The slops of the royal family.

The Duke of Sussex (just call me Harry, the spare, and a quitter) had faced the prospect of being the only senior male in the royal family wearing civvies after losing his honorary ranks. Which is right as he is supremely unimportant to the Armed Forces.

Then the disgraced (accused of under aged sex) Prince Andrew wanted to play by wearing an admiral’s uniform. Which upset the Navy BIG TIME.

So, our Queen banned all uniforms.

Somehow that isn’t sitting pretty with me.
Prince Philip was a respected Navy officer as well as being the Queens Consort. Due respect for HIS RANK, SERVICE, AND STATUS is called for.

Except all he will now get is due respect for his status as these two junior morons of the Royal Family have screwed up everything. One loser and a quitter, and a law dodger who is still desperately trying to dodge being hauled up in US courts for under age sex.

It’s true what they say.
That a funeral usually ends up with the families dross attending.
When they should stay under the stone they chose to live under.

The Actress Speaks (via her ‘friends’).

Two of our tabloid Newspapers have reported.

Markle stayed back in Montecito, California, while Prince Harry flew to London because she ‘doesn’t want to be the center of attention’ at Prince Philip’s funeral, her friends claim.

Despite the pregnant Duchess declining to return to London with Harry to join his family in mourning for the late Duke of Edinburgh, friends say she and Prince Philip ‘had a special bond and she adored him.’ (DailyMail)

MEGHAN MARKLE is “willing to forgive” the Royal Family in a bid to move forward after the death of Prince Philip, her friends have said. (Express)

And this echoed around the house from a very irate SWMBO

Actually, I could not have said it better.


UK defence bosses have announced [6] RAF jets are set to fly to eastern Europe [Romania] in a bid to patrol the air space surrounding the Black Sea. Along with the Typhoons, troops from the RAF’s No 1 Expeditionary Logistics Squadron and No 2 Mechanical Transport Squadron will leave UK bases this week.

Ho hum.
With probably the UK’s last six working jets deployed to Eastern Europe, that don’t mind their paintwork scratched, I suppose the Americans will make their move on the UK. Or, and closer to home, perhaps the Irish Air Force may invade our airspace followed by a ferry full of their Army into Liverpool.

Having said that, my money’s on the Liverpool football fans
Whoever takes them on.

The spare returns? Why??

Prince Harry is hoping to arrive back in the UK as early as today after he scrambled to arrange a flight as soon as he was informed of the death of his grandfather.

I have no good thoughts about this drip and his falseness.
The backstabber coming to pay respects to someone WHO LIVED DUTY seems obscene to me.

The insipid  spare who gave up his duty and his country.
He who attacked the royal family from afar.
Just to please his wife.

However there was a tiny bit of good news.
The has-been Z list starlet won’t be there to ramp up the anguish.
Although I’m wondering if she will drop her baby on funeral day in an attempt to ‘outshine’ the funeral.

As for the spare? He should have listened.
‘One steps out with actresses, one doesn’t marry them’.

UK RAF Top Brass Delusional? Probably.

THE WAR against ISIS in Iraq is “winnable”, RAF chiefs revealed yesterday, as British typhoons destroyed fortified terrorist strongholds where fighters hid and stored explosives and ammunition.

Drop a few bombs, kill a few terrorists, job done?
Same horse shit we’ve heard before yet ISIS keep coming back.
Why is that?

Could it be that the higher you get in rank the less you bother to understand the enemy? Or is it that they believe the Intel they are fed by agencies who also don’t understand the enemy or have a hidden agenda?

For that I cite:-

  • The ongoing fiasco that was a war won by the US in Iraq.
    Following iffy Intel, plus Bush and Blair.
    Incidentally. Who is looking after that oil today?
  • Libya. Now a failed state.
    Same question. Who ended up with the oil?
  • Couple that with Afghanistan.
    Was there oil?
    Of was it all about a Middle East Tour that ignored history so ended up repeated the errors of others?
    And who ended up with NOTHING.
  • Syria. Ah, Syria.
    Didn’t NATO win there as well?
    Somehow I think not.

It’s boots on the ground that wins wars with the Air Force and Navy playing bit parts in support where appropriate.

Much as I loath staff officers, I console myself with the thought that they generally only spout the shit they are fed. Be that inaccurate, political, or provided as a means to suit someone else’s agenda.

Thank Gawd for Senior NCO’s!
The good one’s working flat out at protecting the grunts from the whimsies of higher command.

An extension to Prepare for WW3

Post Link (Prepare for WW3)

I was talking to SWMBO about attack indicators for conflicts and how I would be monitoring the ramblings or our chief Muppet PM Johnson in case he started digging us into the mire.

And this caught my notice today.
In a tweet, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked Mr Johnson for his support against a “serious challenge to the security of NATO members” and said his nation was “not alone” and was “supported by the G7 nations”.

It took nanoseconds for the Russians to reply.
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned Ukraine that cosying up to NATO “will only worsen the situation.”

Yep I agree, and while the Russians are sat on their side of the border I’m not too worried.

EXCEPT, if NATO do decide to play, they might just be temped to take a high explosive dump on those “massed troops”. After that, I reckon it’s going to be more a matter of grasp ankles and kiss our butts goodbye.

To that end, The Pentagon says US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin spoke with his Ukrainian counterpart Andrew Taran on April 1 and “condemned the recent escalation of Russia’s aggressive and provocative actions in eastern Ukraine.”

Tell me, did I get it right that the US turned their back on the Ukraine years ago after the signing of the Minsk II Accords?
Something they (and the UK) weren’t allowed to participate in.

But, there is more to this mess than meets the eye and a newspaper noted this. When Mr Zelensky visited the UK in October 2020 a “Memorandum of Intent” was signed with the Ministry of Defence to secure a £1.25billion 10-year loan – with the UK agreeing to supply military equipment as part of that. (Ex)

To that end, a joint Ukrainian-British project is to build small warships for/with them. The first two ships being constructed in the UK. The remaining six vessels topped off in Ukraine.

While it’s not exactly a declaration of active support, supplying them with ‘military equipment ‘ does raise the ante a bit. Although that thought needs to be moderated by the fact that the UK is high in the league table of arms dealers to the ‘sometimes questionable’.

Anyway, all this kissing butt by our chief Muppet Johnson is raising the ‘Russian’ threat level towards us as the UK clearly supports the Ukraine.

I always think that all Intel in a burgeoning crisis is worth a mention.

Telling the aware what they already know.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was accused of undermining his government’s vaccination program after he told Brits that those fully inoculated against Covid-19 could still not meet indoors as they were not completely protected. Apr 2, 2021 12:46 RT

I burst out laughing when this was ‘reveled’  by RT.
BOJO has a habit of being an idiot, although stating that may have been the first ‘non lie’ he has ever spoken.

It’s always been acknowledged that the current vaccines are not foolproof and, at best, they will only reduce the effects of COVID to a level that will not need hospital care.

Which is why we continue to observe basic self protection by masking and gloving up, social distancing, generally being careful about what we touch,  where we go, and washing hands.

Something we’ve agreed will become a normal part of life.

As for him releasing the masses onto the streets?
Yet another masterclass of populist politics that will kill many and trigger the third (or is it forth) wave by summer.

The worst bit about all this is I would love to evacuate away from UK politics. Only there is nowhere safe (COVID and politics free) on the planet that I’d like to move to who would let a couple of English ‘under training wrinklies’ (with little money) retire to.