will become a war zone if we don’t stop this woke, racial horseshit, as it will reach bite back level. In so much that it will increase the popularity and membership of the Far Right, Nationalists, and white supremacists, and once again there will be mayhem on the streets which could conceivably lead to wholesale Ethnic Cleansing.

Never going to happen? Only fools think like that.
As “Never” is only ever a prelude to “I told you so!”
Slow as it is to rile the indigenous population.
It’s never a good thing to enrage them.
No matter who you think you are.

UK Policing on Covid-19 Tier 4 restrictions to stay low key, if not at all.

The Police Federation say they won’t be knocking on people’s doors on Christmas Day. [As] “we have no power of entry”.

It’s quite simple, and I fully understand their feelings and assessment, when the Federation’s comments concluded with “You’ve lost the goodwill of the public.”

So, although every bone in my body is screaming, “FFS stay away from us!” The blatant truth of the matter is that the only people capable of enforcing that aren’t going to do so.

Now I can imagine that some foreign police will be ‘vigilant’ if called for. Only UK police numbers and ‘resources’ are more ‘wanting’ than efficient, due to poor investment and funding by the UKGov.

As a result, our ‘thin blue line’ would probably collapse if faced with the total withdrawal of public goodwill and national protest against the poorly thought out restrictions, ‘enforcement’, and the posturing of the Health Secretary Matt Hancock / UKGov regarding Covid-19.

Thus I firmly believe that we are still only 9 meals (3 days) from anarchy if:-

  • The good will towards policing totally collapses.
  • The current chaos being generated by the UKGov on something they were criminally slow to react to. (i.e. The new highly communicable variant of the Covid-19 virus they KNEW ABOUT back in September) gets truly out of hand.
  • The EU’s BREXIT negotiations farce continues or PM Johnson sells the country out.
  • Economic collapse occurs
  • And Europe’s stupid blockade of goods both in and out of the UK continues.

Y’all have a good Christmas now.
Paul & Di Gray.

Tier 4, hard lock down, PM Johnson style.

The aim.
To quarantine everyone in London , the East and SE of England in order to stop the spread of the ‘new’ highly transmittable mutation of Covid-19.

The Method.
PM Johnson and two scientific brain farts went on TV, social and other media, to tell the above to stay at home. Carefully, politely, appealing to their common decency, and commonsense, with only a hint of enforcement (which was promptly rejected by the police as unenforceable).

The plan to stop the inevitable Covid flight?
That would be NONE. Trains ran, private and public transport was unfettered and internal flights kept flying.

The Result.
The infected started running for the hills, valleys, anywhere they could, to get out of the quarantine zone, and containment started failing before the words had finished coming out of PM Johnson’s pie hole.

Thousands of people rushed to leave London on Saturday night after Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed the city and a third of England will be thrust into the newly-created Tier 4. It sparked panic and commuters scrambling to get out of the capital. (DM)

Looking forward to a Happy Christmas with family and friends?
With an incubation period of 5 days onward, the infection numbers are going to soar right around the country from Christmas Day on. (Only no one will be counting till after the holidays).

It’s like this country WANTS TO DIE.
As for our ‘leadership’, scientific brain farts, and someone even thinking about “quarantine runners” and hard containment measures? The West slated the Chinese for locking down regions using their army, police, AND FORCE within hours. Only that action saved lives. If only our government had a pair that clank half as loud as the Chinese leadership.

Here? The limp wrist political ‘we’re not going to put ourselves in danger of being chucked out of office’ approach to containment was about as effective as making a hot brew in a chocolate teapot. Messy and totally ineffective.

As a result, England is about to be VSF.

Happy Christmas folks.
For many, thanks to the trash who ran, it may be the last time you’ll see your parents, siblings, and friends outside of an open box.

NICE ONE (not) LONDON, and
The East, and SE of England.

Sometimes it ‘s good to learn in the comfort of your armchair.

I don’t usually name sources I watch but I think this could be of interest. Active Self Protection (ASP) on YouTube. I’ve been a fan for a few years now. To me it’s a useful refresher course on a wide range of tactical issues (and not one blue barrel or a beep machine in sight) and I find myself nowadays running the clip through WITHOUT the preamble to work out for myself WTH is going on and my probable reactions from my take on things. Then I run it through with sound to see if I was right.

Getting around the guns for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The unpredictability and possible scope of interpreting the scenario WRONGLY is huge, and I freely admit, I do read a lot wrong!

Having said that, most of it is police involvement, and therefore their actions are pretty predictable. Even though those “professionals” are dealing with the worst in unpredictable i.e. civilians.

