New Zealand suspends flight into country

New Zealand’s national carrier Air New Zealand says the hold will last for three weeks while the government tries to find enough quarantined hotel rooms for people returning home.

Sensible approach I’m thinking and why NZ has things under control.

Unlike my U.K. that lets anyone in or transit through the country.
Only putting people entering the country into quarantine in their homes under a ‘trust basis’ as opposed by actively enforcing it by law.

Still I reckon it might put us at the top of some world league table.
As the number one for onward transmission of the Coronavirus.

WHO, fashionably late, as usual.

The UK could be left facing major outbreaks of the Covid-19 coronavirus in the coming weeks if social distancing rules are ignored . . . .

Dr David Nabarro, a World Health Organisation Covid-19 special envoy for Europe, has warned such scenes might trigger new infections and deaths in the country as well as large scale outbreaks. (IND)

Thank you for stating the obvious, AFTER THE EVENT!

So Independence day UK didn’t count as a mass breakdown of social distancing? News is already out that some pubs have closed AGAIN as Covid19 infected were found to had used their establishments.

It’s should be pretty obvious to the world by now
That the UK Gov don’t give a

About the dangers of a second wave.

Only getting people back to work, using the shops, bars, pubs, and everything else that will bring in tax revenue to the government.

No matter what the price is in lives.

BLM? It looks like some of them are Dumber Than Dirt.

The famous FICTIONAL detective Sherlock Holmes has been denounced as a racist in the wake of the Black lives Matter movement.

He was a fk’g character in a book you dicks!
He never drew breath as he didn’t exist.
He never died as he was never born.

So what’s next on their hate list?
Books of faith like the Bible, Qu’ran, Tipiṭaka, I Ching, or the Torah?
How’s about the US constitution?

How’s about you racists going after Disney!

After all Daffy Duck was black,
and portrayed as STUPID!

How out of touch are politicians with reality?

We’ve got a deluded PM Johnson hoping sheeple will act responsibly on UK’s Independence Day (Saturday 4 July) when the pubs and bars reopened after four months.

All except for Leicester that had been locked down.
Verbally locked down doesn’t mean physically contained despite the numerous warnings of being fined for those who transgressed.

So, surprise, surprise (not)!
Leicesters finest and most upstanding sheeple sneaked out of their locked down city to go drinking for the first time in 4 months.

It’s Saturday night, Independence Day, and the market town of Market Harborough (15 miles south of Leicester) was turned into chaos after it was invaded by hundreds of people from Leicester desperate for alcohol, and a night out.

That led to the usual result of too much alcohol. 

Then, on the Sunday, and really proving my point about the weakness of mind within the UK Gov, Health Secretary Hancock said (among other things), “Overall I am pleased with what happened yesterday.”

And so you should be.
100’s of thousands went out and blew social distancing right out of the arena. A large number got stinking drunk, fought, got hurt, and injured police. Not to mention those that ended up in hospital tying up NHS staff.

Hancock saying, “I am pleased? “

Yeah right. IMHO Mr. Teflon needs to be replaced for a politician with a brain. (If there is such a creature).

Academics. They really shouldn’t be allowed out.

A Professor Hugh Pennington, from the University of Aberdeen.
He thinks there will not be a second wave in infections from Covid-19.

“It doesn’t make logical sense that we should plan for this second wave”.

He also said, “No second waves of Covid-19 infections have occurred in China” (Kentonline)


Why is it that academics the whole world over always seem to be on psychotropic drugs.

Keep taking the pills, powders, or mushrooms Prof!
That way you might not need to answer for your opinions when the next surge (aka second wave) of infections occurs in the UK.

Something a few people are forecasting to start mid to late July after the free for all and abandonment of social distancing that made up a huge part of UK’s Independence Day.

But, just in case you are challenged Prof.
There are two sentences you need to learn.

“I have no recollection of saying that” and,
(When someone rams the newspaper under your nose as proof)
“My words were taken out of context”.

Anarchy comes in black.

Scores of armed black protesters marched through Stone Mountain Park in Georgia, calling for the removal of an infamous Confederate monument and warning “redneck” militias that “we’re in your house.”(RT)

I’m sick to death of all this and am wondering if America even exists anymore.

When I read the gun hoe talk of some the majority and weigh it against the sight of government officials, politicians, and even worse LEO’s, oath keepers, kowtowing to a minority whose sole mission in life is to destroy America.

Tell me, what is there to like?

Why don’t you shut this down!
Or does that oath, “To defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; and bear true faith and allegiance to the same” mean nothing anymore.

To do that you’ll need leadership who will fight to keep that oath.
Do you have that now, I mean AT ALL?

But this is not an exclusive American Problem.
I hang my head in shame (to hide my anger) at the pathetic inaction of our UK government, let alone local government officials, politicians, and law enforcement in dealing with the domestic terrorists that are currently destroying our history, culture, traditions, establishments, and religion.

The oath I took.
I swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, her heirs and successors and that I will as in duty bound honestly and faithfully defend Her Majesty, her heirs and successors in person, crown and dignity against all enemies and will observe and obey all orders of Her Majesty, her heirs and successors and of the (Generals, Air Officers, Admirals) and officers set over me.

Against all enemies.
Bit vague but to me it meant to protect my Queen and my country.

Yet I sit here quietly fuming at the B.S. that came across the pond from America into the UK in the form of BLM and other Anarchist minded locally spawned scum doing EXACTLY the same as what it happening in the US.

I watch our deluded sheeple running with that scum who would destroy everything and trying to justify what they are doing to MY COUNTRY.

Am I alone? At times it seems so.
It’s true that I speak to many who are appalled by what is going on BUT that’s as far as it will go.

Can a few men with heart make a difference. I’d love to try.
Can anyone with character stand up and rally  . . . . . . . . . . . .
Only there is the problem. Who can they rally?
We have no militia. No patriot army.
Nothing, zip, Nada, nought.

Besides, the system will protect the enemy.
It always does as it’s been set up to do just that.
All part of political correctness, multicultural and religious tolerance.

So we the people are disarmed, without voice, and without a government. Even if we wanted to protect our nation and had the wherewithal to do so,

Is it worth the effort?
To support a load of losers?

I think the US and UK are lost.
Years of kowtowing to criminals, immigrants and their spawn, and liberal values of limp wrists, weak minds, and communist political ideologies, has diluted the very values and strengths our once proud countries were built on.

Someone once asked me if I was proud to be British.
That was a long, long, time ago when I was serving.
Without hesitation I said “Of course”.

Now if I was to be asked the same today I’d give two answers.
I’m NOT British, I’m English, and
No, I’m not proud of my country because it is no more.

What planet does this guy live on again?

Health Secretary Hancock told Sky News:

“Largely, although there are some pictures to the contrary, people have acted responsibly. Overall I am pleased with what happened yesterday,” he added.

Oh my Giddy Aunt!
Thousands got drunk, there was no social distancing ANYWHERE in cities, there were fights, police got hurt, people got injured, and an unknown as yet number of people got infected.

Count 12 days on will be the 16th July.
So I’m expecting that week on to be ‘spike in numbers’ week.

Plus, wait for it, next week should see ‘hugging’ allowed.
After that the mind boggles what the lame brains in government will come up with.

As predicted, The sheeple went feral

The chairman of the Police Federation has warned yesterday’s pub reopening has proved it is “crystal clear” drunk people were unable to social distance adequately.

Commenting after so-called Super Saturday, featuring images from London’s Soho showed packed streets in the early hours of this morning,

Aw shucks.
There I was thinking that the UK’s sheeple would be such good little boys and girls. Just like the two stooges PM Johnson and Health Secretary Hancock though they would.

Like hell did I think they would be good.
It’s a fk’ing shambles, a dangerous one too, as many of our friends also predicted.

It will almost certainly kick start the second wave.

So, it’s July 5. 12 days on for incubation will be July 17th
Oh boy are we going to see a spike in the numbers on that day.

Who are you listening too?

It’s damn difficult to get the truth out of anywhere official nowadays. So people are looking more and more for the real deal, no frills, not politically correct, non-sanitized, facts about issues that are, or will,  affect them.

Problem is, who would be looking for the truth?
I tend to divide people up as:-

  • Sheeple aka the masses aka they who think what they have been told to think. (Best kept like mushrooms. In the dark and fed on B.S,)
  • The ‘couldn’t give a damn what goes on’, just as long as it doesn’t affect them. (Because of their status, business, and personal wealth).
  • Survivalists and preppers plus those who live rural or off grid.
    Who all need to know what, where, and how ‘whatever’ affects things thus enabling them to plan, prepare, and overcome issues that are generated.

One thing is certain, the UK’s mainstream media aren’t much cop at delivering the facts, or the truth. Which leaves the Alt. Media, other external sources, and an appreciation of what is going on behind the sanitized B.S. we as a nation were fed.

Thoughts about Intel.
There are a lot of sources of Intel out there. Only when you delve a bit, they are usually regurgitating someone else’s thoughts, with or without a ‘little edit’, to make it look like they were bright enough to see what is going on. Having said that, everyone reads someone else’s musings at some time, or watches the news, then repeats their interpretation of what was said, so you’ll never actually know what is truly good or bad news (Intel).

Happily I’m in the prepping group.
I’m also ‘fair to middling’ at picking out which of the wrong Intel is more right from the mainstream media and quite adept at using ‘other’ sources.

To what end and who did I use?
That all depends on what is going on. Recently that’s been the pandemic and domestic terrorism aka the UK Gov against the little people and the BLM against everything other than black.

Happily I picked up on the virus back in December.
Sources? WHO, RT, Al Jazeera and itinerant radio chatter (aka Freeband).
I would add RSOE EDIS but they since commercialized their once free monitoring. Scratch one off my bookmarks.

My immediate reaction?
We had discussions about what was about to happen.
End result was we stocked up on our personal meds, PPE and natural immunity boosts, Vitamin C & D, and zinc. Then went shopping, big time!

All Lives Matter. (Whoops, and how not PC is that!)
So, the kicker was a policeman too ignorant to understand that nothing happens today without someone catching it on a phone and slamming it on social media. Sources? US and UK news, Sky, and a host of other world media.

After that BLM saw an opening and came out to play.
Shortly after that, (and obviously bored with university life), UK’s BLM chapter awoke and our troubles began.
Anyway, I knew they would start doing ‘stupid’ all over again.
Then, as new acts of ‘crimes against everything’ were carried out (with apparent immunity) in the US, I knew our history, culture, religions, monuments, and establishments would be next. That was clinched by seeing the destruction, disruption, and the sickening kowtowing to a rabble across the UK by various politicians, LEO’s, and officials, in the form of “taking a knee”.

  That action had me reaching for a bucket!

So what was the factors that worried me most about BLM?
Protest, riot, and even more infection as BLM, anarchists, and the deluded student population, all thought they were immune to the virus and ignored social distancing. (All three listed subsequently happened).

Then there is our poor excuse of a government.
Sources? (too many to list).
I knew food and other shortages would occur VERY QUICKLY.
There would be protests, withdrawal of medical and dental services, travel restrictions, protests, and probably MASSIVE unemployment.

This was something the government tried to hide in the same way it was trying to hide the full impact of the infections, where the hot-spots were, and deaths. To that I will add the continuous conflicting advice and the implementation of poorly thought out legislation.

So, at last, the media started to help the little people with good Intel and reporting that embarrassed the government into providing PPE, equipment, and aid to the little people. (Even then, what they did do was slightly worse than pathetic). Especially towards the elderly.

That and the media assisted the UK Gov in re-opening the country for business before it was safe to do so. My consoling thought was they would have to win over the population by telling them “it was all over”. No way in hell did I think the media would be so stupid as to support their lies BUT THEY DID!

 I so hated being right about that one occurring.

Which brings about the notion that although the West harps on about countries with state controlled media being bad. There is no need to impose that on the ‘free world’ as the mainstream media are either too stupid to know they have been manipulated OR too worried that “press freedoms” will be restricted if they don’t ‘toe the official line’.

Thus a new dimension to State controlled media is born.

My problem is the country’s sheeple were reported in the media to have bought the lies. Maybe in London, but around the country the muttering started and quickly split into three camps.

  1. The “Oh, goodie, lets have a party!” Covidiots
  2. The “You’re kidding, it’s MUCH TOO EARLY to do that!” Sensible people.
  3. And the country’s sheeple who saw the promise of a summer holiday too attractive to think about the dangers.

Two against one? Sensible lost BIG TIME!

And finally.
I’m wondering now how you the reader find out about what is happening around you and how it will affect you.
How you get updates and instructions.
If you have a common platform alert system, and what you use in your country to find out what is REALLY going on and not just what TPTB feed you.

Aah. Policing as it should be!

Seattle police have begun clearing out the so-called “autonomous zone” created by Black Lives Matter protesters. Those who refused to vacate the area have been arrested, the police force said.(RT)

At last, someone who will stand up to BLM.
What a refreshing change from seeing city officials and politicians all round the country knelling in submission to the feral few.

Mayor Jenny Durkan had earlier issued a public safety emergency order to vacate the area. Police Chief Carmen Best said in a statement that her officers were moving in after “weeks of violence” in and around the protest zone aka The Chop. She went on to say, “The CHOP has become lawless and brutal. Four shootings – two fatal – robberies, assaults, violence and countless property crimes have occurred in this several block area.”(RT)

And clear it they did!

Although some of the blame has to be laid at the feet of the city for letting BLM set up a NoGo camp in the first place. To me it’s no surprise the area went feral. BLM built it and filled it with trash.

Never give BLM an inch, because they’ll soon demand the ruler.
And, in this case, protest outside the mayors home.

The Second Wave Is Building

They can’t hide it anymore.
Yesterday 89 deaths, today 137.

Plus in 36 cities and counties, the figures are spiking again.
In particular, the ‘R’ rate in London has risen above one. (Twitter)
Which should mean London won’t be celebrating Johnson’s ‘Independence Day’ and needs to go back  into lock down.

But it won’t.
No Sir! As if that was to happen, it would be a PR disaster for PM Johnson.

There again, if he does NOTHING and the figures go wild, all of the top echelon of Yes Men will be in the frame for a career change for one reason or the other.

News Blackout Part Two.

In News Blackout I wrote:-
2100 BST.
There has been no reporting of the number of new cases or deaths for today ANYWHERE on the mainstream or social media, TV, the official UK Gov and NHS or PHE websites.

It turns out that they have been monkeying with the figures again, especially the testing figures. So yesterday there were MAYBE 89 deaths, and MAYBE 576 new cases. The problem is the 89. As they scramble to cover up ‘what is’, that number may have been for July 1st, OR July 2nd. It may only be deaths in hospitals, or something just plucked out of the sky.

So at this point, NOTHING is what it appears to be as they are changing the ‘methodology’ repeatedly so we have no idea what is being counted, by who, when, for what, where, and the accuracy of the figures.

