The Disrespect is Stunning

Few will need a reminder that on September 11 2001 terrorist filth attacked four targets from the air in America. The attacks resulted in nearly 3000 fatalities, over 25,000 injuries. Not counting the later disablement and deaths that occurred way in the emergency crews and civilians caught up in it.

For my wife, who was working for an American Bank at that time, it’s going to bring back horrible memories with the loss of friends in the World Trade Center. 20 years is an important milestone and a grim reminder.

Meanwhile, on the 20th Anniversary of that day, and across the media, will be ‘London Pride’. A celebration of all things LGBT whatever. To me, they had 51 other weekends to pick from but this one sums up their ‘self importance’  and disrespect for everything else. There again it is London, and it’s Mayor Sadiq Khan who would have authorized this.

Wanna know what I think about that when I think about what 9/11 means? The disrespect of my country shames me for letting this happen on that weekend.

And now I’m thinking really evil thoughts.
They won’t be bothered about little things like social distancing, let alone masks. After all this is the self important LGBT ‘whatever’ movement we are talking about.

I guess payback for their disrespect will happen a couple of weeks later. As a surge in Covid numbers and deaths among their ‘community’.

Only it won’t be limited to them.
Many others who attended that weekend will fall sick as well and the knock on from that will catch many others who were never there.

London. Shouldn’t be allowed.
Take that however you want.

Iraq, Afghanistan, an add on.

An add on to the post The naivety of Biden (or is the US Mil)?

I said in that post:- It’s like you never learn.
The East’s ethos, belief’s, traditions, or whatever, don’t work the same way as the West. 

I was prompted to check out these.
December 9, 2019 Washington Post report Afghanistan (Reuters)

“We were devoid of a fundamental understanding of Afghanistan — we didn’t know what we were doing,” Douglas Lute, a three-star general who was given a central role in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan by U.S. President George W. Bush, told interviewers in 2015, the Post said.

In 2010, then-Major General Michael Flynn, deputy chief of staff for intelligence in Afghanistan for the U.S. military and its NATO allies, sharply criticized the work of U.S. spy agencies in Afghanistan, calling them ignorant and out of touch with the Afghan people.

Huffington Post, Dec 2015 about Iraq.
Lt. General Michael Flynn .
“It was huge error,” he said. “As brutal as Saddam Hussein was, it was a mistake to just eliminate him. The same is true for Moammar Gadhafi and for Libya, which is now a failed state. The historic lesson is that it was a strategic failure to go into Iraq. History will not be and should not be kind with that decision.”

I have no idea about the respect the US has for these two officers, and, to put it bluntly, I’m not particularly worried who thinks what. Unhappily, it would appear that my thoughts have been right all along.

And, as said:-
The US really don’t understand the Middle East’s ethos, belief’s, traditions, or whatever…

So now I’m hoping you’re done throwing munitions around.
Because in the Middle East world of tit for tat,
You haven’t learned a thing from your previous mistakes.

Not wanted? We’ll have them!

French experts warn jabs are going too slowly to avoid a third Spring wave of coronavirus – while Germany sits on 1.2MILLION Oxford vaccines that people refuse to take after EU leaders questioned its effectiveness (DM)

The UK will take the juice off your hands for free if you don’t want it Germany. Us thinking some degree of protection is better than a politicians promise or lies.

The naivety of Biden (or is just the US Mil)

Yahoo news.
The US has launched airstrikes on eastern Syria – the first military action undertaken since Joe Biden became president.

The Pentagon’s chief spokesperson John Kirby said: “This proportionate military response was conducted together with diplomatic measures, including consultation with coalition partners. “At the same time, we have acted in a deliberate manner that aims to deescalate the overall situation in eastern Syria and Iraq.”

You’re kidding right?
Thinking your actions will deescalate the overall situation.

Sometimes stupidity shines through and in this case ‘The US STILL don’t know what they do’.

Once again you’ve bombed a foreign country, in the Middle East.
And again, to a vast swathe of the Middle East, you are the aggressor.

Only do you think this will stop the attacks?
No way in hell will your actions do that and the attacks will probably intensify from mobile units rather than from a base.

Thus you will escalate. You always do.
And you will lose, again.

It’s like you never learn.
The East’s ethos, belief’s, traditions, or whatever, don’t work the same way as the West. To that end you had to butt out of Syria while Russia, Iran, the Kurd’s, plus friends, came in to sort the mess out you generated in your obsession to depose Bashar al-Assad.

