The quiet is deafening.

Trump has left for a heck of an uncertain future and the new administration went straight into undoing what had been done.

Personally I think it’s right as you were going nowhere.

Meanwhile, “We’re going to flatten everything, wreck havoc, and stop the inauguration” was reduced to:-

(About 120 people took to the streets of the Japanese capital on Trump’s last day as president, waving US and Japanese flags along with banners declaring him the “true winner”. NYP)

One word, WOW!

Meanwhile, Antifa inauguration day riots broke out in multiple American cities including Portland, Seattle, and Denver. (Yawn).

Like it or not, Biden was right when he talked about ‘healing the nation’, and a unification. Only that isn’t going to happen till both sides start talking and, right now, I reckon the masses will have been abandoned by both sides of the political agenda as they struggle to secure their worthless political lives by distancing themselves from Trump and sucking up to Biden.

Now what?
It seems that all the various factions have gone REALLY QUIET.
Apart from Antifa and the BLM.
So, is everyone else waiting to see what their political leadership is going to do before the idiotic “Civil War” they were drooling about begins.

If it is you’ll be called out again, and again if necessary, until the whole exercise turns TOXIC. Only remember, every time you fk’up, that’s more ammo for the new administration, and their new adoring fans, aka your ‘representatives’, to do what you don’t want them to do.

One thing is blatantly obvious, media opinion isn’t on the Right’s side anymore and neither is big business. Your message has been tarnished by the actions of a mob and it’s no good you claiming it was a fix because you’ve been judged by media and world opinion and they have found you guilty.

So if you are serious about safeguarding the constitution, I reckon you need to unite as one voice, no mavericks, no motor mouths, non dumb fk’s, just one combined calm voice representing all and presenting reasoned argument to the courts.

Can you do that?
Or can no one control the two legged junkyard dogs anymore.
If that is the case, I’d be prepping to become Little Ireland.
Where only the criminals and terrorists have unfettered access to firearms.

Or it could get really bad and you end up like England.
And you sure as hell don’t want that!