Which is exactly what they wanted.


2100 BST.
There has been no reporting of the number of new cases or deaths for today ANYWHERE on the mainstream or social media, TV, the official UK Gov and NHS or PHE websites.

Which doesn’t actually surprise me one little bit as there have been reports all day about new hot zones springing up around the country and in particular the North West, North East, and the Midlands.

With just two days to go before PM Johnson’s “Independence Day”, I can see why the UK Gov have gone into a blind panic.

Here we received some good news (unverified as it was on social media) that bookings made by Leicester people to one of the bigger static trailer parks, have been cancelled. AGAIN, that has not been verified.
Butlins aren’t opening till the 23 July
and they are VERY FIRMLY blaming Johnson.

My happiness level has just soared!

Be careful what you wish for and want.

US Doctors are seeing more and more young patients – and health experts are urging young people to take the virus seriously.

On Friday, vice-president Mike Pence said half of new cases in the US in recent weeks were adults under 35.

Would that be the same age group that were protesting about freedoms and wanting Covid instead?

Some state and federal officials – including Donald Trump – have put the rise in US cases down to increased testing.

I suppose ignorance comes as a prerequisite for leadership.

Still, you protesters, you got your wish.
Freedom AND A BONUS, Covid19.

Leicester and the forecast invasion into our seaside town on July 4.

Guardian. (with edit)
A rapid investigation into the Covid-19 outbreak in Leicester by Public Health England has revealed it has been driven by increased infections in the under-19s and people of working age.

Now they are thinking if the return of children to school is connected to the growth in infections. There were also infections at one of the sites of University Hospitals of Leicester NHS trust with a dozen staff found infected but were asymptomatic.

Crunch time!
The ethnicity of the people infected broadly reflected the makeup of the population, which is about 50% from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds.

Then came this laughable statement.
The increase in infections was attributed, in part at least, to an increase in testing.  So does that mean testing INCREASES your chances of getting infected? That’s a bit of a sobering thought.

So, what’s the mood where we live?
Some of it is way more than slightly aggressive within the more feral sections of our community who have extended families and are desperate to protect their own elderly and vulnerable relations.

In a nutshell, Visitors from Lincoln, Leicester, Nottingham, Coventry, and the rest of the Midlands are unwanted.

Most don’t want them anywhere near us!
That anger being readily expressed in our shops and on our streets.
As for the many worried? They are BIG TIME.
Yet most of that is also coming out as ANGER towards our loving, caring government.

The Why?
Because the visitors will invade, infect, then bugger off home leaving us with our piss poor healthcare to pick up the pieces.

In short it may literally be the death of our little town.

What to do?
Nothing we can do as there is nowhere safe to run to in this Corvid infected wonderland called the Untied (not a typo) Kingdom.

In preparation, most of our street has recently ‘gone shopping’ and the sensible now have at least 14 days (most close to 30 days) worth of supplies laid in. Enough? It’ll have to be.

Meanwhile we are fully tanked up with fuel as our minor shopping won’t be within our town. It’s not that there won’t be a lot but as there are VERY FEW supermarkets or other food suppliers, they stand more of a chance of becoming carriers / infectors than anywhere else in our county (state).

UK will soon standalone!

Until it sinks!

I’m talking about the extra baggage of 3 million Hong Kong Chinese if you believe the rhetoric coming from the ‘horses arse’ PM Johnson.

It’s like the logistics of housing, feeding, finding employment, the cost of welfare and healthcare for 3 million more immigrants, eludes this Eton educated prat.

This country is on already on it’s knees and almost certainly collapse come a second wave of corvid19.
Financially we are already well in the !
Socially and racially the divisions are widening due to BLM and other assorted trash.
Healthcare (doctoring and dentistry) is practically non existent in most towns and cities.
As for Jobs? Yeah, right.
Hundreds are applying for ANY job going  while thousands are being made redundant by big business.

Then Johnson vows to add 3 million more to the mix?
He has so lost the plot!

Still there is a solution.
Deport all the current asylum seekers, foreign criminals, any members or activists of the BLM, and other BAME activists, plus their families. Those listed on the terrorist watch lists and anyone who can’t speak English. The Euro Trash who stole our jobs, which will probably include some big business leaders. Not forgetting any who claim to be politicians, in the legal profession, any ‘uncivil servants’, and ‘government advisors’.

That will give us a little more room to play with and eliminate the worry about rising water levels as I reckon the country as a whole will rise a couple of hundred feet!

What! You think I’m
being unreasonable?
You ain’t seen nothing yet!

PostScript. Rather like the Dominic Cumming’s (BOJO’s politicial hatchet man) in the world who think little people’s laws don’t apply to them. The media are reporting PM’s father Stanley Johnson, 79, jets to his Greek mountain-top villa (via Bulgaria) in flagrant disregard of his own son’s ‘essential travel only’ rules.

As he’s already there, don’t let him or family come back in.
That will save a bit of airfare.

Who said?

Politicians and diapers must be changed often,
and for the same reason.
(Answer at the bottom)

In the post The calm before the storm I was looking 11-12 days on of the protest events in the UK.

Only as the government, at that time, were trying to kid everyone the infection and death rates were dropping, it didn’t actually make any sense as the UK Gov were saying one thing, the UK’s official bean counters (ONS) something else and media seemed to be toggling between the two to report the worst!

Then it dawned on me how the government were manipulating the headline figures. It shows a lot better on the DEATHS graph.

Reporting for the Sunday and Monday figures were all under reported.
Why? Because the bean counters don’t work weekends so there is a degree of catch up.

Which is why they can say over the past 7 days (not specifying if that is days or WORKING days), the figures are low depending when you report them and they are tallied.
For example, Hospitals report on Monday, the community a day to two after.

So, if you use one chart for deaths and another for new infections
Pick and choose when you count ‘from’ and ‘to’.
Add a few mythical, very convenient data recording delays, it all looks better than it actually is.

Crafty, lying,  ‘s , are the UK Gov.

As for the answer to who said?
Mark Twain.

NYC police budget slashed by $1 Billion?

When I read that my first thought was ‘This has got to be a joke’.
However the predictable bit was in the media report said,
“Demonstrators say the move is not enough”.

Then I KNEW it wasn’t a joke.

This is what happens when you deal with the devil or it’s spawn.
It’s ALWAYS never enough.
Only most of the NYC government are too stupid to realize that.

And so the spiral into anarchy starts.
So what to do now? Simple! All the police need to phone in sick.
After the resulting carnage I wonder if the idiot Councillors will be BEGGING for them to come back in.

Only what if they don’t?
What if they deploy the national guard.
Putting soldiers on the streets.

The protesters will then scream,  ‘De-fund the national guard!
I wonder will anyone will then realize,  ‘It’s ALWAYS never enough. ‘

On the other hand, it’s a white supremacist, patriots, nationalists, and militia, recruiting dream. As after everything has been destroyed, they will be the one saying quietly, “WE TRIED TO TELL YOU, only you wouldn’t listen”.

And the newly converted will be meekly asking, “Where do I sign on Sir”

Government orders you to put your child in harms way!

PARENTS who fail to send their children back to school as lockdown restrictions continue to ease will face fines, Gavin Williamson warned yesterday. The Education Secretary said he expected to see all youngsters return to the classroom in September “unless there is a very good reason” or local lock downs are imposed.

“Unless there is a very good reason”?
I’ve got one that fits adult education too:-

It’s the same reason you failed as Defense secretary.
So why would ANYONE trust you to keep their child safe.

The dangerous lawyers

This is what we saw in the media PLUS them pointing weapons at demonstrators walking past their property.


You can take this in a multitude of ways BUT I’ll start with the potential of a negligent discharge, the failure of muzzle awareness, the obviously poor training, and the stupidity of brandishing and pointing weapons at people who weren’t on their property. It also highlights the dangers of arming very rich lawyers.

Plus a Hollywood observation.
Why is it in America that most male lawyers appear to be ‘vertically challenged’? And yes I don’t like the legal profession or politicians.

Yet this occurred after BLM broke into a gated community. CRIME.
That and the hapless duo didn’t leave their property just ‘ordered’ the assorted trash to ‘keep moving’.

Not forgetting that no custom made Italian loafers or beautifully manicured lawns were damaged in the making of the video.

The Daily Mail (Sigh. It’s not exactly a quality paper anymore) was full of white (vigilantes) with guns and baseball bats “in readiness” to deal with any problems the BLM plus assorted trash like Antifa might start.  The DM claiming that they were threatening peaceful demonstrators.

Antifa and BLM peaceful?

Aw well, this is the ‘well informed’ UK media.

Again you can take it anyway you like and this UK media predictably sided with the ‘peaceful’ protestors. The mayor condemned it. (How politically correct of him). The police were apparently high-fiving the armed civilians (So what!), and the anger towards the BLM and assorted protesters included tearing their paper placards up.

Which left me shocked and emotionally destroyed by the depth of the violence.

Plus a multitude of references to the (occasionally huge) assault weapons (AR’s), baseball bats, and something called anger.

What I saw was a clear enough statement by a community that has had enough. You aren’t liked, not wanted here, so go away, and if you start anything, you will regret it.

Which seems totally reasonable to me.

City of Leicester, UK to stay in lockdown as the rest of the UK parties.

And the seeds of civil disturbance and disobedience were sown.
To lock down just a complete city, as one very small part of it (a very ‘multicultural’ part of it) has a hot zone, while July 4 “Independence day” is unleashed will almost certainly cause civil disorder.

Only it won’t stop there.
All things local government and it’s agents, be that police or enforcement, are going to be in for one hell of a pasting.

There is no law in place to do this, no procedure yet written to how to do that or enforce it. Only a few vague offenses that were recently announced as ILLEGAL!

As for BLM?
They will see it as a racist attack on the BAME community.
So I reckon that will generate some ‘fun on the streets’.

This has disaster written all the way through it.
Health Secretary Hancock

Who’s in charge of the UK? Part two.

Britain’s most senior civil servant has quit his dual role as Cabinet Secretary and National Security Advisor after over 30 years in Government service? All that experience and they let him quit? Suspicious. Only his departure follows reports of tensions between Sir Mark and PM Boris Johnson’s master, Dominic Cummings.

So I’m thinking he got out before he was forced out by Cummings.
After all he had stated he’s after the civil service.
Absolutely Dominic, Sir!

This doesn’t look good for the UK and democracy.
(Or what passes for democracy here).
Leaving the EU, Corvid-19, the soon to be unleashed ‘second wave’, and the forthcoming civil disorder on July 4, plus the stupidity from all this BLM nonsense, the last thing that is needed is civil war in No.10 Downing Street.

Still while Johnson hasn’t got a big enough pair to sort his own house out. We’ll just have to see what happens next.

Airsoft as a training aid (refocused)

It really nice when I stumble across something that re-enforces something I’ve been saying for a long, long time.

If you haven’t got access to real firearms or just want to improve your weapon handling skills, dry firing , IA drills, and ‘tactical’ within an urban environment (MOUT) skills, think AIRSOFT.

So, when browsing, I found this [Link] ‘Can Airsoft translate to real firearms’.

Take the time to watch it, for me it was awesome.
At the same time humbling.
Even at my very best (and I basically owed anything dinner plate sized out to 500 yards) I wasn’t a fraction as good as this lad was at weapons handling.

Plus I liked the guys who were there supporting the lad.
Free with advice and generous with their help and praise.

Defunding the Police, the Sadiq Khan Way

London, and once again the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, proves conclusively that he has lost the plot. He has a money problem. Coronavirus has hit hard, businesses are closing or decamping out of London because it is so expensive to do business there. So all in all, London’s mayor is facing financial pain.

“My first priority is to protect front line emergency services” says he.
This he does by proposing budget cuts of £110million for the policing of London.

Not that it will matter as the police can’t police anymore.
Nowadays their bosses watch words are political correctness, multicultural and religious tolerance. Plus rules of engagement that endanger everyone from the police to the little people. As a result of all this, they run when they should fight and kneel before the rabid mobs.

On July 4 Sadiq Khan’s streets will see a chaos of drunkenness, violence, if not anarchy. Add a bit of BLM and it should see the Met Police in serious trouble. His part of the effort to protect London? De-fund the police.

Only if there is any doubt about that happening, Liverpool won a football match.

Thousands of very sensible (not) Liverpool fans celebrated their club’s historic win for a second night. Multiple people were injured in fights during a night of chaos in the city center which saw fireworks set off causing a fire to break out in the iconic Liver Building, and police granted extra powers to clear the crowds.

Yep, well behaved, sensible, social distancing aware, football fans.

Ferrying, training, and flying in the infected.

An official UK government review yesterday concluded that coronavirus infection rates are falling rapidly enough in many countries to allow border measures to be dropped for passengers returning from low-risk destinations.

Spain (294,985 infected), Greece (3,343 infected) and France (162,936 infected) are expected to be among the first holiday destinations from where travelers will be exempt from having to isolate for 14 days on return.

We are

I wonder, will the US (2,552,956 infections) be invited as well?

Still it will be a nice touch to give some of our coronavirus to them who probably gave it to us in the first place.

£400 Million to be given away at this time?

UK’s PM JOHNSON is set to bid £400million to purchase a stake in satellite operator OneWeb with Britain set to lose access to the EU’s Galileo system.

You can do loads of useful things with £400 Million but our fat little piggy PM Johnson would rather give money away to a company that had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to coronavirus disruption. Is this what is considered commonsense let alone expose the failure of duty to look after our sick and elderly FIRST?

You can buy a mountain of PPE for £400m.
£400 million could advance the search for a vaccine.
£400 million could be used to train more nurses.
£400 million could build housing for veterans.

It could also go a long way in helping the UK’s child poverty.
Not that a little thing like that worries Sir Pig Shit.

With other white elephant projects like HS2, the waste of time rail link from London to the Midlands, that has already wasted OBSCENE amounts of money for not one foot of rail track laid over the last 10 years. An amount of money that could have built the UK a couple of nuclear power plants.

With Navy ships rotting on ports because some fool won’t fix them?
A police force that is about to be run ragged, may collapse, and have to abandon the streets to total anarchy because the same fool opens the bars on July 4 and expects the UK’s sheeple to ‘act sensibly’.

Make the most of your brief tenure Johnson.
As the call of the unemployment office is getting louder.

Glasgow Asylum Seeker Hotel

A suspect has been shot dead by police after six people including an officer were injured in a knife attack within the hotel.

Well done lads!

(Hope you asked if it hurt).

Except the truth about what happened and a claim of THREE dead is somewhat confusing the reporting.

Bottom line? The guilty has been neutralized.
That will definitely save the country money in the long term.

If this is another asylum seeker, it could be adding weight of the idea many have expressed. Deport the lot!

A 5 min browse through the UK’s media reveals chaos

If there was some doubt about the weakness in the UK’s sheeple mindset, that’s been blown away in a weekend of half a million weak minds flooding onto Dorset beaches and other attractions on the South Coast. Let alone the other millions who lost all commonsense and the ability to think coherently and gathered in crowds all around the rest of the country.

