The Disrespect is Stunning

Few will need a reminder that on September 11 2001 terrorist filth attacked four targets from the air in America. The attacks resulted in nearly 3000 fatalities, over 25,000 injuries. Not counting the later disablement and deaths that occurred way in the emergency crews and civilians caught up in it.

For my wife, who was working for an American Bank at that time, it’s going to bring back horrible memories with the loss of friends in the World Trade Center. 20 years is an important milestone and a grim reminder.

Meanwhile, on the 20th Anniversary of that day, and across the media, will be ‘London Pride’. A celebration of all things LGBT whatever. To me, they had 51 other weekends to pick from but this one sums up their ‘self importance’  and disrespect for everything else. There again it is London, and it’s Mayor Sadiq Khan who would have authorized this.

Wanna know what I think about that when I think about what 9/11 means? The disrespect of my country shames me for letting this happen on that weekend.

And now I’m thinking really evil thoughts.
They won’t be bothered about little things like social distancing, let alone masks. After all this is the self important LGBT ‘whatever’ movement we are talking about.

I guess payback for their disrespect will happen a couple of weeks later. As a surge in Covid numbers and deaths among their ‘community’.

Only it won’t be limited to them.
Many others who attended that weekend will fall sick as well and the knock on from that will catch many others who were never there.

London. Shouldn’t be allowed.
Take that however you want.

Not wanted? We’ll have them!

French experts warn jabs are going too slowly to avoid a third Spring wave of coronavirus – while Germany sits on 1.2MILLION Oxford vaccines that people refuse to take after EU leaders questioned its effectiveness (DM)

The UK will take the juice off your hands for free if you don’t want it Germany. Us thinking some degree of protection is better than a politicians promise or lies.

Herd immunity? Not what you might think!

Expert claims Britain may have herd immunity ahead of Boris roadmap (Ex)

Covid is a corona virus right?
The common cold is a corona virus as well right?
The common cold has been around forever right?
So why hasn’t the world become immune to it?
No, I’ll answer that, there is no vaccine for it as it constantly mutates.

The flu (Influenza), is caused by a four different influenza virus. It mutates and every year the vaccine is formulated to suit what is around for that year.

Only flu has also been around forever. So why hasn’t the world developed herd immunity by the fact that so many have had the virus? Because that’s not how it works!

The NHS outlines “herd immunity” as when enough people in a community are vaccinated against a disease, making it more difficult for it to spread to susceptible individuals who have not yet been or cannot be vaccinated.
For example with measles, another very transmissible illness, that calls for 98% of people being vaccinated or having had it in the past.

I wish all the worlds ex-spurts would just say that some viruses are NEVER going to go away and claims of herd immunity in double quick time is more of a ex-spurt trying for his or her 5 minutes of fame rather than admit the reality of what is going on in the world.

That being some diseases need everyone vaccinated.
On a regular schedule.
And in terms of a whole country, that will never happen to a politically stated timetable, if at all!

I really feel for the little people in Europe today.

European politics is in play and is scaring the hell out of them.

GERMANY and France’s vaccination programme has been thrown into chaos as thousands refuse to have the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab after leaders questioned its effectiveness.

I get it (regrettably) the fact that Boris Johnson puts money before lives, but it seems that the European politicians are just trying to deflect attention away from their failures that has created a MASSIVE disparity between the UK’s drive to get everyone inoculated compared to the weak efforts of EU.

HOWEVER, it does raise a concern about the future.
If Europe is intent on NOT VACCINATING their population by scaremongering, should we be closing our borders to them as a whole. Or do we have to live worried about them coming here unvaccinated and undoing all our work so far?

Anyway, Germany is good at spinning things out and probably have a thousand year plan -Tausendjähriger Impfplan- in place.

I wonder what would focus their minds to speed up the process?
A complete ban on their goods and access to our services?
Something tells me Germany would fold first and (arguably the most detested French leader in recent times) Macron forced to toe their line.

It’s interesting times but worrying.
IMHO the EU is a dead man walking, fragmenting, arguing and being more petulant than ever between member countries.