However, where it gets interesting for me is when it’s civilian v civilian.
Good v Bad, variations where bad comes in as insane, born mean, enraged, drunk, drugged, and just plain stupid. From a victim side of things mugging, street and venue crime, and home invasions in particular.

Try it sometime. After all it beats the hell out of hearing, “Shooter ready”, BEEEEP! and loosing shots off in an environment that DOESN’T shoot back.

There again, that’s what a good session with urban (MOUT) Airsoft comes into it’s own. (And a few hardened gun nuts fall to the floor laughing hysterically).

In real life, I still retain the ability to look at something with “What’s wrong with this picture” which is kinda useful. Top that up with the occasional episode of hyper-awareness, and I don’t usually miss a lot.

Yet there lies a major problem for me.
I still tend to slap leather that isn’t there and something I just can’t get out of. That could be taken as a threat / danger IF I was ever to carry again. Only it isn’t and something that was hammered into me by my mentor.

A handgun held covertly is wayyyy better than having a fast draw.

What is it they say?
The eyes show the intent but it’s the hands that do the deed!
ASP has a variation on that theme, but that’s what I was taught years before YouTube. So, if walking at night or in a elevated state of awareness, I’m always looking into eyes, counting hands, and worrying about what’s in a dudes pocket he’s got a hold of.

I suppose the final bit has to be a few questions.
How street aware are you nowadays?
Are you ‘suitably equipped’ ALL THE TIME?
Has that awareness rubbed off on your partner?
If it hasn’t, do you automatically position them to reduce the risk to them?

Plus the old adage,
It’s sometimes OK to meet and greet, be polite, friendly even, but always have a plan to put that person down should they turn ‘nasty’.

Be safe people.

A View From The Range: Rising Violence

I’ve reblogged this for my UK readers as some of them are looking at the US with some amusement at what is occurring there.

IT ISN’T ANYTHING TO TAKE LIGHTLY because it’s a warning of what will happen here in our ‘Untied’ Kingdom and most of the ‘old world’.

That being the breakdown of our (so called) civilized and tolerant society, which is already evident in the soaring crime, deaths, and civil disorder.

Prepper 365

Violence is raging across the US in various forms and for various reasons, and many Americans are rightly concerned that this will only get worse. You are likely aware, unless you rely solely on the alphabet news, that the violence in our cities has NOT stopped or even slowed, but grown unchecked. Its nothing new that people are shot in Chicago every single weekend, but the sheer number of shootings is surging. Murders in NYC have doubled, but their liberal policies put those thugs right back on the street while at the same time these corrupt politicians point their greasy fingers at law abiding gun owners. The radicals in Portland have themselves another ‘autonomous’ zone and are reportedly heavily armed, while law enforcement stands there handcuffed by a corrupt local government. Did I mention all the convicted felons being released by some liberal States and cities to ‘stop the threat’…

View original post 477 more words

UK Protect and Serve?

The scenario
A gang of yobs have been filmed hurling fireworks into properties and gardens as terrified homeowners were trapped inside.

Horrified residents filmed as police were called to deal with the chaos in Southsea, Hampshire. But officers were forced to withdraw due to safety concerns, leaving the hooded yobs putting lives at risk as they set off dozens of fireworks.

What use are the UK police in these situations when running away like scared children is preferable to protecting people? What happened to tactical support in the form of riot guns loaded with beanbag shot or even baton rounds?

One thing is certain, if a resident had loosed off a couple of shotgun shells at the animals, the police would have stormed the place, ignored the animals and gone straight for the shotgun.

Still it does highlight a major issue in the UK,
“When you phone 911/999/or 112, what are you going to do when no one (and in particular the police) comes to help you?

Unarmed and unable to mount a defense?

CAUTION- This post contains graphic thoughts about self defense.

There are laws you must abide to.
Your problem is the bad guys won’t do the same.
So you have to decide now.
Or are you going to play nicely and get hurt or dead,
Or say fk’ the law and do anything you need to in order to survive.
That’s a decision only you can make. 

So, Unarmed and unable to mount a defense?
Cobblers! is what I say to that!
When at home there are many things you can use for self defense that doesn’t include firearms.

Only there are two important issues here.
Something is happening on your property, i.e. outside, or
When your security is breached as in an intruder.

The first thought is IF IT’S OUTSIDE, JUST LET IT GO!
The why is straightforward and something I learned working in high risk locations. “DON’T GET OUT OF THE VEHICLE!”. Which is the same as you staying inside.