To that I’ll offer the latest in London’s Brixton’s riots.
Liverpool football crowds in their thousands.
Exeter mass fights.
Manchester’s and Glasgow’s rebellions against lock down

Yet let’s not stop there and the UK Glove puppet PM Johnson is due to give the green light to foreign holidays next Monday. DESPITE the resurgence of Corvid-19 in Europe and the massive surge of infection we are seeing around the world.

Thus re-establishing the UK as the World’s Number ONE onward transmitter of the coronavirus.

Police warn there are ‘not enough officers’ to cope with Independence Day chaos: John Apter, national chairman of the Police Federation in England and Wales says ‘perfect storm’ of unlocking stir-crazy Brits and letting them straight into pubs on a Saturday will cause dangerous ‘carnival’ on July 4.

Sir, I think you are putting that mildly.

So that’s it. The numbers of infections are already rising in the UK, typically over a 1000 a day. Once again another date gets highlighted on the kitchen calendar. July 16.

12 days after the ‘perfect storm’ of ‘liberation day’, UK style.

How come I’m thinking we are both just statistics.
Just waiting to happen.

Brixton, London, Riots

The end result of kowtowing to the mob.
The multicultural tolerance, the kneeling, and kissing butt.
The soft policing and life endangering rules of engagement they have to work under.
The limp wrists and politically correct police chiefs, politicians, religious leaders, and the bleeding hearts of the “understanding’.

The media, and boy they need to shoulder some of the blame for inciting the more feral and weak minded in our nation.

The limp wrist public officials, universities and their academics.
Cambridge University!
They, defending one of its professors (Priyamvada Gopal, a professor in colonial and postcolonial literature) following a petition launched against her after she posted on social media that “white lives don’t matter” and “abolish whiteness”.

Someone lost their job because of a sky banner that read:-

The backlash prompting this:-
“The University defends the right of its academics to express their own lawful opinions which others might find controversial and deplores in the strongest terms abuse and personal attacks.”

Typical hogwash from academia.

The world should never forget that while you can take someone from the Ghetto, Trailer Park, War zone, Unemployment, Deprivation, Jungle, 3rd World, and their Traditions, Culture, and Religion.

Then house them, give them rights and gifts, money, and educate them.
Give them freedoms they may never had before, and tell them they are your equals.

The host nation and population should never forget that:
You’ll never take the past or change the deep rooted culture and mindset of that person. Not even from those who are spawned from the spawn of the original stock.

Yet, knowing this government, they will ignore expert opinion about this which included:

The leader of the police federation has warned that it is only a matter of time before a police officer is killed on UK streets, following violent Brixton street party clashes with police overnight.

This coming after 274 police have been injured over the past few weeks.
Courtesy of BLM, BAME, and other feral actors taking advantage of a weak minded government who are more scared of public opinion than enforcing a safe environment for the law abiding and backing law enforcement.

Still, I’m sure ‘Prime Minister’ Cummings will have something to say about it. I’m predicting it will go something on the lines of “Abolish the police” (but not for the important people in life).





Who’s in charge of the UK Gov?

I reckon I can tell you who isn’t.
That would be ‘the elected into the office as Prime Minister’, Boris Johnson.

So it’s looking more like it would be his coronavirus rule breaking chief aide and smug git, Dominic Cummings.

Yes, the one rule for the little people, and no rules apply to him, person of significance (POS) in Boris Johnson’s office.
The unelected, smart arse, slimy, Kevlar coated, advisor who is pulling Boris Johnson’s strings.

He who is single-handedly going to re-organise the civil service after the pandemic has ended.  Probably because they once told him to get stuffed and his dear little ego was ‘bruised’.

Only he’s got a long wait.
There are still some 7.8 billion (that could be 9 or 12 zeroes) to be infected by Corvid-19. Not forgetting the problem of disposing of 9% of that total.

After all the UK has only accounted for the largest number of deaths in Europe at 43,230 (up by 149) and only infected 1118 more in the last 24 hours.

Kind of significant is that.
All those people infected and died under Johnson’s Dominic Cummings administration. Go figure.
After all who was it who delayed the lock down, and on who’s advice?
And which one is ignoring current medical advice? Johnson or his boss.

As for trying to foist the blame onto the civil service for how the Corvid-19 / NHS PPE fiasco and the ‘drag on forever’ Brexit has and is being handled has got to go down as the ultimate ‘pass the buck’!

Anyway, right now, if I was a Tory politician (unlikely before hell freezes over) , I’d be seriously considering my future as part of this dysfunctional political party as the gormless duo of Cummings and Johnson have seriously damaged what good will and public support they had for the Tory Party.

It is safe to send your children to school.


Five schools in Leicester have been forced to temporarily close down this week after ‘no more’ than ten staff and a ‘couple’ of students tested positive for coronavirus.

With 14 days of compulsory isolation for staff and children, how exactly are they to re-open next week?

To that I will point out that they are already running scared about numbers in so much that they won’t give accurate figures out.

Only it gets better.
The Education Secretary (and failed ‘toy soldier’ Defence Secretary) is talking about doing away with class size limitations of 15 in favor of 30 in September.

More kids in the same room?
I’ve worked in schools and colleges, as I’m sure other bloggers have, and I’m pretty sure they would agree.

ANYTHING communicable will spread in a class,
And onward through the establishment as shared facilities are used.

Then there is the problem of what happens next?
Kids get isolated, parents too, so how exactly are they going to keep their jobs if schools close overnight and probably on a regular basis?

Whilst I appreciate the problems of not educating our future, what is apparent to me is the headlong rush to make money today is going to create more problems in the future.

If, as predicted, the virus is going to be a seasonal problem.
Is it going to be a case of the UK will only open for business for 6 months in the year?

Oi, Muppet’s (aka Politicians)
And give BOOSTERS to everyone

The price one pays.

All woken by screaming
And words of sad pleading
All of us knowing
It’s coming from Lui

Boss pulled her screening
And there she was sitting
Frightened and shaking
With eyes that were streaming

Yet she was not seeing
Eyes open but sleeping
Hands wringing the blankets
Great pain on her face

From behind came babushka
The granny we lived with
Who brushed past us quickly
She closing the screening

Her words were so gentle
The sobbing subsiding
The breathing less ragged
And finally peace

Heads slowly lowered
The snoring resuming

From men who would fiercely
Defend one of their own

As sleep comes back slowly
I’m sitting here shaking
Remembering the anguish
From so young a soul

How predictable.

Further to my post Try and hide this one from the BMJ Boris!

I have to report that today, predictably, Boris Johnson has refused to accept the call from Britain’s medical leaders for a review into how prepared the country is for a second wave of coronavirus.

The reason is quite straightforward.
He’s scared stiff of any review or investigation as his mistakes, bad decisions, and lies of his team will not stand up to any form of public scrutiny.

Just one other thing, 154 people died today. Yesterday, 280.


Try and hide this one from the BMJ Boris!

Covid-19: Call for a rapid forward looking review of the UK’s preparedness for a second wave—an open letter to the leaders of all UK political parties. (From the British Medical journal)

Dear leaders of UK political parties,

Several countries are now experiencing covid-19 flare-ups. While the future shape of the pandemic in the UK is hard to predict, the available evidence indicates that local flare-ups are increasingly likely and a second wave a real risk. Many elements of the infrastructure needed to contain the virus are beginning to be put in place, but substantial challenges remain. The job now is not only to deal urgently with the wide ranging impacts of the first phase of the pandemic, but to ensure that the country is adequately prepared to contain a second phase.

You may have seen the recent editorial in The BMJ calling for a transparent rapid review of where we are and what needs to be done to prevent and prepare for a second wave.1 We believe that such a review is crucial and needs to happen soon if the public is to have confidence that the virus can be contained.

The review should not be about looking back or attributing blame. Rather it should be a rapid and forward looking assessment of national preparedness, based on an examination of the complex and inter-related policy areas listed below. These are too broad for any one of the existing select committees. That is why a cross party commission was suggested, establishing a constructive, non-partisan, four nations approach that could rapidly produce practical recommendations for action, based on what we have all learnt, and without itself becoming a distraction for those at the front line or in government. These recommendations should not require primary legislation or major organisational change. The approach would also help the public understand how and by whom they will be implemented. We believe this will be essential if the UK is to get ahead of the curve.

We are aware of YouGov polls showing that a majority of the public now support an “inquiry.” We also know that the prime minister and secretary of state for health and social care have received a petition from the Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice group, requesting a full public inquiry. The group has also called for an urgent interim inquiry, which shares the same fundamental approach and objective as our suggested rapid review: that it should be forward looking, practical, responsive to what the public at large want to see happen, and focused on evaluating national preparedness in the lead up to winter, with the aim of saving lives.

We are not wedded to any particular design of inquiry or review, but as outlined in the editorial, we believe it should be quick, broad, ambitious, able to command widespread public and stakeholder trust, and needs to happen now. It should focus on those areas of weakness where action is needed urgently to prevent further loss of life and restore the economy as fully and as quickly as possible. We believe the list below includes those areas.

As stakeholders and leaders of the UK’s medical, nursing, and public health professions, we urge you to establish such a review. We think there’s a strong case for an immediate assessment of national preparedness, with the first results available no later than August, and that all its work should be completed by the end of October. We don’t underestimate the complexities of establishing this in the required timeframe. We stand by ready to help in whatever way we can.

Policy areas needing rapid attention:

  • Governance including parliamentary scrutiny and involvement of regional and local structures and leaders

  • Procurement of goods and services

  • Coordination of existing structures, in a way designed to optimise the establishment of effective public health and communicable disease control infrastructure, the resilience of the NHS as a whole, and the shielding of vulnerable individuals and communities

  • The disproportionate burden on black, Asian, and minority ethnic individuals and communities

  • International collaboration, especially to mitigate any new difficulties in pandemic management due to Brexit

That’s pretty straightforward.
OK, they do use a few long words but perhaps someone could shorten them for our bumbling prime minster.

Thus the stage is set for the crash out of the Tory government when the second wave hits and they would have done their usual trick, ignored EXPERT advice because it doesn’t suit their money orientated policies.

The UK is currently number three in the world for deaths, and still the major hub for onward transmission to the world.

As such is vulnerable for world sanctions because of it’s defective governance. So if Brexit in the form of France doesn’t get us, the rest of the world just might.
What a comforting thought with only 6 months to the start of winter.

Keep digging pal.

At a campaign rally Saturday night in Tulsa, Oklahoma, President Donald Trump said the problem with testing people for the coronavirus is that the tests keep finding infected people.

“Here’s the bad part,” Trump said during his 101-minute address in a half-full BOK Center. “When you do testing to that extent, you’re going to find more people, you’re going to find more cases. So I said to my people, ‘Slow the testing down, please!’ ” (US source)

Joking, says the White House.
With 123,476 dead and rising daily?
How crass!

Come November
I can see someones
career light going.

Political Correctness nil, Commonsense one

A plane flew over a football match trailing a banner that said:-

As a result the politically correct, insipid, and knelling (kowtowing) to anarchists, BLM, multiculturalists, and other ‘offended by everything’ brigade, screamed like mad and insisted the police

“Look into it as it was obviously RACIST, offensive, and whatever”.

Yeah, right!

So the police did and their statement read: “Today Lancashire Constabulary has been in liaison with Greater Manchester Police, the Aviation Authority and the Crown Prosecution Service regards the ‘White Lives Matter’ banner that was flown over the Etihad Stadium last night.

“After assessing all the information available surrounding this incident we have concluded that there are no criminal offences that have been disclosed at this time.”

Aw shucks. No public lynching then.

Truth here is it may have been a political and non PC statement but it does highlight something the weak of mind just can’t grasp.

Some of us see this whole mess as ENHANCING RACISM by putting BAME ahead of the white race.

What I’m seeing is the weak of mind and a deluded minority kissing butt of anarchists, the most racist, communists, activists and criminals. All of whom have but one agenda.
Destroying our history, culture, religion, education, government, politics, law enforcement, our way of life, by targeting OUR SKIN COLOR.

If we are to treat others as equals than that works both ways.
So man up and show some goddamned backbone and respect for all the law abiding, regardless of color, and attack those who would disrupt and destroy what is.

Not in the food chain or water courses? Yeah, Right.

There have been Corvid-19 infections in meat processing plants in the UK, US Midwest and South. Brazil, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Spain, Germany, France, and China.

All a coincidence? I think not.
Guesses include it’s something to do with the cold air in such places and cheap foreign labor, but nobody really knows.

So, on the back of that, how much credence do you think I’m giving UK’s #1 government ex-spurt Sir Patrick Vallance (he of the ‘herd immunity’ farce) when he says:- ”The risk of catching the coronavirus from eating meat is ‘very low’.”

Um, VERY low.
Not quite the same as saying “No way in hell can you catch it from your meats and here is the proof!”

Plus, “food safety officials who looked ‘carefully’ at whether meat is a vector ruled the risk was slim”.

OMG, a few government paid meat stampers think its safe so it must be safe? Wow, That’s one leap of faith I’m not going to take.

We have had a long talk about this as the concern is that Corvid19 has made it into the food chain. In the UK, that possibility has been enhanced because they closed down the little abattoirs for a more centralized approach.

Bigger means faster, more throughput, more chance for error, a higher staff count, loads of warm corpses, piles of innards, flies, run off into the sewers, and no matter how you look at it, the workers have a greater chance of coming into contact with infected material.

We already know the virus is adaptable, has jumped from species to species, is airborne, and has been found in sewage systems.

So this ‘elegant’ killer could be on it’s next enhancement.

Plus the UK government either totally disregards any expert opinion or wheel out their tame (titled) scientists whenever they want to cover something up.

Where does that leave us?
We already discard packaging as we divide our bulk purchases into meal sized portions for the two of us, individually bag them, and then freeze them. So I suppose it means washing hands even more, wearing disposable gloves in the kitchen when handling raw meats and preparing meals is being looked into as I’m always nicking my hands on something so I’ve usually breached the ‘skin barrier’ before I start.

I suppose what’s really foremost in my mind is unless the UK Gov start testing live animals to see of they are carriers, an element of doubt will remain.

My confidence level about them doing that as a matter of course?
What’s less than NIL.

Common sense verses UK business considerations.

The more the idiot PM Johnson spoke in parliament today, the more I am convinced the politicians, and big business, are running the asylum.

Social Distancing.
In a stunning piece of stupidity that puts business interests WAY ABOVE people’s safety. The social distancing has been amended from a fixed 2 meters to a vague 1 meter plus.

Meaning it is permissible to reduce the 2 meter distance to a meter so long you take additional protective measures like wearing face-coverings, not facing one another, washing your hands (Seriously, that was said) or remaining outdoors.

