Too Much Gun, or a prelude to war?

Pentagon deploys nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to the Middle East… to deter ‘potential attack by Iran-backed militias’? (Various)This is nothing about militias.
It’s all about moving heavy stuff into place prior to another “We’re saving the world against someone we don’t particularly like”, failure.

Only this time they will be taking on more than they can handle as some will probably see this as a focused attack on Muslims and Islam. Especially if Israel joins in with the US.

As a result, every swinging dick with a beef against America (and Israel) will be queuing up to support ‘victimized Iran’. Potentially that’s over a Billion Muslims and includes their close friends Syria, Russia (by default), and the UAE once they realize that after Iran, the US will turn their attention on them.

Plus there is always the danger of Turkey joining in.
That’ll up the ante a bit, them being a member of NATO.

Historically the talk has always been the Middle East would see the start point of WW3. There again does that matter to the politically inept and the West in general?

5 thoughts on “Too Much Gun, or a prelude to war?”

  1. Trump was the first President in a long time to not *start a new* war, so I don’t see any reason for him suddenly go out with a bang. If he did have to respond to another country’s attack, I highly doubt (at all) that he would stay President past his term.

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  2. Thing is, it’s the US rattling and as I mused (and never got an answer from anyone) if Trump does decide to exit with a bang, I can think of no worse way than walking out leaving you at war with something that could eat up the whole of the Middle East AND sprout a few mushrooms.

    To that end the question was, if you are at war BIG TIME, does Trump have a means to stay in power until it’s resolved?

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  3. I’ve heard this saber-rattling from countries over the past year and nothing, once again, has come of it. Doesn’t mean it’s the same this time, sure, but it’s so far over my pay grade, I can’t be concerned. We prep as much as we can, after that? Not up to me.

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  4. Both scary for me as I can see Iran enraged into doing something REALLY stupid (aka Boom), and SA in play until they find themselves taking fire, and losing production, while their ‘friends’ sit idly by working out who gets the contract for the rebuild.

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  5. Exactly. We have more than enough in theater, to smack down any of the Iranian-backed Militia’s who may strike against us [and cross the ‘red line’ of causing U.S. casualties].

    Flying the Buffs is a poke in the eye to Iran, and a ball-tickle to Saudi Arabia.

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