Red List India (and PM Johnson)

Boris Johnson has been urged to act after an Indian COVID variant with potentially worrying mutations was found in the UK.

There are fears the variant, which features two mutations, could evade current vaccines, as well as immunity gained from previous infection.

Scientists said the appearance of the “double mutant” strain was a “disaster” and branded the prime minister “crazy” for still considering a trade trip to India later this month.

Experts (and the likes of me)  have questioned why India has not yet been added to the red list of countries given the concern over the strain.

120,000 cases a day, a variant that could nullify the effectiveness of all the vaccines, and our Muppet in Chief  won’t red list India.

Money before lives again Boris?


US Drone attacks on the UK?

Biden making a speech dropped this snippet into play and quite frankly it’s worrying on all sorts of levels.

(Mainly because I don’t trust him as far as I can spit).

Biden saying, “At my direction, my team is refining our national strategy to monitor and disrupt significant terrorist threats not only in Afghanistan, but anywhere they may arise – and they’re in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and elsewhere.”

This global statement seems to be hinting that wherever ‘terrorism’ is present (in the eyes of the US Gov), the US military may / will (delete as appropriate) act against it.

Would that be with or without a country’s permission, and at what level would the US Gov engage in independent action against those areas?

I only ask because the US does seem to invade countries at will nowadays. Usually without an invitation from the sitting government.

Looking at our Untied (not a typo) Kingdom.
The UK claims to be a multicultural and religiously tolerant country.
In truth it is hopelessly split, culturally and religiously, with area’s known to be  ‘hot spots’ for the the radicalization of Muslim Youth. Not forgetting the ‘anti-establishment, anti-everything’ centers of radicalization called universities.

The UK Gov does little to stop ‘the recruiters for a cause’, or to shut down those hot spots. Mainly because of their political ideologies which include their fear of confronting any problem that might generate bad press.

So, will we see drone strikes on them?
Purely In the interests of world peace.

In case you are wondering why I’m talking about drone strikes.
I may be on shaky ground here BUT I think invading our country to ‘protect us from terrorism’ might be seen as a step too far. Not that we could stop the US Mil from doing so.

Anyway, what better way is there than generating a ‘domestic gas’ leak and explosion (courtesy of intelligent munitions) to solve a burgeoning terrorism problem (and not leave a trace of how it happened).

Fanciful thinking?
Consider the seed for these thoughts.
Joe Biden, and his comment, “I spoke yesterday with President Bush to inform him of my decision.”

That’s TWICE he’s forgotten he is the current POTUS.

Water Revisited.

I have deleted my thoughts on  Basic Water. (6 Jan 2018)
In it I got a few things wrong and this posts aim is to correct them.

The main errors were in sourcing water taking into account scenarios you may be experiencing.

The main worries are (1) Chemicals be they from:-

  • Military or terrorist chemical weapon
  • Illegal processing or dumping of liquid waste into a water course.
  • Farming run off
  • An industrial accidental or a ‘bad practice’ release.
    This could include fires and the products of those fires i.e. asbestos dust.
  • Natural contaminates which could include:-
    Unprocessed oils which could be produced from rotting vegetation or from natural reservoirs.
    Gases like Hydrogen Sulphide, Ammonia, Co2 gas.
    Elevated levels of Minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, and Arsenic (especially in private water supplies and wells).
    Not forgetting Lead, which is NOT a mineral it is a poisonous element.
  • Acid rain. Caused by emissions of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, which react with the water molecules in the atmosphere to produce acids.

(2) Biological:-

  • Pathogenic micro-organisms (Giardia, Cryptosporidiosis, aka crypto)
  • Bacterial diseases like Cholera, Dysentry, leptospirosis (Weils Disease)
  • Viruses like Norovirus and Hepatitis
  • Biotoxins, mainly from algae.
    In particular the blue/green algae that is widespread in the UK.

(3) Radiological

  • Dirty Bombs spreading powered nuclear material as particulates that can be carried within water but NOT dissolved in the water.

(4) Nuclear, and the products of a nuclear explosion

  • Radioactive particulates which emit Alpha, Beta, and Gamma radiation.
    Iodine 131 emits two kinds of radiation, Gamma and Beta.
    Cesium-137 dissolves easily in water and emits Beta and Gamma radiation.

