Political Correctness Kills.

And nothing demonstrates that better than the 2017 Manchester Arena Bombing where an eighteen-year-old event security guard (on minimum wage) “had a ‘bad feeling’ about suicide bomber Salman Abedi did not approach the terrorist because he feared being called a racist”, the public inquiry has heard.

I smell a sacrificial lamb being cooked, do you?

Still, been there with the bad feeling bit and apparently I have profiling issues.
Once upon another life, I challenged a black drug pusher at a venue who kicked off about racial profiling and the venue security manager sided with him telling me, “People of color are NOT to be challenged”. As a temp I did what was my right, I walked off the job to threats about “you’ll never work again”.

My reply?

Then port security.
Walked into the interview, told them straight what had happened, and got hired on the spot. Difference there was the ‘hirer and firer’ was ex-forces who said with a smile, ‘I don’t give a toss about political correctness or profiling, only getting things right’.

Best bit about that job was dealing with the broad spread of European nationalities and languages. That and drug smuggling, weapons finds, drunks and druggies, abusive behavior, fights, and the occasional unbalanced personality. To that I’ll add three cars seized as stolen, and an attempted child abduction foiled by Special Branch who swooped in when we reacted to a watch notice.

As for the night shift?
Illegals getting off trucks and thinking they had made it.
We had a nice little room for them to warm up, and a free ‘escorted’ ticket back on the next ferry as, although they had landed, they were still in a controlled area so hadn’t actually got into the UK.

BUT, take a flying guess who caused ALL OF US the most problems?
The ‘B’ bit of BAME from London and the ‘BME’ bit of BAME from Jihad Central, aka The Midlands. BAME? Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic.

Funny thing was they all argued and raged in perfect English until the police arrived. Then they mysteriously forget all their ‘multilingual skills’.
The hilarious bit was the holding area had CCTV and voice recording.
Something we really enjoyed playing back to the police in front of the “no speak English” detainees.

A reminder of what is truly important.

I was watching a documentary about a fisherman on Borneo.
I like these glimpses into someone’s low tech lifestyle and especially the way people think in those cultures.

So, what happened? He lucked out fishing at the first couple of spots with his homemade speargun (which would have given the finest of Western designs a run for their money) but in the end caught 4 fish, for 12 hours work.

What does that convert to in cash?
70 Euro’s a month, 83 USD

Then later, he was talking about life in general and said:-
With that money I can feed my family and pay for my children’s education.
I want my wife and family to be happy, and my children to be able to study, so they can follow their dreams.

I have no problem in believing these were genuine words.
It’s been my experience that those with little, but are content with their lot, don’t yearn for the unreachable, just the achievable.

Are you of the same mindset?

Whoa! Take a deep breath, and calm down America.

To all my friends in the US.

The evidence is overwhelming that the US media is feeding on, and adding to, the panic and hate rhetoric from the two political sides of this election and forecasting the end of the world as you know it.

The problem I see is them with less than average IQ’s on both political sides will run with the anger and hate of this hype and could present a danger to their ‘opponents’ AND anyone who just happens to be there REGARDLESS of whether they have any interest or opinion about what is going on.

In particular, I am pointing at those who have had no training on how to cope, with civil disorder. Thus, the likelihood is they may be running scared at this time.

Which brings me to the endless stories about Mr. & Mrs. Average Citizen rushing out to buy weapons to defend themselves against the Armageddon the media (and others) are forecasting.

As a result, you may have FIVE PROBLEMS to watch out for.
Two of them are made up of the politically (thus mentally) unstable.
The third is the professional agitators, domestic terrorists, or criminals
The fourth is the emergency and security services, and lastly
The scared shitless thinking that any caller could be an enemy.

It’s been my experience that larger townships and cities are generally a melting pot. They are often segregated, and some of those areas are more volatile than others.  i.e. The rich, the poor, educated or not, blue or white collar, race and religion comes into it, and the envy and anger towards those who have it all or would (or are) imposing their will over the little people in life.

Yet America is a vast country that has areas that are peaceful no matter what happens. So my thoughts turn to those listening to the exaggerated media hype and rushing to make plans in a sort of “JUST IN CASE” state of panic.

Are you one of those?
Living among friends but are now wondering about what will happen if your friend’s choice of POTUS doesn’t get elected? If you don’t know their feelings, is that scaring you? Why would you think they would flip out? Have you evidenced they would be capable of doing you harm?

Yes or no, are you quietly arming up ‘just in case’, and what’s your plan if they come around to celebrate or commiserate with a bottle in their hands. Shoot first, or get two glasses out of the cupboard. Have you considered that it’s dead easy to loose off a shot but way harder to resurrect the dead?