Have you also forgotten the US betrayal of those Kurd’s?
I’m betting they haven’t.

So now I’m hoping you’re done throwing munitions around.
Because in the Middle East world of tit for tat,
You haven’t learned a thing from your previous mistakes.

Californian variant of coronavirus

The Californian variant of coronavirus [officially labelled B.1.427/B.1.429], dubbed ‘the devil’ by scientists, is more dangerous than others, studies show. Researchers have said the strain, which most likely emerged in May, is 40% more able to infect cells, creates a higher risk of death and lowers the antibody count, provided by vaccines or previous infections, by two times. (Metro)

Home grown apparently, this little sod was possibly the variant that spiked cases and deaths over Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays in California.

The worry on the scientists minds is what if someone with the UK variant gets infected with the Californian variant at the same time and turns out a superbug that can’t be stopped!

A Doomsday virus.

So, the question foremost on my mind is:
Why exactly is the UK still running international flights.
In, out, and through the UK again?

Shit! That’s one stupid question to ask
when thinking about our UKGov!

Just as I thought things were looking up, they fell down.

In for an operation two weeks ago and my blood was dripping out of me like warm treacle than the usual slight nick that produced a GUSH of color.

So, stomach jabs, every night, same time, same bed, same OUCH, same bruising within hours. And I’ve got a ring of bruising on both sides.

Looks quite pretty in fact and the first ones are fading fast.

Until today.
More bloods were checked and they are going gloopy again.
The reason given is I’m eating high protein supplements to regain the 4 kg I lost from not eating, and there is something in them that is countering the blood thinners.

So, all my meds have been changed, and I’ve been gifted 30 more little pain givers! What absolute Joy!NOT!

Only I was given some ‘really good news’.
I can inject the juice into my legs now!!!!
How good is that! (VERY not).
The only time I liked that was when I was on Morphine and using an injector.
Pain to that slow warm, floating feeling and “Hello spiders, how’s your day”?

Tell you what though, I’m glad I learned how to self inject including hydrating serum, calculating dosage, and how to inject SC (under the skin) and IM (into the muscle). “The Megger ouch” jabs. Because the thought of going up to the ER room everyday was not at all appealing.

Thus to mark the importance of the day I’m going to commiserate with a little glass (maybe two) of SLIVOVITZ.

So the US isn’t going to war with Russia?

The rhetoric of the US top brass suggests different.
Moscow is still working to maintain its Soviet-era influence over Eastern Europe, one of Washington’s top generals has claimed, warning that the US must take on Russia to deliver world peace. [Link]

The head of the country’s European Command, Air Force General Tod D. Wolters, claimed that, when it comes to projecting American force abroad,

“everything we do is about generating peace.”
‘Nuff said!

Go digital or no shopping?

The threat is in, businesses and services ‘MAY’ (Which is UKGovspeak for WILL) have the right to demand they see the NHS APP which will show your complete health and vaccination record, before letting you in.

Interesting, and a picture
of my little PAYG phone.

This shining example of high tech only does a few things.
Make and receive voice calls and text messages.
It DOESN’T DO Pictures, Apps, Internet, Radio, and a whole host of other things it’s big brother, the smart phone, does.

But being less that $15 US, pay as you go, PAYG, is all we can afford.

So what happens now?
I go to a shop, dentist, doctors, chemist, hospital, or bank, and get turned away because I haven’t got a Smart Phone?

Something that we can’t afford let alone run??

Only it doesn’t stop with us as a couple on a fixed income, and many senior aged and other little people live frugally, as we do, through necessity, not choice. Their choices are simple.
Heat or eat, pay the bills and go without, or take a long walk off a short pier, into the sea.

Now if all that seems overly dramatic, try this.
If we can’t shop, travel, or access medical services, because of the UKGov’s diktats, what alternatives have we? Other than:-

and   or even

What worked yesterday is censored today

Google’s censoring goes into stupid mode.
And it starts like this:-

So what have we got here?

This has been cropping up a lot when viewing my usual pick of video channels on YouTube and as a result, I’ve unsubscribed from those channels that trigger this invasion on my privacy and gone elsewhere to view their content.

That is if there is an elsewhere.

So, they want your name, address, and photo.
Or your credit card details.