Alpha particles can only travel a few inches and beta particles around 10 feet.  Alpha radiation can be stopped by a single piece of paper but the main danger is when the material is ingested, enters the body through cuts or the wet membranes of the eye, or inhaled. Beta radiation has penetrating capabilities. Heavy clothing, thick cardboard or thin aluminum plate will provide protection from beta radiation. Lead and plastic are also commonly used to shield beta radiation.

Gamma is high energy (harmful) highly penetrating radiation.
Your protection must include a full decontamination of you, and either distancing or thick, dense material shielding between you and the radiation.

The HUGE danger is if you leave radioactive material on your clothing or skin. That is why in ALL CASES OF RADIOACTIVE CONTAMINATION, you must wash it off you as fast as possible, including your hair (but don’t use a hair conditioner as the particles will bind to it) and discard any contaminated clothing.

Choice of water sources bearing in mind the CBRN detailed above.

Do not use:
Any uncovered source.
That includes sea water which is usually distilled to get rid if the salt.
Roadside and field drainage,
Dams and reservoirs.
Wells (unless sealed and ONLY if they have not been disturbed).
Caution, if it has rained after the event and before you have arrived, the source must be considered contaminated).
Water down stream from a town, industrial units, or a riverside community.
Any water source i
f there has been a CBRN event.
If any source emits a chemical or oily smell or foam deposits.
Any source that has a color or ‘hue’.
A lot of turbidity (suspended material within it).
Where no plants or water weed is growing.
Where there are no ‘small fry’ swimming.

It looks stagnant, thick, or has larva swimming in it.
Or mosquitoes “drinking” from it (aka egg laying).

If there are dead plants and animals in or near it.
Or there is loads of algae i.e. it looks green, brown, and feels ‘slimy’.
Any rainfall during or shortly after an ‘event’.
Central heating radiators or car coolant systems as both usually contain chemical additives

Which probably has you thinking,
“You’re kidding, right !?!”
Actually NO, I’m not.

Some will be thinking they have a portable water filter so are safe from any dangers. Nope. wrong again. You may be able to  filter out biological contamination’s or particulates, but chemicals within the water, including radio-logical material, cannot be easily filtered and that includes the process of distillation .

To that end, the experts use a combination of activated carbon, reverse osmosis, and ion exchange. HOWEVER,  the EPA states, “Reverse osmosis does not remove gaseous contaminants such as carbon dioxide and radon.” BUT, I have read that the additional filtering of activated charcoal ‘MAY’ solve that issue.

It’s that word ‘MAY’ that worried me as I live in a world of absolutes regarding survival i.e. it either does or doesn’t.
Yes or no, and maybe doesn’t come into it.

Paul’s choice of water sources.
Sealed containers aka bottled water, Hot water tanks (remembering to turn the SUPPLY OFF into the tank while you empty it. Toilet cisterns that do NOT have an overflow pipe venting into the outside air. Bathtubs that were carefully covered with an impermeable material BEFORE the event. Distilled beers. What? Although alcohol evaporates at a lower temperature than water boils, SEALED beers can be distilled to make a useful amount of safe water.

Is that it? Pretty much.

Finally, a few notes on water purification of NON CBRN contaminated water.

Then let it cool naturally.
This will kill bacterial, parasitic, and viral causes of diarrhoea.
Adding a pinch of salt to a liter will improve the taste.

Reverse osmosis filters guard against cysts like Crypto and Giardia.
Fine ceramic filters whose ABSOLUTE FILTER SIZE is less than ONE MICRON can filter out Crypto and Giardia.

Bleach and Iodine will kill most bacteria and viruses BUT NOT cysts like Crypto and Giardia.
The following information is for information purposes only:-

Bleach. (5%)
Useful life is only 6 months open or not.
Use plain non scented, non thickened, household Sodium hypochlorite bleach to the following Dilution.

8 Drops per 2 Liters of water and stand for 30 mins.
It must smell of Chlorine at the end of that time.

If it does not, repeat the dose and leave for a further 15 minutes.

If it does not, either the water is bad OR THE BLEACH HAS LOST IT’S POTENCY.

You have no choice now, start again from a different water source. Remember liquid bleach only has a life of 6 months whether you have used it or not. Solid bleach (Clorox) lasts longer.

