Only the elderly are at risk.

Two ‘healthy’ teens, 13 and 19, die of Corvid-19 in London.
Nuff said?

As a side note to all that, just down the road, some 300m, are two Londoners who stayed with a relative until they died in a care home. Nothing unusual about that is there?

It was only AFTERWARDS that they were told the relative had Corvid-19.

Can you imagine what that knowledge did for me, let alone the wife?

Fk’ing London.
Our capital city and apparently a center of excellence.
At spreading Corvid-19.

Sooner Rather Than
Later Please!

Seen death but this is different.

At last the fools are quietly slinking away back under their stones in the UK as the toll rises from the pandemic and the tears flow freely for the 1789 deaths so far.

It’s all ages now, both sexes, the fit and the infirm.
Status and wealth means nothing anymore.
Sports hero, royalty, the rich, or poor, it doesn’t matter.
Some from everywhere will fall.

Not much bravado now is there!
Or is there still some among the ignorant?
Them who know not how to think until the media TELL THEM what to think.
To them we have to add the politicians who self serve and squabble over nothing for power? Or is it just big business who feels invulnerable when the smell of profit is in the air?

Acceptable losses to get business going again?
1000 to 2000 thought a media article.
By tomorrow I guess the 2000 would have been surpassed but hey, who cares.
Not business that’s for sure and money talks while tears are cheap.

Business will make out of the tears of the many. It always does.
This costs that and sure we can provide whatever you want, just sign here!
We want a cure!
“No, no, no” whispers business to itself.
“The tears of many make more profit if there is no cure”.
Still if government pay us we’ll ‘try’.
No guarantees though.

Evil personified is wealth, power, and the greed of man.

I read once of a US Marine who called it right and I’ve always wondered if he was thinking politicians, despots, big business, or everything, when he said:

“…and the sad truth is that 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.”

Only that needs to happen everywhere.
If only to focus the minds of big business to miraculously find a cure.
Not forgetting the focus it will enhance in the politicians.
Them who will sign off the approvals and organize the distribution to everyone in super fast time.

Methinks the Marine will need help as business, greed, and wealth know no limits.
So where do I sign up?
My motives are clear. This I would do to protect my own.
Come to think about it, would you sign up to end this bickering, power trip, or greed that puts profit before tears? After all, some of those tears might be yours.

Or is that too abhorrent to some.
Those who want a cure, demand a cure, but will not sully their soft hands and weak minds by actually doing something to speed things up.

Sweeping up the spares.

Or wishing I could.
Rather foolishly I thought I could walk into town and get the few items not in stock last night.


As said, the town has largely shut down so I was limited to:
One wholesaler, in name only and, to the locals delight, barring auslanders.
Two supermarkets
One freezer goods shop
A butcher, which I didn’t need but it’s nice to know it is open.
A bakery, as above, same niceness.
And 5 other ‘7-11’ type tiny shops.

As for them?
No bread, only one had fresh milk, and all had an assortment of food stuff I wouldn’t feed to the dog. So I guess, after raping the supermarket last night, the masses started on the little guys.

End result?
One loaf of plum bread. Just because it’s lovely.
SWMBO’s Sudoku Book, a box of jellies for her Easter Gift, a surprise was toilet cleaner (yes I’m sad like that), and that’s about it.

As for the population?
Social distancing wasn’t needed outside as I reckon I only saw a dozen people tops!
Where I went into was also foot light, cars were few, local, and mainly parked up.

What was missing was the tumbleweed rolling down the largely deserted streets although the discarded crisp packets were trying their best to look intimidating.

If this goes on for another six months I’m thinking the town will DIE!

Being an avid ‘watcher’ there was a resigned and physical ‘sag’ in many that wasn’t nice to see. Tired, head thus eyes down, arms not swinging, plod like walk, and even couples weren’t talking.

Singles were wanly smiling at each other in the hope of an interaction, but there was little of that.

There was however a funny in Supermarket 1.
A feral, female of the species ‘brainless and entitled’ lost it over having to queue, behind a lengthy line of three.
So she pushed her way to the front of the line and was told off in no uncertain way, publicly, by the store manager, she would have to return to the end of the queue and wait her turn.

So she tried to fight her way to the back again only to be stopped and told that she would have to follow the customer routing stickers on the floor as she was endangering others.

“You can shove it” says she, plus a few more swear words that would have made a sailor blush. The basket was dropped on the floor and she stormed out.

With the obviously tired manager saying to her back
“Nice to see you today, but DON’T come back”.
Who ever said tiredness blunts humor?
Still it got her a ripple of applause.

The sound of politics.

Empty promises and too little, too late.

HEATHROW AIRPORT is set to be turned into a medical supply hub in the government’s wartime effort against coronavirus.
(Funny enough, Europe already has an air bridge setup)

MILLIONS of self-employed people left behind in the coronavirus crisis were handed a lifeline yesterday as Ministers promised “help is coming”.
(But don’t worry, it will back dated.)

We will cut business red tape to get vital supplies into NHS, says Business Secretary
(While front line staff are still using binbags as hazmat suits)

Boris Johnson promises 25,000 coronavirus tests a DAY to combat UK’s COVID-19 outbreak. (Only industry are still testing them).

Four statements.
What have they in common?
They are all promises yet to be fulfilled.

