If you can’t trust your own, what’s the point?

The US Army and US Secret Service are working together to determine which troops participating in President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration need additional background screening, an Army spokesperson told Insider.

“To ensure that deployed members are not sympathetic to domestic terrorists.”

Now that bit did make me laugh as in one sentence, everyone who took part on the Capital invasion seems to have been labelled a domestic terrorist.

When paranoia takes on this level, you’ve got to be thinking,
What about the:- Capital Hill Police, other security services, car parking attendants, food prep staff, ushers, media, guests, cleaners, and even the White House cat!

Only who’s going to check them doing the vetting?

There was a rumor that the whole thing would go virtual.
Personally I’d say no to that as if something does happen, it’ll make for great TV.

Besides the ‘villain’ of the piece won’t be there.
And now I’m wondering just when does the football, and its RED button, change hands?” That and what’s been planned that the villain in the piece knows about.

For example, Could it be something to make the whole thing go off with a bang!” (If you get my drift).

Still it’s kinda comforting to know that the US paranoia machine is working overtime. If only to give the world a good chuckle.

4 thoughts on “If you can’t trust your own, what’s the point?”

  1. I’m betting right now nothing is ‘off the table’.

    To that end, some of my friends have already bugged out of US cities.

    For them the national threat is real, and they KNOW the enemy could be anyone.

    Uniformed or not, government, military, civil law, paramilitary, or mob.

    I ask God to look after them.

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  2. We are discussing different types of involvement.

    I was talking about troops attending and participating in the inauguration ceremonies.

    The US military is strictly prohibited, by law, from engaging in domestic operations. The Posse Comitatus Act limits their actions on US soil. The surest way to start a US civil war would be to bring in Federal military. Not only would the “commoners” react but there is a strong probability of of both mutiny but also combat between military units.

    National Guard units are under different rules. The Guard reports to the governor of the state UNLESS they are called to active duty, then they report through standard military channels and are under the same legal restrictions. They can be activated by the state governor and used for various roles typically within the state. Which is how they are being used for the inauguration.

    Just because the military is not supposed to be involved doesn’t mean the security roles you mention will not be in place. Various Federal, state and local resources will be involved. Snipers, covert agents on the ground, quick reaction forces will be provided by Federal agencies, primarily the Secret Service, FBI, and US Marshals. The only military arm that should be providing active services would be the Air Force who is always tasked with defending the airspace and will be involved in enforcing the no-fly zone above DC. Fighter aircraft are about the only hardware law enforcement doesn’t get to play with (yet).

    Take care and God bless.

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  3. I had heard that the troops would not be involved?

    Aw, come on.
    The best of them will be scattered all over in covet positions waiting the call to quell the forecast insurrection. Or in airbases sat by choppers just waiting the call.

    And if they aren’t?
    Oh, boy! Your internal security is even weaker than I thought.

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  4. I had heard that the troops would not be involved since there was not going to be a parade (other than the National Guard forces providing security).

    For the military, this isn’t anything new. Going back to the Clinton inauguration the troops involved were being vetted and only issued simulated weapons that could not be made functional.

    The US Secret Service (under Obama) was a complete joke. The hookers in Columbia, drunken in the hallways in the Netherlands, sexual harassment charges, breaking into hotel rooms because they left guns or ammo in them and didn’t want to report it, etc…

    Take care and God bless.

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