And finally.
I reckon there will be trouble in some form or the other during the build up and on result day from hotheads.

As for afterwards?
That could be something to think about and I’m sure the media will carry on overexaggerating and making wild opinions to “assist you” in your decision-making.

So, chill out people, turn that damn drool box (television) and internet connected thingy off for a while, and think some calm thoughts.

Remember that it is the media’s aim in life to shock, misinform, and stir things up! As disorder, mayhem, death and destruction sells.

Keep safe, think things through, and try to ignore the hype folks.

No longer just PC, now it’s PI political ignorance

UK’s PM Johnson has definitely lost the plot and moved into a delusional and dangerous mindset.

According to the Telegraph.
He’s considering cutting the self-isolation period by half after fears Brits were ignoring the Track and Trace system. (New data showed that just 10.9 per cent of people who were contacted by NHS Test and Trace isolated for 14 days.)

As a result our  deluded, inadequate in so many ways, PM Johnson is said to have become “disillusioned” with Test and Trace statistics.

More like panicking as his career light starts flickering!

FLASH NEW Chief Muppet, the people aren’t ignoring the track and trace,  because it simply DOESN’T WORK. Plus, the contact side of it is a disaster of incompetence, and we’re talking single percentage figures of people who actually get contacted in the first place.

So, our brave (knowing all) leader’s is now ‘considering’ a plan is to cut back on the isolation period of 14 days to just 7 days?  WTF!

No, ‘let’s fix this problem’, just half the time you have to sit at home and HOPE that you’re one of the average souls where symptoms begin showing in 5-7 days.

We are so VSF.

Artificial Intellegence needed in White House STAT!

So what do they do? BRITAIN and the US have a “special partnership” to develop artificial intelligence to protect against the threat of China. (Express)

Only before I start:-
Where’s this place called Britain?
There was a Great Britain GB once upon a time.
I know because I was born in a part of that nation in a region called England.
Only then our Lords and Masters, having joined the car wreck of the European Union (Mistake One), decided among themselves that GB was no more, and we became a “United Kingdom” making mistake number two.

Mistake three was EVER thinking England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales were united! Which is why a fair few of us keep making the typo of not using United but the more accurate “UNTIED” Kingdom.

Finally, and up to date.
Mistake four is maintaining any “special” arrangement with the current administration of the US let alone the next jerk in office there!

And back to artificial intelligence
Needed in the White House.

Whoops, I meant ‘BRITAIN and the US have a “special partnership” to develop artificial intelligence to protect against the threat of China’. (Express)

Which should start by having SOME FORM OF INTELLIGENCE installed within the White House. After all the current administration fire key personnel who can think faster than the ink drying on their contract.

The Express then goes onto to say ‘The UK ranks second only to America in the new technology, says Oxford Insight’s AI Readiness Index, although China may have already pushed us into third.’

The US saying “We are proud to join our special partner and ally, the United Kingdom, to advance AI innovation for the well-being of our citizens, in line with shared democratic values.”

(Shared democratic values? I’ll get back to that one later)

Actually that would be way behind Russia and Japan, and probably anyone else that America calls an enemy which would include the Untied Kingdom as we were part of the EU at that time. Where did that one come from?

In an interview in 2018, CBS News’s Jeff Glor asked Trump what he considers his biggest foe globally, prompting Trump to lament the EU’s trade policies.

“I think we have a lot of foes,” Trump responded. “I think the European Union is a foe, what they do to us in trade. Now you wouldn’t think of the European Union, but they’re a foe.” Probably why they slapped sanctions on us!

Tiny bit of advice Trump. (Which will be ignored)
Rather like the advice we all know and follow.
Never speak to the police without legal representation.

Only for you Trump it’s never speak EVER AGAIN!
As the media report what was you said into the court of public opinion.
Thus, you end up calling EVERYTHING fake news (Even though you’re caught on video, or Twitter).

So, the current US administration is looking around for someone to help them out against China. Running out of friends FAST, they have no choice but to turn to their puppy the Untied Kingdom. Rather like ‘working with the Oxford Vaccine designers’ I suppose.

Only the UKGov never learns even after POTUS is poised to snatch up all the vaccine for the UK leaving us in our COVID-19 nightmare. (Various media sources).

Long memories have the English as (funny enough) some of us can read, most watch, and a few still listen to the media, both in country and from worldwide reporting.

Thus, it seems ‘we the people’ are better informed, thus forewarned about further treacherous outcomes, than our thick as lords and masters.

