Just as I thought things were looking up, they fell down.

In for an operation two weeks ago and my blood was dripping out of me like warm treacle than the usual slight nick that produced a GUSH of color.

So, stomach jabs, every night, same time, same bed, same OUCH, same bruising within hours. And I’ve got a ring of bruising on both sides.

Looks quite pretty in fact and the first ones are fading fast.

Until today.
More bloods were checked and they are going gloopy again.
The reason given is I’m eating high protein supplements to regain the 4 kg I lost from not eating, and there is something in them that is countering the blood thinners.

So, all my meds have been changed, and I’ve been gifted 30 more little pain givers! What absolute Joy!NOT!

Only I was given some ‘really good news’.
I can inject the juice into my legs now!!!!
How good is that! (VERY not).
The only time I liked that was when I was on Morphine and using an injector.
Pain to that slow warm, floating feeling and “Hello spiders, how’s your day”?

Tell you what though, I’m glad I learned how to self inject including hydrating serum, calculating dosage, and how to inject SC (under the skin) and IM (into the muscle). “The Megger ouch” jabs. Because the thought of going up to the ER room everyday was not at all appealing.

Thus to mark the importance of the day I’m going to commiserate with a little glass (maybe two) of SLIVOVITZ.

When all else fails, you have to go proactive.

Man, this has been one hell of a few days for me.
Two weeks of pain, zero help from a doctor who prescribed a pill apparently banned for knackered old shits of my age, I gave in and ran for help elsewhere.

The failed ‘life changing’ operation the ‘chump in Nottingham’ performed on me 6 months ago had finally given up and would have finished me off had it not been for the efforts of a decent hospital and me going proactive sidestepping ‘medical protocol’ aka our poor excuse of a doctor.

As a result, last week saw me in hospital (again) and three days with no food and a glucose drip in my arm to keep me going. That and a nerve racking ‘half asleep’ procedure to stop my guts from rotting away. BP while that was being performed? 195/110. Pulse? Whats faster than a Porsche engine screaming it’s little head off? My ticker, and I came out of that room a molten wreak if the drippiness of my tee shirt was any measure of how sh’t scared I was.

The good news is I don’t remember a lot about it. So whatever they pumped into me must have been REALLY good shit.

Anyway, I’m sat at home feeling pretty sorry for myself, sore, ragged, and eating slops for a while. Still, you’ve got to look at the positives, which would include me sitting here.

Meanwhile my mental state is in feral mode and I’m sorely missing the weight of steel as I would happily save the Health Service a shed load of malpractice suits in the future following a programmed  ‘telephone consultation’ arranged some 4 months ago with one of the ‘chumps minions’ who started to talk about testing, revisions, while uttering a whole heap of apologies, excuses, and reasons for why I was left to fend for myself after a major operation.

Question. Why are there never any Russian MASH units around when you need one? That and I sorely miss their unbranded, High Test, Russian Hootch.

Years ago I was told that living fast and dying young was way preferable to the disillusionment and pain of old age. At that time I had laughed at my mentor.

Funny thing is, I finally see where he was coming from.
Although it’s taken me 40 plus years to understand his reasoning.

Cold, Windy, and Wet.

Get under Cover
Out of the wind and rain.
Get Warm.
Get Dry.
Keep hydrated (hot drinks).
When all those five have been met, think about warm food.

Simple enough?

Thinking cover.
Is a vehicle good enough?
If you can run the engine, SAFELY, and heat the interior probably.
Room is an issue as you may have to change out of wet clothing.
Making hot drinks could be an issue and, if you are using a stove, be careful of fumes and CO Carbon monoxide.

Natural features?
Caves? Can you light a fire within and protect yourself from draughts and dripping water? Putting up a tent would be an idea but the ground could be wet.

Man made?
Tunnels, car parks, flyovers, under bridges?
You must get out of the wet but more importantly the wind.
If you are wet with wind, your survival time is VERY SHORT as wind chill can lower your inner core temperature quickly. If you can change into dry clothing you have bought yourself some time BUT not a lot as you will already be chilled and unless you can make a heavy duty fire, clothing won’t dry.

Field expedient?
Snow Caves, Igloo, Tarps, Debris huts, Tents.
Now you are out of the wind, change into dry clothing.
As for heating? Now you will have problems.
Stoves and fires work but be careful of fumes and CO.
(although not really suitable for an igloo or snow caves)

Drying off kit?
Alongside a fire could work if you can stop the draughts, but that will take fuel and so you will have to forage for that. The danger is you either have to change back into wet clothing or risk making your dry clothing wet while gathering fuel. What worked for me was donning wet clothing, short trips, getting dry and warm in between. Your call, your decision.

Man made?
Factory units, warehouses, homes.
Out of those three, I would always head for a home.
Places built for habitation are usually well sealed and insulated.
As for heating? If there is no power, look for a stove or fireplace.
What to burn? If there is nothing to forage, burn anything you can. Be careful of fumes and CO.

Get Warm?
This is not only you having warm hands but also your feet and very importantly your inner core, your torso. Once cold it takes a lot of gentle external heating and I also like to ‘drink in’ warmth so that’s warm to hot drinks if you can tolerate them. Slow and steady is best not ‘jugging’ them. It takes a long time to warm up a body and you shouldn’t rush it. I did a piece on being cold for further reference. [TOO COLD]

Get dry?
Clothing, outer and inner, very important is socks, and even more important is drying your footwear aka boots.

