Telling the aware what they already know.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was accused of undermining his government’s vaccination program after he told Brits that those fully inoculated against Covid-19 could still not meet indoors as they were not completely protected. Apr 2, 2021 12:46 RT

I burst out laughing when this was ‘reveled’  by RT.
BOJO has a habit of being an idiot, although stating that may have been the first ‘non lie’ he has ever spoken.

It’s always been acknowledged that the current vaccines are not foolproof and, at best, they will only reduce the effects of COVID to a level that will not need hospital care.

Which is why we continue to observe basic self protection by masking and gloving up, social distancing, generally being careful about what we touch,  where we go, and washing hands.

Something we’ve agreed will become a normal part of life.

As for him releasing the masses onto the streets?
Yet another masterclass of populist politics that will kill many and trigger the third (or is it forth) wave by summer.

The worst bit about all this is I would love to evacuate away from UK politics. Only there is nowhere safe (COVID and politics free) on the planet that I’d like to move to who would let a couple of English ‘under training wrinklies’ (with little money) retire to.


HEPA filters unsafe for DIY face masks MYTH!

There are video’s going around saying DO NOT USE HEPA VACUUM BAGS for making DIY PPE masks as they can contain fiberglass and one even claimed Asbestos.

While that may be true about fiberglass in some filters used in the automotive or furnace filters, vacuum cleaner bags DON’T use fiberglass and definitely NOT asbestos.

HEPA came about in vacuum cleaners because it helped allergy sufferers so using something that could spew particles in to the air, especially irritants, glass, and ASBESTOS, isn’t exactly a good idea.

HEPA, is an acronym for “High Efficiency Particulate Air” or “High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance.”There are two main types detailed below.

The main differences between HEPA-type and True HEPA (the gold standard of filtration) filter are the filtration efficiency.

In general, HEPA-type filter has a 99% efficiency rate of capturing particles as small as 2 microns. True HEPA filter up the game with a better 99.97% efficiency rate at particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Numbers, and VERY small numbers, always confuse me so I’ll try to explain them.

2 microns is 0.002 of a mm. Which is “small”.
0.3 microns is 0.0003 of a mm.
Which is soooooo tiny it manages to stop most particles.

Only Corvid-19 is way smaller than that!!!
“Mr. Average” coronavirus particles is around 125 nm or 0.000125 of a mm.
Does that mean it passes straight through a HEPA FILTER?
In theory YES, if the HEPA was a single layer.
Only they aren’t. They are LAYERED!
So in real life, YES they do stop most viruses.
HEPA filters can catch nearly 100% of 0.0001mm ultra-fine particles but are only TESTED to 0.0003 of a mm by HEPA standards.

So does that render you completely safe from the virus?
Nope, there is no such thing as being 100% safe!
Especially if you are doing table top PPE like we are.

This virus is transmitted as a particle carried by moisture in a person’s cough. So you touch something that has been coughed on – it’s on your hands.
Or, if droplets get into your eyes, you’ve got it.
Or, if you rub your now contaminated hands on your face or rub your eyes,
Or, if you eat something without washing your hands, it can get into you.

So why bother with a mask? Seriously?
You could for instance cover your eyes wearing wrap round glasses,
is a huge one as adjusting face masks is so easy to do without thinking about things.
Wearing impervious gloves
helps, but above all that:


Don’t just rely on alcohol rubs or no soap hand gels.
The why is soap bursts the individual virus’s protective shell.
Clean surfaces regularly with disinfectant or even soapy water.
We use “baby bleach” (aka Milton) in a fine spray bottle (mainly because I trust bleach) but normal kitchen and washroom cleaners are said to be just as effective. CAUTION ELECTRICITY AND LIQUIDS DON’T MIX”

We also wipe down stuff you bring into your home and, where appropriate, discard external packaging.

Do I need to say don’t bleach your fruit and veg? I hope not!
We do however run it under the tap, pat dry, and leave to dry before racking it.

Why do all this?
A blob of virus will survive well on hard and soft surfaces.
Some ex-spurts saying in ideal conditions, over 72 hours.
Impervious surfaces being the worst culprits i.e. metal, plastics, glass.
The why is the virus needs it’s bubble of water to survive and once dry, it dies.

This is all CBRN Decontamination 101 folks.
Let alone good housekeeping.

So where am I getting all this data from?
The Internet, NASA, CDC, WHO, NHS, and official bodies in the medical world who are falling over themselves to inform you.

Vacuum cleaner bag science is extensive as well as is the details about HEPA filtration. A few universities have done studies on DIY PPE recently. This is all part of researching your subject and something I did a lot of before starting to make masks.

Yet, having said all that, being a prepper I had laid in a stock of FFP3 masks.
That’s equivalent to N98 in US terms.
We use them when in enclosed spaces as social distancing is NOT the UK’s sheeple way of doing things. Stupidity they do well. Anything else seems to much bother and involves thinking.