To end this VERY biased post, regarding the WH and our POS gov, I am really looking forward to the US elections on Nov 3. With those “shared democratic values”.

If only to see if the US Electoral College (once again) ignore the numbers (Clinton 65,853,625 votes Trump 62,985,106 votes), skip past the Russian ‘non-interference’, and put the wrong person into the White House AGAIN.

Rather like in the UK where they fiddle the numbers during the vote count.
Thus, it’s always a two horse (The ass and the donkey) election and no one else gets a chance at REALLY making a difference.

Only this time we may get an added bonus of watching the inevitable civil uproar as both the winners and losers ‘clean house’ after the tears and cheers have fallen silent.

UK is now a cyber terrorist nation

Britain has carried a series of covert attacks on Russia’s leaders and their allies, the former cabinet secretary has disclosed. Lord Sedwill said the UK Government had launched cyberattacks to punish President Vladimir Putin and his senior allies. He said the aim of such actions had been to ‘impose a price greater than one they might have expected’ in response to aggressive Russian behavior. (DM)

So, does that mean we as a nation can no longer claim the moral high road as we’re now no better than Russia? I think that is now the case.

However, in the grand scheme of things, the UK is a mere baby as regards to cyber warfare and the retaliation could be WAY MORE damaging than anything GCHQ and MI (whatever) could do as our critical systems security, through private users, big business, and military, are all fundamentally weak.

Why? Because they are used in the main by people who don’t understand computer / network security and still do stunts like leave their passwords on Post-it notes or in desk diaries, or use their works computers for game playing and social media, in the supposedly secure environments they work in.

Plus the ‘never leave their sides’ smartphones.
Most are Bluetooth capable, and suffer from the dumb’s urge to put unknown security rated apps on them as fast as their pudgy little fingers can work the screens.

Why is that noteworthy? Simple.
Most laptops and some desktop units come with Bluetooth capability and there are two basic Bluetooth hacks called ‘bluesnarfing’ and ‘bluebugging.’

  • Bluesnarfing is when hackers connect to your device via Bluetooth and access the information on it. Hackers typically download the data before the device goes out of range
  • Bluebugging allows hackers to make calls, send text messages and access the Internet via the device’s connection as well as accessing personal information (One of many sources)

Plus there is also the UK’s government track and trace facility some fools installed into their phones. What you actually did was enable your phone to be interrogated by others without your permission, including the government who, by their latest of stunts, have proven they view your privacy with about the same moral compass as an alley cat on heat. I.e. screws anything that moves or, in this case, monitors your digital activities.

Still, it does make life infinitely easier to understand.
EVERYONE IS HACKING SOMEONE and a lot of that hacking is government snooping under the excuse of National Security.

PPE supplies have stabilised?

WTF is the UK government thinking!
PP3 and N95 or better is non-existent to the little guy as all the usual suppliers, Screwfix, Toolstation, any of the builders merchants, even mail order, have all but dried up.

All the ‘good stuff’is being nicked by the NHS and other corporate buying practices which has left the average Joe and Jane using nonmedical approved literally ‘paper thin’, maybe up to 3 ply synthetic, farcical in their robustness, face coverings.

How do I know that?
I’ve been trying since January every week to re-supply my dwindling stock of PP3 / N95 or better masks. Leaving us with only 6 masks going into winter.

The Muppets in charge are now going to profit from our suffering AGAIN by re-instating sales tax (at 20%) on all PPE. Which means not a lot to me as I can’t source any, although it’s going to hit everyone who can BIG TIME.

After all I was listening to a small business that is spending £3000 a month on PPE and has spent a further £20,000 on meeting the safety guidelines for the public to use his business. Only now he is faced with a 20% hike to his costs.

So, what are my choices as a little guy?
Only one I can think of and that’s to move to a half mask cartridge mask and as the filters go ‘soggy’, crack them open and fit my own HEPA plus filters.

No way ideal but a ‘must have’ as far as I’m concerned.

Damn them. They shell out barrow loads of money to keep people at home, and enforce wearing masks in shops and other public areas, and now are trying to rob you of money in a pathetic attempt to make up their waste of money on failed track and trace systems and other Muppet inspired stupidity.

Only I can guess what will happen on the streets.
Mask use will drop DRAMATICALLY.

The ‘not if but when’ aspect of catching COVID-19 has just been accelerated.


Our nearest town is dying (let alone ours).

Shopping to the big city whoops, I meant the biggest town for 30 miles.
In via the back lanes as they are still trying to repair years of bad main roads and a 12-mile detour is in place for those who aren’t familiar with the area.