At some time you will want to move on.
Damp boots, even with dry socks will freeze hard if it’s cold enough and frostbite will follow.

Except what if it’s not all that cold?
Wet boots make wet feet, make trench foot, and that hurts big time. That’s where your feet swell up look pruny, and can literally rot away without proper treatment.Keep hydrated?
It might not seem right but in the cold, and wet, you can get very dehydrated.
By the time you are thirsty, you already are on a downwards slope to dehydration. At this stage most could drink a couple of liters (SLOWLY) and only manage to achieve something like normal hydration. Some of you will have trouble thinking things through, you may experience mood swings, and drying out your body may end up with constipation. Your clues to the state of your hydration comes in many colors, of urine.
That and the sound of your straining to have a dump.
Lastly food and that ties in with water.
Energy food is important in the cold as to keep warm needs fuel.
Except there is that trade off.
You should never eat without drinking as it’s water that helps to digest food and move it through your system. Thus a basic rule of survival is born. Don’t eat unless you have enough water.

That and forget the 2 liters is enough for anyone per day.
Drink what you need, drink when eating, and watch the indicators I have listed, the feeling of thirst, the color of your urine, and the sound of you straining, or not, if your diet is right and you are correctly hydrated.

High in energy, they may need water to hydrate them, and PLENTY OF WATER to aid their digestion. Only they are no way a balanced meal. Thus the armed forces has many ‘unflattering names for them.

Meals refusing to exit, Meals Rejected by Everyone, Meals Rarely Enjoyed, Meals Rejected by the Enemy. (and that’s only the polite ones).

Beware of Lincolnshire Hospitals.

No frills, just the facts Jack.

Boston Pilgrim Hospital.
Dire waiting time, poor A&E consultants, and a COVID hot spot.
FOUR people we knew went in, and all caught COVID THERE.
You can be discharged from A&E at 3 am and expected to leave the hospital.
No transport at that time. Winter or not.

Lincoln General Hospital.
Dire waiting times, poor A&E consultants, and a COVID hot spot.
The place is a mess. Corridor nursing.
There is recent history of extremely overworked and bullied staff. Plus safety concerns .

Louth Hospital Urgent care. No longer 24 hours.
Make sure you phone 111 before attending.

Most shifts are good and the doctoring is efficient.
There are personality issues.
Nurse led,  talk to the wrong person and you’ll be fobbed off.
A shame really as this place was really good.
Now, it’s a bit of a gamble.

Louth hospital. Input from others reports their day surgery unit is good as is their diagnostics. The staff I have met there are all friendly and efficient. Parking non problem but COVID has made things ‘difficult’.

Skegness. Urgent Care.
Busy, long waits, doctors are dismissive.
In, out, and don’t let the door smack you on the butt.
For anything worse than minor, expect a push on to Boston Pilgrim or Lincoln.
That’s somewhere not nice to be.

Not too shabby.
Can be long waits, get there early is my advice.
Reception OK, triage OK, doctoring so far, first class.
Got to be the best out of the lot.
Problem is during COVID, services are slow for regular treatment.
Plus in the news was a story about COVID patients walking out of their ward and into the car park to talk to relatives. Good bio security? Somehow I don’t think so.

Doctoring at a local level.
A real mixed bag with a lot of surgeries putting considerable barriers in getting appointments let alone decent help. Some use nothing but computer contact be that email or filling in forms to detail what is wrong. For the elderly and non computer friendly that’s not good.

If you can’t drive in Lincolnshire or get someone to take you to Grimsby hospital (waits for ambulances can be many, many, hours if at all!) OR struggle onto a bus, or afford a taxi (£30-40 one way and no cards or cheques allowed), you’re basically stuffed.

The NHS is now the National COVID Service and everything else, including cancer and other urgent treatment isn’t happening. In short, you are on your own.

You should never mix your drinks

The vaccine roll out in the UK is taking a turn.
Not so much for the good as the unknown.

Some chimpanzees masquerading as UK government advisors are thinking about mixing vaccines. Problem is, no one has done this before (officially) so no one knows what will happen.

And right now I’m thinking ‘T’ virus and Resident Evil aka ZOMBIE TIME!
Take the Oxford jab and the Russian Sputnik vaccine.

So will we all turn out to be good little communists eating anyone from the West? OR just suddenly like Vodka!

(Which will be wasted on me as I LOVE  Vodka!!)
Argh! What if it puts me OFF vodka! Not nice, not nice at all.

Thinking about it in those terms, has the hair just stood up on the back of your hands?

NHS to be renamed, NBCS. Nothing but COVID service.

The story started 19 days ago.
I fell ill with what turned out to be a life threatening infection.
It took 3 days to get someone to phone me from the doctors surgery.
I needed an urgent blood test. The wait for that was TWO WEEKS.
Could I go to the hospital and get it done there?
No, because of COVID that wasn’t allowed.
This weekend things got so bad I phoned the emergency service and they made me an appointment for this Monday to go to an urgent care center. UCC
Why not over the weekend?
Because ALL urgent care centers are closed over the weekend to ‘help with COVID’. Monday morning and I’m definitely in trouble.
Went to the UCC no doctors. Where are they? COVID.
A nurse dispensed some antibiotics.

I took one and got back into the car.
We hadn’t got 10 minutes from there and I told my wife I needed the hospital as I guessed I was having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic.

Add a 20 minute drive.
To 20 questions on whether I’m showing symptoms of COVID.
I lost it, and said if they didn’t get someone to see me IMMEDIATELY I was going to collapse right in front of the main desk.