If you get angry enough about some POS stealing your stuff you may just run out straight into the other guy you hadn’t seen or a knife wielded by the snot nosed kid you’re after. To be outside of the physical protection afforded by your building is to invite harm because you have NO IDEA about another’s capabilities.

So what if you have a gun or other weapon?
Does that assure your safety? Not at all.
As said many times, all it takes is your opponent to be a little quicker, more accurate, sneakier or luckier than you and you will lose.

Part Two. Intruder!
If someone enters your home, make no mistake about it, they can do you great harm. Thus this is probably the time to forget about the niceties of ‘proportionate force in self defense’, and more about ‘Don’t stop until the threat is neutralised or runs away’.

The scholars talk about two types of defense.
One coping with a home invasion (usually by tricking you to open the door or simply busting their way in), and the other we call breaking and entering, aka theft.

The experts then launch into home invasion is about brute force and putting you under their control. Meanwhile a simple theft starts off as that but can quickly escalate into violence. Especially if the elderly are involved.

BUT REMEMBER. It really doesn’t matter what form the intrusion takes. If someone breaches your security, your life and anyone else’s present is at risk.

You have to plan for these two BEFORE the main event.
Then everyone has to train and practice the response.
Remember it is NEVER about you with a family.
It’s everyone plays a part.

After all, if the aggressors are just after you, once the intruder(s) have finished with you, there is no downside for them attacking the others.

So what to do?
Get everyone into a designated safe room (I’ll come back to that one) and trigger your house alarm, sound bombs, smoke and strobes. Not got any of those? OK, just hope the door holds, and phone the police and fire department.

Why the fire department? Thieves and home intruders want control over you and nothing blows that more than a team of fire fighters turning up at the door, AND the police.

So what about everyone in the safe room and you stood outside armed and looking like Sgt. Rock on steroids i.e. DEAD SCARY!
That’s a no and it’s a perfectly stupid thing to do. If the intruders put you down, you’ve given them a hostage, and having one of those is like a magic key as someone always opens the door to save them from hurt.

Yet I’m sure someone will do just that and win.
Good for them but the odds aren’t in their favor as all it will take is someone on their bad guys side to be a little quicker, more accurate, sneakier or luckier than you, and down you’ll go.

Can you afford to take that chance?

That safe room.
So what’s the basics? Strong walls, floor and ceiling.
Small arms proof, fire and flood proof.
A REALLY stout door and door frame.
Good bolts and multiple manual (not electronic) locks
Mobile phone, land line, and a power supply.
Water and provisions for seven days. A porta potti (with toilet paper).
A damn good wrecking kit to get you out! Basic camping gear.
Military rated gas masks, a first aid kit and, if possible, a few shotguns.
Only don’t forget ear and eye protection.

Doable? If you’ve got space. If you haven’t, at least do the highlighted items.

And finally I must talk about expedient weapons.
The “grab something” to use for self defense.

It boils down to how to stop someone from hurting you.
If they cannot see, breath or stand, it will allow you time to ESCAPE.

See. That’s the eyes, and where I always start from.
Why start with the eyes?
Close your eyes and take me on a walk around your home.
No peeking. How far do you think you’d get?
Now imagine being under physical attack the whole time without the power of sight.

Boiling water or hot cooking oils, kitchen – toilet – and corrosive bath cleaners.
Bleach, ammonia, all nasty stuff, only be careful.
You don’t want to get splashed by liquids or breathe in ammonia fumes.
Sprays i.e cleaners, bug and hair sprays. Soap powders, flour, salt, cayenne pepper, hot spices and curry powder. And don’t stop!
Only be careful not to contaminate you or others in your group.

Breathing. That’s the throat, chest, and neck,
Standing is all about the legs.
Rolling pin, knife, chair, broom handle, and bottle.
The aim is to crush or pierce that throat.
Or put multiple holes in their chest or abdomen.
As for the legs? It’s damn hard to dance with a broken knee.
All of this is WAY more dangerous as you have to be REALLY CLOSE.

A note about using a blade.
If you don’t like blood either use something else or throw up afterwards.
Contrary to popular belief, a single stab or slash rarely downs a person “instantly” unless you are incredibly lucky and stop the heart or sever the spinal column high enough.

Stabbing usually works by the bad guy losing a vast amount of blood quickly. That causes hemorrhagic shock and down they go.
So forget about a one ‘stab’ kill. USE FAST, MULTIPLE DEEP STRIKES and keep them close together. Your aim is to make sure that blood loss is massive and fast. Multiple wounds making multiple ‘leaks’.