Only problem is, everyone local is using the same back lanes.

From HGV’s to pushbikes, on tiny roads, almost single (goat) tracks the whole way, no lines, no signage, zip until you are almost into the town. As for speed? Yeah, right. As for your shock absorbers? One word, “OUCH”!

Sort of sets the scene for what follows.
Once into the suburbs, it is a melee of everyone trying to go somewhere too fast, aggressively, and in some cases STUPID beyond belief.

Our goal was a field trip for some minor shopping for no more reason than we needed a break.

Supermarkets, town precincts, sidewalks, and a few shops we ‘had liked’ to go in but now don’t. A huge clue there being the town looked dirty and rundown.
Sidewalks were a mess, too many people at choke points standing around aimlessly, mobility scooters trying their best to ram their way though, and the holidaymakers last gasp search for a summer that never happened, or maybe some of them were Midland cities lock down avoiders.

It’s also half-term (Halloween) school holidays.
Two weeks instead of the usual one as the UK Gov think it was advisable to shut the schools for longer as part of their ‘we’ve got to stop the COVID-19 numbers soaring’. WE feel it is a last gasp attempt before Armageddon is unleashed in what one scientist predicts as 200,000 deaths this winter.

So, back to the town.
Social distancing was friends running towards each other, hugs, kisses, and not a mask in sight. 4-6 adults huddled together trying to work out what the heck to do as most places have closed up early or never opened. Plus I did smile at a restaurant serving meals outside to a table and a half of eight as it just started to rain.

In shops there was more space on the shelves than items and what was there looked “old”, if you get my drift. Stock resupply is obviously an issue in many places and I haven’t even got to the supermarkets.

Then there was an air of  .  .  .  tiredness, resignation and, dare I say, depression? People have had enough, tempers are short, eyes also downcast, and kids acting like a short fuse for a blow out full on rave from their parents.

Shop staff, friendly (or not) have also had enough it seems.
The stress clearly visible in some shops as customers are all too ready to have a go at the staff because they can’t get stock. Masks are mandatory in shops, sort of, but wearing a face mask designed to cover your nose and mouth doesn’t quite gel with some folk. It’s a huge joke for some, but others, mainly elderly locals, are visibly shaken by the bravado and stupidity of others.

As for traffic? As said, foot traffic is one notch down from madness.
Getting a parking place favors the brave, and the traffic wardens (meter maids) are skulking in the background like vultures who are thinking “sod waiting for something to die, let’s go and kill something.”

Delivery trucks at one point were double-parked yet what was coming off was hand balling quantities. Dribs and drabs sort of thing. White van (delivery) man was present in numbers all dropping off one or two things but seldom a load worthy of a sack trolley. Busy, chaos, but hardly effective as a restocking attempt.

Ever seen what locusts can do to a crop?
Now imagine them on speed and steroids, wrecking the place in their urgent rush to buy everything not screwed down. So the stock was empty on some shelves, and spread out thinly on the rest. Shopping staples and the essentials were all missing. Last minute supply has failed and on one item there was a note in pencil. “Order today, collect in 8 to 10 days”.

Fuel, and I managed to go to last week’s gas station where the lassie was sooo harassed the last time I was there. Her face lit up as I walked in. Not bad as I was wearing a mask, but she knew me. We chatted for a minute or so about life and everything in general, and I was told, with a HUGE SMILE, that she was only working for another couple of hours and the weekend was all hers!

See folks, treat a person like a human being and nice things happen.

The trip out ended thereafter and we headed home.
The same roads and the same fight for space, but we got home in one piece even finding the time to stop off at our favorite cake shop for a treat.

I was driving again, trying to build up my stamina for a SEVEN-HOUR road trip coming up soon. East Coast to the West Midlands, returning on the same day, for my lovely keepers annual check up. Today’s trip? Driving time, less than 2 hours, but I was well knackered. Still a work in progress I’m thinking.

Overall the impression we got today was not good and has been repeated to us from many others as they travelled around. It might be a little premature to say this but I think England is on its way out.

No stock equals no imports, manufacturing, and a breaking supply chain. To that I add the little people, which is also how I see us, have been worn down with the erratic ineffective governance and government management of this crisis.

We already know about the health service.
I may have mentioned it before now (chuckle).
Simply put, for some, it isn’t anymore.
Same goes for dental care, cancer treatments and what the hospitals call ‘elective treatments and diagnostics’ just isn’t going to happen this winter.