For some reason I was escorted into a treatment room, and all hell broke out.
The allergic reaction wasn’t the antibiotics but the painkillers I had taken WITH the antibiotics.

Bottom line, for the rest of the day I was prodded, pushed, and stabbed, scanned, examined by FOUR doctors, two technicians, and one consultant, until they were certain they had worked out WTH was going on.

Bottom line? I’m sat here, still sore, still taking the pills, (in smaller handfuls) and mighty peed off about the lack of care for NON COVID INCIDENTS AND ILLNESSES.

Only it seems I’m not alone.
While waiting for the next stab, push, probed, and whatever, the ANGER in the waiting rooms was at times loud and aggressive. To that end, security was everywhere!

This one hospital now has to cope with around 1200 emergency patients A DAY as the other three regional ones are dedicated solely to COVID.

By government decree, all routine screening, all surgery, clinics, outpatients, you name it, in hospitals and what is handled by the local doctors surgery is not happening.

Cancer treatment has largely stopped, but I didn’t check about renal patients. So, as a result, people are getting REALLY ill before heading for the hospital as this one haven now covers 2400 sq miles.

Only here’s another tit bit.
The average time patients are handed over from an ambulance into a Covid hospital in our area is EIGHT HOURS. Thus, for 8 hours, that ambulance and crew is unavailable for emergency cover!

Yet we are still subjected to the fools who think Covid is a joke.
A government that wants all lock downs to be ended by Easter.
And the much FAMED vaccination process is not going to work as they have extended the second jab time to way outside what works to lock the immunization into your system.

And there is another snippet that has hit the news today.
WAY BACK IN MARCH of last year, the Home Secretary (arguably the second most important political figure in our dysfunctional system of government) wanted all ports, air, and trains (via the Channel Tunnel) closed to all incomers or those transiting to other places.

And the Muppet Government, led by Boris Johnson, shouted that request down. Why? I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it.

Money is all that matters to this government NOT LIVES.

As the tally of dead keeps rising to yesterdays total of 93,250 from Covid and:

The number of deaths registered in England and Wales was 17,751 deaths were registered in the week ending 8 January 2021 (Week 1), 7,682 more deaths than in the preceding week (Week 53) (ONS)

That’s all deaths for one week.
Math time. 17,751 x 52 weeks? 923,952 for this year.
A slice of which will be from avoidable deaths by delaying treatments for avoidable illnesses.


I’m thinking we could solve a number of problems in the UK by following the ideals of the anonymous Marine.

“…and the sad truth is that 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.” – Anonymous US Marine

Their protection details would preclude that being up close and personal and I wouldn’t want to see one of them hurt BUT, From 600 yards? That’s doable.


A tale of ineptitude

A neighbor of ours was doing his daily welfare check on an 8o plus person who is   ‘sheltering in place’ as per the UK Gov guidelines. (Or it is law today?)

Anyway the phone rang, and it was the doctors who wanted the octogenarian to go to the surgery for a blood test. Partially blind, almost deaf, and with severe mobility issues.

So the neighbor asked if it could be done at home.
Utter confusion from the doctors.
The neighbor pointing out that the patient’s mobility was terrible, blind, deaf, and sheltering at home as was in the ULTRA high risk category.
More confusion from the doctors.
Bottom line?
We all think the blood test won’t happen.
Only it doesn’t stop there.
The response to the question “Will you vaccinate XYZ at the same time”?
Um, Er, dunno, will ask, muttering on phone, NO!

The lunatics are definitely in charge.
Expecting a highly disabled person, in the high risk category, to have to go to the surgery (1.3 miles away), against the Covid-19 lockdown rules, for a blood test that could be done by a health care professional at home, just like others who are stuck in their homes have their bloods done.

As said many times before.
This typifies the healthcare in our town.
A jackass is running things.

The UK’s NHS has all but stopped cancer treatments.

Which also includes some other life saving ‘elective’ treatments.

NHS, National Health Service?
Needs renaming to NCS, National Covid Service.
I wonder who recommended this course of action?
Whoever it is I have only one descriptor for them.
F’king Murdering Shits!

The media is rammed full of examples of cancer care being withdrawn.
As a result people have already died and others are dying faster. Some will die even if they get an early diagnosis as nothing will be done to help them.

The medical world is now only concentrating on those who are temporarily sick and will leave those who could be saved. From children to the elderly.

Some will be left to die a slow death with nothing more than palliative care. i.e. Drugs to mellow the pain of dying.

Personally I’d rather be handed a gun with three rounds in it.
One to shoot the POLITICIANS, then the MISERABLE BASTARDS in charge of my case who are too weak in moral fibre to fight the decisions of the heartless, leaving one round for me. At least I’d be able to go out under my timetable and not that of something I had no control over.

Hang on, that’s more than three rounds.
Aw fuck it, just pass me a spam can’s worth of ammo and something to feed it through! Perhaps there is still a route into Valhalla for those who get dead doing good deeds.

Man’s inhumanity to man. Who said that anyway?
Asked and answered. The phrase “Man’s inhumanity to man” is first documented in the Robert Burns poem (Dirge) called Man was made to mourn (1784).

O Death! the poor man’s dearest friend,
The kindest and the best.

Gawd, how I hate this fk’ing country!

9 months of mismanagement, and only 75,431 lives TOO LATE.