At a time when unity is needed to fight a common foe, I think the only way individual states will survive is to hand their membership cards back.

With a polite but very firm very much.

Lockdown Three in the Making.

The pathetic we call MP’s and government never learn from their mistakes.
Headlines today stating:- BORIS Johnson is set to announce that the “stay at home” rule will be scrapped next month and that households will be able to mix outdoors. All children will go back to school 8th march. Super spreaders in the making I reckon. Meanwhile Scotland and Wales are going to open schools GRADUALLY.

So, I predict (and this one I’m going to put money on) that by July the death rate will have soared again.

And now I wondering:-

  • Who will start the ball rolling as families sue Boris Johnson and his team of feckless MP’s and ‘scientists’, for every penny they have for putting politics and money before life YET AGAIN.
  • And just how long the NHS can keep going in crisis mode with yet another surge in numbers.

Vaccination against Covid will solve everything?

Like Hell it will.

Among the current vaccines against COVID, none of them are 100% effective.

At best, the more sensible of the medical world around the world are hoping the vaccines will reduce the effects of illness to a state that hospital care won’t be needed by most.

Only think on this.
NO ONE has EVER found the cure for the common cold and that is also a coronavirus. That and flu vaccinations have to be reformulated every year to cope with new variants within your country.

This I can see being the new norm.
A flu vaccination AND a Covid vaccination reformulated for every year.

So, beware of the snake oil salesmen aka politicians and their promises. No matter what the politicians say, the world is going to be fighting this virus for many years to come.

With that in mind, I’m thinking about those with compromised immune systems and the elderly. (That includes me and SWMBO).

Much as it is good for your morale and peace of mind, you might like to consider retaining your PPE, security, and wariness of others.

It may be better to refrain from close physical, or be in confined contact with others, whether they have been vaccinated or not of all ages.

Don’t forget those politicians, following flawed science since the beginning, have concentrated on adults and elders.

They KNOWINGLY refuse to vaccinate younger children and juveniles, and are hell bent on them going back to school into a virus rich environment.

Anyone who works, or has worked, within the education system will confirm the ‘virus rich environment’ statement.
Schools not only educate but are custom built and operated in such a way as to create super spreaders.

Some workplaces will inevitably cause cross infections with their limited workspace and close personal contact.
Mass public transport systems will continue to spread variants around the country and international travel around the world.

To that end, the reasoning behind the vaccine passport scheme is also flawed. Just because you are vaccinated DOESN’T mean you can’t catch and carry the virus. This virus is elegant and is also mutating fast as it mixes with different genetic pools and races.

With that in mind, I’m wondering how soon will it mutate into something that the current detectors won’t recognize.

The final problem is the COVID deniers, anti-vaccination, various religions, and other weird cults.
Together with that stupid mix of dumb civil rights activists.
They all seeing everything as some sort of government or New World Order plan.

Are we all doomed?
In my humble non medical opinion I would say no.
This I am saying as mankind has survived and eradicated some really horrible diseases in the past.

I believe that time may reduce the virus’s effect to the same level of harm as the common cold BUT over what time period remains to be discovered.

And finally.
These are my walking sticks.

They guarantee a hit if someone invades my personal space after a warning.

Will that end up with me standing before ‘the man’?
Possibly, BUT it will be wearing a mask, and muttering.

“Fk. the system that prosecutes those who would defend their right to live over the actions of fools”.

Nigerian Variant

A new variant of Covid has been exposed and it’s roots are in Nigeria.

What is it that is too damn hard to understand.
When will people cotton on.
International travel endangers EVERYONE!

So my thinking is, you holiday abroad, you end up abroad.
One way, end of.

After all, you obviously don’t like the UK that much so FkU, and FkU very much for endangering even more people.