Face covering? What kind?
To what level of protection? None was given.
For how long you can stay together was also not detailed.

So what does scientific advice say?

Switzerland’s health ministry says that “according to current data, a distance of more than one meter reduces the risk of COVID-19 infection by more than 80% in both healthcare (settings) and everyday life”.

UK’s SAGE, Summary, 14 April.
There are no amendments to social distancing measures that SAGE can say, with a high degree of confidence, would have a negligible impact on the reproduction number. SAGE does not recommend changing any measures at this time.

Chief scientific advisor at the Health and Safety Executive.
‘Being exposed to someone “for a few seconds” at a one meter distance could equate to around an hour of being two meters away from the same person.

The average time for someone can drink a pint of beer is not ‘for a few seconds’. A conversation generally lasts longer than ‘a few seconds’. As for eating a meal, getting a haircut or a shave will be longer than a few seconds. Haircut or a shave the same.

The resurgence of Corvid-19 in Europe where lock down was relaxed is also being ignored.

All in all, it is clear the experts are being ignored in the pursuit of MONEY!

So, to put a figure on what this all means.
The UK’s Office of National Statistics reported that in the week ending 24/6 .
8074 were infected and 958 died.
Does that sound like things are under control?

How’s about if I use the same figures over the next 27 weeks i.e. New Year.
217998 will have been infected, and 25866 would have died.

Is anyone in the UK even mildly worried?
Or are you content to trust the bumbling fool that is Boris Johnson.
The UK’s Hand Puppet of Big Business.

Britain rules the waves?

In one case, all it has owned for the last 4 years is 500 feet of dockside.
£1 Billion worth of HMS Dauntless, a Type 45 destroyer will not be back in service with the Royal Navy until next year.
It seemingly permanently moored in Portsmouth Harbor, because it’s generators can’t cope with warm water.
Something Navy chiefs knew in 2016.
So, it sits, reduced to one very expensive training ship.

Only here’s the thing. Other reports say its sister ship, HMS Daring, has also spent the past two years tied up in dock and HMS Diamond managed only 15 days at sea in 2019. That’s three out of the six built. Impressed? I’m not.

That and apparently they have a shortage of sailors.
As for that shortage of sailors?
Now you know how they managed to man their shiny new aircraft carrier. Borrowing crew from their lame ducks.

Methinks its time to bring out
The Naval Reserve Gun Ships.

If only to rule the Norfolk Fens!

Going for a drink? Take ID and lose your privacy.

It’s expected that going for a drink in a bar or venue in the UK will end up with you having to produce ID and your details will be kept to “ensure your safety” should someone in the same place and time gets infected.

Privacy Guard organizations are going loopy at this one and I don’t blame them. The questions being asked include:-
How will this information be kept,
Who will have access to it, and
How long will it be kept.

Would you willingly give a stranger in a bar or venue your personal details and feel safe doing so? I wouldn’t.

Thus the off licenses (selling alcohol for home consumption) are still going to be doing a roaring trade.

Yet another Asylum seeker killing

Reading, West of London.
Libyan refugee, male, Khairi Saadallah, 25.
Kills 3, injuries another 3.

Detained under the Terrorism Act and known to MI5.
Police are thought to be looking at mental health reasons for the attack.
Damn it! Why give him a reason to kill and get away with it!

Saadallah, is thought to have only been released from prison for various offenses 16 days ago. (Ex) If true, then he’s recently attended The nation’s ‘academy’ of radicalism and extremism.

This seems compounded by Saadallah’s brother.
He wrote on Facebook:
‘This is not true. Khairi defended himself...racist countries.
Freedom for my brother!’

That gives a clear insight into their mindset!

Anyway, does that matter?
If he hadn’t been in the country, 3 would be alive today and 3 uninjured.

Has the nation forgotten the Manchester bomber, 2017
A libyan, Salman Ramadan Abedi, 22 yr old Libyan which killed twenty-three people died, including the attacker, and 139 were wounded, more than half of them children.

Finally. That bloody phrase is again being uttered by the incompetent politicians once again “Lessons will be learned”.

Slow at learning anything aren’t they!

IMO, they need to stop this stupidity called asylum!
Which invites terrorism into our country.

Manchester in the news

Manchester, or should I use it’s proper name, ‘Gun-Chester’.
1 1/2 dead.

A 36-year-old man has died after being shot in Manchester, police said.
A second victim, aged 21, is in a life-threatening condition after the incident which is believed to have taken place in the Moss Side area of the city. (various)

Moss Side. That’s Manchester’s gun central.

Move on folks. Nothing new here.

Food production and coronavirus

The UK was a little bit upset by the news of meat processing plant workers catching coronavirus. After all, has any tests been done of infected meat that hadn’t been frozen? Probably not. Still we could always ask our betters.

This morning comes this story:-
MORE than 1,000 workers at a German meat processing firm have tested positive for coronavirus, increasing pressure on Angela Merkel and igniting fears of a major second spike of the killer disease in the country.

Meat processing AGAIN?
Care to hazard a guess about what is going on and our safety?

Is the big dog losing his luster?

DONALD TRUMP’s team were left humiliated after photos from his rally in Tulsa’s BOK Centre showed attendance at the venue well below capacity. (EX + US Media)

At first I thought, typical UK media over exaggerating.
So I looked in the US media. Mm, interesting.
There seems to be a lot being said, and plenty of pictures to back up the UK media’s view.

So, has he lost his shine?
Is this the beginning of the way out?
In four months time we shall see.

The thin blue line is quitting in the US and UK.

Love them or hate them, the police do an important job.
Sometimes badly but mostly a good one.

So I’ve more than a bit worried (and getting angry) about the number of UK police that have quit.

As for the US? Jeez, the police are quitting en-mass and that ain’t good for anyone apart from the criminals, politicians (one and the same) and anti everything, communist thinking, domestic terrorists of the US.

All because of a minority group in the US and UK.
Coupled with some of the most spineless, sickening shows of submission to a rabble by public servants who are openly supporting BLM and cowering when facing the verbal vomit from BAME muticultural, religion diverse anarchists. The  ‘anti-everything’ who want to wreck the establishment, government, law enforcement, history, culture, traditions, symbols of respect, institutions, religions, schools, and ultimately the white population.

Take a knee to them!
I’d rather piss on an electric fence!

This is taking a righteous knee
To God, Country, and FamilyWith a simple prayer.
Lord, Grant me the strength to protect my own. Amen.

Black Lives Matters REAL agenda

On its GoFundMe page, Black Lives Matter UK declares that it wishes to spend cash it has raised on ‘developing and delivering’ what it calls ‘strategies for the abolition of the police’. AND, ‘guided by a commitment to dismantle imperialism, capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy and the state structures that disproportionately harm black people in Britain and around the world’. (DM)

On Twitter, where it has been active since mid-2016, @BLMUK has endorsed the complete closure of all Britain’s prisons and detention centres, saying in December of that year that they were ‘inhumane, overcrowded and unsafe [and] should be abolished.’ (DM)

Ah, the true nature of the beast is revealed, COMMUNISM!

NOW WE CAN FIGHT IT as all BLM members and supporters, by their ‘manifesto’, must support communism and the release of all incarcerated terrorists. Why? Because that’s the only alternative outside of the present form of democratic government and that’s what would happen if they closed all prisons!

The old cold war enemy of communism is back, and the enemy is clearly identifiable as is it’s money sources. So now it all becomes REAL easy.

Declare the BLM a domestic terrorist organization aligned with a communist and a support global terrorism agenda, and we who took part in the first Cold War could sign up again to clear the streets of the commie’s all over again.

After that I’ve only got one question. Where do I sign up?

So they lied, and still are.

Guardian. Words from me aren’t necessary.
Read the article here [Link in a new tab]

  • Because the country is officially almost bankrupt but in real life should be in full insolvency.
  • The Bank of England has printed £100 Billion in the form of QE.
  • Where the spending by the government exceeds our GDP for the first time since 1963
  • The economy has dropped 20.4%.
  • The death and infection figures have been massaged into insignificance.
  • The newest of ‘mallbile figures is the “R rate”.
    The R number refers to how many people a person with coronavirus infects on average. The liars are saying it stayed at the same level this week, between 0.7 and 0.9 for the UK as a whole. HOWEVER! That’s not exactly accurate as The R range is higher in some regions, with London seeing a rate of between 0.7 and 1, and between 0.8 and 1 in the Midlands, and rising above 0.9 in the South West.
  • The 2 meter social distancing rule in industry is allowed to slip and will be dropped in schools soon,
  • All schools will be opened fully by September
  • The full scale of the 3 major outbreaks of Corvid-19 in the food industry who supply the three biggest supermarket chains in the UK is downplayed.
  • The lies about the NHS being less stressed and well supplied with PPE
  • The track and trace Hi-tech App scrapped (because it didn’t work) and the old fashioned ‘Contact by phone’ tracing system in place (which has had loads of whistle blower tales of just how useless it is).
  • So it’s safe to drop the alert level from FOUR to THREE.

The UK Gov are saying
They think it’s all over.

OMG. I don’t know how or why we ever let the morons run the Asylum, but Gawd help us when the second wave hits.

Perversely I thinking it would be nice if it did hit before the summer really gets going. That way it might just stop the full reopening of everything and us having to deal with the outcome of the UK Gov stupidity come Autumn into Winter.

Still, I refer you back to my post The calm before the storm
I said I would update the infection figures for 18th June as I got them.
June 7 protests / riots. Plus 11 days. 1346 new infections.
Just 120 down on the months average of 1466.

Since starting this infected watch from May 31st,
A total of 5880 have become infected in 19 days.
Or, to date, a prediction of 9300 new infections this month.

Does anyone think this virus is beaten?
I mean AT ALL!

The UK Gov is demonstrating clearly that it is
more interested in MONEY than human lives.

What think you?

Chrome Web brower has hit the news

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – A newly discovered spyware effort attacked users through 32 million downloads of extensions to Google’s market-leading Chrome web browser, researchers at Awake Security told Reuters, highlighting the tech industry’s failure to protect browsers as they are used more for email, payroll and other sensitive functions.

Oh, boy!
Am I glad I took the unilateral decision to ban Chrome browsers from our laptops.
Still, after the mess they are still making on YouTube, is it any wonder Chrome is well short of being bullet proof?

The calm before the storm.

New research from professors at the University of Oxford found there had been no deaths in the past seven days at 49 trusts – 37 per cent of the 131 included in the study, AND, from the university’s Center for Evidence-Based Medicine, “in the past 48 hours 50 percent of trusts had reported no deaths”.

Oh goodie, lets hug everyone in joy!
The pandemic is over.

If the same is reported in a month, I just might start to relax.
It’s the 18th of June and the summer solstice is looming.
Why is that important?
On average CORVID-19 shows itself some 11 days after infection.

Lockdown in the UK was blasted apart by shoppers flooding into “non-essential” shops on Monday 15th June.
So we’ve got a little time before that bunch of infections starts showing up.

However, the BLM social disorder happened before that.
The big one went National on the 13th June and was predictably a social distancing nightmare.
Before that? May 31, June 4, 6, 7, 13
So that’s 20 days, 16 days, 14 days, and finally 7 days.

And lookie what happened.
Average infections over the month to 18 June:- 1466
May 31 plus 11 days 1741 new infections (London)
June   4 plus 11 days 1514 new infections
June   6 plus 11 days 1279 new infections
June   7 plus 11 days 1346 new infections (Edit 19th June)
June 13 plus 11 days, not there yet. (London)
June 14 plus 11 days, not there yet. (London)

Apart from the 6 June, the 11-day count
(where 97% will show symptoms) seems pretty conclusive.
BLM demo’s make Corona cases above the monthly average.

Thousands attended these protests and the 13th was the big one.
I can’t wait to type those figures in.
There again, can we trust the figures??

Yet another fine mess with Hancock’s name all over it.

The NHS coronavirus contact tracing app will not be rolled out nationwide until winter at the earliest, a senior health minister admitted today.

Lord Bethell, the health minister responsible for the Covid-19 testing program, said the app – which was supposed to be the UK’s saving grace for easing lockdown – is no longer the Government’s priority. (DM)

How typically UK Gov.
Yet another computer disaster.
I’d love to see the cost of this non-event published.
That and the name of the contractor who failed.

Still, it’s funny in a pathetic sort of way.
The lockdown was only going to be eased because of this mythical power App being in place.

It’s not, and now the idiots in government ALSO want to do away with social distancing. Something the WHO and the medical scientific world definitely don’t agree with.

That is until someone pays one of them to agree with government policy. Watch this space for the newest of ‘research’ saying it’s best for everyone to hug strangers before entering shops as it has beneficial health effects.

Just like loud car sound systems, smoking, and BLM racism.
They shouldn’t be allowed.

Will 2020 go down as the end of our history, heritage, and culture?

Have you ever considered how the most racist are those who are calling for the destruction of our history, heritage, traditions and culture because of their racism.

The out of control feral minded destruction of our past, history, and heritage, traditions and culture. Where the honored in a statue or by naming a facility or street name after them gets YOU CALLED A RACIST!

WTF is going on here!

In true Orwell, 1984 style, “Those who control the past control the future, and those who control the present control the past.”

This is what is happening today.
The unelected by you, supported by the ‘weak in mind’ by those who you did elect, are subjugating the majority under the banner of multiculturalism.

To give in so easily to a ‘populist notion’ is to allow a minority to rule and return again and again to demand more.

It also smacks of communism, Stalinism.
That was also forced upon the majority.
It also destroyed, or at least airbrushed out, the past and in doing so affected the future by causing so much pain and discontent that the people eventually fought back, but not before millions had died.

There again that dissent is exactly what the minority need now for the suppression by force of the will of the majority.

It is not too late to stop this madness.
If government doesn’t wake up to the real dangers here, the streets may have to step in to repair their inadequacies. That’s civil war I’m talking about.

Do you want that?

Guided by science but governed by Muppets makes the UK:-

Caution Non-PC Content

Number 4 in the worst performing country list for what the UKGov didn’t do fast enough when Corvid-19 hit, and continued not to do throughout this first “wave” of infections (and still aren’t).

Plus I reckon we deserve a further accolade.
The number one virus hub in the world where anyone from anywhere can pass through our country without the most basic of medical checks i.e. temperature checks, and the increasingly accurate and fast results of the ‘Infected or not’ test.

We still lead EUROPE in the highest death count and are now third in the world for Corvid-19 deaths.

However, if you use the UK’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures (which the UK Gov CANNOT massage) the total deaths which are Corvid-19 related rose to around 59,000.
However, Reuters London.
The United Kingdom’s COVID-19 death toll has hit 53,077, according to a Reuters tally of official data sources that underline the country’s status as one of the worst hit in the world.

So UKGov reports 42153 deaths, ONS – just under 59,000, Reuters 53,077.
Who’s NOT telling the truth. The UK Gov, Reuters, or the ONS?