Nine months after the aviation industry started calling for testing to reduce the spread of coronavirus, the UK government is set to make a negative Covid result compulsory for some travellers to the UK.

The Independent understands PCR tests taken no more than 72 hours before departure to the UK will be mandatory only for foreigners; British nationals and those resident in the UK will be exempt.

Passengers affected by the new rule will need to show a negative test certificate before being allowed to board trains, ferries or planes to the UK. (Ind)

British nationals and those resident in the UK will be exempt?

So some British National or Resident in the UK goes on holiday or business to a WHITE HOT Covid area like most of Europe, America, South Africa, Russia, or China, and DOESN’T need a mandatory Covid-19 test?

And in a nutshell you finally get indefensible proof that the UK government JUST DOESN’T GET IT! Even after 75,431 deaths from a virus that was imported by air travel.

Hang on, I’ve just realized that it’s only a test for those coming INTO the UK. That’s good to know because we’ll still retain our position as the number 1, main hub, for onward transmission of the virus around the world.

After all excelling in something is better
Than being pathetic in everything else.

Remember my comment about the UK Gov knee jerk bad policy?

Well the idiots have gone and done it yet again and the lockdown tiers are as on the map!

EXCEPT for Ports, Railways, Airports, Roads, and The Channel Tunnel.
There it’s still a free for all for anyone on business, or who has a reasonable excuse to travel. Plus world travellers who have to stage / transit through our airports and ports.

After all it’s important to keep our premier position as the main virus hub for the world.

Just think, all this started in the South East, spread to London, and EXPLODED when the UK Gov gave London 3 days notice they were going to slap them into a Tier 4 Lock down.

I’m going to get all mathematical now,
Sorry for any brain-cell aching.

Our local area infection Rate, 124.2 per 100K
Nationally it’s, 374 per 100k

12,600 souls live in our town during the winter.
Lets do the math. (all figures from PHE England and population census)
(124.2/100,000) x 12600 = 16 cases (rounding up).

Today we had to visit our nearest ‘large town’ (population 20,000) to replace our ‘prepper stock’. A huge mistake on our part and incredibly stressful because it was HEAVING with the pig ignorant who were not wearing masks or maintaining social distancing. So how badly are they being infected?

100.9 for every 100k
Let’s do the Math (all figures from PHE England and population census)
100.9/100000 x 20000 = 20 cases (rounding up)

Now I could go on but the tiers are decided by County (State) and we have two major centers of population in our County. Lincoln and Boston.

Um, a quick reminder. Nationally it’s 374 infections per 100k.

Lincoln 453 cases per 100,000 (860 infected by calculation)
Boston 319 cases per 100,000  (213 infected by calculation)

Thus these two, (one city, one VERY large township) are the cause of ALL OF US being rated as heavily infected.

Does that sound right? I mean AT ALL!

I suppose the point is everything is turning to rat poo and in blind panic the UK Gov are locking down everyone, just because they can.

Only that lock down is weak, poorly calculated and implemented, and doesn’t do a thing to lessen the impact of NOT CLOSING DOWN ALL FORMS OF INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION.

Sleep safe in your beds my international friends.
The infected are coming at you, courtesy of the UK GOV.
And, as they so often point out to us, some of them will be asymptomatic.
AND, even better, won’t have been vaccinated.

It takes a few days after exposure to produce a positive COVID-19 test result. There are no firm numbers on how long it takes to get an accurate positive test result. The time from exposure to the onset of symptoms is around two to 14 days, according to Harvard Health. Most people’s symptoms appear around day five, on average. (Harvard)

Kiss wife and school infected kids, get on plane having had a test, arrive with a negative test result, and five days later WHAM!

Somehow you’ve got to love international travel.
Is it time to shut down the world?
I suppose that’s down to how your government calculate “ACCEPTABLE LOSSES”.

2 million a week jabs needed

Panic is setting in BIG TIME into the UK government and their ex-spurts, who are now demanding two million inoculated against Covid-19 EVERY WEEK.

Which sounds really grand except our population is something around 68 million (excluding the illegals and a few fools who will never come forward for jabs) so that will take, (2 jabs each person, spaced over a couple of weeks, 136,000,000 jabs), 68 weeks. Last time I looked up the number of weeks in a year, that’s running into 2023 before everyone gets the jabs they need.

The UK Gov will probably say “But we’ve got 296,008 nurses”.
And while they are playing darts, who is going to be looking after the sick??

So I’m thinking this whole venture is unlikely to succeed.
Why? I’m glad you asked.

  • MONEY! And that is down to government.
  • Logistically (getting the drug to you) as supply difficulties will increase as the world gets more organized than the British and keeps buying the world’s stock of vaccine from under our noses.
  • Bureaucracy (paperwork) when administrating the vaccine is the first hurdle, and that will be a HUGE stumbling block as anything organized by the UK Gov is bound to collapse.
  • Injecting you which delays the process even more as the NHS is inadequately staffed, overally bureaucratic, and in a state of chaos at a local level.
  • The last one is more concerning. Who is going to administer it?
    Will it be “Join the Army! Your first task being to administer 10,000 jabs.Then you receive a medical discharge as you’ve got advanced RSI of the fingers which is sooo bad you can’t pull a trigger.

Nursing and healthcare assistants the same.
If chemists get roped in it’s still not going to improve things.

Unless a home based vaccine regime is developed so people can self vaccinate, (As giving yourself an injection isn’t hard! Says me who does it all the time.) Millions may die before ever seeing a nurse!