As said before, if we could run, we would.
Only there is nowhere safer than where we are at this time.
In ‘God’s waiting room’, as the locals call our little East Coast town.

Keep safe folks and it would be nice to get an appreciation of what things are like where you live. No holds barred reporting is VERY permissible.

Bye Bye for now.

BRITAIN’S top generals are not used to winning, a UK defense minister says.

An ex-army Rupert (Officer) now Defense secretary James Heappey said our troops had been “outwitted and outgunned” in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.(Sun).

Outgunned, definitely.
Badly equipped, undoubtedly.
As for outwitted?
More like being led by the witless senior officer corps and constrained by rules of engagement that a nun would have found hard to obey.

Add to that we have the UK Government, MoD, and assorted other bean counters making decisions based on costs and how many free lunches the MoD procurement branch get for recommending overpriced, woefully inadequate, pieces of equipment.

As for this MP.
He said future battles will depend on robots, automation and “directed energy weapons” like lasers and phaser beams.

Which shows his level of knowledge as using such weapons against personnel was banned by international law!

Or, does he think the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command admitting in Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) initially classified SECRET but then declassified, that they use Microwave Weapons on Targeted Individuals (their words) in both Microwave Heating and Microwave Hearing, that can incapacitate the target or cause harm”, is enough of an OK to go around frying women, children, and babies.

Something I’m pretty sure will resurrect the term baby killer being applied to troops whether they were involved or not.

He also said ‘But at the center of any conflict there would always be a place for a, “soldier, sailor, airman, airwoman or marine who is fighting, swords fixed, hauling through the ditch dealing death to the queen’s enemies”.

Flash news fool, they gave up on swords HUNDREDS of years ago.

As for reducing troop numbers even more to rely on automation!
What planet does this ex-Rodney live on!!!

There again he probably took lessons from Gavin Williamson an ex-Defence secretary who BRUTALLY told the Russians to “GO AWAY”.

Hell you could hear the laughter from the Kremlin in London.

Range Report

This was not a good night.
A series of errors, lawbreaking, and ignorance from others.
Not to mention my friend had a horrible night.
It all started with:-

  • The range let two of us in with temperatures of 99 degrees.
    Caused by the car, my friend couldn’t shut down the heater, so we arrived well baked. Even so, the law is clear, we shouldn’t have been allowed in.
  • 21 people turned up and the law of six was broken.
  • The only person wearing a mask was me.

The sessions were rushed and in truth all I shot was one string.
20 rounds and even that was split because of two newcomers who wanted to see how things were going on their targets halfway through the session.

The RO was thinking about repeat business.
I was thinking about accuracy, and broken concentration.

Rant over, lets talk about my friend and his .22 AR whatever.
That incorrectly sized stock I’ve spoken about was causing him all sorts of hassle as was his scope. Simply put he just couldn’t achieve a good cheekweld as the stock was too short, which also affected his eye relief and his scope was too low, plus he was suffering from the stress of multiple misfeeds, and poor ejection. There again, the ejection slot was BLACK with soot. Lessons on gun care seem forgotten. In short, he left the firing point one uptight guy.

So, that telescoping stock.
It is 3 inches too short, End of discussion.
Big guy, guerilla arms, tiny weapon.
Fix? Tube extensions. Nothing more to be said about it.

However, the alignment of the scope needs to be addressed as at last he has acknowledged that the vignetting on his scope is because the mounts are too low.
For those who don’t understand vignetting, I offer this:-
A basic display of what errors alignment and eye relief (how far your eye is from the eye bell) can occur. I covered some of this in the post series,  Sometimes its more complicated than you think.

So what’s his options?
Higher scope mounts or a raised rail.
If it was me the raised rail option would be my choice because he shares his scope between weapons and the second weapon, with a full sized stock, the scope/gun combination works a treat.

Sometimes called a 20 MOA rail, The intent is to raise the scope which adds some 20 MOA of elevation so that you can dial in that extra amount on your scope. Having stated that, it could cause problems with short range (25 yd) work. So once again he needs to go to the gunsmith and talk it over with him.

The other positive thing is a mount like this allows him to ‘push’ the scope forward increasing the eye relief. So that’s the two basic faults addressed. Height and eye relief.

The bad bit about it is the whole gain may be lost if he doesn’t address the stock length first.

As I’m writing this a degree of ‘told you so’ does creep into the text.
You need to buy a weapon that fits you and not you adapting yourself to fit you the weapon.

Our threat level just soared!

UK, and the imposition of the latest of government buzz words “Tier 3 lockdown” is being deployed like a rubber stamp over the Midlands.