Which still leaves the problem of who was to blame for some 16000 elderly dying in care or their homes. Some of whom had been chucked out of hospital without being tested for Corvid-19.

All in all, the listed items above confirms our original conclusions:-

Something to keep your eye on a China is beginning to bite back.

The world really shouldn’t keep pushing China the whole time.
“Never wake the dragon as it’s fire is worse than it’s words.” Anon.

Twenty Indian soldiers including a Colonel were killed in a “violent face-off” on Monday night with Chinese troops at Galwan Valley in Ladakh, said government sources, in a massive escalation after weeks of tension at the border. India retaliated and there were casualties on both sides, said the army. On the Chinese it was reported that 40 troops were injured. [Link]

With the constant “attacks” by the rest of the world against China, the incursions, the diplomatic bickering, the trade wars, financial considerations, Hong Kong, Corvid-19, is it any wonder why China is losing their not inconsiderable tolerance and restraint in the face of all sorts of provocation.

Which may read like I’m  pro-Chinese (which I’m not).
Slow to rile, you should never keep prodding them.
Like Russia, the West has little regard for these two and will come unstuck if these super powers double tag to take on the world.


Another dangerous scenario the UKGov are putting us in.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office
“The UK will not look the other way when it comes to the people of Hong Kong, we will stand by them, and we will live up to our responsibilities”.

What responsibilities would that be exactly?
1 July 1997, 23 years ago.
The UK handed Hong Kong BACK to China.

Simple as that? Not quite.
Another agreement was raised that Hong Kong would remain a semi-autonomous region for a 50-year period after the lease ended.

It’s that phrase ‘semi-autonomous region‘ which is the problem.
Literally, it is a LARGELY self-governing state within a larger political entity. In this case China.

Note the word largely. HK has its own governance BUT the bottom line is they are OWNED by China.

Which is part of the problem.
The population don’t like China as recently a number of their ‘freedoms’ have been curtailed as China bit back over the constant civil disobedience of the population of HK.

Sort of like a landlord will if you start being disruptive, destructive, and ‘slagging off’ (bad-mouthing) the owner.

The whole situation getting so bad that China wants to introduce new ‘security’ rules on HK and it is pushing the legislation through the HK government.

This is what happens when you bite the owners hand.
You get slapped down!

So up pops the Little Country (UK) who thinks it still has some clout in the world and starts talking about “their responsibilities the HK population”.

Er, we walked, lease over, end of, bye bye.
So WTF is the responsibility the UKGov are talking about?
It could be the 314,000 who hold British passports who might be allowed to move the UK if China doesn’t wind its neck in and stops interfering with the HK Gov.

Like I want that! Aren’t we multicultural enough now?

That and a statement from our well under punching Gov that “The UK will continue to defend the rights & freedoms of the people of Hong Kong”.

Just a reminder, “We walked, lease over, end of, bye bye. ”

This is not going to end well for either Hong Kong, the UK as a whole, or us, the long-suffering little people of the UK, who live under our own totalitarian POS Tory government.

Hang your heads in shame Johnson and Hancock

Better still, string yourselves up you pair of shits!

More than 16,000 people have died from Covid-19 in UK care homes, according to the latest official figures – almost a third of all fatalities.

How very pleasing for the government.
Hell they didn’t even have to introduce euthanasia as policy.
They just send them to inadequately funded and sparsely equipped facilities to die.

As a result they will have fewer pensions to pay and it lessened “the burden” on the NHS.

All in all a WIN-WIN scenario for them but 16000 paid the price for their indifference and failure of care when they shoveled the vulnerable from NHS hospital beds into care homes without testing them for Corvid-19.

The Tory Party, the NASTY Party.
The ‘couldn’t give a shit about the most vulnerable’ Party.

The problem now is the figures are out there and NO amount of spin can make their CRIME look better than it is.

Such a nice place to live, peaceful, multicultural, and:

Social media show well-armed masked men (refugees from Chechnya), carrying pistols, Kalashnikov’s, axes, and baseball bats openly on the streets in the eastern city of Dijon, 200 miles from Paris.

Rapefugees (whoops) refugees, the EU, and France.
I wonder who is worse?
After all “It’s easy to tell the difference between right and wrong.
What’s hard is choosing the wrong that’s more right.”

Still, long live the USSE (United Socialist States of Europe)

Someone tell the UKGov that laws only affect the law abiding.

After the capital saw outbreaks of riots over the weekend, MPs have unanimously approved the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (Amendment) (No.3) Regulations 2020. This new law bans mass gatherings in London in a fight to stop the spread of the deadly virus.

I’m tired of saying that our Nation’s government has less intelligence than a Muppet as they just keep on proving me right!

When a law is written nowadays, it always adversely affects the law-abiding and the little people in life. While the rabble, stupid, criminal, university students, radicals, extremists, terrorists, BLM, economic ‘refugees’, rich, politicians, big business, and the ‘Dominic Cummings’ of the world, just ignore them.

The fact that Matt Hancock’s name is on this one just seals its fate.

A case in point was the illegal raves over the weekend in Greater Manchester. Key word there? ILLEGAL! Are there laws in place to stop them? Sure. Do they work? Obviously not.

As for enforcement of laws?
That’s down to the police, and they don’t have the manpower to enforce such regulations in the face of mass (mostly violent) protest.

Still, it does provide employment for printers and income to the mail delivery services. All part of getting the Untied (not a typo) Kingdom “back to normal and open for business” mindset of PM Boris Johnson.

Sometimes I KNOW people have totally lost the plot!

That’s it, the world has gone nuts.
How do I know?

With everything that is going on now, pandemics, financial collapse, and civil disorder, and everything else which could cause our own little TEOTWAWKI in days, I get a new follower. Wanna know who?

Climate Change Take Action Now

You have got to be seriously demented to think I give a toss about tomorrow’s tomorrow some 20 plus years into the future when there is so much shit that can hurt me and my own TODAY!

You obviously didn’t read the Read Me First where it says:

One last itsy bitsy little thing.
If you are a commercial site, or someone just wanting to boost your ratings by liking everything you can, and have no interest in prepping, survival, or shooting:- GO PLAY SOMEWHERE ELSE.

So I’m removing your follow from my blog and blacklisting you.


What’s next?

It seems to me that it’s time to review my WTF is going to happen next!
The why is pretty straight forward.

The most terrifying words in the English language are:
“I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” (Ronald Reagan)

Help and government.
Two words that never sit comfortably together.
Their poor performance thus far made the whole current situation WAY WORSE than it should have been and I cannot see them doing any better in the future.

The current dangers to us because of them are:-

  1.  The pandemic, CORVID-19
  2. The easing of social distancing and the danger of a second wave
  3. The collapse of the national healthcare system.
  4. The RACE riots, and the increasing social disorder and the collapse of the national police force.
  5. The collapse of the UK Economy and the subsequent deprivation and civil disorder that always follows a massive depression.
  6. The government and their agents.

The main problem of the first two is quite straight forward and is part of basic CBRN ‘Distance yourself from danger’, and self-defense 101 ‘Distance is king in combat’ doctrines. Except money won, the people will lose, the second wave will hit and it will hit HARD.

Item 3. The NHS is already exhausted both in manpower and facilities / equipment. There still is non cure and even if there was one, a country on its knees, financially ruined, and locked out from EVERYWHERE, won’t have the wherewithal to protect the health service.

Item 4.
It should be quite easy to sort out.
Outlaw BLM and all protest groups.
Militarize the police, or bring in the Army to support our ailing law enforcement.
Nice thought, sort of, and something I have spoken about before.
The use of troops to enforce civil control is abhorrent and will be seen as a totalitarian government gone mad aka the formation of the USSB – United Suppressed State of Britain.

I can’t see how that would happen anyway as it would be the political death of the present government following HUGE public outrage.

As for the police?
In their current form and management, I doubt they will see Christmas unless they are properly equipped, UNFETTERED, and mandated to ‘do what is necessary’ to restore order.

Which would call for media censorship. Why?
Because disorder sells, ‘public opinion’ matters, and the loss of revenue to them would ensure heaps of lawsuits and campaigns to ‘restore the free press’.

Item 5. The reason why most of this will occur.
The government ‘furlough scheme’ will end soon.
Of that I have no doubt as the piggy bank of the UK must be running on empty by now or stuffed full of debt notes.
After that comes massive unemployment as businesses will shut down because order books are gathering dust and, because mass unemployment kills sales, there simply isn’t the money available to keep staff sat at home.

With that in mind the media are reporting that the Bank of England are once again going to QE us to financial death with another £100 Billion in Fiat currency to add to the £200 Billion they have already printed in March when the pandemic hit us. Thus bumping up the total amount of toilet paper to £645 Billion.

How I missed that one I don’t know.
That SECOND figure came as a shock to me but now I know how the government were able to run the furlough scheme.

It also explains why the UK “Worth” has plummeted as QE has always affected the value of our money on the international markets.

Except this whole financial disaster scenario may get worse faster than the government can imagine WHEN the second wave of the pandemic bursts upon us. A new shutdown will kill the economy stone dead.

Item 6.
Summed up already.
The most terrifying words in the English language are:
“I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”
Ronald Reagan

Damn I hate being so pessimistic but show me just one positive sign things are improving (only don’t you dare quote UK Gov figures at me), and I’ll start smiling again.

He won’t listen, money comes first.

As the UK government prepares to launch a ‘comprehensive review’ of the strict two-meter social distancing regulations currently in place, the WHO director for Europe, Dr Hans Kluge, has voiced caution on the move.

He is saying, it was imperative that the country ‘do it carefully’ and ensure it had a ‘robust track and trace system in place’ before reopening the economy.

No argument from me BUT UK’s PM Boris Johnson won’t listen.
More worried about the economy (money) than people, the UK opens today and there is nothing the sensible can do about it.

Way I see it is the wife and I only have two choices.
Join in the melee quickly BEFORE the inevitable second wave hits OR,
Wait till the furor has died down a bit and then shop like crazy to update up our stock of survival necessities before the next shut down commences. Which could mean exposing ourselves to the greater danger of a wider range of carriers aka asymptomatic infected.

A sort of damned if we do or damned if we don’t decision.

Additional News.

The two-meter rules will be reconsidered by a panel of economists and scientists after Rishi Sunak (UK’s Chancellor) hailed the ‘positive impact’ dropping it would have on business and jobs. (DM)

They will ignore the scientists’ advice.
Something they have been doing for ages anyway.

Whichever way you cut this, it’s a foregone conclusion that shopping will include you hugging ten strangers before entering a shop before long.

Although they may hold off on that law because they will need to “prove” that wearing masks spreads Coronavirus faster than not wearing one.

That meeting is penciled in for next week.

We are truly VSF.


BLM was the trigger, but the UK’s filth did the rest.

It was footage of the fighting in the streets around the country.
In London, one white man being beaten down by 11 black guys, faces hidden, but they forgot to cover their necks, arms, and fists. Once down and on the floor defenseless, it was only because another black man scooped him up and carried him, on his shoulder, to the police, who were only yards away doing their usual nothing, that he was saved.

Black lives matter? No. Only one out of twelve blacks matter.
That’s what is running through my heart this morning.

BUT when I’m wrong I admit it and another side of the day trip to London and at various venues around our nation showed just how wrong I was.

While some protests had only minor trouble, that could not be said of London. Which surprised me not one little bit.

There were peaceful counter protests about the destruction and tagging of monuments, road signs, and removal of anything historical that were heavily policed to ensure the two opposing sides didn’t mix in London.

Only the Riot Control handbook must have got lost as someone forgot to mention to the police that a mass protest in a city will turn into a fluid, fast moving scenario, without good Intel and planning.

As such you can’t keep giving up ground to support others as eventually you’ve no more ground to give up!
Yep, you’ve guessed it, that’s what they were doing as the thin blue line was being sorely tested at times. What happened was the B team was moving from flash point to flash point, on foot, and paying a heavy price for doing so.

Only while the police were doing that, it left glaringly large holes in the side streets and park’s security which both black and white rabbles exploited.

So where was the police’s high tech Intel gathering.
The drones, the watchers, the CCTV?
Without up to the second Intel any response is going to be limited if not ineffective.

Anyway, for one particular flavor of white filth (caught on camera kicking a group of whites who were quietly having a picnic in Hyde Park), their day was all about attacking anyone, white or BAME, but especially the police.

The footage of what went down there and other places was irrefutable and it’s all over the place on social media, YouTube, and in the UK and world’s media.

Except most of the ‘action’ had little to do with the actual protest and counter protests, BUT IT WAS ALL TO DO with terrorist organizations like ANTIFA and various factions intent on fighting each other and destroying what they could. Plus an underclass that was tanked and hyped up, mostly of military age, every one of them aholes, and their aim was to fight anyone but especially the police.

As for the police? A couple of words seems applicable to their performance on Saturday, BUT it’s not a slight on the individual street cops, only their leadership. Those words? Shambolic and Ineffective in the face of mass crowd control and civil disorder.

I’ve seen Christmas shoppers better tooled up than they were.
It was clear that they were ill prepared for the numbers they encountered and operating on limited or no Intel.

As for who had trained them in riot control?
I would say they need to get their money back as backing up others in trouble wasn’t well choreographed at all. Something that was videoed numerous times as individual officers were downed by flying kicks and the response slow and uncoordinated by others.

Yet that is a bit unfair when the situation clearly showed they were badly outnumbered and being in transit does not allow you to mount a defense. Out in the open makes matters worse because you can be picked off one by one.

I honestly felt sorry for them, especially the diminutive female officers who were an obvious target for the white filth AND BLM supporters intent on doing harm to the police. Physically their boiler suits and helmets couldn’t hide the fact that some of them were smaller and less well-built than:

I am going to return to weaponry.
There was so much more they could have done with basic non-lethal riot control equipment to ‘force multiply‘ their presence and effectiveness.

Instead, they had those dinky little batons and Captain America shields!
Even if they all had tasers (which I seriously doubt), tasers are absolutely useless in a melee.

They needed large volume CS, pepper or PAVA.
Even dry powder or CO2 fire extinguishers would have been effective in pushing people back a couple of meters if not more.
It’s that sort of space that deters aggression not barriers which just allows the aggressor to get hyped up and plan their next move.

Upping the ante would have brought in pepper ball guns and baton rounds (rubber bullets) but the weenies in charge were either stopped from doing so or just chose to sacrifice troops in order to not ‘inflame the situation’ which got totally out of control anyway.

Water cannon was an option once upon a time and the only sensible thing Boris Johnson did as Mayor of London. He bought three units from Germany. Except the Home secretary (later PM by default) at that time, THERESA MAY, banned them from being used in England and Wales.

Only it gets better. Take a wild guess who sold them off for scrap value?
That would be London’s present Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

All in all it has become blatantly obvious that the UK’s civil police force, as far as riot control and stopping mass protests is concerned, is in the shit BIG TIME.