A dead gloomy assessment?
OK, guarantee me your and other GOVERNMENTS throughout the world will come through. After all the current world population is 7.8 billion as of December 2020 (According to the most recent United Nations estimates).

Because all it’s going to take is one virus to mutate into a form that the present vaccines can’t cure and that virus takes a tour of the world courtesy of international flights and piss poor controls by the UK Gov who are really adept at forwarding the virus onto others!

Personally I’ve always been shit scared  of ‘biologicals’ aka viruses.
Simply because no one EVER takes them seriously.
That and the world only got a mass vaccination right once, years ago, and that was for smallpox.

Now you’re thinking, “If they did it once, they should be able to do it again!”

In today’s technology rich, interconnected, educated, and money orientated world. Put your hands up anyone that thinks ANY OF THE worlds governments will manage that.

What’s in a name? In this one, it’s CHAOS!

UK’s new strain of Covid-19.
Now they could have called it Covid-19A or something silly like ‘Hancock’s Failure’ after the Muppet of the UK’s Health Secretary but no, they have to break with easy and use complicated.

So what we have here is a LAB NAME, VU2020/01.
Catchy eh?
That would be a HELL NO!

As already said, the UKGov KNEW about this in November and did nothing about it. Then, they panicked as it spread wildly, created a whole new level  of virus containment called ‘Tier 4″, aka lockdown.

Only to make sure this new super level of containment would fail, they let everyone know who was going into this tier, gave them a days notice, and those inside the worse infected ‘Tier 4 Areas’ ran for the hills spreading the new, VU2020/1 (Gawd I hate typing that) super contagious form of the virus around the country.

Only they still haven’t closed rail, air, road, or ferry and Chunnel links.
Leaving the UK’s Muppet Health Secretary Hancock bleating “Its out of control”!

The danger from Covid-19, in all it’s forms, is the UK Gov’s mismanagement.
Once you get past that notion everything else makes complete sense.
And yes, I still reckon the UK is now VSF.

Yet who is to blame aside from these insideous gibbering fools?
That would be the runners.

Perhaps those caught outside of the original hot zones need a sanction or two to remind them to think of others and not just themselves. Something like cancelling their subscriptions to Amazon, Netflix, Sky Sport, and don’t forget to close their Twitter/Facebook accounts FOREVER!

So, what next? The Muppet’s in charge, still mindful of the lynching they may get if they cancel Christmas altogether, are going to wait until another couple of million are infected over the holiday and then lockdown even more of the country.

Except I’ve got a prediction. Not a New Year’s one as it will happen directly after Boxing Day. There will be no rail, road, air, ferry, or Channel Tunnel closures to ensure people can return to their looted homes and place of work after the holidays. After all, with the UK Gov, it’s all about MONEY BEFORE LIVES.

Internationally you may be annoyed at the UK Gov over their mishandling of Covid-19, but you’ll have to trust me in saying, so are ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ of the UK!

UK Policing on Covid-19 Tier 4 restrictions to stay low key, if not at all.

The Police Federation say they won’t be knocking on people’s doors on Christmas Day. [As] “we have no power of entry”.

It’s quite simple, and I fully understand their feelings and assessment, when the Federation’s comments concluded with “You’ve lost the goodwill of the public.”

So, although every bone in my body is screaming, “FFS stay away from us!” The blatant truth of the matter is that the only people capable of enforcing that aren’t going to do so.

Now I can imagine that some foreign police will be ‘vigilant’ if called for. Only UK police numbers and ‘resources’ are more ‘wanting’ than efficient, due to poor investment and funding by the UKGov.

As a result, our ‘thin blue line’ would probably collapse if faced with the total withdrawal of public goodwill and national protest against the poorly thought out restrictions, ‘enforcement’, and the posturing of the Health Secretary Matt Hancock / UKGov regarding Covid-19.

Thus I firmly believe that we are still only 9 meals (3 days) from anarchy if:-

  • The good will towards policing totally collapses.
  • The current chaos being generated by the UKGov on something they were criminally slow to react to. (i.e. The new highly communicable variant of the Covid-19 virus they KNEW ABOUT back in September) gets truly out of hand.
  • The EU’s BREXIT negotiations farce continues or PM Johnson sells the country out.
  • Economic collapse occurs
  • And Europe’s stupid blockade of goods both in and out of the UK continues.

Y’all have a good Christmas now.
Paul & Di Gray.

Tier 4, hard lock down, PM Johnson style.

The aim.
To quarantine everyone in London , the East and SE of England in order to stop the spread of the ‘new’ highly transmittable mutation of Covid-19.

The Method.
PM Johnson and two scientific brain farts went on TV, social and other media, to tell the above to stay at home. Carefully, politely, appealing to their common decency, and commonsense, with only a hint of enforcement (which was promptly rejected by the police as unenforceable).

The plan to stop the inevitable Covid flight?
That would be NONE. Trains ran, private and public transport was unfettered and internal flights kept flying.

The Result.
The infected started running for the hills, valleys, anywhere they could, to get out of the quarantine zone, and containment started failing before the words had finished coming out of PM Johnson’s pie hole.

Thousands of people rushed to leave London on Saturday night after Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed the city and a third of England will be thrust into the newly-created Tier 4. It sparked panic and commuters scrambling to get out of the capital. (DM)

Looking forward to a Happy Christmas with family and friends?
With an incubation period of 5 days onward, the infection numbers are going to soar right around the country from Christmas Day on. (Only no one will be counting till after the holidays).