Why would anyone be so stupid to give these WOKE CORPORATE IDIOTS either of these. They aren’t law enforcement. There is no law that demands they do this.

Who the hell would be stupid enough to give CORPORATE GOOGLE, based in the US, ANOTHER COUNTRY, your personal details?

This is overreach in a most spectacular way by Corporate Google, an invasion into your privacy, a banking security nightmare, and yet another nail in the coffin lid for YouTube is hammered home.

The site I was visiting today? Active Self Protection.
A site I watched regularly.
Watched? Yep, watched.
As they have just lost another subscriber.

Herd immunity? Not what you might think!

Expert claims Britain may have herd immunity ahead of Boris roadmap (Ex)

Covid is a corona virus right?
The common cold is a corona virus as well right?
The common cold has been around forever right?
So why hasn’t the world become immune to it?
No, I’ll answer that, there is no vaccine for it as it constantly mutates.

The flu (Influenza), is caused by a four different influenza virus. It mutates and every year the vaccine is formulated to suit what is around for that year.

Only flu has also been around forever. So why hasn’t the world developed herd immunity by the fact that so many have had the virus? Because that’s not how it works!

The NHS outlines “herd immunity” as when enough people in a community are vaccinated against a disease, making it more difficult for it to spread to susceptible individuals who have not yet been or cannot be vaccinated.
For example with measles, another very transmissible illness, that calls for 98% of people being vaccinated or having had it in the past.

I wish all the worlds ex-spurts would just say that some viruses are NEVER going to go away and claims of herd immunity in double quick time is more of a ex-spurt trying for his or her 5 minutes of fame rather than admit the reality of what is going on in the world.

That being some diseases need everyone vaccinated.
On a regular schedule.
And in terms of a whole country, that will never happen to a politically stated timetable, if at all!

When a definition is not defined.

(Guardian). Commission for Countering Extremism says possession of terrorist material should be a crime.

This article is all about extremism, but what’s the point of focusing on one thing, and I feel a case of the UKGov and the security services using MISSION CREEP for their own ends.

Anyway, what exactly is terrorist material? See UK Terrorism Act 2000. Section 58 Collection of information.

(1)A person commits an offence if—

(a)he collects or makes a record of information of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism,

(b)he possesses a document or record containing information of that kind, or

(c)the person views, or otherwise accesses, by means of the internet a document or record containing information of that kind.]

(1A)The cases in which a person collects or makes a record for the purposes of subsection (1)(a) include (but are not limited to) those in which the person does so by means of the internet (whether by downloading the record or otherwise).]

(2)In this section “record” includes a photographic or electronic record.

(3)It is a defence for a person charged with an offence under this section to prove that he had a reasonable excuse for his action or possession.

(3A)The cases in which a person has a reasonable excuse for the purposes of subsection (3) include (but are not limited to) those in which—

(a)at the time of the person’s action or possession the person did not know, and had no reason to believe, that the document or record in question contained, or was likely to contain, information of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism, or

(b)the person’s action or possession was for the purposes of—

(i)carrying out work as a journalist, or

(ii)academic research.]

So there you have it. Horribly vague, and a huge “That sucks” as the skill set that is prepping and survivalism, is not listed as a reason for having the libraries we all collect as we learn to survive, what to do, and how to counter threats.

Here’s a few items to muse about:-

  • I’m driving past a military or public airport snapping away at the aircraft. Would that be good Intel for a terrorist with a hand portable SAM? Possibly.
    Could he do the same thing? Definitely.
  • Careful to not miss the last bus or train from a city terminal, I list the opening times, what’s there in case I need a late night drink and, as inner cities are dangerous at night, I list everywhere I could seek help and the entrances and exits I can use at that time. Good Intel for a terrorist planning a spectacular? Possibly. Could he do the same thing? Definitely.
  • Being a prepper, I obtain a list of local and district water sources (lakes and reservoirs). Good Intel for a terrorist poisoner? Possibly. Could he do the same thing? Definitely.
  • Lastly, I served in the times of the IRA and bombing campaigns. So, to keep up to date, I include the latest offerings of what to look out for that could ruin your day. Good Intel for a terrorist? Possibly as it helps them redesign something so you won’t alarm up when you see it. Could he do the same thing? Definitely.