Tincture or Topical solutions of Iodine (2.4% solution)
Note:- 20 drops = 1 ml
Use To the following Dilutions
5 drops to 1 Liter of warm clear water.
10 drops to 1 Liter of Cloudy water

Allow the water to stand for:
30 mins. if the water temperature is 25 Celsius
1 hour if the water temperature is 15 Celsius
2 hours if the water temperature is 5 Celsius
Add a soluble Vitamin C tablet to counter the taste AFTER the standing time.

Iodine is NOT recommended for pregnant women, people with thyroid problems, those with known hypersensitivity to iodine, or continuous use for more than a few weeks at a time.

Water purification tablets.
Don’t mess about, follow the instructions to the letter BUT be careful as water that is too cool or hot may not purify within the stated times.

Link to full Disclaimer:
I am not a qualified medic.
As this concerns the use of chemicals, you should check my data against another source before using it.
I shall not be held responsible if you don’t.
You should have checked!

The slops of the royal family.

The Duke of Sussex (just call me Harry, the spare, and a quitter) had faced the prospect of being the only senior male in the royal family wearing civvies after losing his honorary ranks. Which is right as he is supremely unimportant to the Armed Forces.

Then the disgraced (accused of under aged sex) Prince Andrew wanted to play by wearing an admiral’s uniform. Which upset the Navy BIG TIME.

So, our Queen banned all uniforms.

Somehow that isn’t sitting pretty with me.
Prince Philip was a respected Navy officer as well as being the Queens Consort. Due respect for HIS RANK, SERVICE, AND STATUS is called for.

Except all he will now get is due respect for his status as these two junior morons of the Royal Family have screwed up everything. One loser and a quitter, and a law dodger who is still desperately trying to dodge being hauled up in US courts for under age sex.

It’s true what they say.
That a funeral usually ends up with the families dross attending.
When they should stay under the stone they chose to live under.

A danger to the health of children

Alison Plaumer, from Extinction Rebellion, has led a petition for more plant-based meals to be served in schools and other venues. She told one council there is a “racist element” to serving dairy because she believes a large percentage of the BAME communities is lactose-intolerant. More than 240 people have backed the campaign so far.

Oh Lookie there.
240 people want their children taken away from them for their own safety.

Dairy food. Rich in calcium and other important minerals.
Cut that out and you could end up with a child suffering from rickets.

This is NOT just my opinion.
Our National Health Service saying:-

Rickets causes a child’s bones to become soft and weak, which can lead to bone deformities. The signs and symptoms of rickets can include:

  • pain – the bones affected by rickets can be sore and painful, so the child may be reluctant to walk or may tire easily; the child’s walk may look different (waddling)
  • skeletal deformities – thickening of the ankles, wrists and knees, bowed legs, soft skull bones and, rarely, bending of the spine
  • dental problems – including weak tooth enamel, delay in teeth coming through and increased risk of cavities
  • poor growth and development – if the skeleton doesn’t grow and develop properly, the child will be shorter than average
  • fragile bones – in severe cases, the bones become weaker and more prone to fractures

Lack of vitamin D and calcium

The most common cause of rickets is a lack of vitamin D or calcium in a child’s diet. Both are essential for children to develop strong and healthy bones.

Sources of vitamin D are:

  • sunlight – your skin produces vitamin D when it’s exposed to the sun, and we get most of our vitamin D this way
  • food – vitamin D is also found in some foods, such as oily fish, eggs and fortified breakfast cereals
  • dietary supplements
Calcium is commonly found in dairy products, such as milk, cheese and yoghurt, and green vegetables, such as broccoli and cabbage.

So, I think the easiest approach here is to label Extinction Rebellion as a RACIST, TERRORIST, and CHILD CRUELTY  Organisation.

After all attacking the health of children on the basis of race would seem adequate reason to do so.

The woke and snowflakes.
A danger to everyone.

Never to return?

All NATO troops will withdraw from Afghanistan before September 11 when Washington pulls its last soldier back. (various)

I suppose the question after that is what happens when the US military, and their big business interests,  cotton on that they’ve just gifted the country, with it’s ‘not yet pillaged’ natural  resources, to China.

Sanctions I suppose, on China and Afghanistan.
After all it’s not like US led NATO will go for a rematch seeing as though they got thoroughly thrashed by a third world country, AGAIN.

As for China? Dunno who said it but,
‘China looks 30 years ahead, Western politics only until their next election’.