It’s like this country WANTS TO DIE.
As for our ‘leadership’, scientific brain farts, and someone even thinking about “quarantine runners” and hard containment measures? The West slated the Chinese for locking down regions using their army, police, AND FORCE within hours. Only that action saved lives. If only our government had a pair that clank half as loud as the Chinese leadership.

Here? The limp wrist political ‘we’re not going to put ourselves in danger of being chucked out of office’ approach to containment was about as effective as making a hot brew in a chocolate teapot. Messy and totally ineffective.

As a result, England is about to be VSF.

Happy Christmas folks.
For many, thanks to the trash who ran, it may be the last time you’ll see your parents, siblings, and friends outside of an open box.

NICE ONE (not) LONDON, and
The East, and SE of England.

More fuel for BLM discontentment

The UK mainstream media is running with this today.
Ella Kissi-Debrah (9 year old) died in 2013 after suffering a fatal asthma attack. She had endured numerous seizures and made almost 30 hospital visits over the previous three years. Has become the first person in the world to have air pollution listed as a cause of death.

Really! Perhaps in the UK but this isn’t news. Tragic it may be but many bad things are going to happen from this.

Nothing is the best option.
But I would be surprised if claims for ‘compensation’ weren’t slapped in.

Protests. The first concern.
BLM will undoubtedly use this 7 year old case for yet another series of protests as, you’ve guessed it, the girl was black.
Environmental groups and all sorts of tree huggers will join in.
ANTIFA is almost a definite on this one simply because they can go wrecking the place again.
As for university students? I think that’s a given.
After all sat there learning everyday is dead boring.

As a result Covid-19 infection rates will spike.
Not that that will matter, as only BLM’s agenda does.

Other assorted MP’s will use this as political ammunition to plead for the oppressed BAME and demand a whole string of initiatives for them (carefully leaving out the white population as none of them are EVER affected by the same pollution). However it’s going to be inevitable that they will demand new housing. The cost and pollution that causes killing off a few more people.

Knee jerk, money making, and a non political reaction
The mayor of London Sadiq Khan will make a few speeches although he’ll see this as yet another excuse to raise the London congestion charges again just like he did off the Covid-19 mess. Only I can also see peek times ban on transport being forced through, in front of a 40 x 16 picture of the young girl. Such is his crassness.

The environment minister and Green Party (Just one MP from memory) will call for the bringing forward of the total ban on all things internal combustion carefully leaving out the fact that London and the rest of the country will take a massive hit as construction, resupply logistics, emergency vehicles, sanitation services, and public transport services, will all have to change, with the population carrying the costs. Rural life will take a massive hit as will farming. That will hike food costs.

The Thames is a busy river for trade and tourism.
So, a quick ban all boats and shipping as they all use diesel or fuel oil.
(Only there are a hell of a lot used for trade).

Then there is another tinier side to this, totally unnoticed by many.
It’s tributaries, canals, and other havens house thousands of people living on boats as that’s the only way they can afford to live in London. Only that’s happening all over the country where there are canals and navigable waterways.

Except canal boats and barges are mostly powered by diesel, most burn smokeless coal for heating, and in most cases don’t pay taxes (apart from their river licences and mooring fees). Polite society, environmentalists, and other assorted fools will all claim them a danger to health and need to be banned! And another nail gets hammered into the coffin of tradition and a way of life.

On a wider view.
The rest of the country could collapse as the infrastructure of supply, farming, transport to and from a place of work, and many vital domestic, emergency, health and public services won’t be able to carry the cost of a minority group (environmentalists) wet dreams of achieving Nirvana.

As for the kids?
In our rural region most senior school kids are bused to school in another town using those horribly polluting diesel powered coaches and buses. That will have to stop. Still the 8 mile walk for those kids, along unpaved unlit country roads, twice a day will be character building (and probably generate more trade for the undertakers).

Where we live many more will die as urgent healthcare is often only attained by driving miles to get to a hospital accident and emergency unit.
No cars, no taxi, no buses, or maybe no ambulances. Still the chancellor will be pleased at the increasing levels of death tax duties.

All I can see is this running away with itself and destroying what was left of the Untied Kingdom in an orgy of emotional B.S. and wild un-costed not thought out environmentalists dreams.

Anyone else want to chip in?

Sigh, it had to happen.

What? One grade 1, UK Gov styled, ClusterF (you know what comes next)!

The roll-out of the wonderful Covid-19 vaccine is turning into a fiasco as vaccination hubs suffer from a catalog of failures with:-

The IT program where everything is recorded crashed due to an “infrastructure issue” due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’”. Other issues highlighted by vaccine hubs included lack of training in the software. Some vaccine hubs have no barcode scanners to enter who’s had the first dose on the system.

UK Gov and computerized anything?
A well known embarrassment is that one.

Some surgeries reported they have not yet received the fridges to preserve the jab. A GP reported “We were also told the vaccine would last for five days outside the ultra-low temperatures, and now we’re told it lasts three-and-a-half days. And commented “To be honest, nothing seems ready, and we’re seriously talking about taking the information with pen and paper.”

UK Gov and logistics, supply, and other promises?
Yet another well known embarrassment.

A doctor at Oxford University Hospital denounced that “hundreds of people” who were not on the priority list have managed to secure an appointment. How? Someone leaked the access code to make appointments.