Only don’t expect an instant response.
It takes time to bleed out because, be it by blade or being shot, and even if you are losing blood fast, you can still operate in the short term.

Another myth is a sharp knife can cut through anything.
Flash news, IT CAN’T and although Hollywood shows a gentle pass across the neck downing a person, to cut through a neck takes a heck of a lot of force and ‘sawing’. Some also think a sharp point will easily penetrate clothing. Try stabbing webbing or leather. Not so easy is it, and something they might be wearing

The purists will talk about severing the femoral (groin), subclavian (shoulder by neck), brachial (inner arm and elbow), and neck blood vessels (Carotid and Jugular). All very nice but you need to know what you are aiming for and how best to strike.

Only if you are having to react instantly, without a hell of a lot of training,
KISS. Keep It Stupidly Simple.

With a blade, always strike from cover, NEVER BRANDISH A BLADE as it is a weapon of ambush. Psychologically it says a lot about you. I’m armed and trying to frighten you BUT I really don’t want to use this blade.

Hit fast, hard, and just keep on going.
Aim center belly or the kidneys for bits not protected by bone,
As for the neck? That’s vulnerable at the front and sides because of the heavy duty blood vessels. Additionally, a blade directly into the throat does tend to discourage the attacker from carrying on as damage will inhibit breathing.

Only remember the mantra, Distance is king in combat.
If you are close enough to hurt him, he is close enough to return your kindness. 

Why no talk of you using guns?
We live in the UK where only criminals carry weapons and get away with doing so. The law abiding are often left to be counted by the police who nearly always arrive AFTER THE FACT. No I’m not knocking the police but that is the reality of living here in large areas of the UNTIED (not a typo) KINGDOM.

And very finally.
Some will be thinking this is not something I can do.
OK, that’s your choice and I respect that.
Only what’s going to be your alternative for dealing with ‘one or many’ who are intent on hurting you and your own?

Argh, I’m scared about what may happen!

Guess what, so am I.
Except being scared is one thing, not preparing for what will or may happen is just foolish.

There is loads of new advice popping up on social media and YouTube trying to encourage people to prepare for what is looming. Trying to focus on the important things, trying to help.

Do yourself a favor and go looking for those helpful sources of information.
Here is one respected source Prepper Base 1
Short and concise advice.

The focus for most of these sites is on total breakdown of society.
I’ll go along with that thought but preparing covers all aspects of life, disaster, and some POS taking what you have, should be your focus.

Everything you are looking at on media or in books for advice is probably full of doom and gloom predictions, BUT that is the nature of the beast that is looming. Don’t get scared, LEARN and LEARN SOME MORE.
Knowledge is gold when it comes to survival. Knowledge is cheap, light, and easy to learn although some techniques will involve you practicing. That is time well spent in my mind.

Just concentrate on the basics, learn the rules of three, and everything else will sort itself out if you are resourceful enough.

If you have a question, never be afraid to ask on those sources of information because the only stupid question is the one you never asked. That and there will be others who also wanted to ask for advice but are too scared or embarrassed to do so. Thus you can be a “trend setter”.

My basic rules for survival in a city / large township living.
GET OUT, covertly, quietly, BEFORE the main event, and never engage (attack) unless you absolutely have to.

Without the rule of law cities burn.
There are ample examples of that happening today, it will get worse.
Expect to be put onto the streets. THIS ALONE is top on my list to prep for when living in a large township or city.

Riots, arson, looting, violence, loss of water, power, food, sanitation and medical is what you have to look forward to in a city.

If you can’t get out before hand, expect to fight for your survival.
While it is correct to carry life sustaining equipment and meds, let alone some form of arms, bear in mind that there will be others looking for those who have obviously prepped for disaster and WILL attack those who are carrying backpacks and look ‘squared away’ for what is in them.

You may also come unstuck with law enforcement who may claim you are a looter. I can do nothing about that as some LEO’s are either pig ignorant or will be operating without a chain of command, stressed out beyond belief, or working to some really questionable orders and rules of engagement.

As such I would advise you to avoid them.

So, dress down, look up what it means to be “A gray man”.
Learn how (and when) to move covertly.
NEVER ENGAGE with someone unless there is no other alternative.
(Said it twice now)

Wearing a combat vest under your clothing to carry what is essential and put everything else in a low key ‘shabby’ backpack is an idea. Keep a smaller belt mounted pouch with the REALLY IMPORTANT things to you like meds, water purification, and ID. That way you can slip a backpack or shoulder bag, still survive, and cope with officialdom.

