About Me

This is a prepping and survival site.

This site has existed since 1974 in various forms, different platforms, and names.
I will warn you now that my language occasionally strays back to my armed  forces time and another life. It has been described as colorful, obscene, and darn right nasty. Not something you like? Feel free to leave and never return.

Survival can be brutal and demand you having to do what you least want to do. It may see you assessing others as an asset or part of the problem.

Survival is problem solving while protecting me and my own from harm from whatever quarter that comes from, be that foreign or domestic.

Survival can include (but not limited to):
Hunting, Trapping, Foraging, Moral issues, and Profiling.
The use of weapons for self defense, and killing to survive.

If any of this is likely to upset you LEAVE NOW.

About Me.
I am a 60 plus ex-forces veteran living on the East Coast of England.
I am not politically correct and seldom multicultural or religiously tolerant.
I am a White Christian Englishman and proud of being so.

My prepping and survival skill sets are numerous but I describe myself as ‘knowing a little about a lot’.

My prepping, trapping, and survival skills came from:-
Gamekeepers, poachers, gillies, trappers, the homeless, travelers, thieves, farmers, the armed forces, and life experience. Plus an assortment of people with life experience of living off the land, off grid, and in hostile places.

My shooting skills came from my warrior father, the armed forces, as a PSC, and other life experiences.

Other skills?
An electrical / electronic communications repair engineer and a ‘repair anything thrown at me’ altmuligmann. As in survival, my work ethic is to problem solve.

The focused side of things. no politics, just information on survival.