This is a common theme in Chinese/Asian business and political thinking.

They also have a completely different approach to problem solving.
The Chinese/Asian mind fixes the problem and changes things to prevent it happening again.

The Western model looks first at who to blame, talks a lot about “lessons will be learned”, then carries on mucking things up in the same old way they have always done things.

And finally.
In evolution it’s the strongest that win a fight but it’s the most adaptable that live the longest. Looking at the last two paragraphs, who do you think my money is on to take over the world? Probably without firing a shot.

The Actress Speaks (via her ‘friends’).

Two of our tabloid Newspapers have reported.

Markle stayed back in Montecito, California, while Prince Harry flew to London because she ‘doesn’t want to be the center of attention’ at Prince Philip’s funeral, her friends claim.

Despite the pregnant Duchess declining to return to London with Harry to join his family in mourning for the late Duke of Edinburgh, friends say she and Prince Philip ‘had a special bond and she adored him.’ (DailyMail)

MEGHAN MARKLE is “willing to forgive” the Royal Family in a bid to move forward after the death of Prince Philip, her friends have said. (Express)

And this echoed around the house from a very irate SWMBO

Actually, I could not have said it better.


UK defence bosses have announced [6] RAF jets are set to fly to eastern Europe [Romania] in a bid to patrol the air space surrounding the Black Sea. Along with the Typhoons, troops from the RAF’s No 1 Expeditionary Logistics Squadron and No 2 Mechanical Transport Squadron will leave UK bases this week.

Ho hum.
With probably the UK’s last six working jets deployed to Eastern Europe, that don’t mind their paintwork scratched, I suppose the Americans will make their move on the UK. Or, and closer to home, perhaps the Irish Air Force may invade our airspace followed by a ferry full of their Army into Liverpool.

Having said that, my money’s on the Liverpool football fans
Whoever takes them on.

Our ‘newer’ car which generated a storm!

No, it’s nothing special, well boxy, and a planet killer because it runs on diesel. The truth there is it’s CLEANER than a comparable petrol engine i.e. it generates less CO2.

Which will probably mean I’ll get some hate mail from that silly girl ‘Greta’.

Anyway, wanna see our new toy?

So where and why did the snow storm happen?

36 pages of emails were on our laptops when we arrived home.
41 if you include the errors in the documents that need to be re-sent to us.

There were Warranty and Policy documents, Insurance , Licensing, Taxation, Terms of sale, guarantees, Sales confirmation, Bill of sale, Confirmation of sale, Conformation of receipt of money, and a couple more I can’t remember as my mind went “Pop” after page 14.

This digital obsessed planet is doomed unless it drops the need for you to keep paper copies of emailed documents for evermore .

Worse bit about it all?
I mean AT ALL!

Thank Gawd I’ve got a SWMBO.
Who’s filing system for junk mail
Surpasses my best efforts!

Problem two is the car is loaded with digital EVERYTHING.
The manual is ‘slimline’, about an inch thick.
And, at first glance, written in something other than English.
Gobbledygook probably and not a lot makes sense to us.

So, we’ve decided to take the easy way out.
We’ll borrow  an eight-year-old from one of our neighbors to program all the fancy bits.

Nuclear Armageddon and, duly prepared, what could go wrong?

Just about everything I reckon.
I did an evaluation based around possible targets of interest to a foreign power a while ago. I was specifically looking at what would be ‘attractive enough’ to get added to their targeting list. I came up with two huge airbases and two cities within a 50 mile radius of us. Then FOUR large army bases within a hundred miles, all four of them  could be of significance as you’ll soon read.

This starts off terrible, gets worse,
but may have a happy ending.

What happened was I misread the figures and got my conversions wrong.
Does it make a difference? HELL YES!

A 1 Megaton device, ground burst, on any of them and a prevailing wind of 15 mph over us will (according to Nukemap and a surface detonation) plonk 1000 rads / hour on us or 10 Sieverts. In short, we could be well fried with that exposure and the whole question on whether or not to run for the nearby hotel and it’s beer cellar might be a waste of time.

There again, it all depends on how fast the wind blows! And this is where the distant targets come into it. At 30 miles an hour, we might actually end up with a double dose of a 1000 Rads separated by 3 hours. OR, at 15 MPH, just the one.  Still, without protection, it’s Bye, Bye from us, nice knowing you, we’re going to a happier place (hopefully quickly).