Meanwhile this list is open source for what is going around in the UK. Accuracy unknown. (UK Media)

Covid Variant Name Extra bits What they do Effects unknown
B.1.1.7 N501Y Speeds up transmission
VOC202102/02 E484K Escapes antibodies from other variants
VOC202102/02 E484K 2020 variant
B.1.525 E484K
Escapes antibodies from other variants Q677H F888L
501Y OR B.1.351 SOUTH AFRICA N501Y
Speeds up transmission
Escapes antibodies from other variants
P.1 N501Y
Escapes antibodies from other variants K417T
P.2 E484K Escapes antibodies from other variants

Sort of makes me feel all warm and fluffy knowing that these variants are walking in freely from Europe as the FkU travelers stage in Europe to avoid quarantine.

The cycle of stupidity, and more death.

UK, and “Chester Racecourse reveal plans for 5,000 spectators a day to attend May festival with mass on-site Covid testing and racegoers given staggered arrival times to avoid congestion.” (DM)

And yet again, despite all the “careful preparations”, there will be a surge in Covid cases, and the inevitable deaths, after the event.

Will the UK every learn?
Probably not as only money matters here.
However, I’m pretty certain the politicians will trot out the same well tired and rehearsed sentence when the blame game is played.

“Lessons will be learned from this tragedy.”

Four dead. Thanks to Boris Johnson.

It gives me absolutely no joy, no conformation of an observation I made in a post, or satisfaction to write this post.

To me it was what was going to happen thanks to a limp wrist prime minister and his minions. All of whom were so desperate to not be seen as Christmas Grinches that they ‘relaxed the rules’ of lockdown and mixing.

I’ve listed no names out of respect.
If you want to search for it in the media that’s up to you.

The family, who had been shielding since March, met up on December 25 after the UK Government relaxed rules and allowed households to meet for one day only. The husband caught coronavirus when he visited his parents’ house for just two hours. That short time was enough for the 48-year-old and several family members to contract Covid.

The following week saw him, his parents, aged 79 and 82, and his uncle, who was in his early 70s, all test positive for COVID-19.

All of them tragically passed away and another uncle, who also caught coronavirus and is still recovering after becoming seriously ill.

It may have been political suicide to ban Christmas but, as a result of wanting to stay in power, a family lost four members who WOULD HAVE BEEN ALIVE TODAY if that worm PM Boris Johnson had cancelled Christmas.

Rather like the lack lustre, weak, poorly thought out, feeble air quarantine this fool of a prime minister is imposing.

Still, by not restricting tourists, foreign tourists, it will keep the airlines happy.

Won’t it Boris?

Covid doesn’t need a passport and doesn’t recognize borders!

A hotel quarantine system targeted at arrivals from high-risk countries will be announced by the home secretary, Priti Patel, on Wednesday, after ministers met to sign off the more targeted approach.

Boris Johnson rejected calls at Tuesday evening’s meeting for a blanket policy, opting instead for imposing hotel quarantine on British citizens from a limited number of countries such as South Africa and Brazil.

Driving to town, it suddenly dawned on what what had just been made policy. Hotel quarantine on British citizens only. SO ANY FOREIGN NATIONAL will be free to roam the streets on arrival?

How very Boris Johnson.

Someone tell me how that is good? I mean at all!!!
Still it’s good to know you can’t catch the South African or Brazilian variant anywhere else in the world other than South Africa and Brazil?

Says he who has done
everything he can
to stop Covid-19

Biological’s. A threat to the world.

Many are wondering what will happen next with COVID-19.
I know I am.

These are extraordinary times and my biggest fear has happened.
A pandemic that is out of control in our country because of the Muppet’s and fools we voted in charge of our care, and ultimately our survival.

Life experience and training had left me not fearing much in survival terms regarding CBRN. (Chemical, except Biological, Radiological, Nuclear).

To put this into context, biologicals have always scared me as simply taking cover will never be enough if others are close.

It’s like a zombie apocalypse without the zombies, just other people.
Within that group are a few innocents who are asymptomatic.
And, unknown to them, they are a danger to all.

Unfortunately there are also a few sheeple and fools roaming around, with the power to infect and kill others. They thinking this whole thing is a joke and, within that group, I include the anti VAX idiots and the personal rights lot.

At this time, there is no definitive cure, treatment, or time proven vaccines, and what there is is not being administered correctly, to the manufacturers instructions, by OUR UK government.

