A new knife and UK Laws that affect everyone except criminals.

I know I’ve covered the UK Knife laws before so this is a bit of an update as I try to work around a personal health and safety issue when out in the field pest controlling. (aka BUNNY MEAT!)

What I need is a fixed blade double edged blade, no more than 18 cm (7 inches near enough) with just under a 3 inch blade, serrated on one edge for cutting heavy duty natural fiber, and other well woven synthetic ropes, plus tie wraps. The sharp edge is for field dressing rabbit or hare.

Not unlike:-

Only here’s the thing. I suffer from cold finger syndrome.
So my hands get cold even in the summer.
Cold hands and dexterity don’t exactly go hand in hand.
(If you’ll forgive the pun).

Thus, I have a habit of slicing my fingers with a folding knife that has not got a locking blade. PLUS this puppy has a serrated edge. (See later why these two things are highlighted)
I also need something easily deployable from a rigid scabbard I can carry strapped to my forearm or calf, and that’s why I need small.

Everything in italics was coped from the net (Link)

Laws for Carrying a Knife in Public
If an adult gets caught carrying a knife it can result in a 4 year prison sentence and an unlimited fine. A second conviction for the same offence would result in automatic imprisonment.

LAWS ON KNIVES UK: Legislation governs selling, buying, or carrying a knife. It is against the law to:

  • Sell a knife to anyone younger than 18 years old. An exception applies if it has a folding blade up to 3 inches long (7.62 cm).
  • Buy, sell, or carry any type of banned knife or weapon.
  • Carry a knife in a public area without a valid reason. An exception applies if it has a folding blade and the cutting edge is no longer than 3 inches (7.62 cm).
  • Use any kind of knife (even a legal one) in a threatening way.

Lock Knives UK Law
The definition of a lock knife is one that has similarities to a folding knife. That means a spring holds it closed. But, it also has a mechanism that locks the blade in position when extended ‘fully’. Thus, you cannot close the bladed part without releasing that mechanism.

No matter how short the blade is, the law does not define any type of lock knives as a folding pocket knife. Thus, it is illegal to carry a lock knife without a valid excuse for doing so.

Lock knives were not made to be a weapon per se. Thus, they are not typical offensive weapons ‘in the eyes of the law’. Even so, it is an offence to have possession of a lock knife in a public place (without a reasonable excuse for having it).

Note: Possession of a multi-tool may also break the laws for carrying a knife in the United Kingdom. (Shucks, there goes  Gerber and other top of  the range tool makers)

This type of instrument often incorporates a prohibited bladed instrument or a sharp point. This is despite other sections of the tool being of use to a person in a public place (e.g. a bottle opener or a screwdriver). As a rule, lock knives:

  • Contain a blade that locks and then refolds by pressing a button only.
  • May include so called ‘multi-tool knives’ that contain other useful devices as part of the instrument.

Complete List of Banned Knives and Weapons
United Kingdom law does not all anyone to bring into the country, hire, lend, sell, or give to another person:

  • Batons (including side-handled, straight, or friction-lock truncheons).
  • Blowpipes (sometimes called a blow gun).
  • Butterfly knives (aka balisongs) which have a sheath hidden inside a handle which splits in the middle.
  • Disguised knives which may be any bladed instrument or sharp point hidden inside something that appears to be like an everyday object. Typical examples include a brush, a buckle, lipstick, or a phone).
  • Flick knives (aka automatic knives or switchblades) which is a type of dagger hidden inside a handle that shoots out after pressing a button.
  • Gravity knives.
  • Hand or foot-claws.
  • Hollow kubotans which are a cylinder-shaped keychain that holds spikes.
  • Knuckledusters.
  • Kusari (or manrikigusari) which is a weight attached to a cord, a rope, or wire.
  • Kusari-gama which is a sickle attached to a cord, a rope, or wire.
  • Kyoketsu-shoge which is a hook-knife attached to a cord, a rope, or wire.
  • Push daggers.
  • Shurikens (aka death stars, shaken, or throwing stars).
  • Stealth knives which are knives or spikes not made from metal (except those used at home such as for food or part of a toy).
  • Swords (including samurai swords) which have a curved blade over 50cm) There are some exceptions such as antiques and swords made to traditional methods before 1954.
  • Sword-sticks which a hollow walking stick or cane that contains a bladed instrument.
  • Telescopic truncheons which extend automatically after pressing a button or a spring in the handle.
  • Zombie knives which contain a cutting edge, a serrated edge usually with images or words that suggest its use is for violent acts.