So, let’s talk protection factors.
We live in a brick veneered and high density concrete block single story house. Our protection factor, in the middle of the house is 3. Which means?
Whatever is pouring on top of us, it’s ‘force’ or ‘power’ is reduced by 3
1000 Rads/Hour 10 Sieverts now becomes 333 rads per hour, 3.3 Sieverts.

Which means we’ll get acute radiation sickness but ‘MAY’ not die.
Note the word ‘MAY’.
Got to love the ex-spurts for hedging their bets.

Hows about that cellar?
In an old abandoned three story brick hotel.
Protection factor 98.
Yeah, way to go or what!
1000 Rads drops to a tad above 10.
Now that I like.

So, back to plan A (or was it Z) and to prep for a 14 day holiday in someone’s beer cellar. Thus we will be going in ARMED. With 60 liters of water, cold eatable food, candles, radio, our pup tent, bedding, and the usual’s of bugging out plus lots of changes of clothing, black bags, 144 toilet rolls, the means to wash ourselves, and our three first aid kits plus meds. MEMO, add zip locks, 24 inch by 6mm.

Hell this list is growing FAST.

How much time will we have to carry out the full transit?
I reckon 30 minutes after the first popper goes off.
However, being out in the open for all that time without 1 million factor sun screen is slightly worrying. That and once in, decontaminating us quickly before we get cold. After all it’s been many many years since I had a wash down in beer.

The spare returns? Why??

Prince Harry is hoping to arrive back in the UK as early as today after he scrambled to arrange a flight as soon as he was informed of the death of his grandfather.

I have no good thoughts about this drip and his falseness.
The backstabber coming to pay respects to someone WHO LIVED DUTY seems obscene to me.

The insipid  spare who gave up his duty and his country.
He who attacked the royal family from afar.
Just to please his wife.

However there was a tiny bit of good news.
The has-been Z list starlet won’t be there to ramp up the anguish.
Although I’m wondering if she will drop her baby on funeral day in an attempt to ‘outshine’ the funeral.

As for the spare? He should have listened.
‘One steps out with actresses, one doesn’t marry them’.

When you can’t run, hide, or are armed, what can you do?

Give in? Not in my nature.
Save those that you can at the expense of your life?
Very noble but not me, outside of my own.
Is that it? Pretty much.

There is another choice.
Take the person who is trying to kill you.

Why? Good question.
For me I would have nothing to lose by trying.
I win, he loses.
He wins, he might of anyway if left to his own devices.

So what can you do seeing as though you’ve no weapons?
It’s VERY RARE there is nothing laying around you can use to defend yourself and others. As for others, you need to see them as an asset NOT a burden as there is strength in numbers.

So what if you are facing a shooter?
Remember, you can’t run or hide and supposedly you aren’t armed.

Question, is distance king in this scenario?
You facing a shooter, with no weapons, aside from what you can knock up if given  a chance.  You should consider fleeing and taking your chances, attacking relentlessly or, and possibly the worse choice. Putting up your hands and surrendering to them.

However, in an active shooter scenario, their mission is to kill, not make friends.

Still, let’s assume they want you as a hostage. In every common hostage scenario, the hostage taker will always use force and threats to gain your compliance. Don’t panic, do what you are told.

The aggression will probably only last for the first few minutes until you have been subdued to their satisfaction. Watch everything, note everything, and look out for any chance to slip ‘the net’ OR TAKE OUT THE HOSTAGE TAKER.

So, things have sort of settled down.
First thing, identify what you are facing.
Is this a fanatic or terrorism, crime, or a mad person.

In order of danger,

Fanatic and Terrorism go hand in hand.
First point to remember is they will hide behind their fanaticism.
If that is religious, all comments they make will revolve around their religion. If it is an ideology or politics, the same will occur.

They nearly always depersonalize their targets and refer to them in an abstract way. As such there is no him, her, or them. They certainly won’t use a person’s name, engage in eye contact, or make conversation.


Their general aim will be to make publicity and to make demands they expect fulfilled. If necessary they will make a show of force aka killing hostages. They will probably have some degree of training in control and how to supervise you.

Be aware that their end game may be to die a martyrs death taking you with them. If you do decide to take them on, this is an all or nothing scenario.