Now I can go on forever with this including keeping medical and dental facilities opening hours, access, and their services. All stuff the astute prepper builds up just in case of an emergency. Good Intel for a terrorist? Possibly, as a source of radiological material. Could he do the same thing? Definitely.

Thus taking pictures, making notes, learning to survive, and becoming informed becomes a crime. So who judges what I have in terms of terrorist useful resources? We now enter the shady world of spooks and the anti terrorism gerbils.

Thus the scene is set for preppers, survivalists, and those who are aware of the dangers around us, to be accused of collecting resources and data which a terrorist could use, and all part of the UKGov preferred way of doing things.


It seems I have a choice like everyone else. Play nicely or be shut down.

Last night, by email, I was warned by friends citing cases where folk (including them) have ‘transgressed’ from the terms of service, on a wide variety of platforms, and been shut down.

Only when they ask why, they aren’t getting a response.

The collective thought is ‘THEY’ are making things up on the fly as the whole cancel and woke culture, gender and LGBT whatever, religion, race, and a whole host of other previously unlisted crimes are being committed.

Which makes life a ‘little’ confusing as you never know what will offend someone, somewhere, somehow, and it seems it’s also historical entries are also being used to hang people (whoops) I meant suspend their access.

Now I have no proof, only hearsay and irate comments on message boards I also subscribe too. Except mixed into those comments are a few (dunno what to call them, politely) who don’t exactly need banning, more like culling.

I’ve got a choice to make.
Everyone who knows me is aware that I’m not exactly politically correct, use ‘mild’ profanity, and don’t give a toss about some sectors within society.

So am I going to toe the new official, very grey, and not clearly defined line?


Sigh. And it’s been so much fun these last 27 years on various platforms. So, if I go silent key and paulsprepping goes ‘pop’, you’ll know what has happened.

Only remember this.
The Internet is the last bastion of free speech.
Even for those living under strict censorship.
It is a source of considerable knowledge.
It informed, it taught, it made governments think twice.

Now it’s not only the bad but also the self appointed guardians of human rights that are shutting down platforms, silencing voices, and censoring content. ESPECIALLY political comment, information, and protest against wrongdoing.

Some will say you can’t fight that. I sort of agree.
To take on a government is to take on a Hydra.
To kill a hydra needs a Medusa.
Which is not currently available in stores.

However, every government in the world uses mission creep to extend their controls. Soon it’ll be a case of the government policy is now this and we will target anyone who comments or objects. Perhaps to a level that everything you say and think will be scanned by AI to a set of rules provided by people who want something covered up. Like COVID was.

Thus you may want to make a choice.
Toe the official line, become subservient, and join the uninformed.
Or, stand up and be counted by using free speech before you lose it.
This is NOT a call to arms or revolution.
This is just a reminder of what you take for granted today, you might lose tomorrow.

My voice is tiny, and I know that.
Only I know that when you give in to tyranny.

Tyranny will win and others will lose.
Some of them BIG TIME.

If you haven’t downloaded what you need, why not?

In Global Censorship and Financial Controls I was talking about the ongoing censorship of all things useful to survivalism and prepping, along with those little useful things which preppers, survivalists, and the bushcraft fraternity use as their ‘bibles’.

Today I was visiting one of my online survival reference library as I have lost my ‘growing veg in a greenhouse’ manual. An innocuous enough 12 page booklet. Only it wasn’t there as THE WHOLE DAMN SITE HAS GONE.

OK, things happen, a name change perhaps, so I went to another, and another, and another, reference source. ALL GONE!

Luckily the Field Manuals and medical sites I use are still there – For now.

Being paranoid doesn’t mean ‘They aren’t targeting you’, yet my interest grew as some of the YouTube, and other ‘helpful’ platforms I use frequently all seem to have developed black holes.

Are you getting my drift?
My own self sufficiency, off grid, FM manuals, survival, mechanics and machinery, communications, and medical library collection is pretty extensive, BUT, as per the title, with the ongoing woke and global censorship kicking in big time, if you are a few titles short of a basic library, now might just be the time to download what you need.

Luckily I’ve also recently downloaded all my other sites and  message boards interests and converted them to off line browsing. Although something tells me that TOR isn’t going to like the bandwidth I’ve been using.

Now there could be a reasonable and operational reason for what I’m finding BUT it is beginning to freak me a bit as I thought all this woke, cancel culture, censorship, national security, anti whatever B.S. was still in the talking stages.