Learn how to forage, to look for opportunity and, if there is none, learn to MAKE opportunity to get what you need.

That will mean learning the basics of getting into and out of somewhere that has what you need.

Now some of you will call foraging stealing or looting. So be it.
You go without, I’ll be looking after myself and my own.
Survival is all about being selfish although I won’t take from another when there are plenty of sources for what you need if only you think and plan for that occasion.

Only never engage someone, even to get what you need.
(Three times I’ve said that because it’s so important)
The why is to engage attracts attention.
It puts you at risk and,
The outcome of engaging with someone is NEVER certain.

And finally.
I’m no guru in survival, no expert, nothing special, but not unlike a lot of people who prep. No one in the town we live in knows our capabilities and what resources and knowledge we have and that’s how we have operated for years.

BUT does it mean we’ll survive no matter what happens?
Inshallah”. If God wills it.
No I’m not a Muslim but that one word sums up everyone’s odds in the end.

Make laws, threaten fines, then do nothing? Must be the UK Gov.

The much heralded law of “six people maximum in a group” came into force yesterday and was promptly ignored by everyone.

Why? Because it’s OK to have bigger groups if you go down the pub/bar or into a restaurant, attend a wedding, go to a funeral, go to a hospital, go to work, attend schools, colleges, and universities, go to church, shopping, or anywhere where you are spending money.

Not forgetting a good old protest or demonstration.
Provided you have done a risk assessment, there is no foul.

Just not at home or in parks or on the streets.

Ministers were ridiculed over the new ‘Rule of Six’ today after it emerged that ‘mingling’ has been outlawed.

Definition of mingling? Interacting with others!
WTF does that mean!

Then there is one rule for the rich, another for little people.
Groups of up to 30 hunters and grouse shooters are specifically allowed under the restrictions, which also have exemptions for other “licensed outdoor activities”.

Then it got better, or is it worse?
The UK Gov said police would not be handing out fines for the first few days of the new regulations.

So, when is an enforceable law but not an enforceable law?
Whenever the UK Gov open their pie holes.

Then later on, the threat of a 9 pm curfew was launched.
Now that one I’m definitely going to ignore and break as the dog needs it’s final walk before settling down at 10 pm EVERY NIGHT.

PLUS, for medical reasons,  I need the walk before retiring.

Only this new maggot brained idea is REALLY unclear as what if you are putting the garbage out, going to or coming from a hospital, leaving a public place like a supermarket, pub or bar. Driving home after a late shift.
What happens if you miss the last bus and have to walk?
Then there is those taxis, Uber, late trains or buses, overnight deliveries, security guards, and a host of other night time occupations.

Knee jerk, ill thought out ideas, how typically inept from our UK Gov.

Wanna stop the virus spreading?
Shoot the cause that let it spread in the first place.
No prizes for guessing who I mean.

Typical policing, too little, too late.

Britain’s most senior police officer, Met Commissioner Cressida Dick, has said she would not “take a knee” in the symbol of solidarity with Black Lives Matter protesters.

She saying that officers who knelt at London demonstrations following the death of George Floyd may have felt pressured by crowds.

They weren’t properly supported, led badly, not rotated, and SCARED. So they just gave in to pressure in self defence and as a result lessened all police authority by kowtowing to mob rule.

Whose fault? Their bosses and the bosses boss, the politicians.

Bottom line?
The politically correct, multicultural, and religious tolerance “lets appease the sheeple” politics side of government will probably shovel every serving police officer through yet another “be nice to BAME whether they are criminal or not” course.

That and apparently they have been ORDERED to not take a knee again.

A pointless exercise is all that as the truth is there aren’t enough officers to safely ‘police’ the rabble. Their hands are already tied by overly burdensome rules of engagement, and politics is kidding itself that they are an effective force within the cities when facing large protests. Not forgetting recent history (2011) when is was clearly demonstrated that they stand no chance of dealing with riots.

As predicted, The sheeple went feral

The chairman of the Police Federation has warned yesterday’s pub reopening has proved it is “crystal clear” drunk people were unable to social distance adequately.

Commenting after so-called Super Saturday, featuring images from London’s Soho showed packed streets in the early hours of this morning,

Aw shucks.
There I was thinking that the UK’s sheeple would be such good little boys and girls. Just like the two stooges PM Johnson and Health Secretary Hancock though they would.

Like hell did I think they would be good.
It’s a fk’ing shambles, a dangerous one too, as many of our friends also predicted.

It will almost certainly kick start the second wave.