Meanwhile, the ‘uncivil’ side of the population now have proof they can run amok with impunity and there is little the police can do to stop them.

So, apart from the few who are too stupid not to get caught or too technology ignorant to understand that just about everything gets caught on Smartphones and plastered all over social media or end up on CCTV as we are the second most surveilled country in the West!

I say watch out folks, steer clear of ‘protest’ events, and keep your support (if you do) for social media from the safety of your home. That is unless you like hospital food.

There is just one more point I’d like to mention.
Like a stuck record I still see the possibility of a Corvid rising infection and death rate because of the lack of control letting anyone mix regardless of whether they were masked or gloved up. That I still think will be VERY noticeable come the Summer Solstice on the 20th of this month.

So, if you are preppers like we are, you may like to consider topping up your store cupboard before the 20th June. (JIC)

London riots, whose fault?

Clashes between far-right thugs, Black Lives Matter supporters and riot police erupted in Trafalgar Square today and at Waterloo station as approximately 1,300 troublemakers remained in central London tonight after a 5pm curfew set by police. (DM and others)

It’s fascinating how when BLM troops wreck things it’s sort of ok.
When they break the law in mass protest that’s also ignored.
When ANTIFA wreck and tag statutes, and their socialist shock troops smack the police around, that’s frowned upon BUT that’s about it.

Yet no one is saying the obvious.
If Black Lives Matter has not been the instigator of all this nonsense.
If they hadn’t been agitating and inflaming everyone.
Not even trying to stop the destruction, disruption, and RACIAL hatred.


Meanwhile, and will probably go largely unnoticed and ignored.
The Home Secretary Ms. Patel (BAME) said, “Any perpetrators of violence or vandalism should expect to face the full force of the law”.

What, like they did(n’t) in Bristol?

And as for PM Johnson (Still missing a pair).
He Twittered from the safety of Downing Street,

“Racist thuggery has no place on our streets. Anyone attacking the police will be met with full force of the law. “These marches & protests have been subverted by violence and breach current guidelines.

So when exactly is he going to go after the instigators of this mess?
Black Lives Matter? I’ll hazard a guess there. NEVER!

Anyway, to not be seen as sidestepping the problem, Sadiq Khan (BAME), London’s mayor tweeted, “We will not tolerate attacks on our police and perpetrators will feel the full force of the law. It is clear that far right groups are causing violence and disorder in central London”

Same question for him.
Is he going to go after the instigators of this mess, the BLM leadership? Somehow I think not.

The law has been broken by all the factions involved yet in the end, nothing will be done about it.

There again, with only a week to go to the Summer solstice, some of us are watching the deaths and new case counts of Corvid19 with great interest.

Purely because a spike in numbers is expected over the Summer Solstice due to the actions of Black Lives Matter and their supporters and their  ‘unpaid help’.

No police force? Interesting.

The UK media headline (and many other WW sources) reported:
Minneapolis City Council unanimously votes to ABOLISH its police department and replace it with a community-led public safety system.

Roll up, roll up, for a front seat to see what happens when there is no proper law enforcement in a city! Only you don’t need to rush as the politicians need a year to think about how they are going to do it.

Firstly I’m glad I don’t live there, but that year leaves the law-abiding time to make choices i.e. Should I stay or should I go.

  • To leave it too late may mean financial loss as the price of property may CRASH if the proposals end up looking like a dogs dinner!
  • To stay I’d think the sensible ones would be looking to fortify their homes and source some SERIOUS firepower for when the looting starts.

One thing I’m thinking will happen is home, health, vehicle and business insurance rates are going to rocket!

There again, perhaps the city council plans will include disarming everyone (except the bad guys). That way no one gets hurt.

Ow, it only hurts
When I laugh lots.

Looking at this as a prepper, with a significant other to protect, I would choose the ‘white flight route’ ASAP.
As it’s got to be better to take a small financial hit before house prices fall off a cliff than face what could end up as total anarchy on the streets.

BLM have caused this mess while the UKGov fiddles on.

Warning, Non Politically Correct Content.
If you don’t want to read such an article, leave now!

Britain behind boards, cowering, like their leadership.
The statues being covered up range from Churchill to Nelson Mandela in London, to Baden Powell in Poole, Dorset, while graffiti on Penny Lane road sign in Liverpool just gets one one-line. Our history is under attack, statutes daubed with paint and chucked in the water, tit-for-tat sees another bleached. Antifa and other radicals see this as an opportunity to wreck the place, and the nationalists and other English patriots are gearing up for a fight.

Our police are being used as footballs and over 300 were injured last weekend. In short, they are undermanned, under gunned, with little of the recognized equipment for control, or the political will to deploy that equipment, to reinstate law and order.

If anything comes out of this mess it will be even more resentment, greater racial and immigrant hatred, than we’ve seen for years!

Wanna know why?
The UK professes to be a multicultural and religious tolerant state.
That’s utter B.S. as seen from the streets.
This process started by politicians and forced upon the population.
There was no discussion, it was pure 101% political ideology.
It split communities and caused a massive ‘white flight’.
Does anyone seriously think that made bridges?
Hell no, more like canyons!
It also allowed no-go areas to blossom, and a huge increase in gang culture.

Yet the Nero’s in the UK central and regional government sit there fiddling their PC harps as the temperature of resentment grows.

So is it any wonder why a degree of white ‘bite back’ is building up as the nationalists see the UKGov kowtowing to BAME and liberalism?

Someone needs to shut this down NOW!
Only the top dog hasn’t got a pair, so he ain’t going to do anything.
Thus, it might just be left to the streets to sort out and, having lived on those streets, I can say from experience:- The streets don’t take prisoners.

Outrage about a bit of tit for tat.

Warning, Non Politically Correct Content.
If you don’t want to read such an article, leave now!

Tit for tat? You do something to me, I’ll do something to you.
In war terms it’s called a proportional response.
Except a UK Leftie media rag calls what happened, ‘a vile attack by thugs’.

So, what’s this all about?
Someone in Bristol, UK poured bleach all over a memorial to a black playwrite and it turned white! Which is a moderate response in my mind to ripping down a statute, daubing it in red paint, and chucking it into the river in front of hundreds of baying, out of control, Black Lives Matter protestors, while the Bristol police looked on.

Do I agree with the tit-for-tat?
Officially? Me being very ‘PC’ and absolutely law-abiding, NO.
Which is not me at all and I laughed until my sides hurt!

This is however the prelude to all sorts of retaliation against a minority, out of control, not very liked, bunch of hooligans, intent on destroying every symbol of our English history in a vain attempt to make their worthless POS lives better in the future.

Except what is going to happen now is each ‘faction’ will ramp up its efforts to outdo the other and I can foresee open war on the streets if the limp wrist UK government don’t shut down this US inspired nonsense with the heaviest hand they can deploy.

There again, still living with the effects of their piss-poor slow, inadequate response to the pandemic which led to over 50,000 avoidable deaths, I suppose hoping for speed and positive action is a waste of time.

With that in mind, we will probably see weeks of indignant, false political correctness, and outraged speeches in parliament, before they scribble out new laws that both sides of the fight will promptly ignore.

Someone is going to get hurt soon. BAME or white, or one of the childish ANTIFA uni students or other wet’s will soon learn that the streets don’t pull punches.

The Leftie media labeled Nationalists, including our more feral ‘football hooligans’, as all being ‘Right Wing Extremists’.
BUT there are also a hell of a lot of people who have had enough of the government pandering to a minority, and have had more than enough of the media supporting their ’cause’.

Perhaps it’s time to remind the imports this is England.
The indigenous people of England are called English.
Some of us are damn proud to be so.
We have our own flag, base religions, and history.
The English are slow to rile, usually pretty tolerant, but it isn’t a good idea to upset us.

Is this coming across as me being angry? If it is good.
Does it make me racist? No! Just English.

Falling apart at the seams

Damn it. After the bravo and impunity to injury of youth wore off, further damage was fixed in place by life experiences. Only nothing really showed up till the last 5 years.

First the eyes went out of focus, then my hands started to ache like hell from the heavy damage by (apparently) ‘too much’ pistol recoil.

Then my rifle stock shoulder gave in, or more technically the doc who examined it said “Jeez, what truck hit you”!
Now my supporting arm’s elbow goes ouch at anything heavier than a mug of tea. Not to mention knees that grate, feet that creak, and other assorted aches and pains.

Gawd it’s not good is getting older!

However, the past did teach me a few things.
For example, my dad and DI taught me all the required firing positions, and then some. Then, when his ‘brood’ reached “Fair to middling ladies”, he hammered home that unsupported shooting was a mugs game.

So, today is decision day and my well-worn and loved sling is reduced to a carrying mode. The bipod that is still annoying me as it’s so “inflexible” is back in the bits box, and a partially filled day sack returns to its second role in life behind carrying my flask and butties. As my rifle support!

Still, at least my grip hasn’t slackened.
So that’s hand tools, DIY, kukri, and rope work are still OK.
Phew, I was getting worried.

While the glow of youth may have worn off (like a lot of other things), and except for the cream puffs in life, us disabled lot are generally a resourceful bunch who now use our smarts when physical force is needed thus I can still do what I used to, only now it just takes a little bit longer.

A news item that says it all.

Despite voting in a Tory government with a massive majority just months ago, Britain feels like a left-wing dictatorship teetering on the brink of anarchy. [Link]

Yes it’s all about racism, the BLM, the police, and Leftie politics in the UK. It highlights a problem created by the PC kowtowing to the results of forced inclusion of ‘multiculturalism’ into our nation.

A division that is mainly driven by the media.
The problem they created is the most racist are those who were once labelled the ‘victims’.

It also hammers home a truth.
You can’t please everyone for even some of the time.

So is it any surprise that the ‘so called’ right wing extremists are fighting back? They being the indigenous nation. I was tempted to say ‘repressed indigenous nation’ BUT that will be taken as racist.

So I better not type that!

UK’s Test and Trace Failure

The UK’s Test and Trace of the Corvid infected and possibly infected figures are looking abysmal.

Contact tracers were unable to reach one-third of people who tested positive for Covid-19 between 28 May and 3 June.

Of the 8,117 positive cases referred to contact tracers, they had succeeded in reaching 5,407 who had been willing to give them names and phone numbers for the people they had met in the previous two days.

The tracers had reached 85% of those contacts – 26,985 people – and asked them to self-isolate. There were a further 4,809 that they either failed to reach or failed to persuade them to stay at home.

Only here’s the thing I especially don’t like and it comes from Hancock’s own words. “It is the public’s “civic duty” to comply with requests from contact tracers. i.e. It’s not compulsory, not enforceable by law.
In other words pretty much useless.

The trigger for this civil disobedience was probably brought about by the PM’s advisor Cummings excursions around the country, including sightseeing, during the national lockdown.

That maggot was never censured or charged with breaking the law and showed clearly that the rich and connected can do what they want and get away with it. Something the little people in life instantly railed against.

As for the much heralded Smartphone App.
Reports over the weeks say its pretty much useless, not fit for task, and CANNOT be rolled out across the country due to a shed load of problems which includes data security and centralized processing. It also didn’t help that a SECOND App is being secretly developed and the department overseeing the original App only found out about it via the media. (FT)

All in all this has the now well known ‘Yet Another Hancock failure’ stamp plastered all over it.


All about the money part two

UK’s PM BORIS JOHNSON is under mounting pressure to cut social distancing rules from two meters to one in line with other European nations and to help re-open the UK economy.

He will do it too as sole traders, SOHO, to Big businesses, and schools can’t work any other way.

Which leaves us, the little and vulnerable people in life, as victims just waiting to happen.

It will do another thing.
When the second wave hits, the numbers of infected are going to be so high they will overwhelm and collapse the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) in the first few weeks.

Then, if we are still standing, our wishes will have been granted.
THE BIG DIE OFF us preppers need to survive.
Because out of disaster, and nobody to endanger us, comes opportunity for those who are resourceful, and adaptive.

BLM? Dangerous to all.

An opinion post which is not politically correct.
If you don’t like reading non PC stuff, leave now!

“Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” (Orwell, 1984) There are times when the writings of this author need to be brought to the front of people’s minds.

The BLM is not a political movement.
Anyone can support them, BUT, the clue is in the name, it is a Black orientated radical action movement that is currently pushing an agenda of destroying the symbols (names, flags, and monuments) of the white past in the hope that it will change the future for blacks.

As for the law enforcement side of things.
I’ll talk about that further down.

With this in mind the dangers should be obvious to both ‘sides’.

To some whites it is a movement actively destroying their history and assisted by their politicians who are visibly siding with a movement they dare not oppose as their policies for years have been those of appeasement, not of strength.

Thus, they are demonstrating a weakness in leadership which in some cultures is abhorrent as leadership should be strong and should be protecting the history, culture, and the heritage that evolved into the customs, traditions, religion, and morals, of today.

History is what shapes the future and as things evolve, some of it (usually the bad and most controversial) fades into the background or even gets forgotten about in the mists of time.

Yet, as a culture’s development is shaped by its past, it should never be obliterated, it’s history erased, or it’s legacy outlawed.
Some may argue about the last bit but to outlaw something is to make criminals of those who believe in their past and live quietly observing the patriotic and religious ideals of yesteryear.

However, attacks on a country’s past will see a reemergence of ‘the old ways’ and may revitalize deep resentments and the organizations that time had rendered passive, impotent, and irrelevant. Simply because there are still some who never forgot and are now able to say, “Our forefathers told you this would happen”.

Say that line enough, remind people of what is ‘wrong’ today and give multiple examples of things being torn down, banned by law, their heritage and culture shredded, and the effects it will have on their children!

It will build a following.
The wrong type of following?
That depends on who takes up the cause, and why.

As an example of that in the UK.
A politician of note, Enoch Powell, gave an address to his parliament in 1968 titled The Rivers of Blood speech.  (Full text)
(The PC of that time attacked him big time for saying what many were thinking. However, he remains one of our patriots of free speech and a victim of a system that has failed many since then.)

It’s also something that many past and existing groups refer to whenever the racist line is pushed by groups such as BLM.

There are other examples of that happening through the world today.
For example, the reemergence of nationalist movements including the ‘purity though violence’ factions in Europe.
Some because of their history, some (as in the UK) reacting to the threat to their national identities, religion, and culture from ethnic minorities, and in some other countries because of attacks on their religion.

Yet those resentments aren’t limited to the actions of the colored, it also extends to the ‘insipid creatures’ that are being churned out by modern education. They who are joining in with the destruction of ‘what was’ and because they feel ‘they are entitled to rail against the system’. A system that grants them freedoms their forefathers never had until they fought to gain them.

Some of them may even end up the targets of ‘re-education’.
Still, if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

Anyway, I feel that BLM isn’t thinking this through though and encouraging division across a multicultural society will trigger attacks from white on color, color on white, or even BAME against BAME.
The different elements of BAME could be seen as part of the problem even though they aren’t interested or even involved in this racial nonsense. Bottom line? They end up as targets from all sides, and all factions.