Only what will happen here is we will see another influx of lockdown avoiders flooding into the local holiday caravan sites.

We know this has been happening already as the local supermarket foot traffic has increased substantially which isn’t helped by NO CONTROLS on the number of people entering the shop.

As for our health service?
40 minutes on hold to get to speak to someone is now the norm.
To get a face to face appointment needs you to lose your politeness and start screaming down the phone, and we have never seen the high levels of ambulances driving around our town as people become so ill that they have little choice but to dial the emergency numbers, 111 & 999.

Only that introduces a new hazard for the desperate.
They will be transported to our not so local hospitals who are all in COVID-19 hot zones, 34, 32, and 45 miles away.

For the elderly that brings all sorts of problems in caring for partners left at home, pets, and how the hell the released from hospital can get home. Some released as late as 03 to 05h. Some of them without the means to get home yet left to their own devices. Plus the danger of being treated in an environment where your safety could be compromised by the very staff trying to care for you.

So, here we sit, concerned about our safety and SCREAMING ANGRY at the incompetence of central government.


Hacking a nuclear plant important, the Olympic games ROTFL

BRITAIN’S cyber-defence experts helped defeat attempts by Russia to hack the 2020 Summer Olympics and 2018 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games, the Government has revealed.

Aw, come on. This is a major coup? I’ve known of school kids to hack big business, public utilities, health records and banks for fun. Didn’t one hack the DOD in America?

But to think hacking the Olympic Games is even noteworthy?
So what was the end game?
Award medals to Russian athletes who weren’t even attending as the 2020 Olympics DIDN’T HAPPEN? As for 2018 Winter Olympics in S. Korea. Was there a threat to the security of the world?

Aw, grow up world security services (and politicians) before you embarrass yourself some more. That and ditch Microsoft. The most vulnerable, invasive, key logging and bug ridden software EVER written and used in all sorts of government critical systems.

Come to think about it, Microsoft, and an American Corporate?
Some still thinking Windows 10 was written by the CIA for the sole purpose of spying on the world’s population.

Hi-Tech B.S. from Military Designers.

On the back of the UK’s MoD’s plan to reduce the size of army to premedieval levels, comes the news that hand-sized spy drones and mothership tanks that control other unmanned vehicles were unveiled by the Ministry of Defense to help combat future enemies and gain an advantage on the battlefield.

OMG, the lunatics really are in charge of things.

Hi-tech toys designed by peanut sized minds who have no idea that in the final reckoning it’s still going to be boots on the ground with decent personal weapons that win wars, not shotgun bait in the form of tiny drones.

I suppose they did think about that lo-tech answer to drones.
Well, did they? No, don’t bother answering that, they probably didn’t.

Still I’m sure it can withstand an EMP pulse or ECM jamming.
Well, can it? Oh hell, don’t bother answering that one as once again they probably didn’t think about that as well.

Still there is the comfort in knowing that nobody in their right mind would willingly invade this tiny island by land, sea, Channel Tunnel, or air. After all, what’s it got to offer?

Bluff called Johnson found wanting (Again).

European Union leaders risk a no-deal Brexit by daring PM Boris Johnson to follow through with his threat to walk away from the wrangling over a trade deal.

When I read that, I thought there’s no risk at all because our PM is all mouth and trousers aka WEAK, LIMP, and FECKLESS.

Worse bit about it? I WAS RIGHT.

So now the bluff has been called.
Johnson’s gone into full panic mode, which is visible by his increasingly erratic blustering, there is only one more thing to say.

We had the advantage, chucked it away, and now the UK will suffer.

Then that girls blouse of a French leader Macron spouted off that if the UK does not allow French fishermen in its waters, the EU would have to block the UK’s energy supplies to the European market’.

Err, what energy supplies TO the European Market??
The extension leads and pipelines run FROM Europe TO the UK because we can’t make enough of ANYTHING to produce an energy surplus.

We live in SNAFU times!
Will someone please dig up the legend of Guy Fawkes, modernize it, and blow the shit out of our so-called government before they do anything else wrong or spectacularly stupid!

I would have once added,
“Perhaps the military could step in and take over”.
Only our gender-neutral, multicultural and religiously tolerant, politically correct senior officer cadre (in all branches of the armed forces), might get their nail polish scratched, and their dreadlocks and knickers in a twist.

There is questionable science BUT even worse, not much of a government.