Terrorists operate in a paramilitary way.
There will be a hierarchy and there is a chance that only a couple of them will have full and detailed training in how to act. Either way, all trained or not, you must take them all out, or at least as many as you can to make an escape. SHOW NO MERCY as fanatics and terrorists will not show mercy to you.

Mad Person.
I’m not sure if there is a stereotypical type.
There are ‘indicators’ of possible risk but they aren’t foolproof.
They are however, the most unpredictable sort of hostage taker.

Flaky to start with, even if you manage to build up trust and friendship, they will be operating in an unstable or volatile state.
Worse case, they may be psychopathic or, even worse, a predatory psychopath. Simply put, a predator is the one that does not feel any empathy and killing is just an ordinary thing for him and he does not feel guilt. Worse bit about it is some are also highly intelligent and very situationally aware.

Within this group I will include junkies.

However, someone who has just flipped, or on a trip, is unlikely to have been trained on how to restrain or control you.
Thus they may have weaknesses in the way they do things.
Weaknesses you can exploit.

You may be held for ransom, or as a means to negotiate an escape. If this is the case, it is in their interests to keep you alive.

However, keep in mind that the more desperate the hostage maker gets, or if they are ruthless, or if you have seen their faces, once they get what they want, there is a danger they may eliminate you.

It is unlikely they will have in depth hostage taking training BUT if it is a group that has taken you, someone there will have a greater degree of training. If you need to target just one person, that leadership will be the one to aim for. Only be cautious. Sometimes the leadership will appoint an underling as their mouthpiece. SO MAKE SURE you pick the right person.

You and the control you are under.
Best case scenario is you are NOT restrained i.e. rope, plasti-cuffs or the like. If you are, you need to slip those restraints covertly or, keep nagging the hostage takers to let you go to the toilet and ask that your restraints are undone (or do they want to wipe your butt). After a while, without trouble, they may get slack about rebinding, or bother binding you at all. Only that level of ‘trust’ takes time to engender, and if time is not on your side, SLIP THOSE CUFFS.

If you need medicines, ask for them. If you have a medical condition tell them. They may decide to let you go as being too much work to keep you there. If you need food, water, blankets, whatever, ask politely for what you need. If their cooking is bad, offer to do it for them.

If they keep addressing you by saying “YOU!”, keep telling them your name.
As soon as they use it, ask for theirs as it’s only polite to address another by their name. You need to get them to see you as a person, a human being..

HOWEVER, don’t set yourself up as a spokesperson. They MUST SEE YOU AS A PERSON,  an individual, and not leadership.

Finally. If you have no option, you may have to attack. Distance is definitely not an advantage if they are many. YOU NEED TO SWAMP THEM in order to discourage them ‘picking you off’ and taking out their own.

This is not just a man thing, woman must attack as well. It takes DEEP TRAINING OR HARD LIFE CONDITIONING to ignore gender. Use that knowledge.

There is a danger of them putting a gun to another hostage and telling you to stand down or else. DON’T.

If you are armed shoot.
You may have to sacrifice one to save many.
Remember, survival is a selfish act.
You first, yours second, and everyone else comes a poor third.

Beyond that, only you can decide what to do BUT once you are disarmed, they may punish you by shooting the other person and then you to discourage further trouble.

Now all of this may sound a bit ‘pact’ and I’m pretty sure some experienced operators in hostage scenarios will do things differently. However, this is what I was taught by others.

The real reason for the Ukraine Crisis revealed

Completing Nord Stream 2 will cost Kiev billions of dollars by ending Russia’s reliance on Ukraine for transporting gas, and therefore must be stopped, according to Aleksey Reznikov, the country’s deputy prime minister.  RT Apr 9, 2021 13:23

Now everything becomes clear.
This is nothing to do with Russian “aggression”, but an excuse by the West and other actors in Europe and the US to shut down the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

“The Nord Stream-2 project that is currently under preparation can pose certain risks for energy security in the region of central and eastern Europe,” the letter, dated March 7, says. (Reuters)

The ‘certain risks’ is Ukraine would lose out on a source of income. What better way to prevent that than getting NATO to stop construction. Only there is another ‘consideration’ aka actor.

In a document called ‘fact sheet’ on the US opposition to Nord Stream 2, the [US] State Department demands that all related parties “immediately cease construction-related activity” in a “good-faith wind-down,” adding that those who lack this good faith would face sanctions.