Thus I personally consider the UKGov a threat to it’s own citizens and a global threat until the UKGov start seeing sense and totally lock down the country. Thus preventing variants getting in country, and the onward transmission of the virus around the world.

Perhaps if enough see this and pass on my thoughts, world politics can do some good for a change and force the UKGov to act correctly and responsibly.

Is this a simplistic view on things?
Probably, but in a world of confusion run by politicians and big business. Sometimes the simple solutions are the best.

Looking forward to FOUR jabs.

It goes like this.
Eventually I’ll get my first jab.

Then some 12 weeks later (maybe), I’ll be ‘offered ‘ a second jab.
So, will the first jab still give you ANY PROTECTION after that time?
The scientific, manufacturer, and medical world is saying no.
BUT the UK’s NASTY PARTY (TORY) Government disagrees.
Know what I can’t work out? How many of them have medical degrees specializing  in vaccines and pandemics.

So, as said, I have the second jab at 12 weeks (maybe).
3 months in these times is a lifetime.
OR is it 28 days after getting infected?
My hope is there will be yet another blood test to see if you need the whole course again. I’m betting there will be and, following a few 100 thousand more deaths, a re-vaccination regime.

Which explains the FOUR jabs title.

Meanwhile, there is one particular POS politician called Iain Duncan Smith. (Ex-Army staff officer, which will mean a lot to vets.) As for his CV (Resume). Why scribble loads about him when the media have said plenty.

Plus the fact that he is universally loathed in the UK for making the UK’s WELFARE SYSTEM so bad that THOUSANDS OF CLAIMANTS died.

That and he doesn’t like the doctors or scientists disagreeing with the UKGOV.

Aw, diddums.

And finally.
The purpose of the jab was to return life to the UK.
Only officially, it isn’t now. The truth is out and all it will do is DECREASE the effect of the virus when you catch it again.

Funny thing about it, having been a forces brat and served, we were all shot full of vaccines and although we occasionally worked in bug hot areas, few got sick or even worse DEAD from the bugs the jabs were meant to protect you from. Probably because the vaccines were really effective.

Fast forward 30 years. Have things got better?  HARDLY!
They haven’t even worked out how long the vaccine for COVID-19 lasts!

Scientists bite back.

Professor Stephen Griffin, a virologist at the University of Leeds, said the “seeds of this dreadful recent death toll were sown in the summer of 2020”.

“The decision to ignore Sage in September pressing for a short, sharp lockdown was a massive mistake – at the time we were in the early phase of exponential growth and the variant was also geographically limited. The parties responsible for preventing this now have blood on their hands.

“The half-baked ‘lockdown’ in November only delayed the inevitable, whilst the mixed messaging over Christmas also clearly increased mixing and spread.”

Yep, totally agree!
Who can we point the finger at?

With our blood on his hands
Boris Johnson.

23 old folk die after the Pfizer Jab.

NORWAY reported that 23 elderly people have died within days of taking the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, with 13 of those deaths said to be related to “side effects”. Besides those that died, nine had suffered serious side effects including allergic reactions, strong discomfort and severe fever. Seven had less serious ones such as pain at the injection site. (Express)

And not one of our government even blinks!

Meanwhile 2 million have been jabbed up so far.
And while the numbers have the political Muppet’s braying they’ve got the virus licked, the reality is 66 million are still unprotected.

With Pfizer DROPPING it’s production rate to increase their production?
Not quite sure how that works but I feel a price increase coming on.

The breaking of the drugs approved dosage schedule of when the second dose will be administered.

All I’m sensing is the build up of a massive FUCK UP typical of the UK Gov.

What’s wrong with this statement?

UK seals its border and requires negative COVID-19 tests for arrivals in a bid to keep out ‘vaccine-busting’ variants. (Businessinsider)

From Monday 04h GMT giving the virus variants 72 hours to be walked in unchecked.

To seal SHOULD MEAN no one in or out.
No flights, trains, ferries, Zip, Nada, Nothing.