Members of Boris Johnson’s inner circle are becoming increasingly hostile towards the Government’s top scientific advisers. The level of trust Cabinet Ministers and senior Tory MPs have in Sage – the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies – has dropped sharply in recent weeks. (DM)

OK, I’ll have a stab at writing the list.
Dominic Cummings (prime minister in all but name),
I could just stop there but here’s the rest.

Boris Johnson (PM, Village idiot, and Cumming’s puppet),
Rishi Sunak (Chancellor who has bankrupt the UK),
Priti Patel (Home Office & 100% nasty),
Therese Coffey (DWP aka welfare so hates all little people),,
Alok Sharma (Business minister so hates lock downs)
Michael Gove (All round long term snide and weasel in so many ways who wants to be next PM),
Matt Hancock (The main disaster on legs regarding the pandemic and chief Muppet),
Gavin Williamson (Another Disaster on legs who has failed in everything he touches),
Jacob Rees-Mogg (A posh git who is too full of his own importance),
Dominic Raab (Just another jerk in a long list of jerks).

Now tell me I’m wrong!

je vous présente notre gouvernement de l’échec.

PCP recharge and if I wasn’t knackered before, I am now.

Range night and pushing back the target.
And I was talking about running out of air.
“I haven’t stuck it on the pump yet (I’m too knackered) but when I do I’ll be seeing pressures of about 90 PSI from my usual (140 bar) 1960 psi. Anything between 80-90 PSI, depending on temperature, is around the pressure the regulator within the PCP gives up.”

So, today, I clipped the pump on and away I went.
Pump, pump, etc, the pressure gently rising to 100 psi and ‘click’, the PCP air valve opened and the feed line pressure dropped to match what was in the reservoir.

Gawd I’m good, a tad under 90 PSI (6 Bar).
And my heart sank. 134 Bar is about 250 pumps.
Still, I’m there, all connected up and away I went. 60 pumps later, sweat is streaming from me and it passes through my brain cell that it’s been a long, long time since I did some really meaningful anaerobic exercise.

So, I stopped to let the pump cool down (let alone me).

At 150 pumps I’m not feeling too grand and this time I stopped before I dropped. The gauge? 120 Bar (1680 psi).

Go on Paul, you can do it! (I really hate that voice inside my head).
30 pumps later, greying out, the gauge read 140 Bar (1960 psi).

SWMBO made me a mug of tea as I limply bled off the air in the feed pipe, wiped down the rifle, hung the pump up, locked everything up, took half a dozen, wall assisted paces to the couch and THUMP, I’m down, and the crowd (dog) went wild!
Memo to self.
Next time, take the damn pump!

Not feeling very charitable tonight.

Not at anyone in particular but today has been a day of dealing with ignorance and contempt for others.

Driving to our version of the big city I was held up by a new driver who kept on stalling. No problem. I just sat and waited for them to calm down and drive on. Shame about the guy behind me, obviously stressed and gesturing wildly.

Still, everyone starts somewhere, somehow, even nasty people in big cars.

Shopping. The supermarket I went into (a huge mistake) was heaving with idiots complete with the inevitable jerk and wife (early 30’s) with their masks pulled down onto their throats like a poor man’s neckerchief. It seems panic buying was the order of the day and tempers were short.

Then there was a floor manager, no time to wear a mask and manhandling customers in his haste that nearly put an old lady on the floor. No apologies, he sped on to enter the café area (also brimming with angry souls).

Ho-hum, shopping done, including the requested doughnuts for SWMBO.
Wanna take a guess what flavor? SLIME!
Special Halloween variety (and no I didn’t try one).

To the fuel pumps as I’ve been using the car a lot.
Yep, you’ve guessed it, jammed solid. Still I wasn’t in a hurry.
Sat by a pump was a car, new, shiny, proud owner, who couldn’t get the pump nozzle in the tank. The problem was solved by a kind customer who pointed out that the car was petrol and the elderly owner was trying to insert the diesel pump nozzle. That doesn’t fit into petrol fuel tanks. Chalk up one for the good Samaritan. Then there was the customer from hell with a little screaming brat in her arms demanding this and that. My reaction (ARGH!)

It seems that emotion was also coming from the till lady as she lent forward with both hands holding up her head. Enter me. Empathy time. I got a smile but the poor lass was exhausted. “That was all I needed today” says she. So I asked when home time was. “29 minutes and counting”. But at least she understood she had someone on her side.

Back home. Walk the dog, 1, 2, 3 times.
Did the darn thing do anything? That would be a no.
Old, stubborn, and cantankerous, just like me.

BUT, I’ve saved the best to last and a tale of a blogger who was doing (in my view) a hatchet job on others. They being an expert, the ‘others’ didn’t have a clue sort of thing.