This one is really simple. The US sell tankers of gas and oil to Europe.
With Nord Stream 2 up and running, the US lose out.

Which brings about an interesting conflict for Europe.
Germany WANTS the pipeline as another source of gas supply.
After all the Russians  did turn the gas taps off after Ukraine didn’t pay their bills and that did affect supplies to Germany.

Problem is, Germany is a NATO member.

So who will fight if push comes to shove?
With Germany, still the power house of Europe, thinking about their economic security. Why would they wreck their future?
There will also be countries that would benefit from NS2.

No, all this fuss, and increased danger to the world, would seem to be is about money for Ukraine and the US.

Problem is the absurdity that is called NATO.
Something that lost it’s relevance when the evil USSR collapsed.

They, collectively, are just too stupid to understand that they have turned into pawns to support BIG BUSINESS, and most of those business interests are something to do with the US.

Just think, if WW3 starts, history (as written by the West) will list it as NATO (aka US) fighting off Russian aggression. While the East will list it as the West’s military acting as heavies to support the US Dollar.

Tensions on the border increase.

The Ukraine, and isn’t the reality bad enough without the tabloid press and politics winding up the masses with talk of war.

So, who is the main danger.
Why not Russia? Because they aren’t stupid!

As for the Ukrainian President? I reckon he’s loving all this attention because he thinks NATO will back him up (and save his neck) against the whole of the Russia Army.

So, what to do when two protagonists are sat snarling at each other but are unwilling to start anything?

Someone will engineer an incident, a trigger.
A navigational error, an accidental discharge, an incursion that wasn’t. There are so many ways of making something happen.

Then all you need is a rabid media, equally stupid politics, and TEOTWAWKI could ensue.

We normally live within Yellow but today, as the paranoia and false outrage builds, I’m thinking Hard Orange, and measuring up for construction materials will gain pace.

UK RAF Top Brass Delusional? Probably.

THE WAR against ISIS in Iraq is “winnable”, RAF chiefs revealed yesterday, as British typhoons destroyed fortified terrorist strongholds where fighters hid and stored explosives and ammunition.

Drop a few bombs, kill a few terrorists, job done?
Same horse shit we’ve heard before yet ISIS keep coming back.
Why is that?

Could it be that the higher you get in rank the less you bother to understand the enemy? Or is it that they believe the Intel they are fed by agencies who also don’t understand the enemy or have a hidden agenda?

For that I cite:-

  • The ongoing fiasco that was a war won by the US in Iraq.
    Following iffy Intel, plus Bush and Blair.
    Incidentally. Who is looking after that oil today?
  • Libya. Now a failed state.
    Same question. Who ended up with the oil?
  • Couple that with Afghanistan.
    Was there oil?
    Of was it all about a Middle East Tour that ignored history so ended up repeated the errors of others?
    And who ended up with NOTHING.
  • Syria. Ah, Syria.
    Didn’t NATO win there as well?
    Somehow I think not.

It’s boots on the ground that wins wars with the Air Force and Navy playing bit parts in support where appropriate.

Much as I loath staff officers, I console myself with the thought that they generally only spout the shit they are fed. Be that inaccurate, political, or provided as a means to suit someone else’s agenda.

Thank Gawd for Senior NCO’s!
The good one’s working flat out at protecting the grunts from the whimsies of higher command.

An extension to Prepare for WW3

Post Link (Prepare for WW3)

I was talking to SWMBO about attack indicators for conflicts and how I would be monitoring the ramblings or our chief Muppet PM Johnson in case he started digging us into the mire.

And this caught my notice today.
In a tweet, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked Mr Johnson for his support against a “serious challenge to the security of NATO members” and said his nation was “not alone” and was “supported by the G7 nations”.

It took nanoseconds for the Russians to reply.
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned Ukraine that cosying up to NATO “will only worsen the situation.”

Yep I agree, and while the Russians are sat on their side of the border I’m not too worried.

EXCEPT, if NATO do decide to play, they might just be temped to take a high explosive dump on those “massed troops”. After that, I reckon it’s going to be more a matter of grasp ankles and kiss our butts goodbye.

To that end, The Pentagon says US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin spoke with his Ukrainian counterpart Andrew Taran on April 1 and “condemned the recent escalation of Russia’s aggressive and provocative actions in eastern Ukraine.”