I could have filled a book with the list of ‘we will do’, let alone ‘following expert advice’, ‘whatever is necessary’, plus the two parrot like phrases that come out of their mouths automatically for every occasion, “We’re all in this together”, and “LESSONS WILL BE LEARNED” claptrap coming out of politician’s mouths so far about the pandemic sweeping the country.

Then there is the stalling, the blame game, the political fighting in parliament which will slow everything down, much like the Brexit process.

Only this time it’s people’s lives they are playing with.

Then there is policing.
On, more accurately, the OTT actions of police forces.

‘Your conduct will be remembered for generations’:
Senior counter-terror chief Neil Basu warns police against ‘overzealous’ enforcing of coronavirus lockdown after peers slammed shaming of walkers with drones.

Well he got that right!
There again he is a ‘proper copper’ and not the low intelligence jerks that make up the large percentage of wooden tops (rank and file police officers).

And finally.
I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read the next bit.
Police will ‘ignore low-level crimes’ as pandemic causes officer shortage
(Yahoo news, Ross McGuinness).

Flash news Sherlock. They have been in that state for many years.
‘Petty crime ignored’ came up in the press a long time ago, as did poor conviction rates.

Only now there is:- A “graduated withdrawal of service plan” details how officers will be redeployed to critical activities such as 999 calls and serious crime if forces reach black status — the most severe level of interruption to ordinary services — in which they cannot deliver ordinary tasks. (The Times).
The Times quoted a senior source as saying: “If you get to black, the force basically can’t function. You will either have to call in the army or request aid from other police forces. It’s edge-of-the-cliff stuff.”

Seeing as though we are largely on our own now,
I wonder if they would mind terribly IF WE SORTED OUT OUR OWN PROBLEMS during the forecast ‘black level’ and just left the bodies for the trash men.

Shopping tonight. Not nice, Again.

So off we went, and on my request, SWMBO stayed in the car.
A sensible move as it turned out.
We arrived at the shop at 7.30 pm.
Oh Boy did I get that wrong as you will soon see.

There were signs everywhere, keep 2m apart.
“Take one not two”, except everywhere that was written the shelves were empty. What I thought they would have little of, they had loads, and the other way around.

When I walked in there were about a half a dozen other shoppers. So my first thought was “GREAT!”

Ten paces later I turned around and people were piling in and literally snatching anything and everything.

Was I happy about that? Take a wild guess.
No, don’t bother, no way in hell was I happy.
As for social distancing? Chuckle. You’re joking right?

I lost it a couple of times when someone tried to barge me out of the way. The first time I was polite, the second time they got a mouthful! That turned out to be the correct move as everyone gave me space after that.

Anyway out of a fair sized list of 39 different items I only missed out on Sultana’s, peanut butter, pasta quills and eggs. The first three were out of stock. As for eggs? The last thing I was going to do was pay £1.99 ($2.46 US) for 6 eggs.

Can anyone say “price gouging!”

Anyway I got out of there in one piece and the boss drove us home. 1 hour later, after washing everything but the veg in a weak bleach solution, it was all tucked away and, as a reward for being a good boy, the boss made me a mug of tea.

Then I sat down. Huge mistake.
One word, ARGH!
Cue the Dihydrocodeine.

Once again I got to see the animals from the neighboring larger town in their natural feral state and it ain’t pretty. Only I can see things getting worse as our towns stock resupply is governed by the big boys.

They get the good stuff while us rural and tiny town people always end up with the scraps. Yet distance doesn’t keep the big town animals away. When they can’t get what they want locally, they pile into our shops and strip everything with the efficiency of a plague of locusts.

So much for the UK Gov saying they will make sure everyone gets what they need.

Like everything a politician promises.
It always turns out to be nothing more than hot air and glitzy sound bites.

So, what’s next?
The local wholesaler tomorrow.
Cash only, and you’ve got to time it just right.

Meanwhile, it’s time to:-

The Nation’s “favorite” newspaper asked.

After an opinion piece that seems to want business to restart ignoring the ‘incidental loss’ of one to two thousand then asked:-

This is truly a snapshot of the UK’s mindset.
The readership numbers for this media for Jan this year? 1,250,634 (Wiki)
So, the Sheeple who don’t care (59.5%) equates to 744,000 plus loose change.
If I include the fence sitters who cannot or won’t think (12.3%), add 91500.

That’s 835,000 in total.

Incidentally, 1228 lives have been lost in the UK and 35,000 in the world, when I scribbled this.

Please Lord save us from the minority who know not how to think unless the media TELL THEM what to think.

Need your help.

I’m trying to watch a wide range of countries coverage on this bug.

Only I’m running into a lot of wasted time because of ADVERTS! i.e. The news is getting in the way of the adverts all the time! (And no that’s not the wrong way around)

I’ve given up on the BBC as their coverage is often just the government’s B.S. with file pictures.

That and after you watch the BBC early news, little if anything happens of the rest of the day. So if you catch the 06h news and you’ve just about got all you’re going to get throughout the day.

Except that’s the same for most of the streaming news services including Sky, anything American, and some of Europe’s reporting.

Tiring? You think! As is watching their ‘repeats’ the whole time.

BUT using local media, the little guys, they still are telling it how it actually is.

So. Canada, America, forget the UK, and European countries. Can you help with links?

Um- in English please as my french is passable, German sort of, Russian? I can swear well in it but general chitchat goes WAY above me.
Dutch / Afrikaans? Yep, swearing figures a lot there too.

Thanks. And don’t forget! Stay Safe