So, it’s July 5. 12 days on for incubation will be July 17th
Oh boy are we going to see a spike in the numbers on that day.

Who are you listening too?

It’s damn difficult to get the truth out of anywhere official nowadays. So people are looking more and more for the real deal, no frills, not politically correct, non-sanitized, facts about issues that are, or will,  affect them.

Problem is, who would be looking for the truth?
I tend to divide people up as:-

  • Sheeple aka the masses aka they who think what they have been told to think. (Best kept like mushrooms. In the dark and fed on B.S,)
  • The ‘couldn’t give a damn what goes on’, just as long as it doesn’t affect them. (Because of their status, business, and personal wealth).
  • Survivalists and preppers plus those who live rural or off grid.
    Who all need to know what, where, and how ‘whatever’ affects things thus enabling them to plan, prepare, and overcome issues that are generated.

One thing is certain, the UK’s mainstream media aren’t much cop at delivering the facts, or the truth. Which leaves the Alt. Media, other external sources, and an appreciation of what is going on behind the sanitized B.S. we as a nation were fed.

Thoughts about Intel.
There are a lot of sources of Intel out there. Only when you delve a bit, they are usually regurgitating someone else’s thoughts, with or without a ‘little edit’, to make it look like they were bright enough to see what is going on. Having said that, everyone reads someone else’s musings at some time, or watches the news, then repeats their interpretation of what was said, so you’ll never actually know what is truly good or bad news (Intel).

Happily I’m in the prepping group.
I’m also ‘fair to middling’ at picking out which of the wrong Intel is more right from the mainstream media and quite adept at using ‘other’ sources.

To what end and who did I use?
That all depends on what is going on. Recently that’s been the pandemic and domestic terrorism aka the UK Gov against the little people and the BLM against everything other than black.

Happily I picked up on the virus back in December.
Sources? WHO, RT, Al Jazeera and itinerant radio chatter (aka Freeband).
I would add RSOE EDIS but they since commercialized their once free monitoring. Scratch one off my bookmarks.

My immediate reaction?
We had discussions about what was about to happen.
End result was we stocked up on our personal meds, PPE and natural immunity boosts, Vitamin C & D, and zinc. Then went shopping, big time!

All Lives Matter. (Whoops, and how not PC is that!)
So, the kicker was a policeman too ignorant to understand that nothing happens today without someone catching it on a phone and slamming it on social media. Sources? US and UK news, Sky, and a host of other world media.

After that BLM saw an opening and came out to play.
Shortly after that, (and obviously bored with university life), UK’s BLM chapter awoke and our troubles began.
Anyway, I knew they would start doing ‘stupid’ all over again.
Then, as new acts of ‘crimes against everything’ were carried out (with apparent immunity) in the US, I knew our history, culture, religions, monuments, and establishments would be next. That was clinched by seeing the destruction, disruption, and the sickening kowtowing to a rabble across the UK by various politicians, LEO’s, and officials, in the form of “taking a knee”.

  That action had me reaching for a bucket!

So what was the factors that worried me most about BLM?
Protest, riot, and even more infection as BLM, anarchists, and the deluded student population, all thought they were immune to the virus and ignored social distancing. (All three listed subsequently happened).

Then there is our poor excuse of a government.
Sources? (too many to list).
I knew food and other shortages would occur VERY QUICKLY.
There would be protests, withdrawal of medical and dental services, travel restrictions, protests, and probably MASSIVE unemployment.

This was something the government tried to hide in the same way it was trying to hide the full impact of the infections, where the hot-spots were, and deaths. To that I will add the continuous conflicting advice and the implementation of poorly thought out legislation.

So, at last, the media started to help the little people with good Intel and reporting that embarrassed the government into providing PPE, equipment, and aid to the little people. (Even then, what they did do was slightly worse than pathetic). Especially towards the elderly.

That and the media assisted the UK Gov in re-opening the country for business before it was safe to do so. My consoling thought was they would have to win over the population by telling them “it was all over”. No way in hell did I think the media would be so stupid as to support their lies BUT THEY DID!

 I so hated being right about that one occurring.

Which brings about the notion that although the West harps on about countries with state controlled media being bad. There is no need to impose that on the ‘free world’ as the mainstream media are either too stupid to know they have been manipulated OR too worried that “press freedoms” will be restricted if they don’t ‘toe the official line’.

Thus a new dimension to State controlled media is born.

My problem is the country’s sheeple were reported in the media to have bought the lies. Maybe in London, but around the country the muttering started and quickly split into three camps.