Tell me, did I get it right that the US turned their back on the Ukraine years ago after the signing of the Minsk II Accords?
Something they (and the UK) weren’t allowed to participate in.

But, there is more to this mess than meets the eye and a newspaper noted this. When Mr Zelensky visited the UK in October 2020 a “Memorandum of Intent” was signed with the Ministry of Defence to secure a £1.25billion 10-year loan – with the UK agreeing to supply military equipment as part of that. (Ex)

To that end, a joint Ukrainian-British project is to build small warships for/with them. The first two ships being constructed in the UK. The remaining six vessels topped off in Ukraine.

While it’s not exactly a declaration of active support, supplying them with ‘military equipment ‘ does raise the ante a bit. Although that thought needs to be moderated by the fact that the UK is high in the league table of arms dealers to the ‘sometimes questionable’.

Anyway, all this kissing butt by our chief Muppet Johnson is raising the ‘Russian’ threat level towards us as the UK clearly supports the Ukraine.

I always think that all Intel in a burgeoning crisis is worth a mention.

Money Before Lives at UKGov level?

This post is about COVID drugs.
I am not a medical professional so if you decide this is of interest, run it past your doctor before doing something daft like trying it without medical supervision. (Note)

Stromectol aka ivermectin and vitamin D.
Both are generating a following around the world as an effective treatment for when you contract COVID.

Cheap as chips are both items.
So, not exactly what the drugs companies want to push.
You’ve also got to be thinking why the UK Gov aren’t pushing it.

Profit may be the motive with drug companies but as for government spending loads of money on vaccines as opposed to rolling this drug ivermectin and common vitamin D out nationally to pharmacies AT COST?

I would say they are stupid for not doing so BUT the danger is it’s not stupidity at all when the question is asked, how much of a kickback do our Lords and Masters get from drug companies for keeping a cheap treatment out of the hospitals?

After all a couple of high ranking politicians have been discovered as having ties to companies supplying PPE, so them getting into the money maker that is drug therapies? That has got to be a natural extension of their greed.

There again, is ivermectin already in use?
And there things got fuzzy.
A quick glance on COVID drug therapy’s didn’t find ivermectin listed anywhere.  Expanding the search, it was only listed as a topical cream for scabies and rosacea.

Although that was using ‘the official  channels’ aka NICE.
The problem is it takes Government agencies AGES to write things and publish guidelines let alone GRANT APPROVAL for a drug outside of it’s usual usage.

Good news is I can get some ivermechtin tabs from the Internet!
Which let’s the pet shop off the hook.

The bad news is it’s going to really screw up the anti coagulants I’m on.
So, before I’ll take it, it’s a trip to the doctors.
(And I really, REALLY,  hate white coats!)

Prepare for WW3

Our idiot corporal (Whoops) Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is talking us into a war with Russia as he phoned Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky and “reaffirmed his unwavering support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Meanwhile, the Ukraine wants to join NATO , and the NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg said: “NATO is the only way to end the war in Donbass.” (Gawd, what an idiot!)

IMHO it’s going to end up as remake of the Balkans war.
Probably with NATO arriving fashionably late (again).
And the UN peace keepers as useless as ever.

Oi, Johnson! Butt out! It’s not our war!

Dawns Early Light

As one of many who lived staring into the night. There was something strangely peaceful in those early hours before the world awoke enough to start another firefight.

Softly does the day break
From the noises of the night

Gentle dawn adds color
To the grayness of the night

Tired eyes ease their vigil
From staring at the night

Muscles start relaxing
From the tenseness of the night

As thoughts of home take over
From the dangers of the night

Yet, in that moment of peace, a tired smile to the dawn and the thoughts of home, came the automatic ritual of drying the rifle and re-seating the magazine.


Big Business Money is having a bitch.

John Holland-Kaye, the boss of Heathrow airport, said: “There is a genuine risk that the government is too cautious and we don’t see any material travel until after summer, and that of course would be too late for many of those UK travel companies which rely upon the summer holiday. It is the only time they make money.” (Guardian)

Of course letting every infected swinging dick through his airport, while failing to maintain social distancing, and adding to the number of COVID variants in the UK is nothing to do with him, or his end of year profits.

Isn’t that right Oh Mighty Muppet?