Valid Grounds for Carrying a Knife or a Weapon
In some cases, the reason to carry a knife or a weapon in public may be a good one and not breaking any laws on knives. Typical examples would include:

  • Transporting knives that you use at work to and from the actual workplace.
  • Taking the item to a gallery or to a museum in relation to an exhibition.
  • Using it in a demonstration or while teaching someone how to use it.
  • Using it for in film, theatre, television, historical reenactment or for religious purposes (e.g. some Sikhs carry the kirpan).

Common Questions about Knives Answered by the Police
Is it Illegal to Carry a Knife in Your Pocket?
As a rule, yes it is illegal to carry any sharp or bladed instrument in your pocket while in a public place. The law excludes a folding pocket knife providing the blade is less than 7.62 cm or three (3) inches.

Even so, it is not a total ban. It would be for the person in possession of such an instrument to prove they had a valid reason for possessing it. For example, it could be genuine while fishing or back packing across the Lake District. Thus, it would not be unreasonable to use a sharp knife to prepare a meal.

You would have much more difficulty justifying the possession of a knife on the streets of a city or a town. Even so, there may be occasions when someone has a genuine reason to do so.

End of copied stuff, the rest is all me.

So. Am I stuffed? It would seem so.
There is however another point I’ve got to make.
To import illegal listed weapons into the country for sale is a definite No-No and wham, I’m VSF by laws designed for the domestic terrorists I call kids aged 8 upwards, THAT WILL BE IGNORED by criminals and other assorted trash, who are sometimes ethnically challenged.

Now I can buy over the Internet and just hope it’s not picked up on entry into this once green and pleasant land. My argument would be it is a tool and has a valid and health and safety reason for possessing it.

YET if I said it was for Pest Control, Prepping, and Survival!
I will probably become a person of interest to our easily persuaded and totally paranoid government, and end up tagged as a potential terrorist.

And all because of 2½ inches of pointy steel.

Stick defense when shopping.

We’ve been Christmas shopping today when, what could be construed as a REALLY strange confrontation, a man, some 50-60 years old, walked out of a bar and up to me. Then, without a word, tried to snatch my mask off my face.

Automatically I raised one of my sticks but, as I was so close, I could only sideswipe him with the crook of the stick into the side of his head sending him reeling but with not enough force to down him.

It was a pure reflex action on my part.
Not planned or practiced, but it seems pretty effective.
(Memo to self, more practice needed on CQC)

Anyway, it was a counter to his intentions I don’t think he was expecting.
Was he drunk, a simple nut job, or just anti masks?
Dunno as in the next few seconds I quickly crossed the street before a stream of traffic passed making it difficult for him to follow me.

Self Defense 101. Stop the attack(er) and get the hell out of there!

What the hell possessed him to try that !?!
Still, I walked away checking my six, until I got back to the car.
I arrived shaken up a bit but calm enough to recount the incident to my wife.

There were witnesses (other shoppers) but none of them helped the jerk or stopped me getting the hell out of there. Take that how you want but in the UK it’s rare that others will help stop any attack on another, or help grannies cross the road.

Now we know that there has been trouble around the country with the anti lockdown, anivaxx and Covid-19 deniers, but the little market town we were visiting is not known for weird shit to happen from the above list!

So, what happened next? Simple, we went home.
Police? No way in hell would I do that as they would have written me up for assault. Such is modern UK policing. They nearly always support the criminal before the victim.

Anyway, some useful points have come out of it.