Computer security issues or leaking of ‘sensitive information’.
That’s this government’s, and other official bodies, stock-in-trade, if not trademark.

Questions are being raised about its effectiveness when faced with new variants of the virus. The Funny thing about it, apart from the usual B.S. about that being false news, the Health Minister isn’t saying a thing about it, scores of health ex-spurts and, “we’ll agree with anything” sycophant MP’s, are also keeping their collective heads down. Probably because of  danger of being associated with the Health Secretary, Muppet (promise everything, deliver little) Matt Hancock.

It’s known that the mink variant is different from the other umpteen different strains. Fears are that it is more virulent than the patient one version, and scuttlebutt on social media and others alternative media sites has it that NONE of the current vaccines can counter it.

Are they right? Who really knows, until it happens.
Having said that, if Muppet man Hancock said that wasn’t true, or even said ‘good morning’ to me, I’d check my watch AND look up into the sky to check it wasn’t raining! That’s before I clobbered him for being a loathsome slug.

The National Audit Office (NAO) said the Government would spend up to £11.7 billion on purchasing and manufacturing Covid-19 jabs for the UK, deploying them in England and helping global efforts to find a vaccine.

We give money away to help global efforts to find a vaccine?
Why aren’t we using every (£) pound we have to sort out our country first?

And, there is something else to note.
Each vaccine contract contains a form of indemnity protection for the pharmaceutical companies in case there’s any legal action from adverse effects after people have the jab.

Sounds to me like, “If you turn into a zombie, it’s not our fault!”

A spokesperson for the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) said: “As the report rightly notes, we have worked at a pace and scale never been done before to ensure the British public receive a vaccine that meets strict safety standards as quickly as possible”.

Mm. Maybe he forgot to add, ‘Unless you turn into a zombie, which won’t be our fault’, probably yours, for rushing into getting a vaccine we said was safe”.

Right now, with the common knowledge going around our little town that the ONLY  doctors surgery will not be distributing the vaccine, and people we talk to (and that’s a hell of a lot of 2 m separation chats) aren’t so much worried, but resigned to one possible fate, catching Covid-19.

Personally, being in Tranch 5 (or maybe 6), we’ve got time to prepare for any zombie action.

Why am I going on about zombies the whole time?

  • The drug was hailed as being 95% efficient. It’s not.
  • They aren’t even sure how long it will protect you!
  • Or even sure about what effects it’ll have in the long term.
  • New mutations of the virus are occurring all the time, and it’s looking like the vaccine may not be good enough to counter them.
  • The roll-out is a shambles. (Funny enough, the UK Gov is organizing it).
  • I read that the initial testing didn’t include large numbers of the first group (over 85 yrs young). So there isn’t a lot of evidence of what it would do to them.
  • The ‘get out of paying for monumental failure of the vaccine’ clauses by the makers are EXTREMELY worrying.
  • Have I mentioned in the past that ANYTHING the UKGov arranges regarding health issues always gets paid for with someone’s life?

So what next? I’m glad you asked.
I wrote to our MP to ask what the score was about getting vaccinated seeing as though our doctors surgery wasn’t going to do it. What I got back was from one of <HER> weenies quoting the official line including that our local doctors WAS GOING TO dole out the vaccine.

I reckon it goes like this.
Ask 99 politicians a question and, in most circumstances,  you’ll get 101 different answers. Ask local people what they know, and you’ll get rumor, speculation, ‘someone said’ aka hearsay, but intermingled in all that will be people who know the truth. Guess what. Almost everyone is singing the same tune, and its common knowledge in many that our only doctors’ will not be taking part in the role out.

So I reckon the official weenie either:

  1. Doesn’t know what the hell is going on,
  2. Is being fed false information on the fly,
  3. Toeing some sort of official party line,
  4. Or is just lying.

Personally I think option three is the most likely reason.

What next? We sit and wait.
How long for?
Yeah, that’s the question we all want answered.

Political Correctness endangering life.

London (CNN)The UK will allow some sexually active gay and bisexual men to donate blood, overturning a ban that originated during the HIV/AIDS epidemic of the 1980s and has been decried as homophobic for years.

And yes this is going to be a rave!

In 1977, I needed 14 pints of blood after an event that kept me hospitalized for 4 months. During that time the newspapers were plastered with articles about BAD BLOOD coming in from the US and from the UK that had been harvested from drug users, homosexuals, and others that were ill from HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis, TB and a whole A to Z list of other illnesses.

I demanded test after test to ensure I was ‘death free’. Then, back on active service, every 6 months they kept on testing my blood. After 3 years, they declared me safe BUT I was never to donate blood again.

Over subsequent years, I was crunched in a car, blown up, and shot, and EVERY TIME I refused blood products until they stopped using foreign blood.

40 years on and every blood test comes back as negative for ‘nasties’.
It still frightens the hell out of me until I get the all clear.

And now this happens!
I don’t give a monkeys toss about political correctness, and I loath this pandering to LGBT+whatever and druggies if, in the end, it endangers people’s lives.

Only here’s the thing. It is inevitable that some ‘warm brother’ or junkie will donate blood, and it will turn out to be contaminated. There is always the chance that something will get through the screening!!!


The UK GOVERNMENT will then hide that with everything it’s got.
Anything to save face and retain their politically correct and LGBT+whatever ‘credentials’. Such is the hypocrisy and limp wrist pandering of the politicians and UK’s health service.