  1. The “Oh, goodie, lets have a party!” Covidiots
  2. The “You’re kidding, it’s MUCH TOO EARLY to do that!” Sensible people.
  3. And the country’s sheeple who saw the promise of a summer holiday too attractive to think about the dangers.

Two against one? Sensible lost BIG TIME!

And finally.
I’m wondering now how you the reader find out about what is happening around you and how it will affect you.
How you get updates and instructions.
If you have a common platform alert system, and what you use in your country to find out what is REALLY going on and not just what TPTB feed you.

The Second Wave Is Building

They can’t hide it anymore.
Yesterday 89 deaths, today 137.

Plus in 36 cities and counties, the figures are spiking again.
In particular, the ‘R’ rate in London has risen above one. (Twitter)
Which should mean London won’t be celebrating Johnson’s ‘Independence Day’ and needs to go back  into lock down.

But it won’t.
No Sir! As if that was to happen, it would be a PR disaster for PM Johnson.

There again, if he does NOTHING and the figures go wild, all of the top echelon of Yes Men will be in the frame for a career change for one reason or the other.

NYC police budget slashed by $1 Billion?

When I read that my first thought was ‘This has got to be a joke’.
However the predictable bit was in the media report said,
“Demonstrators say the move is not enough”.

Then I KNEW it wasn’t a joke.

This is what happens when you deal with the devil or it’s spawn.
It’s ALWAYS never enough.
Only most of the NYC government are too stupid to realize that.

And so the spiral into anarchy starts.
So what to do now? Simple! All the police need to phone in sick.
After the resulting carnage I wonder if the idiot Councillors will be BEGGING for them to come back in.

Only what if they don’t?
What if they deploy the national guard.
Putting soldiers on the streets.

The protesters will then scream,  ‘De-fund the national guard!
I wonder will anyone will then realize,  ‘It’s ALWAYS never enough. ‘

On the other hand, it’s a white supremacist, patriots, nationalists, and militia, recruiting dream. As after everything has been destroyed, they will be the one saying quietly, “WE TRIED TO TELL YOU, only you wouldn’t listen”.

And the newly converted will be meekly asking, “Where do I sign on Sir”

Defunding the Police, the Sadiq Khan Way

London, and once again the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, proves conclusively that he has lost the plot. He has a money problem. Coronavirus has hit hard, businesses are closing or decamping out of London because it is so expensive to do business there. So all in all, London’s mayor is facing financial pain.

“My first priority is to protect front line emergency services” says he.
This he does by proposing budget cuts of £110million for the policing of London.

Not that it will matter as the police can’t police anymore.
Nowadays their bosses watch words are political correctness, multicultural and religious tolerance. Plus rules of engagement that endanger everyone from the police to the little people. As a result of all this, they run when they should fight and kneel before the rabid mobs.

On July 4 Sadiq Khan’s streets will see a chaos of drunkenness, violence, if not anarchy. Add a bit of BLM and it should see the Met Police in serious trouble. His part of the effort to protect London? De-fund the police.

Only if there is any doubt about that happening, Liverpool won a football match.

Thousands of very sensible (not) Liverpool fans celebrated their club’s historic win for a second night. Multiple people were injured in fights during a night of chaos in the city center which saw fireworks set off causing a fire to break out in the iconic Liver Building, and police granted extra powers to clear the crowds.

Yep, well behaved, sensible, social distancing aware, football fans.

Manchester in the news

Manchester, or should I use it’s proper name, ‘Gun-Chester’.
1 1/2 dead.

A 36-year-old man has died after being shot in Manchester, police said.
A second victim, aged 21, is in a life-threatening condition after the incident which is believed to have taken place in the Moss Side area of the city. (various)

Moss Side. That’s Manchester’s gun central.

Move on folks. Nothing new here.

The thin blue line is quitting in the US and UK.

Love them or hate them, the police do an important job.
Sometimes badly but mostly a good one.

So I’ve more than a bit worried (and getting angry) about the number of UK police that have quit.

As for the US? Jeez, the police are quitting en-mass and that ain’t good for anyone apart from the criminals, politicians (one and the same) and anti everything, communist thinking, domestic terrorists of the US.

All because of a minority group in the US and UK.
Coupled with some of the most spineless, sickening shows of submission to a rabble by public servants who are openly supporting BLM and cowering when facing the verbal vomit from BAME muticultural, religion diverse anarchists. The  ‘anti-everything’ who want to wreck the establishment, government, law enforcement, history, culture, traditions, symbols of respect, institutions, religions, schools, and ultimately the white population.

Take a knee to them!
I’d rather piss on an electric fence!