  1. Shit happens when you are least expecting it.
  2. There were no apparent precursors to his actions.
  3. No visual clues in his eyes or demeanor.
  4. There was no verbal sparring, rage, or reason for this attack.
    (Except me telling him to GetFk’d U POS after the attack).
  5. I am the original little old man so maybe he thought he could get away with this stunt. (Animals in the UK always pick on the weak, disabled, and elderly)
  6. I was walking with two sticks BUT STUPIDLY carrying a bag in one hand so my usual walk would have looked labored.
  7. So had I made myself look like a good target?
    For a mugging maybe except the street was busy with other shoppers.

And why aim to snatch my mask??????

Ho-hum. Just another day in paradise I suppose.

Brevity on a radio when passing a description

This is probably Not Politically Correct.
So will be attacked as profiling.

That’s just tough as brevity on a radio is always best.
Be that the 10 code, IC coding, or other identifiers.
The idea is to pass information FAST and to the best of your ability to aid others coming to assist you.

Starting with the IC code.

Code Basics Applies to
IC1 White Native UK, Irish, Scandinavian, Nordic, White Russian, Other White
IC2 Mediterr’an Spanish, Italian, Greek, Portuguese
IC3 Black Afro-Caribbean, Sub-Saharan African, Other
IC4 Desi Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, South Asian, Other (Afghan)
IC5 Far East S. Asia, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Or Southeast Asian
IC6 Middle East West Asia, Israeli, Arab, Egypt, North Africa,
IC9 Not Known Unknown Race

To this you usually assign a gender, Male or Female.
Which has now upset the LGBT whatever groups.

An Approximate age, now that definitely profiling.
Especially if you are daft enough to say OAP, Middle aged, “Of military age”, teenager, youth, or child, unless you use a guesstimate of their age in years.

A brief description of their clothing, which by brand name may upset the clothing industry, and possibly someone else’s human rights if you use the term ‘gang colors’.

The religious world if they are wearing some distinctive cultural, national, or religious clothing. Say a head covering, Hoodie, Pakol, Beanie, baseball hat, shemagh, Hijab (head, neck, uncovered face), Niqab (Head, neck, face), Burkha (everything), to name a few.

Using the term ‘Bling’ for visible jewelry, VERY racial is that one.
Not forgetting eye wear and footwear!

Any visible markings like Tattoos.
Hair color, length, style. Facial Hair

Plus details of what they may or may not be carrying.

So I think I’ve managed to upset everyone by now.
Except those who will understand where I’m coming from.

Still, that is a very detailed list.
Race and color (by IC Code), gender, age, clothing, footwear, jewelry, distinctive markings, and facial hair or hair styling, glasses or not. Especially if they are carrying something (especially a weapon).

A consequence of all that is a lot of mic (radio) or phone time which, when you are on the rush, isn’t always possible.

So why did I highlight a few? To me that’s the bare minimum.
Unless you think different.

They just can’t help it!

ON the back of street survival 101: Don’t draw attention to yourself, yet another pair of gay women drew attention to themselves. This time by kissing on the street and got stones thrown at them from a passing car.

One saying “We’re just two people looking for happiness like everybody else. I don’t really understand why we’re met with aggression, from strangers to strangers”.

Sigh, and where to start!
First you had massive social media coverage, plus political, TV, and media attention about the first attack, highlighting and probably increasing the interest of the feral element to look out for the minority group LGBT+ whatever.

Then this pair, seemingly ignored the attack dangers the first couple triggered, didn’t learn by other people’s mistakes, so went ahead and Drew attention to themselves.

Then they wonder ‘publicly’ why the more feral element in our super ‘non polite’, multicultural, ethnically, and religiously tolerant society attack them? Could it be that being ‘LGBT+ whatever’ removes all common sense regarding personal safety?

This minority group seem to think they have legally enforceable rights that everyone will obey. Rights about things that disgust and enrage some of the many, and no amount of bleating about it publicity, or by forcing through politically correct laws, will stop those feelings.

It also doesn’t help that their ‘agenda’ has been forcibly introduced into schools onto minors ignoring the traditional cultures, beliefs, morals and religious views of parents. That has led to parents withdrawing their kids from schools and considerable media coverage about the protests at those schools who are teaching it!!

Wise up you lot.
There have been assaults and killings in recent months despite you having “legal rights”. That has to be telling you something let alone the need to use a little common sense when it comes to street survival and understanding of other people’s feelings about what you do.