And finally.
Distance is king in combat and this is a fight only against a much more cold blooded killer. So, keep your distance to more than social spacing (2m), cover up, wash often, and PLEASE download a basic guide to CBRN and decontamination.

And yes, I’m still going to be making DIY masks as the proper PPE has been price gouged above our means and largely unavailable at this time.

Will they work as well as the “proper gear”.
Probably not but something is better than NOTHING!

As always, don’t take my word for anything.
Do your own research as that’s the responsible thing to do.

Post Apocalyptic Survival

Been relaxing, watching Hollywood (and independents) versions of Post Apocalyptic survival. There are common themes in all of them.

  • You are going to get dirty, stay dirty, and end even up more dirty, BUT you’ll be totally immune from infections of the cut or graze type.
  • You’ll also be able to drink from puddles, ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers without having to filter your water AT ALL!
  • Nobody uses toothpaste but everyone has sparkly white teeth.
  • And as for your clothing, one word, Phew!
    Ripped and dirty is the norm.
  • Nearly forget, everything food still comes in cans but mysteriously whatever happens washes the labels off.
  • As for toileting?
    Apart from the occasional visit behind a bush without any toilet paper, let alone washing afterwards, is purely for the sissies.
  • Nobody even carries a shovel and rubbish (food or otherwise) just disappears.
  • Flies aren’t a problem, gnats, tick, fleas, and maggots have only appeared in couple of  films I watched, but rats are common.

So, if you want to survive! Do it the Hollywood way.

Meanwhile, in the real world.
Personal cleanliness, and looking after your kit / clothing (all layers) is vital.
Socks and boots in particular need special care.
So soap, gaffer tape, needles and threads may just become a sought after barter item.

You also have to remember that a simple graze, blister, or cut, in a world of austere or no conventional medicines could kill you. So Antiseptics and Antibiotics (plus any personal life sustaining medicines) and medical supplies such as sterile EVERYTHING must be considered top priority during any foraging trip.

Meanwhile let’s just leave Hollywood to stew in it’s one unrealistic filthy world.

This is what living in civilization does to you.

In my misspent youth I lived in all sorts of “undesirable” places, some abroad, and once upon a time, something happened that ended up with me homeless and on the streets.
Yet even in combat, under what could be called dire conditions, I’ve always taken the greatest care about my personal hygiene. Thus I’ve always been parasite and pest free.

Which is what our newly appointed to “EX-FRIEND” needs to rediscover.
He’s been away from us for a month now but the legacy of his visit still keeps on hitting us.

His dog brought in just about every bug, flea, and mite going into the house and our dog is still struggling hard to get over it.
It’s just a shame the house hasn’t and nuking the house on a regular basis with pesticide is our new norm.

As for him?  Well let’s not go there shall we.
He arrived with a new bar of soap and towel, and went home with that new bar of soap.

Upshot is for the first time EVER I’ve got flea and mite bites on my legs, arms, and a couple on my hands.  Thus I feel ‘dirty’, and annoyed at him and myself.
The only thing missing is crab lice I reckon and I’ve been really attentive in looking out for them.

Now I’ve got scarring all along my legs and so far, no bites on any of it.
That is really preying on my mind as damage there could cause real problems.
So much so that I’m now plastered with anti mite lotion (which also works on lice and fleas).
And boy does it STINK!

30 plus years without anything bigger than a mosquito bite and I get caught big time because of (a now) ex-friend with ZERO personal hygiene.

I did a post titled “Why being shy may kill you.” [Link]
It’s all about bugs and beasties.
Considering the poor health support on offer today in the UK, it might be worth a read.

Learn and prepare before the event not during it is one of the many mantra’s I use.

While talking about this, I would ask just how comprehensive is your first aid you carry with you. No, not the simple IFAK pouch on your hip or side pocket, the one that should sit in your backpack and also never leave your side.

That and you have done a basic first aid course including emergency resusitation haven’t you?

Do you carry notes, a book even? If not, why not.
Where there are no doctors or dentists AND The ships captains first aid book are my two. Heavy things? They could be in A4 but in a tiny font on A6 paper? A bit extreme maybe BUT taking up little room (and no batteries required) is a lot better than the 30 page (tops) offering from most Basic First Aid booklets.

And please don’t be silly by saying you’ve got it on kindle or an equivalent UNLESS it will run on air, can withstand being dunked, dumped on, dropped, cooked or frozen.

Besides when electronics dies it’s usually only good as a table ornament while a book?
Most books have some ‘unnecessary or never going to be applicable‘ pages in them and paper has so many uses. From fire lighting to save you from picking the wrong sort of leaf as you try to clean up after a dump. (Leaves in three, let them be!)