Anyway, once might be an accident, twice could be a coincidence, but three times is almost certainly enemy action.


I really feel for the little people in Europe today.

European politics is in play and is scaring the hell out of them.

GERMANY and France’s vaccination programme has been thrown into chaos as thousands refuse to have the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab after leaders questioned its effectiveness.

I get it (regrettably) the fact that Boris Johnson puts money before lives, but it seems that the European politicians are just trying to deflect attention away from their failures that has created a MASSIVE disparity between the UK’s drive to get everyone inoculated compared to the weak efforts of EU.

HOWEVER, it does raise a concern about the future.
If Europe is intent on NOT VACCINATING their population by scaremongering, should we be closing our borders to them as a whole. Or do we have to live worried about them coming here unvaccinated and undoing all our work so far?

Anyway, Germany is good at spinning things out and probably have a thousand year plan -Tausendjähriger Impfplan- in place.

I wonder what would focus their minds to speed up the process?
A complete ban on their goods and access to our services?
Something tells me Germany would fold first and (arguably the most detested French leader in recent times) Macron forced to toe their line.

It’s interesting times but worrying.
IMHO the EU is a dead man walking, fragmenting, arguing and being more petulant than ever between member countries.

At a time when unity is needed to fight a common foe, I think the only way individual states will survive is to hand their membership cards back.

With a polite but very firm very much.

Long Gun or Handgun in Home Defense?

Browning HP 9mm Service Issue.
Actually I wasn’t bad with this particular steel and a 2 inch group slow fire at 20 yards was the norm. Up the speed to timed and reactive target exposures on multiple targets and for some reason the group sizes decreased to an inch to an inch and a quarter. Go figure? I couldn’t work it out.

Then, after a good few years the paper was dropped for muscle and blood. Only it’s funny how a bit of stress monkey’s around with your precision BUT center mass was assured out to 25 meters. (Note I’d grown up by then and thought ‘metric’).

Yet the hype behind the effectiveness of the 9 x 19 FMJ was never the same as advertised . However, the hours of dry firing and practicing tactical reloads helped a lot. In short, beyond phone box range, I found I was using at least half a mag per target 5-7 rounds. (Got to love that boxy 15 (-1) round mag)

Only a pistol jock was not me in real life as I’ve got slow reflexes but putting me behind a short carbine? Watch out, coming through!

And now we start!
Short carbine? More like an AK.

Now I know the preferred weapon to carry is a handgun and I have no problem with that, especially in public and a home invasion when you need act FAST.

There are however other options if you can get to a weapon before they can get to you. To that end I’m thinking about the ‘bump on the night’ which you go to investigate (aka widow making, aka house clearing).

A short carbine makes an impression on a bad guy way better than a spray and pray shotgun or a handgun with it’s notorious inaccuracy in a highly stressful, not well lit, fluid scenario.

So now I’m sitting waiting for:-
Too much gun, not easy to maneuver, unwieldy in use and hard to aim, and over penetration.

  • Firstly, too much gun may be right BUT you’ll love the 30 round mag if push comes to shove and multiple targets. I’m NOT talking going full auto. Semi auto with a carbine works well in most clearance scenarios.
  • Not easy to maneuver. If you KNOW the layout of your home, and practice, it’s usually perfectly maneuverable.
  • Unwieldy. In your shoulder at the low ready?

    That’s a VERY strong platform to quickly acquire and engage a target.
  • As for sighting? The advantage of a short carbine is you won’t encounter the grip and sight alignment problems of a pistol!
  • Over Penetration. OK, I agree and you have to be well aware of your surroundings. Only what’s the difference between a carbine and a pistol? Both need you to be background aware before firing.
  • The last point I’m adding from experience.
    The roar of a full bore cartridge, close aboard, when you are in a confined space is DEVASTATING to anyone in front of you. Unfortunately you will cop some of that sound pressure yourself but to the average jerk in front of you, it’s not going to be ‘nice’.

So why not a shotgun?
The double crunch of A PUMP ACTION is meant to melt the resolve of every criminal in the world. Actually you just told him exactly what he is facing AND, more importantly, where you are. Plus, I would remind you about ‘boxy magazines’. With the right handgun you can rip off 15 rounds in 20 seconds. The cyclic rate of an 8 cartridge pump? 16-18 seconds for all eight? Maybe.