I’m pretty certain, quite a few will be refusing blood products from now on. That’s if this stupidity makes the mainstream UK press.
Especially ‘old school’ like me who, in the past, unknowingly gambled with our lives.

There is also another factor to consider.
Today I copied this from the UK transfusion service.

If you have had or think you have had a blood transfusion (or blood products) anytime since 1st January 1980 sadly, we cannot accept your blood.

WHAM! Door shut, locked, barred, and bolted.

Then the gibbering fools in charge change their fk’g minds!!!!!!!

Only then I read this:- Gay : Man who has had sex with another man

You may donate as long as it has been 3 months or more since last sexual contact with another man and/or you have not taken pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), e.g. Truvada or post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) medication in the past 3 months.

OMG, I had no idea they had already dropped the time to only 3 months without BLASTING THAT FACT ALL OVER THE MEDIA!

It seems Jehovah witnesses have had the right idea all along.
They don’t accept blood transfusions or allow LGBT+whatever within their religion.

There has to be a way of protecting
‘the people’ from GOVERNMENT.

Other than the OBVIOUS!

Why we (and others) won’t GET the UK vaccine.

You cannot get vaccinated if you have:-

  1. Major or specific health conditions
  2. Food allergies
  3. Drug allergies
  4. ANY other allergies

All because the Pfizer vaccine has a ‘few problems.

It’s also looking more and more like  a postcode lottery.
Live in the wrong place and you won’t get it.
We absolutely live in the wrong place and currently in Lincolnshire, the biggest county in England. Most doctors surgeries have opted out of administering it citing the government “Contract and complexity of paperwork”, so the UKGov is lying about GP’s across the UK doling it out like mad.

Guess what, our doctors surgery have opted out so potentially that’s 11,000 plus people, most of whom have no vehicles, have NO LOCAL ACCESS TO THE VACCINE.

However, the listed Lincolnshire vaccine centers by mainstream media are:-
Grantham and District Hospital (59 miles)
Lincoln County Hospital (41 miles)
Pilgrim Hospital Boston (31 miles)
County Hospital Louth (16 miles)

The UKGov have said if your GP won’t immunize you, you will be sent elsewhere to be vaccinated. So we, and a few million more, are probably wondering where ‘elsewhere’ would be FOR THEM!

As predicted this is turning into a monumental clusterfuck!

I wonder, when will we ever be protected FROM our government. Let alone the Covid-19 disease.

So kids can’t catch COVID-19 in the UK?

Back in August, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued a report that found 97,000 children had tested positive for COVID-19 during the last two weeks in July, a 40 percent jump from the previous two-week period. Now, the AAP has released a new report with even more startling numbers: More than 61,000 children tested positive for the virus just last week. (AOL)

The number of new child COVID-19 cases reported this week, over 61,000, is the highest since the pandemic began,” the AAP says in the report.

That’s in America.
However, COVID-19 is rife in the UK, and we are suffering the leadership of fools that insists the schools, colleges, and universities remain open.

Only now the truth is out there, kids can catch COVID-19, from adults as well as other kids, and some have died of COVID. This year, so far, over 2600  (aged 0 to 14) have died. That and 2900 college and university age young adults have also died.

5400 young lives, because the Government is worried about their education?
Perhaps they should admit a truth.
It’s impossible to teach the dead.

Or is it that kids in schools mean parents can return to work?
Only that’s turning into ‘return to what job’?
All because of the constant lock downs and jobs that aren’t there anymore!


The money is panicking in the UK.

And are exerting HUGE political pressure on our Muppet of a PM Johnson using the ‘weak in mind’ from it’s own party MP’s and the opposition Labor party, to do away with any form of restrictions on movement, social distancing, how businesses operate, and especially on free movement of the general sheeple (public).

I am seeing this as they are desperate to make a quick buck BEFORE everyone gets too ill. The end result will be the same. A collapse of the economy, closure of old established names, but with a massive list of deaths from their greed.

With a UK Gov declared (but well massaged) death total of 42,515. That still makes us the death capital of Europe.

So, SWMBO and I were discussing what it all meant and how it would affect us considering that the NHS (National Health Service) will probably collapse within the first few weeks, along with the supply chains and probably the financial institutions.

  • NHS?
    Not surprising if it does fail and it’s already worried about drugs and PPE. Let alone staffing levels.
  • Supply Chains?
    Our stocks are well up.
    As I’m currently eating like a small mouse, 90 days is doable.
  • Financial Institutions?
    That’s the scary one.
    What pathetic savings we have would be highly vulnerable if the government or events shut down the banking system. We also live on a fixed income. If that was compromised, we would run out of folding stuff within 14 days.
  • PPE?
    Mentioned above, it continues to be a major issue for us.
    We CANNOT buy FFP3 or P98 / P100 masks ANYWHERE.
    Cheap, single use stuff yes BUT a box of 100 would only last 30-50 days at the most.
    We have however developed a home made ‘two layer plus HEPA filter’ mask. How good it is we simply don’t know BUT the methodology is sound.
  • A Vaccine.
    There is the real possibility of no vaccine in the near future.
  • Exit Strategy (Bug Out)
    Currently we don’t have a safe strategy if things get really bad locally simply because there is nowhere safe to run to.
    Thus we are going to have to shelter in place for the foreseeable future.

Anyway, one word kept cropping up in my mind. SNAFU.
That and the first two on the list who should bear most, if not all of the blame, has got to be Big Business and their weenies we call Members of Parliament aka UK’s Central Government.

And that dear reader REALLY SUCKS!