Range Night Report

There are times when I think, WTH am I doing here!
The journey to the range was not nice tonight with light rain, deep mist, and a breath of wind that made that mist swirl into shapes that scared the hell out of me because I thought at one stage I was going to hit a person.

Good start to the evening?
Oh, Yeah (not) and it got worse from that point on.

I signed in, bought my targets to find the range FULL.
4 adults, two kids, and me. There are only 4 positions.
You do the math!

I like a quiet range.
No, to be more precise, I prefer to shoot ON MY OWN.
But tonight everyone was chattering away, moving around within my peripheral vision, and NO DAMN HEAT!

Luckily I hadn’t got time to dump my coat, so I was ok(ish).
Except for when I put my glasses on to make adjustments and record my shots in my log book.
Wearing a filter mask and glasses in a cold atmosphere?
Instant fog in the form of condensation on the lenses. ARGH!

I’m a believer that you should wear the same thing every time you shoot BUT the body warmer and my beanie was a necessity tonight.
Problem was the extra thickness threw my cheek weld out. Making excuses?
Not really because I was still holding a 1/2 inch group at 50 meters. It just added to the list of “tonight’s little annoyances.”

Then, just as I managed to filter the noise out, they all decided to change targets. So, as per the rules, I had to ground weapons and wait. Best bit about it? The two kids were cold and had lost interest, so they all packed up and left.

Oh goodie, just me, the rifle, and a cold deserted range.
Only one guy came back in just as I was about to shoot (against the safety rules) without a mask (safety rules strike two), no ear defenders (strike THREE) and wanted me to cease fire while he put his new target up.

So I let him play, finished my string, packed up, waited till he had finished, collected my target, and walked out. Only just as I exited, he fired a shot. (Strike FOUR). So I didn’t stop for my usual cup of tea, said my goodbyes and left, simmering nicely.

Out into rain and mist and another 30-minute drive.

And here I am, warm, hydrated, tired but still a bit wound up, and wondering if I could put a tent up in my garden tomorrow and practice out there as opposed to being pratted around.

Shooting note.
The temperature and humidity was just right tonight and I got a really clear view of the pellets travelling through the air in the form of a vapor trail.
Although my groups were good, the POI had moved and the precession (visible spiral through the air) was different from usual.

Then it dawned on me. For ages, I haven’t been using my moderator but tonight I put it back on. All moderators act a little like an air stripper so the pellets leave the muzzle more smoothly. Smooth equals a different trajectory.

And that concludes my range report.

Except for a note about my very old HW35K springer.
I had noted after its last use that the sear wasn’t always catching.
That turned out to be silicon dry spray on the release bar in the trigger group.
So, yet again, it ended up in pieces, cleaned with acetone, and once again, the old girl is working well. It has however made me question further use of the silicon spray. It’s a good idea only nowhere near the trigger group.

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