What about the policing side of things.
Looking into America from afar, talking to American friends, and reading how ‘some’ law enforcement is out of control. A re-staffing, re-tasking, and variation of role, is called for in some problem states.

It seems that the main fear is that you will lose the good side as politics goes postal on everything in its rush to ‘do the right thing’ for what is still a minority.

Yet that’s on a local level.
At a central government level it was them who pushed the militarization of police forces so part of the blame lies there.

Yet to undo that will need a reversal of policy and a tacit acknowledgment that ‘they’ got it wrong. What’s the chances of that happening?
If you live in America, you tell me.

From my side of the puddle, the UK’s Government view on something gone wrong is it is always someone else’s fault.

Which is also what I’m hearing from the current US Gov as they are going hell for leather at previous administration’s actions and decisions. After all it is an election year and someone has to ‘carry the can’ for the current administrations mistakes.

And finally, with a smile.
Our town is a back wood place in the grand scheme of thing yet some idiot has been posting BLM posters on phone boxes.

Some have been shredded, others amended to read ALM.
All Life Matters.
Funny thing.
Those that have been amended to ALM sit there safe and sound.
I wonder, what message does that give?

Oh no, not more antibiotics!

It goes like this. I need regular blood tests.
Only things aren’t the same anymore and it’s 20 questions before you can even reach the main door let alone enter the surgery.

Does that make life safer? Apparently not.
After 30 years of being stuck with a needle, under this new super sanitized testing procedure, I get my VERY FIRST infection from a needle.

Only this never EVER happened before ‘procedures’ were tightened up. Unlucky me? More like stupid for going there in the first place. Problem is I can’t afford a home tester, let alone the cost of the test strips to feed it, so I’m basically stuffed.

Bottom line, a nursing practitioner calls me and prescribes antibiotics after a phone diagnosis. Still at least I didn’t have to go into the now ‘spotless’, sanitized, and almost completely empty surgery.

So, I have 14 days of penicillin and the joy of yet more blood tests to come as the damn stuff always screws up my bloods.

Two steps forward, one back. It really sucks getting old!

As a prepper you might think regular testing could be a problem come our own little TEOTWAWKI. Not so.
The surgery has EIGHT units, and I know where every one of them is stored plus the testing strips! Enough for two years.

Is two years ‘Short term’ survival?
9 meals is the limit of most people, and we as a couple have always lived REALLY frugally. So with our duel skill sets, I would like to think two years is possible (Inshallah).

Aside from the obvious problems, no supermarkets, electricity, heat, or potable water, food, meds, etc, prepping is all about problem solving. That’s something we do really well.

Despite being a pair of KOS. (Knackered Old Shits).

Nuke Power Plant Accident!

A nuclear power plant tower at Hinkley Point C collapses releasing dust cloud into sky, 10 Jun 2020.

How’s about that for sphincter tightening moment!

The ‘why it failed’, isn’t exactly forthcoming at this time BUT as Hinkley C is still under construction, 250 miles away and the wind blowing anything airborne away from us, I’m kinda thinking “so what”.

(While quietly filling the bath tub and taping the windows).

Anyway, I can imagine a few preppers along the wind track, will be sightly more nervous than usual.


So basically I’m FUBAR

The waiting list for UK hospital treatment is set to soar to almost 10 million people by Christmas amid a huge backlog caused by coronavirus disrupting services. (NHS leaders).

So, I waited for two years before getting to see a consultant, another year while he mucked around, then CORVID arrived, so I may have wait ANOTHER 10 years till I get treatment!

I just hope the next life will be better than the shite I’m living in now.

Acedemics and why they need to be banned

Scientists from the universities of Cambridge and Oxford have appealed for a “rational debate” on the “tiny” risk to children. They have also argued that if no vaccine is found soon enough, younger people should be allowed to carry on with their lives while people who are more at risk of coronavirus remain shielded.

6 Feb 2020 A newborn baby has become the youngest victim of coronavirus – after being diagnosed at just 30 hours old. (Wuhan)

29 Feb 2020 Germany. Four children have been infected with coronavirus after their teacher fell ill.

3-10 Mar 2020 4 children in Broncs school are ill from Corvid19

29 Mar 2020 Portuguese boy, 14, ‘youngest to die in Europe’ after catching coronavirus

29 Mar 2020 An infant in Illinois who tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) has died,

23 Mar An 17-year-old has died in the UKone day after testing positive for COVID-19, according to officials.

31st March A 13-year-old schoolboy from south London has reportedly become the UK’s youngest person to die.

Was March a hell of a month for lightning?

3 May 2020 A six-week-old baby is believed to be England’s youngest coronavirus victim, who sadly died in hospital on 3 May.

Or was it May?

Academic ex-spurts need to ask their parents and grandparents for written permission before engaging their mouths in what will be taken as support for the government’s flawed policy of opening schools.

Especially after one primary school found 6 teachers infected just before it reopened.

As for MP’s Williamson (Schools) and Hancock (Health)?
I won’t be asking the Lord to forgive them as they know not what they say. Because they do know the truth and are concealing it.

Their actions, as is the actions of the UKGov, are a gamble.
With other people’s lives.
Only when has that ever stopped this government thinking more about money than people?

It’s too early to open schools and to basically do away with lockdown on a national level. Ultimately this stupid easing is Nothing to do with the public safety. It’s all about the MONEY!

Which gives great credence to the statement:-
“The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” – Ronald Reagan







BLM. Is their staged outrage just B.S?

CAUTION Non PC content.
If that worries you, leave NOW!

A black person was murdered.
(Someone who wasn’t as law-abiding as is being portrayed)
Still, that doesn’t change what happened, and the evidence shows it was White Police Brutality, and I think that LEO deserves to be tried for murder. Yet there’s this thing going on in my mind.


Or the LEO black!
Would there have been the same riots, mass protests, the outpourings of choreographed “grief” and regret?

Would the media be full of the self-righteous pricks who call themselves politicians toeing a politically correct, multicultural and religiously tolerant agenda and expressing how wrong everything is, even though it has been going on for years during their watch!

Would it have brought out ANTIFA and the other scum and antisocial elements to disrupt life, graffiti, wreck, and ‘drown’ statutes, loot and burn buildings, and vehicles.

Would there have been processions past a coffin by the masses who didn’t know the victim. The family distress televised.
The TV and online ravings by professional activists and agitators of color.

Would all this gone Global
With rioting around the world?

Somehow, I think NOT!

As this farce goes on, the most racist in our multicultural melting pot of life are showing their true colors. I’m also thinking a basic truth has become corrupted, if not ignored, to suit their agenda.

That truth?
Whatever the Color.

London nil, we’re winning!

Health Secretary (Matt the prat) Hancock said: “I am glad to be able to report that the number of deaths in recorded in London hospitals yesterday was zero. Likewise in Scotland there were no recorded deaths so that is very good news for the capital and for Scotland.”

Gawd how I loath this POS.
Once again this political toady is being selective with the truth as there may have been NO HOSPITAL DEATHS IN LONDON, but what about hospitals around England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Plus he’s not exactly being clear about whether he is talking about the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, or the whole of Scotland. Then there are the prisons, care homes, and in the community.

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) doesn’t report daily but when they do, I’m going to be scanning the spreadsheets for today’s date.
(It’s worth a reminder that their figures, which list EVERY death, are usually a third higher than the UK Gov lies.)

If only to award him another
To add to the cupboard full
He’s already earned.

When Government gives in.

Nine Minneapolis City Council members told a crowd Sunday that they will “begin the process of ending the Minneapolis Police Department.”

We recognize that we don’t have all the answers about what a police-free future looks like, but our community does,” they said, reading off a prepared statement. (Link.)

Our community does?
What, all 430,000 (plus change) of them?
All of them, being law-abiding, and with no hidden agenda?

In percentage terms,
The ‘2010’ demographics gave:-

  • White: 63.8%
  • Black or African American: 18.6%
  • Hispanic or Latino (of any race): 10.5%
  • Asian: 5.6%
  • Some other race: 5.6%
  • American Indian: 2.0%

A very multicultural and very religiously tolerant mix.
Still, I have a bit of a jaded view about this and it goes:-

  • Without uniformed law enforcement there will be chaos.
  • Law making and enforcement by committee never works.
  • Non uniformed officials will be met with derision, contempt, if not worse.
  • Racism and ‘class distinction’ will also reach new heights.
  • Social tensions will increase and whichever side starts the trouble,
  • They will always scream “You’re always against us and racist”!

And finally
If ever there was an advertised event that was going to end up as
“The End Of Their World as they knew it”. This is it.


Another round of racial protest, riots, destruction, and attacks on the police.

Black Lives Matter?
Just another excuse for rioting by Antifa and other scum.
Media saying, ‘BAME mob rule’, which is kinda focused on who is mostly doing the rioting, looting, and destruction, but ignoring the other side of anarchy, white scum of ‘student’ (usually university) age.

Meanwhile, The mayor of Bristol, Marvin Johnathan Rees (BAME) ‘doesn’t condone the dumping of a slaver statue into the river’, BUT is in no hurry to retrieve it. Takes issue with the Home secretary Priti Patel (BAME).

London’s candidate for Mayor Shaun Bailey (BAME) wants the protests to continue, and another candidate Siobhan Benita (BAME) ‘stands in solidarity with the protests’.

Meanwhile, London’s mayor Sadiq Khan (BAME).
Won’t stop the BLM protests.

Birmingham Mayor Mohammed Azim (BAME)
His council supports the protests.

Can anyone see a pattern here? Or is it just me.

In the UK, US, Europe, Hong Kong, and beyond, with all these ‘protests’.
When you lose control of BAME and the students, you end up with anarchy on the streets. (Note: In England and Wales, nearly a fifth of people come from a BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) background).

Which puts me, and probably other English preppers, with an interesting problem to solve and plan for.

If the ‘powers that be’ seem to be CONDONING the protests.
Not enforcing social distancing.
Or protecting the law-abiding’s primary protection, the Police.
All they are doing is setting the conditions for a perfect storm in the form of national civil disobedience and racial hatred by BAME for all thing’s authority, and maybe all things white. In a pandemic where 40,000 plus people have died, with undoubtedly more to follow.

As for that soon to occur Corvid-19 spike?
With a ‘disproportionate’ infection and kill rate from Corvid19 on BAME.
That could turn out ‘interesting’ when the final analysis is carried out.

Only I wonder who the anarchists will blame?
The whites, BLM, the medical profession, or the government for ‘not protecting them’ (from themselves).

Hell they might even get around to blaming themselves – – – BUT I doubt that.

Preppers used to talk about 9 meals from anarchy.
I’m seeing another pattern forming.
9 days of BLM protests leading to a massive surge in deaths ACROSS the country.

As predicted, just in time for the Summer Solstice, 20th June.

It’s always been about the money.

The economy, jobs, trade, open borders, big business, taxation, wages, ending furlough, national insurance, and – – – –
Did I leave anything out? Oh yeah, Public health.
Such an annoyance is dealing with that.

Thus, our wonderful leadership has decided to ignore science, massage the death figures like mad, deny everything is going horribly wrong, and open the UK (although it never actually closed) for seven days a week trading.

Only to do that you’ve got to release parents from the odious task of homeschooling and looking after their kids.

So, despite the dire warnings from just about EVERYONE!
The schools are being opened.
I did however sadly shake my head at the news that TWELVE schools had been placed on coronavirus infection alert as teachers and pupils are told to quarantine themselves — amid frantic efforts to stop it spiraling out of control. (The Sun)
Not forgetting the school 4 days ago, that was forced to remain closed this week when seven members of staff tested positive for corvid-19. (Guardian)

Also remembering that according to the UKGov, children don’t get Corvid-19. Until cases started to appear AND a new twist where a ‘Kawasaki’ type illness that was Corvid related started to infect infants.

Darn it. The UKGov weren’t quick enough to hide that one.

So, where possible, all shops are opening so that the government can stop paying furlough pay and get some payback in the form of individual and business taxes.

BUT (and there is always a but) as there is still little tax revenue for the government to squander on big business, they have also decided to suspend (Govspeak for scrap) the Sunday opening hours so workers can now work anything up to 72 hours a week. Or more, if they sign their life away.

Which brings about an interesting dilemma.
Schools are only open Monday to Friday. So, having now scrapped the Sunday trading laws, who gets to look after the kids over the weekend?

It can’t be Grandad or Granny.
They are still off limits. Or are they?
You can go and see them but no touch, observe social distancing, and no overnight stays for them or you.

Next door isn’t allowed especially if the kids want to use the toilet or stay overnight.

So Kids! You’re on your own!

Incidentally has any of my foreign friends cottoned onto what has happened in the United Kingdom? The Corvid-19 infections, recovered (now not listed as a 40% death rate is slightly embarrassing), and the total deaths have been divided up by area.

You’ve also got Hospitals, Care homes, Prisons, and ‘In the community’ figures from all of them.

Thus, the United bit of the Kingdom isn’t anymore and the government can cherry-pick what figure they use OR pick one low, one high, and average the figures out to be politically acceptable when describing what is actually happening in the now UNTIED Kingdom.

Except they haven’t quite managed to silence the UK’s bean counters aka The Office of National Statistics ONS. (Yippee!)
OR do anything about the different regions telling organizations like Worldometers what’s happening.

Damn annoying is that as it can be politically VERY Embarrassing.
Only they thought up an answer for that too.
Do away with corona ‘weekend’ daily briefings.
They claim because audiences are dropping.
WTH does that mean?

Anyway, if you are a fan of wordometers, and if you click the total deaths’ column, it sorts out the list in descending numbers.
The US (MAGA) is first in the world ratings
The UK is second but first in Europe.

Nice eh?

Here is the news.

You all have to wear a mask if you are on public transport or anywhere you cannot maintain social distancing. You’ll also need one to go to hospital for treatment or outpatient appointments. No mask, no treatment and a fine if you haven’t got one using public transport.

Says who? The UK government.
What, from now?
No, we’ll let a few more thousand get infected first so don’t start wearing one until the 14th June.

Is it just me or are our lunatics still running the asylum?

Anyway, what kind of mask, FFP2 or 3?
Disposable, washable, half or full face?
Is it OK to wear a respirator?
How’s about gloves?
(Frightened shrug by government weenie).

‘Er, one made from an old tee shirt would be best.
Just not one made for use by medical personnel’.

‘I’ve got FFP3 industry approved masks which I used at work’.
And my respirator from service days with an updated filter.
‘Am I OK to wear those’?

I also don’t own any tee shirts so can I cut up a pair of shorts and make one out of that? Blushing now.

Yep, lunatics and government.
How nicely those two words sit together.

