Not once, but twice.

President Trump impeached for historic second time, heightened security in Washington ahead of inauguration, and police search for far-right extremists within ranks.

Heightened security? Nice polite way of saying the city is rammed full of national guard and a whole host of TLA agencies and LEO’s.

So everyone is safe now?   You’re kidding right!?!

Only a fool attacks a well armed citadel.
Even though there’s a few of them around.
It’s not them you need to be watchful for.

I’ve got it in my mind that when security is heavy in one place, it makes it light in others. That’s guerilla tactics 101. You attack what you know you can take.

The impact will be the same and, in this case, central government will be kicking itself for not thinking outside the box.

So who or what being targeted would be a spectacular of sufficient magnitude to make the whole world sit up and go “WOW.

The two obvious ones are Trump and Biden.
Impossible targets? Nothing is impossible.
All it takes is MONEY to employ the right person or fund the right group!

Then there are the key members of the administration.
I could, for instance, talk about the speaker.
And right down the political food chain.

The principal of destabilization by the ‘abrupt removal’ of key leadership is not unknown. After that it’s more a case of who flinches first as who would want a job that makes you a target? Especially if you saw that your predecessor, and the one before that, ‘retired’ before their time.

I’m also minded of an infamous quote by the UK’s nemesis, the IRA.
Following the failed Brighton Bombing that targeted Margaret Thatcher.
“Today we were unlucky, but remember we only have to be lucky once”.

I’m not quite sure what the mindset of the US people are, but I’ve got a nasty feeling that this won’t end just because a ceremony goes off without hitch. The angst will remain active for a considerable time. Besides that, “To the victor goes the spoils”, and it is the most stupid of the victor that then exacts punishment on the vanquished.

Last time I checked, I found that politics was also rammed full of stupid.

10 thoughts on “Not once, but twice.”

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but the last couple of posts from you don’t have a way to comment. I gues you’d say the comment-box has gone POOF. I adjusted the site settings and unblocked all ad settings. Still nothing.

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  2. The days of men like Reagan and JFK are long gone. Money and making headlines are at the top, no matter what you say. Outright and obvious lies and hypocrisy are the norm. It is depressing.

    The days of reporting the news as “this is what happened” with no side remarks referencing their personal (or corporation’s) thoughts is long gone too. I miss Walter Cronkite.

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  3. Oh, no bumper stickers that would alert any nut jobs. I’ve taught Bri well in that regard. While we are out and about, she’ll even mention which car to break into because of bumper stickers mentioning guns, NRA, Apple, and ones from high tech or pricey companies. Hell, look for the round mark from a suction cup on the inside windshield. Why? They either have a radar detector, traffic camera, or something else worth some money.

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  4. To every event there are two sides.
    Personally I was pleased Killary Clinton didn’t get in.

    Then, after a while, (about a week) I thought how stupid I was thinking that. The rest, as they say, is history.

    BUT, never in my imagination did I think this race would be between a megalomaniac and someone only two steps shy of the knackers yard.

    Tell me, what happened to the quality you once had like JFK and Reagan.

    Anyway, I’m glad you live safely. Just remember to take them bumper stickers off.

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  5. He was impeached, both times, by the Democrat controlled House and not, both times, by the Republican controlled Senate. They are talking about impeaching him after Biden takes office, which they cannot do because 1. Unconstitutional… and 2. Well, he’s out of office, so he is a regular citizen once again. Can’t impeach a citizen.

    We live near two Navy bases, but they would be utterly retarded if they went bonkers there. Our fighting radius is clear of any targets. Maybe minor shit here and there.

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  6. I think you’re right to have your head on a swivel, sort of.

    If there is nothing for the fools to focus an attack on, they may just broaden their horizons to increase their target pool.

    Only I’m betting they will concentrate on their “traitors within” the Republican Party and then the opposition who impeached their Demigod.

    So are there any ‘worthy targets’ who fit that criteria around you or the bosses place of work?

    If there isn’t, back you go to amber state and reach for the coffee.

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  7. Trump is smart not to go to the inauguration. It’s going to be virtual anyhow, I mean, that city is a ghost town right now. Calls for unity are hilarious as each side bitches and moans about a guy who has 6 days left in his Presidency. I say… Let’s move on, but be more vigilant if possible. I don’t think I can be any more hyper-vigilant! We may have added some melee weapons. Not sure if we did or not.

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