Only that’s not what will happen.
Everything will run as usual and all you need is a negative test to grant you access.

And yet again, it’s money before lives.
Ain’t that right Johnson!

More than lives!


It’s pretty plain our PM Johnson is a joke

First came Covid-19
Then the UK variant of Covid-19
Next was the South African Covid-19 Variant
And now the Brazil Covid-19 variant

Boris Johnson says UK border control’s tough measures will halt strain from entering Britain.
I say close all airports. Why?
Because anything the UK Gov does is a bad joke and doomed to failure.

Except I’d forgotten one tiny thing.

And blood on Johnson’s hands
means nothing to him.

A tale of ineptitude

A neighbor of ours was doing his daily welfare check on an 8o plus person who is   ‘sheltering in place’ as per the UK Gov guidelines. (Or it is law today?)

Anyway the phone rang, and it was the doctors who wanted the octogenarian to go to the surgery for a blood test. Partially blind, almost deaf, and with severe mobility issues.

So the neighbor asked if it could be done at home.
Utter confusion from the doctors.
The neighbor pointing out that the patient’s mobility was terrible, blind, deaf, and sheltering at home as was in the ULTRA high risk category.
More confusion from the doctors.
Bottom line?
We all think the blood test won’t happen.
Only it doesn’t stop there.
The response to the question “Will you vaccinate XYZ at the same time”?
Um, Er, dunno, will ask, muttering on phone, NO!

The lunatics are definitely in charge.
Expecting a highly disabled person, in the high risk category, to have to go to the surgery (1.3 miles away), against the Covid-19 lockdown rules, for a blood test that could be done by a health care professional at home, just like others who are stuck in their homes have their bloods done.

As said many times before.
This typifies the healthcare in our town.
A jackass is running things.

The UK’s NHS has all but stopped cancer treatments.

Which also includes some other life saving ‘elective’ treatments.

NHS, National Health Service?
Needs renaming to NCS, National Covid Service.
I wonder who recommended this course of action?
Whoever it is I have only one descriptor for them.
F’king Murdering Shits!

The media is rammed full of examples of cancer care being withdrawn.
As a result people have already died and others are dying faster. Some will die even if they get an early diagnosis as nothing will be done to help them.

The medical world is now only concentrating on those who are temporarily sick and will leave those who could be saved. From children to the elderly.

Some will be left to die a slow death with nothing more than palliative care. i.e. Drugs to mellow the pain of dying.

Personally I’d rather be handed a gun with three rounds in it.
One to shoot the POLITICIANS, then the MISERABLE BASTARDS in charge of my case who are too weak in moral fibre to fight the decisions of the heartless, leaving one round for me. At least I’d be able to go out under my timetable and not that of something I had no control over.

Hang on, that’s more than three rounds.
Aw fuck it, just pass me a spam can’s worth of ammo and something to feed it through! Perhaps there is still a route into Valhalla for those who get dead doing good deeds.

Man’s inhumanity to man. Who said that anyway?
Asked and answered. The phrase “Man’s inhumanity to man” is first documented in the Robert Burns poem (Dirge) called Man was made to mourn (1784).

O Death! the poor man’s dearest friend,
The kindest and the best.

Gawd, how I hate this fk’ing country!

When the argument for ring fencing London rings loud.

One in 30 people is thought to be infected in London – compared to one in 50 nationally.

London seems to have been the launch point for EVERY phase of the Covid-19 dissemination around the UK.
It’s definitely the world’s access point for variants into the country and the #1 onward transmitter of those variants to the world.

So, is it time to ring fence and isolate London?
By ring fencing I mean the blocking of all routes in and out of the capital by using the M25 circular (which surrounds London) as foundations for a 15 foot high barbed wire fence.

That (and I know I keep saying this) shutting down the ports, airports and rail links?

Someone is bound to say what about food?
One heavily, manned by police and inspectors, junction in and one out for commercial food and others essentials.

What, not an option as it would be political death for Boris Johnson’s government.

Like I care. Lives matter and the governments love of money needs to be pushed onto the back burner.

Or it may be easier to just sterilize London.