I’ll not go into why there is no way in hell am I voluntarily going near a hospital in the UK.
There again, why not.
It’s well known that most outhouses and cesspits in the UK are safer than hospitals.
If it’s not the airborne bugs, it’s the droplet infection over everything.
Most of the clerical staff and consultants are borderline super carriers.
Especially some of the ‘5th world’ doctors working in UK hospitals.
They, whose English ‘isn’t’, and not even French, Dutch, Polish or German gets a glimmer of a response. However, I did get lucky once, the doctor was RUSSIAN!

As for some hospital wards?
Some have only one toilet, one sink, one shower, for 8 beds.
The best time to use one is BEFORE the poorly trained, underpaid, contract cleaners (‘Plez, No English’) get in there as they have already been into a couple of hundred other (cans, heads, toilets) before reaching yours!
One cloth and mop head per week. New gloves every second Tuesday.

Food? The list of mass food poisoning is legendary.
Drink? The nice bit is the tea is well stewed before it reaches you BUT you can’t use your own mug. ‘Health and safety Dearie’.

So, short of kidnapping a vet.
I’ve just got to work out the best way to get to Germany, South Korea, or New Zealand, without some jerk of a border control idiot putting me and my own into 14 days isolation when I’m bleeding to death.

There again, if they did that, perhaps I’d get free medical treatment.
As I couldn’t pay, would they just keep me there?
Now there’s a thought.
After a year in wherever, that could mean I can apply for citizenship.

Aw, so it’s true.
Behind every rule around the world is the opportunity of a passport.
OR maybe a 9 mm behind the ear and no need to worry anymore.

BLM to kill people regardless of race.

BLM have organized mass protests around a country with the highest death rate from Corvid-19 in Europe. That would be the UK.

As an example of the protests,  this is Parliament Square in London
And as you can see its rammed solid.

An estimated 2000 people are present (a guesstimate from the media).
There are many wearing masks BUT standing shoulder to shoulder is NOT SOCIAL DISTANCING and in my mind:-

It’s the 6th of June 2020. I’ll add 14 days to that and the summer solstice on the 20th June is looking like it’s going to get really hot, BIOLOGICALLY RED HOT!

Thus, a black man dies in the US and, as a result of all these stupid protests,  thousands more may die in the UK.

OMG. I’m sat here typing this and there is stupid woman on Sky moaning about single use disposable masks as it will add to the plastic pollution in the world. TRY TO GET A GRIP ON CURRENT AFFAIRS WOMAN!! Or is that too damn hard!





Trump’s Sleight of Hand

Active service troops on the streets during protests in Washington.
Dunno what you think about it but to me its:

For me, there is nothing more abhorrent than seeing your own troops on home soil, carrying out a politician’s (INO) whim, attacking unarmed civilians.

Luckily for the US it seems their Military Top Dog Gen. Milley thinks the same. So, after an argument with Trump, the troops have been withdrawn leaving law enforcement and the National Guard to clean up the mess.

Except Trump hadn’t quite finished and another nail will have been put to one side for his political coffin.

The infamous ‘Church’ photo call had Trump lined up with press secretary, defense secretary (Esper), national security adviser and attorney general. General Milley doing the honorable thing and withdrawing from this ‘bad taste’ event.

Later on Esper and Milley both said they didn’t know what was going on aka Trump duped them. Do I find that a reasonable assumption? You bet!

Only here’s the thing. With General Mattis joining in the furor, what may seem like another act of stupidity by Trump may just end the Man-love Trump had for the military forever.

If that is so, perhaps America can sleep a bit sounder knowing one thing.

The US military honor the constitution.

UK Media making up things again

AROUND half of Britons are now either fully or partially boycotting Chinese products out of anger at Beijing’s handling of the coronavirus epidemic according to new reports.

We just entered the     zone.

It was a truly stunning survey too!
A deeply representative number of people.
That number? 1500.  (Or about .0023% of the population)

China is the world’s largest manufacturing center for electronic products, including televisions, computers, handsets and other electronic equipment. Together with the largest manufacturing base in commonly used and medium- and low-end electronic components. Not to mention industrial and consumer goods, machinery and equipment, footwear and clothing.

Their component parts are found in a HUGE range of products from the rest of the world. Parts which if not manufactured by the Chinese, may cause a serious dent in world production of goods.

Now think about what is being claimed.
A few dickheads boycotting Chinese goods and thinking their choice is going to make the Chinese do whatever?

Happily I can tell you exactly what the Chinese response to that would be.

If the UK had the manufacturing capability of small parts, be they mechanical, hydraulic, electrical or electronic, plastics, glass and metal work, right through to the assembly of completed assemblies that could match the same range of products. Not forgetting the workforce and facilities to match the Chinese industrial machine. The UK would be rolling in money.

Only it isn’t, and we haven’t.
So if we cut off trading with China because of 1500 people’s opinion, we just might manage to produce an overpriced toaster (Made in the UK using nothing but UK component parts and tooling). At the rate of one a week.

As for boycotting Chinese goods? Look down at your shoes.
A large amount of you would be walking around barefoot.
If not naked!
Which brings about a well gross thought.
If all that ‘lard with no meat’ sizzling in the sun on our beaches last week is anything to go by. That ain’t going to look pretty.

Just call me “Harry” and Markle

Apparently ‘Harry’ was given advice on the subject:
‘One steps out with actresses, one doesn’t marry them,’
He ignored that and has fallen flat on his face.

I just wish the UK media would stop writing about this hapless pair. Ex-Prince ‘Harry’ and his woman left the UK on her whim and ran hell for leather to Canada. They saying it was to withdraw from public life and live quietly.  (B.S.)
Only Canada turned on them, and I’ve absolutely no problem about that.

So the actress, with little boy and baby in tow, moved to LA. He apparently hates it (according to scuttlebutt), she loves it (back with her old cronies), and the Royal Family in the UK pointedly said that the boy is welcome back anytime he wants.

Which I take as ditch the bitch and come on home.

Markle has been speaking about BLM.
Well whoopee do.
So much for lying low but unsurprising.
Markle needs to be center stage the whole time, while the boy would rather?

And there is his problem.
Cut off from the military, family, no longer with Royal duties or anything to do with his charities. Having to ‘cope’ on his own two feet, apparently still in mental distress.  In the US, and basically a prop for Markle to introduce as ‘here’s my ex-prince hubby‘.

Welcome to civvy street fool!
It ain’t quite what you thought it would be is it?

Now, in the UK media,  an ex-security team member for them fears for their safety. The ‘Just call me Harry’, wanted the quiet life so let him do what millions of Americans do, take responsibility for his own safety.

Now all this will come across as an anti Royal rave.
It sort of is, but only at him.
I remember his military service in Afghanistan and him being shipped home after 10 weeks. Some serving there commenting that he was a liability and bullet magnet.

Which seems to fall in with a media report at that time: “This decision has been taken primarily on the basis that the worldwide media coverage of Prince Harry in Afghanistan could impact on the security of those who are deployed there, as well as the risks to him as an individual soldier,” said the MoD.

Sigh. The (now ex) prince and the actress.
Sounds like the start of a joke.
Only the reality is much more funny.
Or could turn out more tragic.

The world has once again seen the feral side of London

BLM protests in London were being filmed by an Australian crew when they were attacked.
By whom or why is unclear but it is typical of London’s feral side.
Other incidents included London’s mayor SAJID JAVID raging at a group of Antifa protesters screaming “f*** the Police” as they marched down Whitehall.

I wonder why he would feel the need to do that?

That and thousands of Corvidiots were ignoring social distancing which will probably cause another spike in infections in the coming weeks. Places of note there were outside the US embassy, Hyde Park, and Trafalgar Square.

Except most of this is nothing to do with the US event.
It is just another excuse for the feral London BAME youth gangs and other assorted trash (ANTIFA) to run riot, attack people, destroy, and steal.

Meanwhile, in Cardiff and Manchester, protests also happened.
Most media reports said with little if any trouble.
Except for the same gathering of Corvidiots were ignoring social distancing.
Yet another spike or two? Time will tell.

Still, something good has come of it.
The melting pot is once again being exposed for what it truly is.
Uncontrolled youth anarchy on the streets of London.

Not so much ‘shouldn’t be allowed’ more “It badly needs cleansing”.
There again both work for me.

Lockdown collapses, new cases soar!

31st May
1,936 new cases and 115 new deaths

1 June ?
1,570 new cases and 111 new deaths. 

2 June (in the last 24 hours).
1653 new cases,
324 new deaths

Figures from Worldometer.

BUT they aren’t telling the whole truth or anything like the whole truth for the UK.

The number of deaths registered in England and Wales with confirmed or suspected Covid-19 reached 44,401 by 22 May, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), but when more recent figures from the NHS and from statistics authorities in Scotland and Northern Ireland are added in, the tally hits 50,032. (Guardian).

We are still second in the world for deaths, the US still leading the world.
And we are still first in the death totals in Europe.

Only 4 countries aren’t listing their recovered numbers.
The UK, Spain, Netherlands, and Sweden.
So what have they to hide?

What else to say?
Seeing as though the lockdown appears to have collapsed after the public’s reaction to the actions of PM Johnson’s adviser Cummings, and the Black Lives Matters organizers, there is no telling what will happen in the next 28 days around the country as the morons who attended those protests scatter to the four corners of our Island.

In our little town this is the primary topic of conversation as this weekend some ‘non-essential’ shops will be open, some cafés, and our worst fear, some static caravan sites will open.

Once they all open, that’s 35,000 static caravans within a 20-mile radius of us and our town’s summer population of 12,500 rises to 28,000.

After that? It could get WELL messy.

Rioting (once again) because of racial tensions.

CAUTION- Non politically correct content.

Trump. “I will send in the troops”.

Democrats. “The fascist speech Donald Trump just delivered verged on a declaration of war against American citizens.

Unfortunately, the UK and world’s wet’s chipped in on the current events and the ‘Human Rights’ (whatever) want the UK to stop exporting CS and other riot control items to the US on the grounds that the UK’s government’s own rules say such exports should not go ahead where they are likely to be used for “internal repression”.

OK, the UK stops exporting non-lethal equipment.
What’s left for the US security services to do?
Buy elsewhere or make do?
Make do? That would almost certainly be live ammo.

I’m of two minds here.
Riots only happen if quiet diplomacy fails over a long time.
Yet this isn’t solely about protesting a death as historically it has always turned into the looting and destruction of property.

That’s sort of SOP in the US and most of the civilized world.

Looking at the footage, and reviewing previous looting frenzies in the US, UK, and Europe, what I saw is a larger number ‘with color’ doing the damage and looting than the indigenous population.

Before someone says “That’s what the media always concentrate on”, I would say that if they weren’t there in the first place, how could they film them?

I’ve often written ‘Out of disaster comes opportunity for the resourceful’.
To that I think I can safely add ‘Out of racial tensions comes destruction’.

(Mind Two) Which leaves me wondering.
Aside from the psychologists who psycho-babble anything and everything to justify the actions of criminals. What the law-abiding and victims see is their livelihood and property destroyed by the same ‘actors’ all the time.

As a result they demand the police do more to stop them.
Which just starts the cycle all over again.
So how can you stop this cycle? Simple.
Remove the perpetrators as giving in to them will still leave the resentment and them demanding more.

Not So?
OK. I challenge you to give me an example of “We gave them what they wanted” that resulted in no further trouble thereafter.

I win, you lose. Why?
Because something given freely without limits has no value if everyone has the same. Thus, they will want MORE! And that is psychobabble of the first order!

After all that, the question has to be asked, “What happens next in the US, UK, and beyond”?

There are two views.
The first is a lot of butt gets kicked, killed, or jailed, until the activists and criminals get the idea they aren’t going to win this round.

The second is this escalates into the state verses the people (population).
That outcome is a little hard to foresee and depends on only one factor.

Which faction will the US military side with?

It’s been said that the worst use of your own armed forces is when they are turned onto their own people. Some saying nobody wins if that happens.

Or maybe the military will and the US may just turn into the totalitarian state some have feared would happen for a long, long time.
If it does, I’ve always wondered what it will call itself.
Apart from the United States of Staunch Republicans, aka USSR.

There again, what if the US military turns on itself?
Um. Tasty!

Wow, the stupidity is simply stunning.

According to UK media,
Two 18-year-old female BAME students. Organizers of London’s BLM protest and breaking of the social distancing laws, claim they ‘risk their lives on a daily basis’ living in ‘so racist’ UK and one saying ‘The police will kill me before corona kills me’: 

What Total And Utter

Tell you what girls.
Seeing as though the West is so hostile towards you, reading how unsafe you feel, and the certainty expressed that you will die by the hands of the police.

I reckon for your own safety you consider a permanent move to somewhere where white, racially biased, killer police can’t get to you.
China, South America, or the continents of Africa and Antarctica coming to mind.

Except you won’t. (More’s the pity).

Still, you can sit there confident about one thing.
You’re probably on a watch list now and forever more so any chance of working in a well paid job that requires any level of state security vetting has just evaporated.

And that has me ROTFL!

BLM and Antifa are running riot in the US

Who else?
White supremacists of course.
According to Officials in Minnesota.

Which rather confuses me.
I thought this was all about “BAME”, “Antifa” and “the Radical Left” protesting about police brutality against blacks.

There again, the papers were politically correct enough to not list LGBT (whatever) and the long-suffering heterosexual white, privileged, or impoverished, MAGA hating Democrats.

Whoops, I nearly forgot.
They also didn’t list the Christians, Muslims, Russians, Chinese, Iranians, and North Koreans, not forgetting the extreme right!

The burning question on my mind now is:-
WTH is going on?
The incident and the furor I can understand, but all the rest, like who is involved and why, seems like nonsense and possibly something to do with the old adage of politics.

Never let a crisis go to waste when it can be manipulated to push some longstanding political goal.

I guess social distancing has ended.

Cardiff, London, Manchester.
The great unwashed, unknowing, anarchists, and the deluded, gathered together in three cities to protest something few have ever experienced.
Yet it didn’t stop there.
BLM protests were also taking place at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, and at the US Embassy in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen.

What a marvelous way to restart the second wave of infections across Europe, let alone here.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab today appealed for the US not to ‘tear itself apart’ and said that the Floyd case was ‘very distressing’.

Bollocks Raab!
What’s very distressing, or will be soon enough, is the sharp spike in infections that will come out of this. Only what will the UK Gov do when it does spike?

If they order another lockdown to save lives and the NHS, that will be taken as a totalitarian white supremacist government trying to silence the protests of the people. That and Boris Johnson (now known for an absence of balls) wouldn’t dare do that. After all business (money) first, people second.

All it took was one black thief, one stupid US LEO, and Trump inflaming everyone, and we’ll be right back where we started. Bringing out the dead!

As a footnote to all this stupidity, did anyone notice the US media footage of an idiot who drew a ‘bow’ on protestors and got beaten up for doing so?

If ever something was needed to demonstrate the stupidity of the US mindset regarding ‘assault weapons’, this one must rank in the top five most

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