Diddums lost their toys? How sad.

The US ‘whatever’ movements erroneously ended up reliant on US technology to get it’s “social” message” out. Now it hasn’t got that as big business technology has shut down all sorts of Internet platform use and social media.

Whose bleating about it? Only the US.
So what are you going to do about it?

Hard talking, heavy shooting, world beaters and leaders, but can’t work around a little government or big business high tech interference?

Methinks the US needs to take some lessons from censored countries like Russia, China and others how to get their voice heard.

In days gone past we had to use message boards and them old squealing thingies called modems for peer to peer messages over the telephone lines. Worried about being intercepted on the phones? We used radio. Damn difficult to jam is HF radio because the radio spectrum is so vast. You can even use a keyboard for those who seem to have lost the power of speech.

The other thing is y’all talking abut this becoming the new norm.
Just think about that for a moment. Big business isn’t suicidal, and they are only doing this to appear ‘compliant’ with the ideals of what is coming next from the new government.

Normal service will return, in time.
Big business will assure that and government won’t stop them as to do so will cripple them.

Take a breath America’s hotheads.
It’s time to evaluate the problem a lot cooler than you are now.

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