I don’t really like that (unless it is aimed at government) and my inclination is always to point out that EVERYONE starts from somewhere, even the experts in life.

Which is where the good Samaritan comes in again.
If asked he or she helps, if not asked he or she offers.
Time spent costs nothing, and building friendships in today’s world is essential IMHO. It’s also just being neighborly.

As for advice, that comes freely from some, at a price from others, but withheld by a few. They I don’t particularly like.

Remember everyone starts from somewhere, usually knowing little, and either learning on their journey through hard knocks, or from others.

Only sometimes that gift of knowledge from others and life is not returned or passed on. And right about then, for me, they drop off my Christmas card list. Just as this one will.

Overly judgmental?
Possibly, but when I think of those who aided and taught me for nothing, I’d like to think I’ve passed on what they gifted me to others in the same vein that they did for me.

Always remembering that everyone starts from somewhere.

The RAF has officially become fairies.

DREADLOCKS, braids and ponytails are now allowed in the Royal Air Force. Cornrows and twists have also been cleared.

OMG! No more “get yer hair cut you ‘orrible little man” then.

Now it’s “Would one care to visit the unit hairdresser, and while you are there, ask them to touch up your nail polish, and touch up your lip gloss pretty-please”.

All in the softest calmest, well modulated, lowest level of non-aggressive voice. While being careful to observe the delicate emotional state of that person. All the time maintaining a careful appreciation of their ethnicity, religion, while keeping the content gender-neutral. Old school SNCO’s and Unit Warrant Officers will probably be thinking the same as me.


Last night the RAF — the least diverse of the three armed forces — said the policy maintained “high standards of appearance” while being inclusive of different hair types and cultures. A spokesman said it was determined to “reflect the society it is charged to protect” and added: “This is one important step, of many, to deliver a next- generation Air Force fit for the 21st century.”

This is what staff officers and the politically correct pussies in the MoD want? I would say “WORDS FAIL ME”. Only this time they clearly haven’t!

Range night and pushing back the target.

20 meters, no problem 100.8 out of 101
25 meters, getting close to the edge of the bull (100.3 out of 101)
30 meters, nibbling the edges of the bull (99 out of 101)
35 meters (maximum available indoors) (A solid 97 out of 101).

Before you ask, the ‘V’ BULL is that little circle or dot in the center of the bull.
Hit that and you get an extra 0.1 point. 10 hits, 101 you score.
As for that bull? 12 mm in diameter.

If you think some of this is bragging, it isn’t.
It’s never a case of how good you think you are.
It’s also the ammunition and steel that makes a competent shot look good and my 22-year-old old PCP is WAY better than what I can shoot freehand.
On a bench rest, it still punches a 5 round, 7 mm hole, indoors at 35 meters.

The new UTG scope is working OK as regards reliable, repeatable adjustments, BUT I can’t say the same about the zoom out to 12X as it does change the POI by 12 mm at 35 meters so from now on I’ll just keep it at 6X.

Does that mean the zoom is broke?
I’m inclined to say you get what you pay for and if I took the time to zero at 12X and keep it there, thereafter the POI changes are all down to me.

After 100 shots, the other problem tonight was AIR.
By the time I was out to 35 meters, I had to raise the sights by 9 clicks (3 MOA) halfway through the string as I was running out of pressure. I haven’t stuck it on the pump yet (I’m too knackered) but when I do I’ll be seeing pressures of about 90 PSI from my usual (140 bar) 1960 psi. Anything between 80-90 PSI, depending on temperature, is around the pressure the regulator within the PCP gives up.

It’s not often that happens to me as when hunting I’m lucky to shoot half a dozen rounds a night. However, when ratting or feral pigeon clearing, both those can see you easily burning your way though a 200 tin of pellets and a reservoir’s worth of air. Only then I took the old (now defunct) stirrup pump.

For now my new one shiny stays at home. (well wrapped up in cotton wool).
Still, a little session of mindless paper punching never hurt anyone.

The good news is once again I got the range to myself.
Got to love the fact that not many people shoot air in the UK.
Or that the air gunners run for the hills if someone nasty (like me) hires a club gun and sits there plinking away with 22LR.

Anyway, I arrived late and the RO let me in as the three present were talking a lot and shooting a little. HORRIBLE firing point etiquette is them doing that. Very distracting. Still it only took 10 rounds of 22LR to send them scuttling towards the bar. After that I racked the hire gun and got down to my air gunning, ALONE, in splendid isolation, just me as the RO is pretty confident to leave me ‘playing’.

End of report.