This is taking a righteous knee
To God, Country, and FamilyWith a simple prayer.
Lord, Grant me the strength to protect my own. Amen.

Someone tell the UKGov that laws only affect the law abiding.

After the capital saw outbreaks of riots over the weekend, MPs have unanimously approved the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (Amendment) (No.3) Regulations 2020. This new law bans mass gatherings in London in a fight to stop the spread of the deadly virus.

I’m tired of saying that our Nation’s government has less intelligence than a Muppet as they just keep on proving me right!

When a law is written nowadays, it always adversely affects the law-abiding and the little people in life. While the rabble, stupid, criminal, university students, radicals, extremists, terrorists, BLM, economic ‘refugees’, rich, politicians, big business, and the ‘Dominic Cummings’ of the world, just ignore them.

The fact that Matt Hancock’s name is on this one just seals its fate.

A case in point was the illegal raves over the weekend in Greater Manchester. Key word there? ILLEGAL! Are there laws in place to stop them? Sure. Do they work? Obviously not.

As for enforcement of laws?
That’s down to the police, and they don’t have the manpower to enforce such regulations in the face of mass (mostly violent) protest.

Still, it does provide employment for printers and income to the mail delivery services. All part of getting the Untied (not a typo) Kingdom “back to normal and open for business” mindset of PM Boris Johnson.

What’s next?

It seems to me that it’s time to review my WTF is going to happen next!
The why is pretty straight forward.

The most terrifying words in the English language are:
“I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” (Ronald Reagan)

Help and government.
Two words that never sit comfortably together.
Their poor performance thus far made the whole current situation WAY WORSE than it should have been and I cannot see them doing any better in the future.

The current dangers to us because of them are:-

  1.  The pandemic, CORVID-19
  2. The easing of social distancing and the danger of a second wave
  3. The collapse of the national healthcare system.
  4. The RACE riots, and the increasing social disorder and the collapse of the national police force.
  5. The collapse of the UK Economy and the subsequent deprivation and civil disorder that always follows a massive depression.
  6. The government and their agents.

The main problem of the first two is quite straight forward and is part of basic CBRN ‘Distance yourself from danger’, and self-defense 101 ‘Distance is king in combat’ doctrines. Except money won, the people will lose, the second wave will hit and it will hit HARD.

Item 3. The NHS is already exhausted both in manpower and facilities / equipment. There still is non cure and even if there was one, a country on its knees, financially ruined, and locked out from EVERYWHERE, won’t have the wherewithal to protect the health service.

Item 4.
It should be quite easy to sort out.
Outlaw BLM and all protest groups.
Militarize the police, or bring in the Army to support our ailing law enforcement.
Nice thought, sort of, and something I have spoken about before.
The use of troops to enforce civil control is abhorrent and will be seen as a totalitarian government gone mad aka the formation of the USSB – United Suppressed State of Britain.

I can’t see how that would happen anyway as it would be the political death of the present government following HUGE public outrage.

As for the police?
In their current form and management, I doubt they will see Christmas unless they are properly equipped, UNFETTERED, and mandated to ‘do what is necessary’ to restore order.

Which would call for media censorship. Why?
Because disorder sells, ‘public opinion’ matters, and the loss of revenue to them would ensure heaps of lawsuits and campaigns to ‘restore the free press’.

Item 5. The reason why most of this will occur.
The government ‘furlough scheme’ will end soon.
Of that I have no doubt as the piggy bank of the UK must be running on empty by now or stuffed full of debt notes.
After that comes massive unemployment as businesses will shut down because order books are gathering dust and, because mass unemployment kills sales, there simply isn’t the money available to keep staff sat at home.

With that in mind the media are reporting that the Bank of England are once again going to QE us to financial death with another £100 Billion in Fiat currency to add to the £200 Billion they have already printed in March when the pandemic hit us. Thus bumping up the total amount of toilet paper to £645 Billion.

How I missed that one I don’t know.
That SECOND figure came as a shock to me but now I know how the government were able to run the furlough scheme.

It also explains why the UK “Worth” has plummeted as QE has always affected the value of our money on the international markets.

Except this whole financial disaster scenario may get worse faster than the government can imagine WHEN the second wave of the pandemic bursts upon us. A new shutdown will kill the economy stone dead.

Item 6.
Summed up already.
The most terrifying words in the English language are:
“I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”
Ronald Reagan

Damn I hate being so pessimistic but show me just one positive sign things are improving (only don’t you dare quote UK Gov figures at me), and I’ll start smiling again.