Only now you are reloading while still taking fire.
Even if you can manage to do that, what you haven’t got in many designs is a detachable magazine so it’s one cartridge at a time aka SLOW!

I’ve never been in that position and hope I’ll never be facing someone ripping off rounds at me while I’m reloading a shotgun, BUT a 30 round carbine magazine would definitely give you a slight edge. What think you?

A footnote to calm the liberal, woke, and snowflakes.
There are other options which will give you time and possibly end the invasion before you have to engage.

Burglars and home invasion scum don’t like three things.
Sound bomb sounders both internal and outdoors, High intensity random strobe lights, and someone screaming high power noisy orders and white noise at them.

ALL THREE are way preferable to you going all RAMBO and trying to clear your home of intruders on your own.

All can be achieved cheaply (ish) and effectively with electronics while you are on a phone calling for help and getting ready for action. That and the addition of the way more expensive smoke cloak systems.

Thus I offer you gentle souls an alternative to GUNS!

Lockdown Three in the Making.

The pathetic we call MP’s and government never learn from their mistakes.
Headlines today stating:- BORIS Johnson is set to announce that the “stay at home” rule will be scrapped next month and that households will be able to mix outdoors. All children will go back to school 8th march. Super spreaders in the making I reckon. Meanwhile Scotland and Wales are going to open schools GRADUALLY.

So, I predict (and this one I’m going to put money on) that by July the death rate will have soared again.

And now I wondering:-

  • Who will start the ball rolling as families sue Boris Johnson and his team of feckless MP’s and ‘scientists’, for every penny they have for putting politics and money before life YET AGAIN.
  • And just how long the NHS can keep going in crisis mode with yet another surge in numbers.

Global Censorship and Financial Controls.

For the third time the U.S. Congress has summoned the CEOs of social media companies to appear before them, with the explicit intent to pressure and coerce them to censor more content from their platforms. (Link)

Only this is not a US centrist act.
Europe and  the UK is building a framework of censorship and the West’s censorship programs are as draconian as they are wide in their mandate. Their scope follows the lines of the Soviets, Middle and Far East, plus Australasia.

I reckon if you go away and review the public access material (Google), it should be screaming at you, that the Internet’s non censorship, freedom of speech, opinion, and thought, is about to go all Orwell 1984.

In the UK the DWP, has already got access to your banking activity, and the following can access your internet browsing and I would presume all your communications, line and digital.

Global Totalitarian Takeover is on the horizon folks as far as the Internet is concerned and I’m thinking it’s time to build the old systems of peer to peer message boarding and ciphers.

To that I’ve got to add the control of money.
The continued push to do everything digital allows for control and monitoring of your spending. As such it has little to do with crimes like money laundering at the little people level as most of that still happens in the world of cash rich businesses. No, this feels like preparing to steal money and issue worthless paper and not too unlike what happened in Malta 2013.

Besides, there is always digital money which is also under attack because the governments of the world cannot control that AT THIS TIME.

Incidentally, are you aware of the shortages of gold and silver in the UK banks? Something called liquidity and there isn’t much of that apparently.
That’s way above my understanding so I’ll leave you to look that up and what it means to us, the little people. When you’ve worked it out, please let me know WTH it all means.

So that’s personal freedoms, communications, censorship, and money control.
Something I discussed in the post about the New World Order.

Except I think, NO, I know I got it wrong.
The danger isn’t solely from the Uber Rich in the New World Order, but from governments of all flavors and persuasions. The problem being is they are all trying to achieve the same thing, total control over their populations.

This can only end in two ways.
We the little people lose, or the people take back control away from those ‘we’ appointed to ‘look after us’.

Both suck, will be painful, and I’m not really sure I want to be a part of either camp. Ho hum, life was so much simpler when we lived on our boat.

Preparing for the unthinkable.

I was browsing today and found an interesting article on how to survive a nuclear war. Problem was I then started laughing. The why is simple.

This is the UK so there aren’t many public nuclear fall out shelters operational anymore, and besides, those that are will be by invite only.

If you are close enough to sustain substantial building damage, be that from flash and heat damage, the double shock wave, or live downwind of the boom so you’ll get dumped on by fall out.

Too much of all that and I reckon your chances rate from very little to Zilch.

So, there’s us sat in your home.
Like many others, we don’t have a cellar. Ho hum.
Our radiation protection factor is 2-4 (Below 10 is pretty dire), mainly because we live in a brick built bungalow.

Come the news that the idiots are going to take on China, I’ll be building an ‘inner room’. My ‘no window room’ will be made of heavy density blocks and will contain 90 liters of water, some food, meds, and 14 days of candle light. Hopefully we’ll have enough PI to last for a fortnight. For what it’s worth.

Anyway, the first time we’ll be sticking our heads out is after that time. Our first act? Dump the big pile of sealed plastic bags we would have filled.

Will we survive? Dunno.
No cellar, it’s pointless running, and shelter in place might be the best we can do.

Does this post read a little bit like ‘no matter what we do we’re pretty well fk’d?’ If it does then I’ve got the tone right. What is good is we live on the East coast and there isn’t a lot of military or industrial around us. Thus we’re not exactly going to make the Kremlin’s or Beijing’s top ten list for nuking.

After that is me being worried about the wind.
Still, perhaps it will rain heavy for the first week.

And now I’m curious.
Apart from bending over and kissing your butt goodbye, what’s your plan (apart from buying 1 million sun block).

Vaccination against Covid will solve everything?

Like Hell it will.

Among the current vaccines against COVID, none of them are 100% effective.

At best, the more sensible of the medical world around the world are hoping the vaccines will reduce the effects of illness to a state that hospital care won’t be needed by most.

Only think on this.
NO ONE has EVER found the cure for the common cold and that is also a coronavirus. That and flu vaccinations have to be reformulated every year to cope with new variants within your country.

This I can see being the new norm.
A flu vaccination AND a Covid vaccination reformulated for every year.

So, beware of the snake oil salesmen aka politicians and their promises. No matter what the politicians say, the world is going to be fighting this virus for many years to come.

With that in mind, I’m thinking about those with compromised immune systems and the elderly. (That includes me and SWMBO).

Much as it is good for your morale and peace of mind, you might like to consider retaining your PPE, security, and wariness of others.

It may be better to refrain from close physical, or be in confined contact with others, whether they have been vaccinated or not of all ages.

Don’t forget those politicians, following flawed science since the beginning, have concentrated on adults and elders.

They KNOWINGLY refuse to vaccinate younger children and juveniles, and are hell bent on them going back to school into a virus rich environment.

Anyone who works, or has worked, within the education system will confirm the ‘virus rich environment’ statement.
Schools not only educate but are custom built and operated in such a way as to create super spreaders.

Some workplaces will inevitably cause cross infections with their limited workspace and close personal contact.
Mass public transport systems will continue to spread variants around the country and international travel around the world.

To that end, the reasoning behind the vaccine passport scheme is also flawed. Just because you are vaccinated DOESN’T mean you can’t catch and carry the virus. This virus is elegant and is also mutating fast as it mixes with different genetic pools and races.

With that in mind, I’m wondering how soon will it mutate into something that the current detectors won’t recognize.

The final problem is the COVID deniers, anti-vaccination, various religions, and other weird cults.
Together with that stupid mix of dumb civil rights activists.
They all seeing everything as some sort of government or New World Order plan.

Are we all doomed?
In my humble non medical opinion I would say no.
This I am saying as mankind has survived and eradicated some really horrible diseases in the past.

I believe that time may reduce the virus’s effect to the same level of harm as the common cold BUT over what time period remains to be discovered.

And finally.
These are my walking sticks.

They guarantee a hit if someone invades my personal space after a warning.

Will that end up with me standing before ‘the man’?
Possibly, BUT it will be wearing a mask, and muttering.

“Fk. the system that prosecutes those who would defend their right to live over the actions of fools”.

If anyone else had tried this stunt they would have been fined!

The Prince of Wales has made the 200-round mile journey to Central London and back to visit the Duke of Edinburgh in hospital.

While I do like the Duke as a no B.S. plain speaking sort of guy (met him when serving). That arse wipe and tree hugger, Prince Charles is a totally different story.

However, ignoring my personal likes and dislikes.
The law is straightforward.
Essential travel only. Backed up with fines for those who transgress.

That is being enforced BIG TIME on the little people.
Even those desperate to say their goodbyes to relatives on their death bed.
Which the Duke is not.

Only will ‘Prince’ Charles be fined? No way in hell!

One law for the little people, no laws for the Aristocracy, Landed Gentry, Politicians, and their senior advisors.

How very ‘British’ to kowtow to them!